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50% When A Witch Falls In Love (BoyxBoy) / Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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When A Witch Falls In Love (BoyxBoy) original

When A Witch Falls In Love (BoyxBoy)

Author: Alex_Dupre

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Quick side note: While you're here save this work in your library. Just in case you feel like coming back. :))) And the first chapter is a little boring so please be patient, it gets better.

"Just because you paid a lot for it, doesn't mean it's nice."

-Trixie Mattel

Damien's POV

"Why won't this stupid laptop work?" I slammed my fist against the wooden table, inciting stares around the library. I mean seriously, you would think spending more money on something would be better or at least make it worth it.

"Hey, Damien!" Nick snapped me out of my rage. "Its 2 p.m., I don't wanna miss Mrs. Whatshername's class" Nick complained.

"Maybe you should stop pissing her off, Nicholas" I said. "It's been seven years since someone last called me that" he said.

I sighed, shoving the laptop into my bag. Thank god she got married this year. I mean at least her jollies are being played. "Hey, Damien look" Nick punched my side, I turned my head and shifted my attention to the glass pane wall of the library, that showed the corridor on the other side . I scanned the entire wall until my eyes landed on him. "What about him?" I shoved the charger into my bag.

"Why does he wear that?" he asked. "Maybe he's a mummy" I jokingly said.

"Maybe, we can rip it off and see--- If beetles starts crawling out of his eye, I'm gone" If Nick was a normal person I would think that was sarcasm. He's the type of person that can shove you down a flight of stairs and yell at you for breaking your legs. Maybe mom was right.

"C'mon" I stood up before throwing my bag on one shoulder. I gave him one last look before heading down the opposite hallway. One thing I kept thinking about is that mask on his face. Why was he hiding his face? It can't be a deformation. If it was that serious he could just get plastic surgery. I know a total face change is illegal but I'm pretty sure it's not that severe---Hopefully.

We walked down the corridor, people were running around us trying to get to their classes. And we heard a loud crying. "Hey, what's going on?" I asked a guy that was walking pass us. "Rogwan just got owned! The guy that he used to bully, literally broke his fucking wrist--it was nuts!" he ran passed us. "Rogwan? Got owned? That doesn't seemed right" Nick said.

"It was long overdue anyway..." I said. Rogwan got what he deserved, breaking his wrist kinda seemed like the guy was being nice. If I were him, I would've taken his legs into account. And maybe his arms.

"Hey, Damien" a group of girls lunged in front of us. "H-Hey..." I awkwardly greeted. "Why didn't you reply to my messages? I've been messaging you for weeks now" the blonde girl asked.

"Um, well, I don't know you. So..." I said.

"Well maybe we can get to know each other" she said flirtatiously as she ran her hand down across my chest.

"I'm not interested, sorry" I said as I pulled her hand away. "I'm hot...a-and pretty!" she yelled. "And?" I asked. I could feel Nick gasped beside me. She stomped away followed by the rest of her group. "Why don't you just sleep with them already?" Nick asked. "I'm not like you., besides she's a gold digger--I can tell it from her fucking voice..." I rolled my eyes.

"I'm not a slut" he said. "You slept with a bunch of girls, before dating Christine" I said. "You haven't dated anyone in your life...and you're still a virgin" he scoffed. "Better a virgin than a man-slut" I mocked.

We burst into the classroom and was met by silence. "Mr. Kim, Mr. Watts---you two are unsurprisingly late" Mrs McGarvey sighed. "And you Mrs Mc, is repeating the obvious" Nick argued as we took a seat, being met with low laughter by the entire class. "Now that everyone is here, I would like to discuss the quiz that most of you failed last week" Mrs. McGarvey said.

Whispers filled the room. "Obviously you're not one of them" Nick whispered. "Shut up" I said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Mr. Kim, have anything to share with the class?" Mrs. McGarvey called out. I just shook my head as an answer.

"Great, then pay attention! You got the highest mark in the test, but you are not exempt from the rules of my class" she continued.

"I'm sorry" I replied. She sighed, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose.

I turned my attention towards the open window. Peering my eyes into the open green field. The birds were chirping, squirrels was climbing up a tree and a pair of cats mating. But someone caught my eye. Sitting on the bench under the willow tree, alone. Owen, I thought. Everyone was kind of scared of him. No one other than his family knows what his face looks like, if not for that porcelain mask over his face.]

His legs crossed, book in hand. It must be fun to not care what people think of you. Not caring if you look lonely, depressed or creepy. By this point everyone knows who he is. And how he would mysteriously disappear after the last bell rings.

I took a deep breath, taking in the smell of the spring air. Leaves blowing and birds chirping while the wind blow through my hair from the open window.

"Hey" Nick said. "Hmm?" I asked, feeling drowsy. "You're going to Agatha's party tonight?" He asked.

"Yeah..." I yawned. "I don't wanna go but Christine is going" he sighed. Agatha's parties are mediocre at best. The last party we went to, was a complete bust. I don't know why she keeps having them, she sucks so bad. Don't get me started on the party last summer.

