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100% When the Sky Falls too Deep / Chapter 23: Her Mother's Birthday Celebration

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Chapter 23: Her Mother's Birthday Celebration

Alexander woke up to the sunlight striking from every corner of his bedroom. He quickly rose and went to the restroom. He was completely drenched in his shower, couldn't still believe she did not even fight Jane and the rest of their circle of friends. He sighed deeply when he remembered her face flushed. He knew Charlotte was anxious but he seemed something was off to her. He felt she was startled, somewhat scared of him. He wrapped his towel around his torso and quickly turned his way to the closet. He put on his white long sleeves uniform and straight cut slacks. After he wears his shoes he fixes his hair using his usual hair gel. He was about to leave his room when he realized he had left his coat in the closet. He immediately grabbed the coat and went downstairs.

"Good morning, Kring!" He greeted her. He was completely confused why he was alone in the dining area when in fact he woke up early. Later on, he did not aforethought to ask the maidservant. "Where's Jake and Jethro?" He asked. 

"They actually went to school early,"Kring informed. 

"Oh I see," he uttered. After he had his breakfast he quickly went out of the house and headed to his car. He swiftly maneuvered his car off to the school. He wasn't able to explain why this past few weeks he had been trying to stay in his home instead of going out with his friends. He had stopped flirting with different women. He was quite shocked when he saw Charlotte went out of the van. Her body seemed to be so thin but there was something about her face. When she turned around she did not show any evidence of nervousness at him. She comfortably looked at him and headed to her room. Charlotte was wearing a black thick jacket made of wool and underneath was her uniform. It had been two months since he last saw her. He was perplexed at her; she doesn't even try to go to her locker. Alexander on the other hand, cleaned his locker before heading to his room. He walked to the back of the room wanting to approach her. He sat beside her but she did not even glance at him.

"Good morning, Charlotte," he greeted. He was mortified. He intently looked at her and he had seen the moment her throat bobbed up. 

"What the heck are you doing?" She asked. Alexander was standing in front of her, quietly gazing. 

"How are you?" He asked. Charlotte opted. 

"You see I'm all good," she muttered. Charlotte pulled her earphones in the bag. She was about to put her earphones on when Professor Jethro came in.

"Good morning, students!" He greeted them. They rise altogether, "Good morning Professor Chua!"

"You may take your seat now," he said. When he started discussing everyone attentively listened to him. Thus, Charlotte was looking around when she saw that Alexander's pants were unzipped. From the corner of the room filled with 45 students. Her classmates were busily listening at him while some of them were looking at the window. Professor Jethro gazed at her. Everyone diverted their attention to Charlotte when she chuckled. She gulped in lack of defenses. However, Alexander knew she was laughing off of something.  She was not the type of girl who would laugh at, that doesn't find quite funny. He creased his forehead.

"Care to share your topic there, Ms. Chiu?" He gritted. Her face was flushed even her ears turned red like a ripe tomato. "Where's your phone?" Professor Jethro asked. He swiftly walked towards the last row and stood along their lines. "Give me your phone," he said authoritatively. Alexander clenched his fists. Professor Jethro was surprised when she got her phone from her bag. "What are you laughing at earlier Ms. Chiu?" He asked. 

Charlotte opted to speak, not wanting to embarrass him, "Nothing… I mean I just remember something." Still, she handed her phone at him even though she wasn't even using it during class hours. 

"You'll be in the student's detainee if you haven't spoken," he threatened yet she was not frightened at all. She knew she had not done anything wrong. She just nodded. Alexander fisted. 

"Does she needs to be in there?" he furrowed. 

"Does that bothers you? You can actually be there for her companionship," he said. Alexander jolted from his seat when Charlotte pinched on his side. He widened his eyes at her. He swirled his tongue inside his mouth when he realized she was not wearing her eyeglasses. He was completely lost in her eyes. That was the very first time he looked at her longer. As if he was drowning in her eyes. There were unsaid thoughts. She was speaking to him using her eyes. She has the urge to make him understand her. They both sat properly when Professor Jethro spoke.

"You two should be in the students detainee later this afternoon," he said firmly. Charlotte sighed. Later on, Professor Jethro continued his lessons then after a few minutes he dismissed the class. Charlotte immediately followed after him. 

"Professor Chua," she called from behind. Professor Chua turned to her. He was calmly looking at her.

Even though she was contemplating she spoke, "Please don't tell this to my mom." Professor Jethro vividly laughed, "Why? Is that even a major reason?" 

"No. But… it's her birthday," she said. Professor Jethro was quite in disbelief. When he occasionally heard rumours about her he was not able to believe why their mother wanted her to be Alexander's future wife. He was so surprised at her. "I mean you would gonna tell it to her, but please, not today," she uttered. He thought she would go but after that she spoke, "Thank you Sir!" Professor Jethro continued his way to the faculty area.

