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0.12% With My System, I Can Even Tame Gods / Chapter 1: Taming system
With My System, I Can Even Tame Gods With My System, I Can Even Tame Gods original

With My System, I Can Even Tame Gods

Author: DXHaseoXD

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Chapter 1: Taming system

When Lin Fan opened his eyes, he found that he was lying on the grass under a tree in a place that he didn't recognize at all.

Slowly, as he came back to his senses, he looked around himself to find himself on a grassland with this single tree in the center and nothing else around him.

While looking around, he felt a sudden sharp pain fill his head which caused him to wince and look down. At the same time, he could feel that there was a numb sensation that came from his body, making it so that he almost couldn't move them at all.

As this pain filled his head, he realized that it wasn't just his head that was in pain, but also his chest.

This feeling, it was almost as if he had been poisoned…

What was going on here?

Just a minute ago, he had been crossing the street and now he was in the middle of nowhere?

What had happened in that moment of unconsciousness?

As his consciousness was fading once again, there was a voice that suddenly appeared in his mind.

"Ding, congratulations to the host on unlocking the Love Taming System!"

"Ding, poison has been detected in the host's body. The system will now detoxify the host's body!"

"Detoxification 10%...Detoxification 50%..."

"Ding, the host's body has been fully detoxified!"

When he heard these notifications, Lin Fan could feel the pain fading away from his body and he slowly started regaining sensation in his limbs. When the final notification was heard, all of the bad feelings had disappeared and his body returned to normal.

But even when it returned to normal, Lin Fan was still confused by this situation.

Looking around himself, Lin Fan could see that there was no one around the area at all, so where did that voice come from?

After looking around for a bit, Lin Fan tentatively asked, "Hello, is anyone there?"

"Hello host, welcome to the Love Taming System! Please say "status" to get started!"

Lin Fan suddenly jumped up when he heard this, but he still couldn't find anyone around him when he looked around. So in the end, he had no choice but to say, "Status."

The moment he did, there was a window that popped up in front of him that had taken him aback.

The window looked just like the status screen that he would find in a video game, rather it almost looked exactly like the video game that he had been binging for the past few weeks.

After he came back to his senses, Lin Fan raised his hand out to touch the screen, but his hand went right through it without any resistance.

As more and more clues added up and as his mind started to clear from the grogginess that it had been in, he had finally added it up together…

He had somehow died and had been reincarnated into another world with a system…

But that didn't make sense!

He hadn't done anything that would warrant him dying!

He had gotten a full eight hours of rest the night before since he knew that he had a meeting that day, so he couldn't have died from exhaustion. He had made sure to look both ways before crossing and there weren't any memories of him being hit by a truck, so truck-kun couldn't have sent him to another world.

Just what had killed him?

All he remembered was that it had turned dark and then when he woke up, he was in this other world.

Seeing that he couldn't find an answer in his memories, Lin Fan decided to turn to the only other thing that he had in this world, his system.

Lin Fan asked, "System, how did I die?"


There was a long period of silence from the system before it finally said, "Host, before telling you this, please accept this message from the god of Earth."

Then over the status window that was still in front of his face, there was a mail icon that appeared.

Lin Fan reached out to touch it, but his hand still passed right through it.

Seeing this, Lin Fan asked, "System, how do I open it?"

"Host, please control the system's menus with your mind."

Lin Fan couldn't help asking, "With my mind?"


Lin Fan didn't know what to say in response to such a definitive answer from the system, so he gave it a try in the end. He looked at the mail icon and thought about opening it.

As if answering those thoughts, the envelope suddenly opened and it revealed another popup window which was a rather short message.

"Teehee~☆, sorry about killing you~☆."

Just the first few words had completely stunned Lin Fan.

What kind of a god was this!

"I was cleaning out my room and I accidentally dropped a lightning bolt which is what killed you."

An accident…

His death had been an accident that he had no control over.

As he read this, Lin Fan couldn't help feeling more and more aggrieved, as well as a bit of hatred for this god of Earth.

"Because it was my mistake, I've sent you to another world so you can live another life. I've made sure to pick the best host body for you and have given you the best skill so you can make the most out of your second life."

"Sorry~☆ and goodbye~☆."

The moment Lin Fan finished reading this message from the god of Earth, the first thing he did was say to the system, "System, can I report this god?"

There was only silence that met this question.

After all, the system had been created by the god of Earth, so naturally he wouldn't give it an option to report him.

