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45% What? Never seen a sage Before? [RWBY] / Chapter 8: Sleeping Problems

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Chapter 8: Sleeping Problems

There I stood, in-front of another silhouette. This time there were somethings that were visible. The man in-front of me had a sword, the hilt of the sword was obscured by shadows and so was the blade, however I could see clearly it was a sword.

"Enjoy these few seconds $#@*&^# for they will be your last" I heard the voice say.

'Weird' I thought as I lowered my center of gravity.

"That little weapon of yours is useless now Sinner of Heavens" The voice said as a smirk appeared on the silhouette. The sword was risen to the sky as I clenched my fist and got into a basic punching stance.

'It isn't the same as the others' I observed while following my dream.

"I won't let you get away with this! #@&*$." I said while rushing towards the silhouette and punching forwards. "TAKE THIS!!!" I yelled as a bright light blinded me.


I felt something on my chest and then all I felt was pain.

I was then removed from the weird dream.

Gasping for air I woke up from my slumber.

I tightly held my shirt by it's collar as I felt sweat trickle down from my forehead. "What on earth was that?" I questioned looking at Alpha sleep calmly on his small little corner.

Sighing I got out of the sleeping bag and headed outside the tent.

It was night, but unlike most other nights in the forrest it was calm. The calm breeze brushed against my skin, and almost completely removed the fear which remained from the dream.

I looked up and saw the broken moon. Even broken it seemed to have a calming effect as I stared at it.

I had never noticed how beautiful the moon in this world was.

Even with a chunk being broken into smaller pieces it still kept its glow.

I sat down and slowly laid down on my back as I stared up at the moon.

There was something so calming in doing so. I then moved my eyes at the stars, they all shined brightly on the sky.

It was breathtaking. The different colors the sky had due to the different nebulas and the stats resulting the beauty calmed me down to huge extents.

"Ah it's just you." I heard someone say. Moving my head to the direction of the voice, I saw Ghira walking towards me.

"I heard something and went to check it out, didn't think to find you here." He said making me nod .

"Couldn't sleep?" He asked as I shook my head in confirmation to his earlier statement.

Every-time I closed my eyes I would just get a black screen, and when it wasn't a black screen it was an annoying dream which ended with me dying somehow. Not exactly a pleasant experience.

These dreams had been going on for a month at most I think. At first I ignored it, but it got gradually more annoying.

"Do you like staring at the stars?" He asked as I stared up at them.

"Yea, I don't know. When I stare at them, I feel –." I stoped and tried to find the right words for it.

"Right, I don't know how to explain it. It helps me calm down" I said making Ghira nod.

"Well it's all well and good to stargaze, but you're still young and need your sleep." He said making me sigh.

I didn't want to go back to sleep, I'm here because my goal is to N O T sleep.

"I don't wanna go back to sleep" I said as Ghira stared at me with his eyebrows raised.

"Oh is that so?" Ghira asked as he got closer to me and grabbed me by my waist. I tried to protest the best I could as I punched and kneed him as much as I could to make him let me down.

But alas aura probably saved him from the hits, either that or I am too weak to do anything to him.

"I don't wanna go to sleep!" I protested as he sighed. "You're starting to sound like my daughter" He said smirking.

'Do you really think that sentence affects me in any way?' I asked as I kept protesting. His smirk dropped.

"I really thought that'd work" He said as I smirked.

"I am an advocate of true gender equality" I stated making him look at me with confusion written all over his face, what's more he stared at me as if I had grown a second head.

"Honestly, where do you find these complicated words?" He asked me probably very curious.

I shrugged my shoulders at the question.

"Those words are definitely not someone your age should know about." He said while getting in the tent.

I hadn't given up on my protest just yet as I tried to get out by shaking myself as much as possible. However I couldn't do anything, he had a grip on me and he wouldn't let go.

"Go to sleep, seriously. A kid your age needs plenty of rest." He said putting me on the sleeping bag.

"I better not spot you outside again, not until morning at least" He said leaving the tent.