"Just don't go I don't see what the big deal is" I said. He sighed. "By the way, that guy disappeared in the field" I added. "Who? Owen? I wouldn't be surprised if he have dead bodies in his basement, or his room".

"Damien! Are you following?" Mrs. McGarvey yelled. "Y-yeah!..." She glared in disbelieve for a second before turning back to the screen.

"You better shut up" I said. He scoffed in annoyance before turning his attention towards the screen. I did the same for the next hour until the bell rung and dismisses us. "Damien, Nicky!" Catherine shouted in the hallway. "Hey, baby" Nick said taking Christine by her waist, pulling her in for. "Eww, gross" Jeffree gagged. But he was ignored.

"Okay why are these two always kissing whenever I see them?" Sebastian asked. "Anyways. Are you guys going to the beach?" Jeffree asked in obvious discomfort.

"Yeah, we are" Nick said taking his tongue out of Christine's throat. "Yeah" I replied. "Wipe that cum of your mouth, Christy" Jeffree mocked.

"Just because Brian stopped fucking you, doesn't mean you can be mean" Christine smirked. Jeffree gasped. "Enough. Jesus, ya'll need to calm down" Sebastian interrupted. We walked out to the front lawn of the school. I covered my eyes, so the spring sun won't blind me. "The sky is clearer today" I said.

"Yeah, I can see mars from here" Sebastian said. "That's the moon, dumbass" Jeffree smacked his head. "Ow!" he grimaced.

"Damien. Any news on Edward?" Christine asked. "The detective haven't found out anything. My mom is just about to give up" I said.

It's been----three years, now? No one knew where he's been. The cops haven't traced him, none of his friends have seen him. They could've been lying this whole time but three years--they must be dedicated. It seems like the whole world is in the dark about where he is.

"I'm sorry..." Christy apologized. "It's not your fault. Anyway, see you guys later" I sighed before jogging to my car. I threw my bag into the passenger seat and jumped into the driver's seat. I started up the engine and slowly backed out of my parking spot before speeding down the road to Money's Hill. Yes I know, an egotistical name for a hill full of mansions.

We didn't name it, the founders did. And the mayor didn't feel like changing it, so it stayed that way for about----600 years. Five mansion all together. One for the mayor, the one house at the bottom of the hill, and 4 others for people who can afford them. The rest of the town lived in neighborhood across town.

Our house is considered the second biggest and the one house on top of the hill. Which makes us the most secluded family in the entire town. The 3 other mansions were practically the same size and are next to each other.

I finally pulled up to the driveway of the house. Just down stairs from the driveway, Maurice was watering the garden. "Hey, Maurice" I greeted. "Oh, hey, Damien!" he greeted back. Another thing about this house;we're the only one that have a hillside garden. Thanks to grandma. She loved flowers and that passion kind of transferred to mom and me.

"I'm home" I announced, stepping through the dual metal door. I don't know what the function is of having a 7-foot, bullet proof, metal door for our house. "Honey you're home?" mom greeted. "Aw, come here" My mom wrapped her thin pale arms around me.

"Where's Tiffany?Her car isn't outside" I asked. "She's on a flight back from London. Her friends took her car to pick her up from the airport" she explained.

"Now you go freshen up, dinner will be ready in a bit" She said, leading me to the stairs. I climbed up the stairs until I got to the second-floor landing. I walked down the brightly lit hallway. I entered my bedroom to be met with a freezing cold breeze coming from the air conditioner. "I thought I turned this off?" I turned to the control panel on the wall to turn it off. I dropped my bag next my door and climbed up the circling stairs to my platform bed.

I fell back on the bed, the exhaustion of the day came rushing. I still have to go to the beach later. I scratched my arm as the itch from my wrist came back. I took my phone and scrolled through Instagram. After a while I turned my head towards the clock on the wall. 5 p.m. already?

I hastily got up from my bed and walked towards the closet. Rummaging through the piles of clothes on the bottom of the closet. I grabbed a plain white t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I began stripping my clothes and throwing them into the laundry bin besides the door.

I grabbed my bag after changing and ran down stairs keeping track of the time. There' s one thing that they don't like; me being late. "Honey, where are you going?" Mom shouted. "To the beach!" Ignoring her calls and running through the door. I quickly jumped into my chrome Lamborghini Aventador Spyder v12. I quickly turn the engine on and sped down the hill. 5:15 p.m. "Fuck, I'm late" I cursed while I raced down the road besides the beach.

I finally pulled up on the sandy beach. I stepped out of the car, feeling the warm sand between my toes. "You're late!" Nick called out from the water making everyone turn their heads. "Where's your slides?" Jeffree asked.

"Huh?" I looked down at my feet before realizing I wasn't wear anything, not even shoes. "C'mon!" Nick shouted from the water. "Coming!" I closed and locked my car door before I ran towards the water.

I stepped into the water before instantly sinking in the water. It took me a few seconds to realize I was in a hole. I started thrashing inside the hole before finally grabbing onto the sand around the opening. "It took me a long time to dig that hole" Nick laughed while I crawled out of the water. Frantically trying to take a breather.