Then again, even though Lin Fan asked this, he didn't even know who he could report this god to.

After all, this was a god!

What Lin Fan didn't know was that the last part of the god of Earth's message was actually a lie. The god of Earth had just casually picked a world and thrown a random skill that he had found in a ruin to Lin Fan. He didn't know which body Lin Fan would be reincarnated in and he didn't know if the skill that he gave Lin Fan would even be helpful.

For him, he was just sweeping everything under the rug since it was a pretty big mistake that he had made. However, if no one were to know about it…

He even hoped that Lin Fan would die as soon as possible so that his soul would truly enter the cycle of reincarnation and forget about everything.

The only reason he didn't do this previously was because there were strings of karma that had formed the moment he accidentally killed Lin Fan. If he didn't compensate Lin Fan in some form, the backlash of karma would have harmed him worse than any punishment that he would have suffered from this mistake.

Lin Fan took a minute to calm himself and clear his mind before turning his attention to the status window. After all, as far as he knew, the god of Earth's message was true and he had indeed been given the best starting stats possible.

Lin Fan turned his attention to the status window and started looking over it.

Name: Lin Fan

Age: 16

Cultivation: Mortal

Strength: 13

Vitality: 15

Intelligence: 20

Agility: 15

Seeing these numbers, they didn't really mean anything to him, but after asking the system, he found out that an average normal adult male would only have a stat of 10 and most times they would have one or two stats that were below 10.

For Lin Fan to have every single stat be above 10, it meant that the body he was currently in was well above average.

Luck: -10

Then there was the fifth stat that was like a bucket of cold water being poured over him.

It was actually a negative stat!

That meant that he was twice as unlucky as a normal person!

But thinking about it, it also made sense since the first thing that happened to him when he arrived in this world was to find out that he had been poisoned. If he didn't have this kind of luck, it wouldn't have been like this.

Spirit Root: Five Elemental Heavenly Root (Crippled)

Comprehension: Profound

Physique: Five Elemental True Body

When he saw these parts of his status screen, he immediately understood what was happening since this plot was common in the novels that he had read before.

The previous owner of this body must have been a scion of some big family, but he was betrayed in some way that caused him to lose his innate talent before being poisoned and ditched in these plains. He had died from the poison and then Lin Fan had taken over his body.

This was a very overused plot device in those novels and something that the readers had long gotten bored of, but for Lin Fan, he couldn't help being filled with excitement. After all, instead of just reading the story, he was now living the story.

How could he not be excited?

After all of these basic stats, the only thing left was the list of skills that he had.

Skills: Love Gauge Taming (Max), Appraisal Eye (Max), Pain Tolerance (Lvl 9)

The first two skills were fine since these should be the skills that he received from the god of Earth, but the last skill made him knit his brows.

To have this level of pain tolerance, just how much had the previous owner of this body suffered?

As if to answer his question, there were flashes of memories that he was sure that he didn't have before that appeared in his mind.

These memories instantly made him knit his brows even more when he went through them. To describe them simply, it was just too cruel!

He had been wrong about one thing, the previous owner of this body wasn't the scion of a large family, but rather he was the illegitimate child of that family. His talent had been discovered early, but there were plenty of legitimate children in that family that were jealous towards him.

They had used their powers as the rightful successors of the family to torture the previous owner of this body, using all kinds of heinous tortures on the previous owner.

The only reason the previous owner was able to hold on was because of his mother, but that all disappeared on the day of his sixteenth birthday.

A few days before his sixteenth birthday, his mother had suddenly lost the favour of his father and had been cast aside. They had been thrown to the woodshed in the back of the manor and were ordered to stay there indefinitely.

The other mistresses of the manor saw their chance and plotted against his mother, killing her on the day of his sixteenth birthday. At the same time, they couldn't take the risk of leaving him alive because of his talent, so they plotted against him as well, poisoning him and dumping him in these plains.

In just a matter of days, the previous owner's happiness and life were all taken.

Lin Fan saw these memories as a bystander, so he didn't feel as strongly about them, but he could also feel a bit of emotion from the previous host.

After a moment of silence, Lin Fan clapped his hands together and closed his eyes before saying, "I will try to take revenge for you if possible, but I cannot promise you anything. I hope that this will at least help you rest a bit easier."

Then as if in response to this, there was a bit of warmth that appeared in his heart.

This should have been the final message from the previous host.


I was on pixiv for so long trying to find all the art for the cover...

I've seen too many things...

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