'Or else what?' I asked in my head, too afraid of asking the buff, tall and probably very strong man leaving my tent. Scoffing as I sat up.

'You and everyone else before you, telling me I need rest.' I thought shaking my head as I scoffed at the idea. "Pffft" I waved my hand as brushing the statement aside. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"As if a proud otaku has ever needed rest." I said while peeking through the cloth of my tent to find Ghira's back.

'Damn, he's guarding the entrance' I thought as I squinted my eyes.

Sighing I gave up on the operation to go outside without Ghira's knowledge. I wasn't slippery or stealthy enough to around him without him noticing. That and I was too lazy to even try, it would be a big hassle if I had to listen to another "It's for your health" or "Boys your age" speech.

Laying down on my back I looked at the ceiling of the tent.


I was bored. Very bored, it was moments like these where I wished I had my phone here.

Unfortunately I was in the RWBY world, which means:

No Dragon Ball.

No Fate.

No One Piece

No Naruto...

No... JoJo.

Trully a torture in itself, but that's without saying that there would also not be any webtoons. manhua or manga here.

Which means...

No Unordinary.

No Solo levelling.


No Saint Seiya.

No... God Of Highschool

'I want to go back!' I cried in my head as I thought of all the awesome anime I was missing out on. All of the different chapters I'd miss, and all of the cool anime I wouldn't be able to watch.

'Being here is torture!' I thought crying on the inside as I regretted some of my options in the past.

'I hate how stupid I am' I reflected while keeping my knees on my chest and holding my head.

'I should've asked that voice for something like an interdimensional phone! Or something of the type!' I whined.

At the time I was too depressed by the thought of loosing my family and friends. I wasn't thinking straight, damn it. If the voice had arrived much later, after I had made peace with my death...

'Maybe then I could've asked for some cheats.' I thought internally crying at my stupidity.

'But no. Not only did I get send to RWBY and not to a more chill place like KHR, but I also got sent here with no cheat whatsoever.' I thought as I considered banging my head on the floor as hard as possible.

"If I could re-wind time. If only I was able to re-wind time." I told myself as I hugged my knees and fell to my side.

'Then I'd ask for all sorts of cheats. Like being able to access all the forms of Dying will mode voluntarily, and a treasury with multiple noble phantasms, including Yeoui and other items like that. Then for my last one I'd ask for the ability to have Zenkais. That way i'd be able to infinitely grow if I combined it with Ultra Dying Will mode.' I thought as I cried from my own negligence.

'Or maybe I could've asked for some kind of martial arts from G O H, or an OP borrowed power' I thought while sighing.


But alas it was too late. All I could do now was cry about my stupid decision making and my overly emotional side which caused me to make such a decision.

'The ability to create things from my imagination like that Quincy from bleach would've been fun. Or the power to alter my body however I wished like the main character of Rewrite. I should've asked for the power of rewrite but with reversible effects. I'd be a force to be reckoned with.' I wallowed in my lack of a functional brain.

'All those guys who got super OP abilities in their reincarnations must be laughing at me right now...' I thought as I turned to my other side. I didn't care that much about other people's opinion to be honest, but it did make me feel more stupid.

'Man I regret not asking anything, I could've been so cool and edgy.' I thought.


'Guess being OP and edgy is only a fantasy now.' I thought while trying to close my eyes, while also hoping for a regular night of sleep.

Argen_Saiyan_UI Argen_Saiyan_UI

Welp thanks a lot for the support on this fic.

I'd just like to point out that, I won't be able to update like crazy like I have been doing these past two days.

I hope you guys are enjoying the story.

Lot's of interesting theories and hypothesis were made.

Some were really close others not so much.

I enjoyed reading every single one so thanks for leaving them in the comments.

Also thanks a lot for the corrections and for pointing out mistakes.

If you see a mistake or a problem with the story do tell me. If it's a legitimate mistake then I will correct it, however if it is not I'll tell you why it is not, hopefully while not spoiling the story for anyone. If I do that to you, please don't take it as an insult I am just trying to make you understand why I did this, or why I chose to do that.

Anyways with that I leave you.

Till next time ^^

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