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0.71% When Time Comes / Chapter 1: The Guy with Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

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When Time Comes original

When Time Comes

Author: liyanpark1013

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Chapter 1: The Guy with Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

'I lay on the cold forest ground and glance gratefully at the man who saved me from the people who want to take my life. The man takes care of me gently as he treats the wounds on my body. His blonde hair flutters as the wind blows, while his ocean blue eyes glance at me with a hint of worry and unease. I swear, I don't know this man, but why can I feel the deep emotions in his eyes?'


I wake up groggily and look at the ceiling only to see that all my glow in the dark stickers has faded their glow. I rub my aching temples as I tried to recall the dream I had last night, but I can't even remember a scene. I can only recall a man's blurry figure, but that is all it is.

I sigh and shake my head at my distracting thoughts before I go to the kitchen where my mom is preparing breakfast. There, I see dad on the same spot reading his newspaper. I try to look for my brother, but I can't even see his shadow. 'Perhaps, he was still sleeping since he was up all night playing video games.' I roll my eyes as I think to myself.

"Oh, good morning, sweetheart!" My dad greets me with a sweet smile when he sees my figure.

I smile widely at the sight of his loving expression and give him a peck on the cheeks which makes him chuckle.

"Morning mom." I greet my mom with a smile.

 She smiles back at me and continues cooking. "Sweetie, call your twin so we can eat now. Also, I have something to tell you." 

I nod and go to my brother's room. 

As I open his door, I can already hear my brother's loud snoring sounds. I slowly walks inside his room and lay beside him and nuzzle closer to him. He mumbles incomprehensibly and switches his position to cuddle me. I giggle at his actions.

"Minnie, wake up," I whisper in a soft voice. He pushes me lightly and rolls his body to the other side, his back facing me. 

"We need to eat breakfast. Also, mom and dad have something to announce. It's urgent." He switches his position to face me. 

"What is it? Is this important?" He asks.

"I don't know. We should get down, so we'll see how serious it was."

"Okay." He responds.

I smile before getting back to the kitchen. I sit in front of my mom, seeing my brother step inside the dining room to sit beside me. 

"Your mom and I have something to tell and I want you two to agree, Okay?"  My father announces. We stare at them, waiting for their announcement.

"We're moving out at grandma's residence. She needed our care since she's old and the business of your grandma, we needed to take over. I know it's hard for you two to move out, but we don't have a choice." My mom announces. 

"Where's grandma's residence? Is it around in Korea?" They shake their heads.

"A small town in the US and the place called Oregon City." I glance at my brother, who's also looking at me. I sigh and grin at them.

"It's okay mom, I assume. Right, Minnie?" He smiles and holds my mother's outer palm. 

"Yeah, I understand. We should tell our friends about moving out."

"Thank you, sweeties. I'm so happy and lucky to have twin babies who always follow and respect our decision. I might be going to cry." We all laugh at my dad's joke and begin to eat breakfast. 


Afterward, we are getting ready to move out so we can join the next semester at university. There are only 2 days left before classes start. We decide to visit our friends to bid our farewell since we don't have enough time. I go back home, step inside my room to fix all my things. Our flight will be tomorrow night. I'm excited when my grandmother wants to see us even though I don't recall any vision of her. I stride inside my brother's room, seeing him look at some old pictures. 

I tilt my head, confused.

"Minnie, what is that?" I ask. 

"It's a photo collection captured at grandma's house. I don't recall anything about this home. Mom told me we went there for a vacation. Odd right?" I hum while staring at the collection.

"Yeah, it's odd. We were supposed to recall some memories. Oh, I have this dream I mentioned to you about. I dreamed of it again." He stares. 

He wraps his arms around my shoulder, glancing at the picture where Jinwoo, Jungmin, and I were playing in the garden. I assume we were 8 or 9 years old? 

"Again? It's been 10 years and you still dreamt about those blue eyes. Have you seen his face in your dream?" I shake my head and lean on his shoulder. 

"As soon as we get to the US. I guess you will find answers to all your questions." I respond with a nod. I look back at the album and see a familiar face. 

"Minnie, Your ultimate crush, Jinwoo. He's cute here in the picture." I smile widely when there is a hint of pink shade all over his cheeks.

"H-hey, I d-don't, but he's h-hot and sexy. He's living in Oregon City. They moved last year." He explains.

"So you are going to meet your prince," He blushes, smacking my shoulder.

We perceived that he's gay, we accepted his sexuality with all our hearts. My mom was the first to recognize. The way he started at Jinwoo. My mother asked if Jungmin had a crush on him. He blushed. Also, my dad got suspicious. He talked to him and cried about his confession about his sexuality. I teased my father, seeing him broken down when he knew about my brother's sexuality.


After a night falls, we step inside the airplane ready to fly in the US. I sit beside my brother, who's peacefully sleeping. My grandmother instructed our parents to reserve a ticket in first-class flight so we have a comfortable journey in the US. My gaze never leaves the scenery night from the skies.

 'I can't wait to meet you, my mate. My beautiful mate.' A voice whispers into my ears. I look around to search for the voice but found nothing. 

"Am I crazy? No, I'm not." I whisper.

There are so many questions running inside my head about myself and the man in my dreams. Why does it have to be me? I shake my head, eliminating all the thoughts inside my head and trying to sleep.

I wake up on the sound of the plane, as the captain announces on the mic that the plane safely arrives on the ground. We walk outside the plane and go to the main airport. After, my father calls the taxi to reach our destination. My gaze went to the window, watching a bunch of students walking on the sidewalk but one figure catches my attention.

His blue eyes stare in my direction as if it is a slow-motion that catches the pace of the car and his smirk never leaves his lips. I look away when feeling uneasy.

'Does he know me?' I ask myself. 

But one thing I notice is his figure. It is like the man's blurry figures inside my dreams and the way he watches at me, the connection slithering inside my system. 

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'Who is he?' One question running through my head.

As we arrive, our grandmother smiles widely when she sees us walking inside the house. Jungmin and I exchange a glance when our grandmother lifts her both arms, offering an embrace. I slowly hug her while pulling Jungmin beside me to hug her back. 

"My lovely babies." She mumbles while hugging us tightly. I tap her back slightly to loosen the grasps.

 We sit on the couch and watch our grandmother carrying some food for us. As he helps her before sitting beside me. I glance at the window to observe the area.

It is a compact town with enormous trees all over the place, sidewalks that could use the citizens, and minor roads. I used to live in a civilized place with a bunch of parties around the city of Korea. As this peaceful province, it's calming that could enjoy the scenery. 

I walk out of the house to feel the scenery of the place. My eyes close as I took a deep, heavy sigh to receive the fresh air. 

When my eyes open, my eyes wide when a familiar figure is watching in front of me. My heart beats so fast as if I couldn't breathe when he smiles. That smile… It feels comforting, familiar. 

"Who are you to me?" I asked myself as my eyes never leave to the man, who's standing in front of me. 

After a minute, he walks faster until his shadow disappears under the bright sunset as if he avoids my gaze. I sigh and step inside the house, striving to forget what I see and what I feel. My mysterious journey starts when moving out in Oregon City, A small town in the US.

I'm Minsoo Jeon, 20 years of age, the 2nd year of college, and a simple girl who wants to achieve my goals and dreams. Also, I have a charm and a weird family. My twin brother, Jungmin Jeon, he's in his last year of college and has an ultimate crush from our childhood friend, Jinwoo Park.

liyanpark1013 liyanpark1013

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