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100% When A Witch Falls In Love (BoyxBoy) / Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - When A Witch Falls In Love (BoyxBoy) - Chapter 2 by Alex_Dupre full book limited free

Chapter 2: Chapter 2

"I bet you could sometimes find all the mysteries of the universe in someone's hand."

― Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Owen's POV*

I sauntered inside the shadows, under the darkness of the corridors. I was invisible, walking silently pass everyone as they stayed oblivious to my powers. Until someone caught my attention. Rogwan, how I despise mortals like him. Preying on the weak to make himself feels stronger and powerful. "Give me your fucking money, or I'll smash your fucking head in!" he slammed a boy against the wall.

I could hear the boy's spine being slammed against the solid wall, a few more slams and that boy would spend the rest of his life on a wheel chair. I gritted my teeth, trying to ignore the boy's cry for help. But my legs halted and arms froze. I scoffed, knowing what my heart was trying to do. "Help the boy" if my heart could talk, that's exactly what it would say. But after a hundred years, you know your heart too well. It doesn't need a voice for me to understand. I let go of my jaw. My face muscle relaxed, I let out a deep breath.

"Punire rapax, puniendi sunt sanguinis, punire innocentiam, punire ad paenitentiam reverti" I snapped my fingers, annoyed and lazily. The boy's hand moved swiftly, her grabbed Rogwan's wrist. His other hand striked Rogwan's trachea, immediately making him staggered back. He grabbed his throat as he choked from the pain. Gasps came from everyone, shocked by the meekly boy's retaliation.

The boy walked towards Rogwan, his face confused at his own actions. Unable to stop himself. But something glowed from his eyes. Magic has a way of bringing out the thing human feared the most; The lost of fear. Without fear humans are boundless, He grabbed both of Rogwan's wrist and easily pried it off his throat.

Moving without his control, the boy twist Rogwan's wrist, and from the looks of everyone's faces. Everyone heard his bones breaking. His screams was muffled from the pain in his throat. The boy reeled back his hand far before his hand swung with intense speed and force. His palm planted itself on Rogwan's cheeks, the sound of contact echoed through the corridor just as it sent him flying three feet. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

His body went limp. Either his neck was broken or he was knocked unconscious. "I recalled my curse, novis me meae" I muttered. A strong wind travelled from my feet, it rushed towards the boy before it blew through him. He stared in horror at Rogwan, sobbing in pain on the floor. His friends wanted to help Rogwan but was too scared.

"I'm sorry..." I walked through him.

Hexes and curses almost never goes to your plan. In a hundred years not once did any of my curses worked perfectly. Curses are never predictable, what just happened was prove of that. I walked to the outer section of the school. I stepped through the door that lead to the field. I took a seat on a bench that was under a tree. The smell of the freshly cut grass filled my nostrils and the sound of rustling trees blown by the spring breeze.

I crossed my legs, staring at the open field. "Sigillum captaturum" I cast. Causing the sigils I had carved beforehand on the trees surrounding the field to lit up. Turning the entire field into a trap--things can get in but nothing can get out. Classic entrapment spell. The best part? No one can see inside. I reached for a book inside my bag. I opened a random page and I slack back on the wooden bench.

"All set?" Sarah psyched. "Yeah" I thought aloud. I could see her across the field, in between the trees, crouching in the bushes. I heard a flapping noise and my head instantly turned towards it. A butterfly, golden and shining. Its wings reflected the sunlight like a mirror, almost blinding the two of us.

"The aureum superbia..." I said in awe.

"Yep, the golden pride...alright, the second it reached the center, I'll bind it and you catch it" she said. We gave it a few minutes before Sarah began.

"Adiuro te per tuam magica, papilio quasi rapti, vires auxerat!" she spurt the words quickly, her voice was authoritative and strong, making her voice echoed across the field. The aurem superbia froze mid air. I pulled out a glass bottle from my bag. I opened the cork of the bottle.

"Laqueum signaculum hoc intra utrem, laqueum sigillum apertum usque suus!" I mimicked her tone. The aurem poofed into a golden cloud before being sucked into the bottle. I plugged the cork back in, sealing the cloud inside. The cloud stormed aggressively inside the bottle before assuming back its earthly form.

"YES!" Sarah jumped into the air. "The aurem superbia, a mythical creature that existed during the middle ages, supposedly if you manage to catch it—which is very difficult, good things will be on your way" Ray stepped out from under the tree.

"How did a mythical creature end up here, anyway? Aren't they supposed to be hiding from humans?" I asked, admiring the aurem resting on the bottom of the bottle.

"Mythical creatures have always wandered out of their realms, but I have never seen one like this wandering" Ray reached his hand for the bottle.

