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When You Are Mine When You Are Mine original

When You Are Mine

Author: Da_Rose

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At the lobby of the Grand Hill Hotel, Jade stood donned in a sexy, red, skimpy, long-sleeved gown, which she paired with black strap heels, a black clutch, and a pair of dangling earrings that matched perfectly with her silver bracelet. Her makeup was mild and natural, but she was the most beautiful girl at the hotel tonight.

She frantically paced about the lobby as she tried to decide whether to go in. Beads of sweat broke out on her forehead as she kept pacing. She was too lost in thought to hear the guys whistling at her. Her actions tonight would either mar or make her. She desperately needed a sign to tell her what to do.

Jade jerked back to reality when her phone rang. She sighed deeply when she saw who was calling; this wasn't the sign she needed. Maybe her mind was already made up, she thought. She reluctantly picked up the call after the first ring.

"Jade, you'd better return home. I can tell you he isn't worth it. Don't do what will destroy you for good," her mother pleaded over the phone.

"Mother," she called in a quiet, low voice. Why was her mother making things difficult for her? Yes, she asked for a sign. But was this a good one?

"I know you love him, but you can't ruin your life for him. Jade, please listen to your mother, okay?" her mother continued pleading with a teary voice.

"Mother, I have to save him. I'm sorry," Jade told her as her eyes turned misty with tears.

"If you dare, I'll break all ties with you. Your father will roll in his grave for your foolishness," she warned as she raised her voice. Just maybe, hopefully, threats might work.

"I'm sorry, mother," Jade apologized before hanging up.

Her phone beeped suddenly. She opened it to see a text from Cale. It read:

"Help me, Jade, in whatever way you can. You're all I have. I love you."

She stared at the message for a couple of minutes. She had to do this. It's all for the man she loved. She put her phone back into her purse and took a deep breath to calm her nerves as she turned and walked towards the elevator with her shoulders squared.

If this sacrifice would save her love, then she'd gladly do it.


Pop music blared heavily across the underground club of the Grand Hill Hotel. This was the most exquisite and famous club for the wealthy, young heirs, and heiresses in City Y, a place where the one percent of the one percent indulged themselves in all forms of activities.

Ever in need of a club providing male and female bodily services? Here it was.

Jade walked into the club, which reeked of alcohol, sweat, and other substances she couldn't identify. She almost turned around as her heart thumped hard against her chest. Her head felt heavy at the sound of loud music wafting from the enormous speakers. She shook her head to discard every thought of cowardice as her grip over her clutch tightened.

She took slow steps as she gently pushed through the crowd and walked towards the bar.

"Hey! I need three shots of Aunt Roberta," she yelled to the bartender, as the music was too loud. She sat down on one of the high stools at the bar as her eyes scanned the club.

"Here," the bartender said as he served her order.

She turned and flashed the bartender an appreciative smile before gulping down a glass of Aunt Roberta.

"You might want to go easy... on that," the bartender slowed down his advice when Jade dropped the first glass and picked up another. She gulped all three glasses in a row.

"What?" she asked. She had missed what he said.

"Never mind," he told her, yelling across the counter so she could hear him.

"Hey, can you point me in the direction of a rich heir with lots of money to spend?" she asked the bartender, who took a good look at her. He wasn't surprised by her question because he heard it every other day. He was tempted to reprimand her and advise her to return home because she looked too innocent, even though she was dressed to look the part. He had worked here long enough to tell she didn't belong there. But that wasn't his business.

His eyes scanned the club and gazed in a particular direction when he found a suitable target seated at the VIP lounge above the dance floor. Jade followed his gaze and asked, "Him?" Her chin pointed up at the person they were both looking at.

"Yes. If you get him, consider it your lucky day," he told her.

Jade looked at her target briefly before stepping down from her stool. She took deep breaths to calm her not-so-nervous self, thanks to Aunt Roberta.

"Thank you," she said with a smile as she paid him and sauntered to her target.

She slowly approached him as she assessed him thoroughly. She was satisfied with his appearance. He looked filthy rich. Just the right person she needed.

"Hey," she greeted with a nervous smile when his hazel brown eyes met hers. "I heard you have money to spend, and I just need that cash. I'll pay with my virginity. If you're not pleased with me, I will let you go. I'll consider it my bad day. Here's a medical report. I'm disease-free. What do you say?" she said as she looked at him anxiously, holding an envelope in hand.


**[AUTHOR]** - Dear reader, welcome to my first book. I want to say a big thank you for reading. This is my first time writing something. If you love this chapter, then, by all means, keep reading, and please add it to your library.

My writing might be amateurish. I'm still learning to improve my work. Grammatical errors might be strewn here and there; please bear with me as I'll try to edit them shortly. Please don't hesitate to point them out if you find any; I would appreciate it. I appreciate any help you can provide.

Support and motivate me with your comments (chapter and paragraph comments) and reviews. Also, suggestions and opinions are much welcomed. I'll try my utmost best to be interactive as much as possible.

Also, don't forget to vote. Thanks.

Please message me on Discord: Da_Rose#8729

You can check out my other book: *Pay With Your Heart*

Da_Rose Da_Rose

Creation is hard, cheer me up!

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