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11.76% Wife is Delicious- a tale of chasing romance / Chapter 2: Chapter 1: Meeting the dying concubine

Chapter 2: Chapter 1: Meeting the dying concubine

Theresa opened her eyes abruptly because of the cold her body felt. She quickly sat up and rubbed her eyes. She found to her surprise that she was in an unfamiliar room. " Where is this place? Why is this place so cold?" she thought as she surveyed where she was.

As a lover of ancient Chinese and Korean dramas, she could say she must be in a Chinese person's house. Did that person save her? How could his house be so cold with no air conditioners?

She searched her pockets for her phone but could not find it. Anyway, she must find a way out of this room. At least, she's got to thank the one who saved her and maybe with their phone, she could contact her parents again.

She wondered if any of the passengers on board survived. What also baffled her was that there was no scratch on her skin.

"This is weird. I need to leave here" she thought.

When she tried to stand, she felt pain in her legs-excruciating pain she has never felt before!

"It hurts so much," she thought, close to tears.

What really happened that made her be in this much pain? She closed her eyes and recalled all that happened. From the airport to the airplane crash. She couldn't remember anything other than that. So where exactly was she?

The entire room was naked and so quiet, and a tinge of fear built up in her heart. Hey! she's afraid of lonely places. Are there ghosts and vampires here? Can anyone just speak and reassure her that everything is fine?

Her doll, Lovina, has been her second-best friend since she was six. Whenever she had nightmares, she'd hug Lovina tighter, subconsciously. Now her precious baby is nowhere to be seen. When she tried to call for help, she found out that she couldn't even whisper.

"What's going on?. My beautiful voice. Where did it go?" she thought sadly. How did this happen to her? She'd prefer to die!

It was right at this low moment that Theresa heard someone cough. Looking behind her with hopeful eyes, Theresa instead met a sight she'll never forget.

A lady was lying on the old creaky bed. Her head was bald and bandaged messily. Someone had gouged one of her eyes out and one ear cut off. On the right cheek was a hideous scar, and her visible hands were festering.

Theresa couldn't hold it in anymore and retch. The scary-looking lady lying on the bed weakly smiled and raised a finger which emitted green light.

"Transfer" she muttered as the light glowed brighter, forming a ball she sent into Theresa's neck.

She knew that there was not much time left, and so she kept repeating the same actions 8 times while Theresa was vomiting.

After Theresa had vomited all she had in her stomach, she suddenly felt a very severe headache.

"What have I done to deserve this?" Theresa thought.

She was receiving strange memories that did not belong to her. No matter how much she tried , she could not shout. She even felt her body boiling.

"Man! I need to die now. I want to die." Theresa cried internally.

Meanwhile, the lady on the bed saw that Theresa had spiritual roots of supreme grade. This was a piece of good news to her as she quickly started writing with her free hand on a scroll beside her with a brush.

When she was done, she threw it over to Theresa, who at this moment was on the verge of fainting. The lady then nodded her head slowly before gathering her last energy to form a ball of fire, which she threw at Theresa.

Theresa felt the pain was lessening and so was the heat in her body and was about to sigh in relief when she felt another pain in her abdomen.

"What's this again?" she thought, terrified. She opened her eyes to see the scary lady smiling at her and nodding.

"Why is she nodding and smiling at me?" she observed the place again and saw an ancient calendar reading 1456 b.c.e.

Alarm bells rang in her head.

"What's this?" she thought, terrified even more.

Right at this moment, the lady spoke in Chinese.

"I am Han Fei Fei, 3rd daughter of Han Feng, the minister of agriculture. I am an abandoned concubine of the emperor of this kingdom, Luo Ye. Yes, you guessed right. I summoned you here and I want you to take revenge for me. Please accept my little gift" Han Fei Fei pointed at a corner of the room. Lying there was an ancient book.

"I have little time left but please never hate me even if I was selfish. Those who harmed me must be taken care of, but please do not kill them. I know you can do it." the lady smiled for the last time before vanishing after disintegrating into willows.

It stunned Theresa at the sight and the fact that she could understand what Han Fei Fei said just now.

How is it possible? She only knew five languages-German, Korean, Arabic, Hindi

( because of her mother being Indian) and English. How then did she understand Chinese? She couldn't lay her finger on it.

Also, this lady's dress was ancient. She'd watched some time travel Chinese movies three months ago and saw their costume. This lady's dress was similar. Maybe...they were shooting a film.

Theresa recalled the woman's looks and apparel and shook her head. No, it can't be a movie. The pain she felt and the light from the woman's palm and also her turning into willows was real -no tricks involved. She looked at the calendar again to confirm the date, and she finally relented. She had just crossed over to some unknown dynasty, no doubts about it. And here she thought being alive meant seeing her idol's face and attending another of his concerts.

So no more Kim Tae Hyung? No more k-pop music to listen to? No dramas to watch? What about her parents?

Man! she was their only child. Only the heavens know her much, they were against her idea of flying to South Korea. What will she do now?

Theresa was about to cry for real when the pain in her abdomen increased to the extent that she thought she was on fire. She wanted to die. Why didn't she just die too like the rest of those passengers on the plane? At least she'd be saved from all this suffering.

While she was imagining seeing a sword with which to stab herself to death a figure appeared behind her. He is dressed in ancient Chinese robes but isn't putting on socks or shoes, just barefooted.

His hair was dark blue, and his eyes were gray. His slightly plump lips were red and so tempting for a kiss. Too bad no one can dare do it on this guy!

Looking at the trembling Theresa, he sighed and walked over to her and then sat behind her in a meditative pose. He then placed his hands on her back, transferring some of his energy into her.

Theresa felt unfamiliar hands on her back, but she was too troubled to find out who the owner of those hands was. All she cared about was freedom from the pain and grief she was experiencing.

Slowly but steadily, Theresa calmed down and finally fell asleep, resting her head on the man's chest

stella2138 stella2138

Hi people! I',m amateur at history novels but i'm promise to do my best.Please do comment and vote if you deem my book worthy of it.

I promise to do my best for this book ---i don't know what else to say.but please enjoy. and sorry this chapter was short

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