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87.5% With Pokemon Powers in the Omniverse / Chapter 32: Lvl 30: Versus?

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Chapter 32: Lvl 30: Versus?

"Now! Here we have the participants of the past Cavalry Battle, both from Class A, B, C, and D! Now if you want to give up. please raise your hand and repeat after me: 'I quit!'. Got it?" Midnight tried to act like a cute teenager, some horny men in the audience howled in excitement while Beithir felt strange how such an old bitch could act like a cute teenager girl full of excitement and purity... Something that Midnight doesn't have, not even a bit! A thick vein popped out of Midnight's forehead, she suddenly felt like someone was talking shit about her... She looked around and could see the excited glazes from the teenagers down the stage, and disdain looks from Beithir.

Midnight suddenly felt a sense of shame rising from her body, making her blush a bit... But even though it was humiliating to be looked down on by a student, but... 'IT FEELS SO GOOD!' The humiliation that Midnight suffered brought to daylight a side of herself that she didn't know she had. Her cheeks began to become unnaturally red as she began to pant a little while thinking about humiliating ways to be abused... Darkness would be proud of her. Beithir felt a creepy feeling, but he also had a feeling that something bad would happen to him... Looking at Midnight that had a dark aura around her body, Beithir swore in his life that he would not interact with Midnight anymore.

Coughing to snap out of her fantasies, Midnight controlled herself to not try to humiliate herself just a little bit more, she continued to explain how the battles would happen. It would be a 1X1 battle, the rules were simple: To win, you can make your enemy forfeit, get out of the arena, completely restrain them, or knock them out! Midnight quickly brought pressed a button on a controller that was in her hands, another hologram appeared showing the faces of the 20 students that continued to the last part of the Sports Festival. They all were in ting boxes, Midnight pressed another button and suddenly their little boxes moved around and stopped, lines began connecting the boxes, and then the opponents were selected.

Beithir would fight Aoyama for the first round, the poor boy prayed for all the Gods he knew while Beithir smiled at him with a dark aura around his body, Aoyama swore he could see red eyes looking down on him from the darkness behind Beithir... The battle... Well, wasn't a battle. Beithir decided to be a little merciful to the boy and just teleported above him a booped his forehead, teleporting him out of the arena. It was anti-climatic but he didn't want to hurt the boy who could barely hold his quirk still for more than 2 seconds. Aoyama could only sigh in relief as he walked away from the arena a little sad but also glad that he was spared from having his body broken by Beithir. (A/N: This sounded wrong somehow...)

The next battle was Kirishima vs Kaminari, Kaminari tried to use his quirk to quickly shock the shit out of Kirishima. Kirishima, however, remembered something that Beithir told him once when they were discussing quirks. "Your body adapts to your quirk, making you stronger than normal humans even without a strength-based quirk. You, Kirishima, are smarter than you look... If you think of other ways to use your quirk, like breaking the ground and using it as a shield while making it hard with your quirk? I guess it could be possible? Have you ever tried making something hard that is not yourself? Like Bakugo for example." The last part was just Beithir messing with him, but this gave him an idea! What if he could apply his quirk externally!? Kirishima broke the ground, kicking with his hardened leg, he quickly took hold of the huge fragment of the ground as focused.

Suddenly the fragment began to change... It became more and more... Rock-like? I guess that's a way to describe it yes. It became harder! Kirishima used it as a shield that protected him from the electric blast from Kaminari since the blast was in a spheric form with him as the begging point. So, Kirishima could put a wall before himself that protected him from electricity, but it wouldn't be able to protect him from the blast itself, so he used his quirk to make it harder, absorbing part of the blast force and protecting Kirishima. This made Kirishima happy to see another use of his quirk, not only he was happy but also Aizawa! To see the influence that his son had on his classmates... Todoroky learned how to shape and control his ice, Kirishima learned how to use his quirk externally, and what's next? Bakugo learning how to behave!? No... That's practically impossible.

Beithir smiled seeing that his words did well to his classmates. Midoriya was murmuring something about uses of Kirishima's quirk, like if he could connect things making them hard... Like getting a broken sword, putting the pieces together, and making Kirishima harden it, what would happen? Would it connect? Would it be permanent? Temporary? So many questions and so little answers! Midoriya began scribing everything he was thinking into one of his notebooks, Beithir just watched a little interested because it was a way to distract oneself. Watching people being stupid was good... One of Beithir's favorite hobby. With a sigh and waiting for his next opponent, Beithir looked at his status:


[Name: Beithir, N° 3114]

[Age: 15 Years]

[Title: Insane, Sane, Arceus's Champion.]

[Gender: Male]

[Energy: 50,000/50,000]

[Strength: 144]

[Dexterity: 147]

[Endurance: 150]

[Intelligence: 150]

[Wisdom: 150]

[Charisma: 150] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


[(P) Pain Nullification lvl Max]

[(P) High Healing Factor lvl Max]

[(A) Stealth lvl Max]

[(P/A) Breath Manipulation lvl Max]

[(P) High Poison Resistance lvl 8]

[(P) Medium Heat Resistance lvl 8]

[(P) Medium Cold Resistance lvl 8]

[(P) High Electric Resistance lvl 8]

[(P) High Sleep Resistance lvl 8]

[(P) Acting lvl Max]

[(P) Soundless Steps lvl Max]

[(P) High Martial Arts Mastery lvl Max]

[(P) High Blade Mastery lvl 9]

[(P) High Cooking lvl Max]

[(P) High Focus lvl 9]

[(P) High Technology Mastery lvl 6]

[(A) Adrenaline Rush lvl Max]

[(P) Battle Instinct lvl Max]

[(P) Singing lvl Max]

[Unique Skill:]

[(P) Arceus's Blessing lvl Max]

[This blessing gives you an adaptable body, so it can adapt to the changes the transformation will cause you.]

[(P/A) Sane Insanity lvl Max]

[To have this unique skill, one needs the titles [Sane] and [Insane], this skill gives you immunity to any mental attack or illusion, also gives you the ability to corrupt Mind readers, making them feel what you felt when they enter your mind without your permission.]

[(P) Palkia's Blessing lvl Max]

[Increases your control over the powers of Palkia by 50%, if you do not have Palikia's Fragment, you will receive it together with this blessing.]

[(P) Dialga's Blessing lvl Max]

[Increases your control over the powers of Dialga by 50%, if you do not have Dialga's Fragment, you will receive it together with this blessing.]

[(P) Giratina's Blessing lvl Max]

[Increases your control over the powers of Giratina by 50%, if you do not have Giratina's Fragment, you will receive it together with the blessing.]


It seems that every stats of his rose 2 points. Not only that but also his skill [High Focus] also leveled up. With a smile, Beithir waited.

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