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83.33% Wicked Crown / Chapter 10: Rest and choose me

Rest and choose me - Wicked Crown - Chapter 10 by arcaneeeee_ full book limited free

Chapter 10: Rest and choose me

"What is happening here?" The prince asks again, Katara looks around and everyone is quiet; it seems like they are being fondly by his voice and beauty. Damn! He has a nice voice, they said he rarely talks because he had his own spokesperson but now they had to hear his deep and resonant voice in person. It was strong, full of authority and clear.

"Oh, I accidentally splashed her with water. I almost fell to the ground, that's why, nothing really happens." Katara said, of course she doesn't want any trouble. She's sure the duke will be mad at her and threaten her again using her family. Suspiciously the Prince looked at her.

"Right? Nothing happens right?" She said to Janice, she was about to say something when Katara looked at her with a 'if-you-tell-him- you'll-also-be-drag-down- look. Good thing in every girl they can communicate without even saying a word, it seems like she get what she means that's why Janice smiled at her sweetly.

"Oh, yes! Nothing really happened, your highness. You don't have to worry about us, we're sorry about the consumption." Katara smiled together with her.

"Yeah, we're old acquaintances. We're just talking at all, she didn't harass anyone."

"Yes, and she didn't splash me a water with intentions at all." Janice and Katara said.

"I'm glad nothing will happen, then I'll leave. Have a nice meal…" They both nodded as the crown prince turned around they both rolled each other's eyes.

As the days pass Janice seems to hate her day by day, she even tried to prank but well too bad because she didn't even succeed. Like when, she's walking with a book on her head because they're practicing walking properly like a royal and she saw Janice feet trying to secretly try to make her fall but instead of falling to her trap she intentionally steps her feet and continues walking like nothing happens.

Janice can't complain because if she did then she'll be accused of not being focused on her doings, Katara smiled evilly. Janice is competitive, she doesn't want her to be on the top. That's why she did everything to make Katara lose but she fails everytime.

Katara didn't expect that for once she'll be thankful that someone from the past trained her to be an assassin in her previous life, she developed many skills because of that and she could use those skills here in her current life. Because of her being an assassin she had sharp eyes that could see everything and feel everything around her. She can even tell how many people are walking around the banquet area just listening to the footsteps of every student around.

Janice also tried to pour paint on her while she was about to enter the classroom but she pretends to let her pen and then pick it up, the black paint scattered to the ground and she pretends that she was surprised and dramatically yelled. She one also tried to confine her in the restroom while she's inside but then obviously using a pin she opened the door effortlessly, she could also open a door no matter what it was. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

She can't help but to laugh, poor Janice trying to get revenge but fails every time.

And just one snap a finger the weekend comes, it's a day that every selected noble lady will meet the prince. She is scheduled Sunday, it's Saturday now. She learns from the letters sent by the duke using a bird that her mother is already in the hospital in the city, she'll just escape for a moment. Well, every weekend students are free to go wherever they want. In fact , the Academy itself has its own places you could stroll with.

The Academy has horse race fields, it's part of the physical activities of the students in four elements of houses, also a fighting arena with a different kind of weapon. You can send a card to someone and then challenge them to a duel, it was applied in every houses with a presence of some prof that will be the judge of the duel, also the a own museums filled with statues of great general from the past and other knights who fight for the empire, and paintings with royals.

There are also some stores you'll find in Academy, it was authorized by the royals personally. Every student here has a stamp from their noble family, of course the Duke gave her. It was like a credit card in her previous life, that could be used anywhere. For her part of preparation before she came here, she even practiced writing her name, her signatures, the way she speaks and ect. She did many things that's why she's really exhausted…

Now she's wearing ordinary clothes, like the usual clothes she wears. She sneaks out from the Academy silently, for one week she's here she already knows some secret doors or ways she could use to escape. She toured the Academy quietly and memorized the possibility of a path she could use someday. It's just a hobby of hers, or her mannerism from her previous life.

After she successfully escapes, she immediately runs toward the City. She brought her stamps that the duke gave to her, of course she's pretending to be her daughter and might as well use it well. First she goes to a nears bank to withdraw some golden coin from her stamps, a

a woman gives her a paper that was like a cheque and then she puts an amount of golden coins and then stamps the paper. The stamp has a family crest, the woman looks at her as she sees the family crest on the stamp. She smiled at her.

After she withdraws she walks to the carriages that you can pay to give you a ride, then gives a payment to the coachman.

"Can you send me to the Olivia Hospital?" The coachman nods.

