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65.62% White blood / Chapter 21: Berserk beast

Berserk beast - White blood - Chapter 21 by OJASYA full book limited free

Chapter 21: Berserk beast

After an hour of scouting, Jasper came back. He reported the situation to Morris.

The plateau outside the cave was still clear like yesterday. He did not find any beast in the area.

"Jasper has scouted the plateau for precautions and he did not find any beast lurking there" Morris said

"We are currently safe and can use this cave as a hiding spot. We will hunt the beasts from the vicinity of jungle."

"Rest for an hour then we will sneak in the jungle to find an intermediate tier beast. After we learn the abilities of the beast and judge its weakness then we will hunt it." he reminded them

"Before that, let's discuss our strength and weakness. Yesterday, we were forced in a fight and did not know our allies strength's and abilities." he wanted everyone to co-operate well.

Lucas also wanted to know the strength of newcomer. When fighting the wolf he not only saved them but also fought and killed the wolf easily.

Jennie and Jasper also nodded in agreement. They to wanted to learn about their allies.

Earlier they only had basic details of each other's abilities. They did not fully trust each other as to not show their weakness.

However, in a battle of life and death it was all meaningless. They could have better supported themselves if they knew each other more.

Morris was working as a temporary leader of the team so he started first.

"I use basic reinforcement best, I also have water affinity and my abilities are water element but I cannot use them yet" he explained.

"However I have a beast armament for defense which covers my full body. I used it while fighting the wolf and it can withstand peak intermediate tier beast attacks."

Lucas explained his abilities after Morris.

"My ability is related to stone, I can turn some of my body into stone. But in battle such as these, it is difficult to concentrate. I can only use it for making defense barriers or small hideouts for us to rest."

"With my increase in ability my strength also improves and with the use of my beast glove i can deal heavy damage the beast." continued Lucas and then looked towards Jasper.

Seeing that Lucas finished his explanation, Jasper started explaining the details of his abilities.

"I train in a fire element ability. I can reinforce my body with it and can also shoot out fire. As you have already seen, I can also control the fire I shoot." he said with pride in his tone.

He did not stop there and kept continuing how he was very weak and did not even have an ability when he was young and recently got to learn the fire ability.

He also emphasized on the part how it took him only 3 years to get this strong.

He did not stop here, he also told them about the abilities of his sister, Jennie.

He told she has same ability of fire as him and she is able to reinforce her body with it and also the knife she uses.

He talked a lot but did not give any weakness of the ability. Morris and Lucas also didn't give any unnecessary information of their abilities.

Now it was time for Roan to speak about his ability. He was not sure about the abilities he should mention.

From the results from inspect skill, he got to know the stats of his teammates. No one among them had balanced and peak Rank F stats.

They also specialized only in certain fields. He wanted to choose two different stats and tell them that he specialised in it.

He did not waste a lot of time standing there and thinking. It could make others doubt him and his ability.

He finally decided that he would tell them he has a body strengthening ability with a good energy reserve but no element.

There were some training sutras who only specialized in such field such as Reinforce from military. These sutra allowed the human body to gain strength superior to beasts.

"I have a sutra similar to of Reinforce which strengthens my body and I also have little control of energy and can use it to attack and defend." Roan only explained about his strong overall body and energy.

He was not lying to them. He did not have any element ability like Jasper. But he could learn it later with White sutra.

He was not sure but he had a whim that his system might also help him train other elements.

After Roan finished explaining all of them readied themselves to leave the cave. They were here to hunt beasts and gain beast crystal.

The more crystals they could get, the more they could reach the strength of ability users who started off training young.

They all wished to use their time in this space to increase their strength and reach Rank E at least.

It was difficult to reach Rank E for all of them but at least the beast crystal could help them in long run.

Roan was also worried about leveling up. He did want to kill the beasts and gain instant level up, but his ability to directly get the beast crystal from the beast was terrible.

The first time he killed the wolf they thought of it as coincidence but now that they were hunting together, he could not use the excuse that the beast has given away its crystal.

But he could not let others kill the beast either. If he were not the one to kill the beast he would not get the level up which he needs.

He thought for a while and then came up with a plan that he would search for the beast crystal before others and summon the crystal inside the beast's body.

This was the best plan he could come up with and it was a feasible plan. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

They all sneakily rushed into the jungle. They were still on the edge of jungle's vicinity but could sense some movement supposedly of beasts.