The air was cold, leaves were falling. Charlotte slowly walked to the soccer field. Her hair was neatly worn. Her small face was defined. Her lips were cold and reddish. She closed her eyes and breathed in the air as if she was meditating. She was singing along the cast of the wind when she felt someone in front of her. She opened her eyes and saw a very familiar face. 

"Charlotte," Alexander uttered. 

"Yeah?" She casually asked. 

"Can we have a minute," he solemnly asked. She was startled when she saw his contagious smile. 

"What is it?" She asked. Alexander contemplates whether he would sit beside her or stood still.

"You could sit you know," she grinned like she wasn't hurt with their interactions two months ago. Alexander nodded and took the seat six inches away from her.

"How are you?" He asked. Charlotte sighed. "I didn't want Jane or anyone from her friends to know what they did to you," he uttered. He crouched and clasped his hands. "I mean I apologized about it," she was infuriated. Alexander clearly heard her deep breath. 

"I was not actually waiting for it," she mocked. "I mean for a very long time I've been used to it…" She said mysteriously. 

"What do you mean?" He asked. "Have you been bullied?" He was perplexed.  Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-birthday-celebration_51152777933553099">;s-birthday-celebration_51152777933553099</a> for visiting.

"Of course not… What I'm trying to say… no one ever did hurt me so I… I didn't expect it would happen… For their apology either," she stuttered. Alexander was starting to unmask her.

"Can we be friends this time?" He asked seriously. Charlotte darted her attention to the soccer players.

"Was it for real?" She chuckled. "Why would you want me to be your friend?" She asked nonchalantly. "I've never been the coolest person. I… You know I was a boring person to be with," she simpered. 

"I," he was caught off guard. "I shouldn't have given you remarks," he said. "I'm sorry," he apologised. Later on, he heard her snipping.

"Are you crying?" He asked. Charlotte laughed yet she was still crying. 

"I knew it. You're just guilty, right?" She implied. "Who wouldn't be? Jane is your girlfriend. I understand now why you've been apologizing," she laughed hysterically.

"She's not my girl," he said straight. Charlotte sighed then she stood immediately. 

"You say so. By the way, I have to go," she uttered. Charlotte pulled her bag from the bleachers and headed her way to the next class. Hours had gone fast, later that afternoon Alexander was then called by the student coordinator. When he reached the  students detainees area Charlotte was sitting at the far end of the room. Her legs crossed together comfortably resting on the chair. He fisted. He quickly barged in the room and stood behind her. She just shrugged off her shoulders. He furrowed his forehead and swallowed hard when he noticed her skin was exposed. 

"WHAT DO YOU THINK ARE YOU DOING?" He gritted his teeth. 

"Resting," she mocked. Alexander pulled the armchair and sat beside her. 

"Continue what you're up to," he threatened. "You'll never like what I can do," he brushed. She was deadpanned. Charlotte yawned. It was six in the evening yet no one was informing them when to go. 

"Do you think we're able to go home by eight?" She pouted.

"Why? Is your suitor waiting on you for your date," he asked sarcastically. Instead of being mad at him, she gazed in his eyes, "It's my mom's birthday." He gulped then nodded. He was shocked when he saw her stood then moved quickly. 

"I think we could go now," she spoke. She pulled her bag from the chair and continued to the exit. 

"Charlotte I can take you home," he said. 

"No it's okay. Jeffrey is outside for sure," she said. She began walking to the parking area while Alexander was walking after her. She hopped in the car. Jeffrey swiftly drove home. When he came home, Jethro and his younger brother Jake were in the lanai with a bouquet of white roses and tulips and a YSL paper bag.

"What took you so long?" Jethro asked.

"Now, you have the urge to ask?" He muttered. "Had you forgotten you detained me along with Charlotte," he furrowed. 

"Oh…" he smiled. "But, have you enjoyed her company? I know she was hiding something so instead of blurting out she kept it to herself," he said coolly. 

"Whatever," he said nonchalantly. He was on his way to his bedroom when Jethro suddenly spoke.

"By the way, we'll be attending Dra.Chiu's birthday," he added. "Have you bought her a gift?" He asked.

"I haven't heard anything about it. No one informed me earlier either," he said. "Nonetheless, I'll just go take a bath. I'll follow you to the venue," he uttered. 

"No. Mom and dad are just preparing we'll get there together," he explained. 

"What? Couldn't I just bring my own car?" He asked.

"You could but we'll go there at the same time," he mocked. Alexander clenched his jaw and soon followed his elder brother. Later that night, they were in the Five Star Hotel. The birthday celebrations were held in that hotel. His parents and siblings went to the venue and he was left alone in the Oakland area of the hotel at the receiving area. 

"Let's get inside," Jaxon invited. "Has Auntie seen you already?" He asked. 

"Not yet," he tilted. He loosened his neck tie and breathed deeply. When they entered the room he was quite agitated and dismayed when he saw Markus. He was sitting next to Charlotte. After a few minutes, Jake came. He thought he was already inside. Jake walked thru' Charlotte and gave her the bouquet of tulips.

"Thank you," she smiled. "But actually you don't have to give me this; it isn't my day," she laughed. 

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