"Right away, Madam."

She didn't have a plan to meet her mother too soon, she just wanted to check if she was really in the hospital. If the duke really sent her to the hospital, she thinks it's very early for now to meet her. She wasn't prepared to lie to her more, she did lie and manipulate in her previous life but now it's just too difficult to lie to someone you love and trust you the most. She can't help but to wonder how someone could break someone's trust easily when they have it.

While the carriage was running, she slightly pulled her head out from the window of the carriage and looked around. The city is lovely and lively as ever, while she's looking around accidentally her eyes landed on the carriage running opposite to her. Unexpectedly she met someone, her eyes and the crown prince met.

He seems exhausted, it is visible to his eyes at all. It seems like he was with some other selected nobles, for some reason her hand moved and then she gave him a thumbs and smiled. She avoided the gaze as realised what she just did and then pulled her own hair, now he'll think of her as a weirdo.

The carriage stopped at the gate of the Hospital, she thanked the coachman and then went down to the carriage. A Olivia Hospital is written in the gate. That's why she knows that this is the exact place, she didn't waste anymore time and just entered the hospital.

She asks the nurse In front if there is someone admitted with a Name Katarina Hudson, the nurse says there was. She asks for the room number and she immediately rans towards the room. She smiled when she saw her mother lying on the bed and peacefully sleeping. Thank god and the Duke really sent her to the City Hospital…

Deimos blinked many times before realising what just happened, for unknown reason his ears heated and his cheek flustered. What are these feelings?

What is she doing outside of the Academy?

Why does he feel that all of his tiredness gone when he saw her smile and raise her thumbs finger, it was like she's cheering for him.

"You're majesty, are you okay?" The selected Noble lady with him asked, he inclined his head and smiled.

"Yes, I'm fine. Where are we?"

The next day Katara prepares herself to meet the prince finally, she has a plan on seducing him and she hopes it works on him really well. She wears a fancy gown, she also wears some perfume. Fragrance scents have a big role in seducing someone based on her experience, if you want to pull someone. Pull them using your fragrance that will stick to their nose and think of you everytime.

She cut her own bangs and then just let her black hair down, she's wearing a green royal gown. After she prepares she goes out of her room and walks towards the outside where the prince waited outside of their dorm.

"Where do you want to go Milady?" The prince asks as they walk down the red carpet in the stairs, she's holding his arm. Fortunately the noble ladies has a choice to choose whatever they want to go with the prince.

"You, you're majesty, where do you want to go?" She asks, the prince looks at her surprisingly.

"I mean if you ask me, I want a picnic on something? Just here inside the Academy, we don't have to travel far." She said.

"Are you sure you want just here in the Academy?" The prince asks, she blinks a few times and nods.

"Okay then I'll ask someone to prepare picnic blankets and other stuff." She nodded, damn! She panicked!

Just like she said, they walk in the park and have some picnic. They were both now seated at the picnic blankets under the tree, it was awkward at all. It was like nothing happened to them really, like he didn't put a sword to her neck vibe versa days ago.

"I'm so what's your name?" He began to ask to break the silence.

"I'm Ave, call me Ave your highness." She said and then awkwardly smiled.

Silence again….

"I'm Deimos…" The Prince also introduced himself, she nodded and smiled at him.

"Okay, then can you tell me about yourself?" Katara can't believe it, this feels like she was having a job interview! She just answers him with what she practices while she's in the Duke mansion, after that the Prince asks him a question again, and again, and again. She answered all of them, after that another silence…

"Do you hate me, your highness?" She suddenly asks, the crown prince looks at her and smiles sweetly.

"No, of course not. Why would I hate my future queen?" He answered and then chuckled, damn! It was a sexy buy anyway.

"Liar, you're lying. Don't worry I hate you too, we're even." She said and then took some cookies from the basket.

"But there is something I wanted to say, I will make you choose me. You will make me your future queen." She promised, they look into each other's eyes.

"Then make me…" She grinned and then pulled the prince's collar and then placed her lips on his neck. She smells his scents, he has a good fragrance.

"I will…" She said and then next move she pulled the prince to make him lie to her legs, he's now lying on the ground under the tree.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Making my first move, now sleep because I know you're tired. You can use my time to rest, don't worry I'll guard you. Just take a nap for a little bit."

The wind blows and Katara's hair waves. From the ground the prince looks at her and he can see that she's serious about letting him take a nap for a moment using her time.

"Are you sure you want me to use your time? We need to know each other."

"Let's do that next time, if you want to know me more then keep choosing me."

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