They all hid themselves with the cover of dense trees. The beast near them was a two tailed monkey. The monkey looked brown and devilish.

Its claws were sharp and muscles were bulky. It had height of 150 cm which was similar to a human.

It did not look like a human though. It was a mix between a monkey and a chimpanzee. But its bodily features leaned more towards a monkey except for its unusual height.

Morris signalled with his hand for them to not move. They all listened to him and stayed still in their places.

The monkey was not at all jumping the trees. It was casually walking on the ground like a human.

They were hiding behind trees but could easily look at the beast. Roan took this chance to observe the beast's stat with his Inspect skill.

He had two inspect uses left and decided to use one for the monkey beast.

He used the system and used inspect on the beast. A new window screen appeared making him happy.

[ Inspect ]

Race : Golden Monkey

Strength - 22

Stamina - 20

Agility - 20

Energy - 16

He checked the stats but could not believe it. The monkey belonged to a species called Golden Monkey.

He did not know anything specific about the species of this monkey but the physique of this beast was top tier.

Very few beast have the abilities to surpass the stats of their level without breaking through.

The monkey did not give the aura of advanced tier beast. The aura of monkey was even less than the wolf.

"A beast who is about to breakthrough and has already surpassed the limitations of body." Roan frowned

He knew of some beasts who had good physique and would breakthrough the limitations of their body before even going to next level.

It was similar to how humans have innate high intelligence.

He looked at Morris in hope to get his attention and warn him. After attempting to warn Morris, he found that Morris was actually looking at him.

He was staring at him and had a scary face full of fear. Looking at the fearful face of Morris made him confused.

Suddenly it hit him that the Golden monkey might have already found him.

He stared back to where the monkey was and found that the monkey was staring at him.

The Golden monkey was slowly walking to him. He cursed himself for his stupidity. He should not have turned back to Morris.

Roan did not hesitate and used reinforce on his hands and legs. This time the reinforce was more condensed and stable.

He did not take his knife out as he did not know if the beast were really going to attack him.

He did not expose others or look at them to avoid the monkey from finding them. If the monkey were to find out there were more of them it might attack.

He had another reason to not expose their location. He wanted them to escape from here so that he could kill the beast for himself.

"It would avoid me trouble if they actually escape from here. Them being here would only hinder me." he thought to himself

Morris did not think of escape, he wanted Roan to gain the Golden monkey's attention and use the time to sneak attack the beast.

Lucas, Jasper and Jennie also did not want to escape. They all wanted to kill the beast through sneak attack.

"I don't think the beast would be able to hurt him. He could go toe to toe with that powerful wolf, he is by no means physically weak." Jasper thought to himself

He readied his gun to fire his fully powered shot on the beast.

Lucas also did not make any movement, he waited for Morris to lead them while charging his glove skill. "Why does this scene remind me of wolf in the cave" he murmured.

Morris did not give them any signal but the beast was already within the vicinity of ten meters.

When the Golden monkey was only ten meters away from Roan, it started sprinting towards him.

"Was it tricking me the whole time so that I do not run off??" Roan was shocked. How can the beasts in the jungle be this wicked.

The golden monkey was very fast and covered the distance of ten meters in only two seconds. It raised it both hands and used them together as hammer.

The hand made hammer was about to crush Roan's body. He did not want to compete the beast with strength.

He used the energy from his legs to dodge the hammer at the last moment. It was a risky move to others but to Roan he only used his Wind path.

He did not show his full speed as to not make the beast alert. He wanted to fight it closely and use his speed for a surprise attack.

The monkey struck its hand made hammer but missed the target. Its hand struck the ground and even the solid ground showed webbed cracks.

When the beast used the attack, it jumped and put its full power into it. The monkey could not stand back up quickly and was punched on its back by Roan.

"How the hell its back is so strong" he used a good amount of strength to punch but could not break its defense.

The beast groaned a little but quickly stood up. The moment it stood up, it had red eyes and a different aura.

It was like the beast had an berserk type skill.

However his teammates did not allow the monkey to actually use its skill. A burst of fire struck the beast and burnt its body.

The monkey groaned and screamed in pain then suddenly a knife coated in fire pierced its chest.

Its defense seemed to have been broken and its hard skin was burning violently. The monkey truly went into berserk and crashed into nearby trees.

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