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3.33% What It's Like Being a Vampire / Chapter 2: Strange Change

Strange Change - What It's Like Being a Vampire - Chapter 2 by Miraculous Hamburger full book limited free

Chapter 2: Strange Change

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

"Mom, I have been quite busy with work recently, but I may be able to take some leave from work after this period. I will go back home then." Xiang Kun did not reveal the fact that he had lost his job, as he did not want his family to worry about him. He still had some savings and could still sustain for a period of time. He just had to quickly find a new job.

After he hung up the phone, Xiang Kun cleaned his glasses before putting them on again. Then he checked the date on his phone. Sunday, July 14—it was correct.

However, he was very sure that the day he had left the company and got wasted was Thursday, July 11!

The chat history on WeChat, as well as the transaction records on Alipay and the ride history on DiDi App, had proven that.

Based on the ride history, he had reached home at around 8:50 PM. As he was too drunk and dizzy, he had not washed up or taken off his clothes or shoes before falling asleep on his bed.

Yet it was already 10:47 AM on the 14th of July. That meant that he had slept for more than two days, around 60 hours?

He had only drunk three cans of beer. No matter how bad his tolerance was, he should not have been like that!

The strangest thing was, after sleeping for such a long time, apart from feeling a little dizzy, he was neither hungry nor thirsty.

Xiang Kun boiled some water and made himself cup noodles. However, after a few mouthfuls, he felt extremely uncomfortable and vomited all of his food out in the toilet.

"Is this the after-effects of being drunk?"

Xiang Kun rubbed his stomach, then he put his shoes on and went out to buy some comfort food.

When he left his house, the blinding sunlight aggravated his dizziness. He could only walk in the shade to avoid the sunlight.

He found a stall near his house and ordered plain porridge with two plates of side dishes. After eating for a short while, he felt uncomfort in his stomach again. He then proceeded to vomit everything out on the road beside the shop and cried after he did that. The lady boss and service staff of the stall rushed out and looked at him in shock.

Xiang Kun took a tissue from the service staff and wiped his mouth. He turned and waved at them and said, "It has nothing to do with your food, I drank too much last night and my stomach is uncomfortable."

After paying, although Xiang Kun was not hungry and did not have any other symptoms aside from feeling weak and dizzy, he walked into a nearby clinic to see a doctor.

The doctor in the clinic was experienced. He was a retired surgical doctor from a famous hospital. He was very good at treating patients. Xiang Kun had seen him twice before and felt that he was reliable.

"You slept for two days after getting drunk?" The doctor asked Xiang Kun about his symptoms as he took his pulse. Then he looked at his tongue and asked, "You must not have had anything to drink before this. You also have a severe lack of sleep and stayed up late recently, causing your body to be weak. I will give you some medicine. Rest well and eat plain food. Do not drink or smoke, and eat more fruits and vegetables."

"Doctor, I slept for two days, nearly 60 hours. Is there anything wrong with that? Moreover, I feel like my teeth are quite loose…"

"Usually, one should not be sleeping for such a long time. Hmm, if your teeth feel loose, it may be inflammation that caused your gums to shrink. Remember to take care of your oral health and drink more water. You can also go and see a dentist. If you are really worried, go for a full body checkup in the hospital," said the doctor after he wrote down the prescription and passed it to Xiang Kun.

Although the doctor felt that nothing was wrong with Xiang Kun, Xiang Kun still felt that something was wrong with his body. After taking his medicine, he decided to try resting for the rest of the day. If he still felt strange the next day, he would go to the hospital to get a full body checkup.

After all of that, it was already past noon. The aroma of food wafted out from the various food stalls by the roadside. However, Xiang Kun had no appetite at all.

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That made him feel uneasy. He had been drunk and had not eaten for such a long time, so he should've been hungry, but why did he not have any appetite at all?

Xiang Kun wanted to buy some bread to make some dry food in case he did not have any food to eat when he was hungry. As he passed by the wet market, he was attracted by a strange smell and walked in unknowingly.

There were very few people in the wet market. Xiang Kun walked towards the source of the smell, and when he found the source, he was stunned…

…It was a middle-aged woman who was killing a chicken.

And the smell that had attracted him was the scent of chicken blood?

Normally, Xiang Kun would feel disgusted by the smell and would want to stay away from it. However, now, he felt a strong desire for it.

Xiang Kun hesitated for a moment and went forward to buy the chicken from the woman. The woman told him to choose a chicken and offered to kill it and remove the feathers for him. However, Xiang Kun stopped the woman and brought the live chicken back home.

After reaching home, Xiang Kun closed his door and found his swiss knife. He searched up how to kill a chicken and brought the chicken into the bathroom.

However, as it was his first time killing a chicken, he could not grab hold of it, and it took him a long while before he finally caught it. After plucking out some feathers on the chicken's neck, he slit open the blood vessels and drained the blood.

Before the chicken blood could fill his stainless steel bowl, Xiang Kun could not resist the urge and began to drink the blood in huge gulps.

When Xiang Kun woke up, he saw his room in a terribly messy state. There were chicken feathers on his bed, floor, on his body, and his mouth.

The dead chicken that was drained of blood was lying at the door of the bathroom and blood was all over the place. It looked like a murder scene.

Xiang Kun remembered how he had a strange impulse earlier and had bought a chicken to drink its blood. After drinking its blood, he felt extremely sleepy and fell asleep right away.

He took his phone out to look at the time. He had slept for more than 24 hours again. From 1 PM the day before to 4 PM today.

Xiang Kun felt that something was in his mouth. He spat it out and realized that it was two teeth.

Then he used his hand to touch his teeth and easily removed his front teeth. He was so shocked that he jumped up from his bed.

He ran towards the toilet and switched on the light before standing in front of the mirror. He realized that all of his teeth were shaky and he could remove them with some strength.

However, after he removed his current teeth, he could see new teeth in his gums.

He was changing teeth at the age of 30?!

What made him more confused was his face. Apart from some chicken feathers and the blood stain near his mouth, his face looked as though it was covered in a layer of cling wrap.

Then he realized that his skin was shedding.

Along with his face, his arms, stomach, legs, all of them were "shedding"!

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