"Ass...holes" I coughed the water out. "Jesus, he could've drowned. If he dies, leave me outta it" Sebastian whined.

"If I die you guys won't get off so easily. Especially you Nick" I said. "What? You gonna rise from the dead?" He laughed. "If you are may Jesus help you" Sebastian slipped in.

"You sound like my grandma" Jeffree rolled his eyes. "Jeffree stop being Gothic, Jeffree stop dressing up like a demon" Jeffree mocked. "Come here, baby" Nick pulled him in, connecting their lips again.

"Argh" Jeffree rolled his eyes in disgust before it landed on me. "Ooh, looks like your body is prettier than usual. Someone get the fan cause its hot here. And I'm not talking about the sun" he lusted, crawling towards me. "Jeff..." I whispered making Jeffree immediately back off in disgust.

"I told you to stop calling me that!" He shrieked. "Than you can stop flirting with me" I retaliated. "How can I?" He bit his lower lips as his eyes pan down my face to my body.

Jeffree and I were never a thing but thanks to that big mouth of his; The whole school thinks we slept together after the party. I don't need to see him naked to know; he doesn't look great in his birthday suit. He has the face and fair to say the ass, but not much of a body. "Oh my god, stop kissing for fuck sake!" Jeffree complained.

Nick grabbed both of Christine's thighs and lifted her into the water. I stood up from the sand, feeling it stuck to my clothes. Jeffree held his arm out to me but was ignored. I stepped into the cold water, being careful to not step into anymore of Nick's "pranks". Followed by Jeffree and Sebastian. Suddenly Nick and Christine yelped before falling into the deep water.

"Nick! Christina!" Jeffree shouted before they suddenly burst out of the water. "Argh, fucking mud!" Nick shouted, with Christine hugging him tightly. We all laughed for a minute before our attention was caught by something. "What in Jesus' name is that?" Sebastian pointed out in the water. A black mass moving in the water. "Maybe its a fish?" Christine suggested.

"Let's catch it!" Nick quickly swam towards his boat. "Wait for us" As the rest of us followed behind him. "C'mon, it's getting away!" Jeffree complained. "Hold your asses!" Nick started the engine and began speeding towards the black mass. We chased it down into the mangrove forest. "Wait it's the mangroves" Jeffree said. "So?" Nick asked.

"I don't want to go in there!" He complained. "It's nothing!" Nick retaliated. "People have died in there dumb ass!" Jeffree cursed.

"Yeah, I don't know babe..." Christine hugged his arm tighter. "It's fine lets just go in, before the thing disappears" he said. The boat began moving into the the forest. Evading the mangrove trees and roots under the water.

"Where the hell is it?" he searched around the boat. "Don't just sit there, help me find it!" he yelled.

The five of us searched in between the roots in the water. But no one found anything. "You lost it" Sebastian said. "Fuck!" he slammed his hand on the helm. "Calm down, baby" Christine rolled her eyes.

"If I die here, I'm gonna personally drag ya'll to hell" Sebastian said, slowly retreating onto the floor of the boat. We continue to maze through the forest. "Wait. Shut the engine off" I said. Nick stopped his boat. "What?" Nick asked. "Look. Isn't that Owen?" I pointed pass the trees.

"Where?" Christine asked. "There! On the shore" I pointed again towards the sandy shore, shaded by the mangroves. "Where? There's no one there" Christine said.

"Guys, c'mon he's right there" I said. "There's literally no one there!" Jeffree said. "Wait, who's where?" Nick asked.

"He probably just have a crush on Owen or something" Jeffree mocked. "What?" I said. "He's probably high again" Nick added. I rolled my eyes in frustration. "He's gone" I whispered. "Aww, his imaginary boyfriend is gone" Christine mocked. "Let's just go, it's already late" Sebastian interrupted. "Fine" Nick started the engine back and reversed back into the open water. I turned my head back to the shore.

"Fuck..." Nick cursed. "What?" Sebastian asked. "The boat wont move" he said. "I told you! Nick I don't want to die a swamp of all places" Jeffree said.

"This is a saltwater marsh not a swamp" I rolled my eyes. "What's the difference?" he yelled. "Is that crocodile?" Sebastian asked but all of us ignored him.

I peered into the water over the boat. "The root got caught in the blades" I said. I reached into the water to grab the root from the propeller blades. I wrapped my arm with a rope on the boat while my upper body dove deeper into the water.

"Dahmien, des a krokeduhl!" the water muffled Sebastian's voice. I reached further down to the propeller while their voices faded above the water. I could feel my breath running out before I finally grabbed the broken root from the propeller. I tried tugging it away but the fibers of the root was intertwined inside the propeller.

As I tried pulled it back I felt their hands pulling on my leg. With a last tug the root finally broke free and I was flung out of the water on the boat, with my head hanging just off the boat. I gasped and coughed the water violently out of my lungs.

"Ah, shit!" Nick shouted, he peeled me off the edge as the crocodile leaped from the water, narrowly biting my head off from the boat. My vision slowly becomes blurry while the sky morphed and phased away. My vision darkened as I breathe heavily. No need to point out the obvious, but I passed out...

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