"It's a telltale, brother...something is coming..." Sarah said. "Don't be so baroque, sister" Ray said.

"Anyway, we'll bring the aurem back home. And auntie would be more than happy to care for this thing until we sent it back to its realm--so, Ianue magicae!" Sarah said. A burst of energy swirled around them before they disappeared. A whooshing air came from where they were standing. I sighed deeply. We've been catching mythical creatures for the pass...five centuries? I couldn't keep track by how much mythical creatures I've sent to their realm.

Suddenly, a wave of energy, not just any usual energy, but something uncommon, something powerful, travelled from my feet to the tip of my hair. Making my hair stood on end. It was a brief burst, too quick for me to pin point where it came from. But my eyes landed to someone in the window of the school's building. Damien.

Star of the school, smart and attractive. That last part was just other people's view. He stared forward, head resting on one hand. His dark hair flowed like kelp at the ocean floor. His white skin reflected the sunlight. He turned slowly towards me, his eyes was wide for a moment, but he just turned around instead. Probably the trap...

To him, well to almost everyone, I disappeared all day. I stepped out of class and poof I vanished. Not realizing I was walking next to them. Perks of being a witch. You see what mortals can't, but you're in twice the danger.

I sighed, picking up my bag. I slid my hand into my pockets and just walked back into the building. My replacement is doing fine, I hope. "Exolvo" I cast. The sparks and hiss of the glowing sigils ceased. The trap sizzled away like water poured onto a hot pan. I walked back into the school, passing by a group of girls in their gym clothes. A black knee long skirt and a white t-shirt tucked under it.

Suddenly, one of the girls whipped around as I passed her. "What?" the other girls asked. "Someone---touched my ass!" she said. The other girls instantly scoured the empty corridor. I looked down and realized my bag brushed against the girl. I clutched my bag closer and passed by her friends. I walked to my class and my hand grabbed the handle to the class door. My hair instantly stood on end as my skin touched the cold steel handle.

I felt something large pass behind me. I instantly turned around as a large black entity moved pass me. It quickly turned the corner to another corridor. I dropped my book and gave chase. I followed after the entity until it brought me to the infirmary. I stepped into the infirmary but there were no signs of the entity. I crouched beside the beds but it wasn't there.

I turned back around towards the door before a warm liquid dripped onto my face. I wiped my face and my fingers were painted in blood. A student sprawled on the ceiling. His body was stuck to the ceiling by thick webbing of spider webs. His ribs were torn open. His ribs were hanging from strands of muscles. His flesh hung like satay on the edges of his open chest. One of his lungs hung by strands of flesh and muscle. His heart was missing, judging from the empty cavity behind the hanging lung. His intestines stuck to the wall before it slowly unstuck itself from its own weight. This has to be a fresh kill. Dripping blood, whatever did this must've have really hated this guy.

His eyes were wide open, his lower jaw was missing which made his tongue hang like a pinata. Half of his head was bashed in. His skull sunken into his now pulverized brain. His eyes were terrified, horrified by something he saw before he had died. His legs were mangled around, twisted and broken. I could tell he was student from the name tag he wore, stuck to his skin. Head of Student Council. Written on his tag. His fingers were chewed off, only parts of his nails was left hanging on thin strands of skin from his fingertips.

"What the fuck..." I gasped from the horrific sight. The bell rung and I could hear the doors of the classes swung open. "Prope!" I cast. The doors to the infirmary swung back close, the locks clicked into place. I knelt down on the floor. "Ianuae magicae" I cast another. The guy swooshed, disappeared into thin air from the webbing that held him still. A second later, he materialized in front of me, his body laid dead on the floor. With the 5000 years of medical knowledge I had, I rearranged his body parts.

I took his lung and place it back where it was suppose to be. Then, I realign his ribs and sternum together. I took his meat and skin back, stretching it over his open ribs. I laid down on the floor where I assumed his lower jaw is. Under the bed, a pair of perfectly white teeth, stained in blood and the lower part of his zygomatic arch peeked through the flesh and skin. "Proximo!" his jaw flung towards my grasp.

I reconnected his zygomatic bones together. I pressed the two bones tightly together before the ends sizzled in an low orange glow, fusing the two arches back together. "Salem!" I whispered. A black mass of smoke materialized above me before it transformed into Salem's black pigeon form. "What happened?" he asked.

"I was hoping you could tell me" I said. Salem breathed heavily. "I can't, something that attacked him must've been a mythical creature" he said. What kind of mythical creature could've done this? I sighed.

"Bring this body back to Ray, let him figure out the rest, I'll help later" I said. Salem flew before landing on the student's torn chest. Salem's turned into smoke before the smoke consumed the body and they disappeared. "I have to clean this mess up now, huh?" I sighed.

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