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88.46% With Yuri Prime's powers and army in another world / Chapter 46: Chapter 44 more hidden forces, Gerun the meat grinder

Chapter 44 more hidden forces, Gerun the meat grinder - With Yuri Prime's powers and army in another world - Chapter 46 by Rauon full book limited free

Chapter 46: Chapter 44 more hidden forces, Gerun the meat grinder

Deep down somewhere underground, a cloaked person walked through an old tunnel with countless wires covering the walls and ceilings with layers of damp moss and occasional sparks that lit the dark area for a split second every time one flashed.

*tap tap tap*

This was the sound that echoed about made by the leather boots of the person that headed into a room where all of the wires converged and connected to hundreds of flickering screens.

Upon reaching the center, the person knelt down, exposing the pale figure of a woman as her husky voice reverberated in the strange room. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-powers-and-army-in-another-world_14342664806116905/chapter-44-more-hidden-forces-gerun-the-meat-grinder_55339699404857364">;s-powers-and-army-in-another-world_14342664806116905/chapter-44-more-hidden-forces-gerun-the-meat-grinder_55339699404857364</a> for visiting.

"I have done as you asked Mr. Y."

A few seconds after her words, all of the screens formed a single picture as a man that was using a Humongous serpent as his throne with a number of other creatures behind him, as their eyes glowed leaving the rest of their bodies hidden, appeared on the combined screens.

He wore a mask on his face that had two expressions on both sides. The left had shown happiness, while the right showed sadness, the man replied with a distorted voice that couldn't hide his excitement.

"Oh? really now?"

He scratched the top of his pet's head, causing it to close its eyes and its tongue to flick out before inquiring about something else.

"what of 'that' person I told you about?"

"That person is moving according to how you said they would in the united kingdoms!"

There was a hint of pride and joy in the woman's words. However, her next words were thick of hatred.

"However, the outsider is proving to be as difficult as you foretold, leading to the failure of the mission with the beast kingdom...!"

The woman's hand clenched hard, causing one hand to bleed, but she quickly calmed down with the next words of the masked man.

"No worries, it is still within acceptable limits. For now, have our troops support the united kingdom behind the scenes, make sure they stay clear of the outsider's minions, they are not to be trifled with... for now~."

The man used a playful tone that was plain weird with the distorted voice as he caressed his living 'throne.'

The woman lowered her head a bit more as she received her orders.

Then he added one more thing.

"Just wait, soon, you'll meet your dear sister, then hopefully she'll remember you, who knows maybe you'll have to beat her up a few times, my ever loyal Epsilon, until then ta ta~."

The screens returned to their flickering selves as if earlier never happened, the room darkened as the woman disappeared at the same time it happened.


Back in the lands of the demons, the village area was covered in blood and destruction as a demon king candidate fought against a group lead by a brute that looked like he had just been through a torture session!

The other brutes in his group were in various conditions scattered around the battlefield as they were practically ragdolls to the Demon lord that was eating a ripped-off arm of a brute that was slain.

The sound of a whip-crack was heard before a long bloody line formed across the face and chest of the brute that was using his body to tank those terrible strikes as the psychic near him raised a hand towards their enemy with veins bulging out of his head and neck soon after raising the hand.


Gerun boomed out while clutching his head with one arm and using the other to attack more ferociously as hammer fist made a grunt before getting sent flying through a few trees!

His voice created a shockwave that made the group that remained from Hammer fist's group to suffer some ruptured eardrums and knocked out the surviving brutes that were healing as fast as they could and trying to return to help!

Thankfully, White scale didn't need them to hear his commands since he could just relay them via telepathy.

As the viruses with him aimed their rifles then fired!

However, this was the first time they had come across someone who remained unharmed from one of their bullets as it failed to puncture through the hide that was infused passively with thick Aura.

Their bullets simply stuck to the skin then fell harmlessly to the ground!

The psychic lizardman was already expecting something like this since their opponent was a fucking demon king candidate, So as the viruses started to get worried about what to do next since their attacks did next to nothing, he relayed his order before maximizing the usage of his psychic powers despite the damage it was causing to himself!

"Retreat and outside of his range and aim only for his eyes, mouth ears, anything that can remotely be considered a 'weak spot'!"

A purple aura enveloped his body as he added with a strained voice from the pain he was enduring.

"I'll keep this bastard busy until Hammer fist returns!"

Gerun, who got angry from having his mind getting invaded, resumed his old habit of consuming anyone within the range that was weaker than him, namely the demons that he was supposed to be protecting!

He already munched down on one handful of the demon children, including a few adults. He was preparing to jump at one of the viruses that were weaker than the children's aura wise and trying to get into position. However, the same pain as before assaulted his mind again as the culprit yelled out in a taunting manner!

"Hey, you demonic piece of shit! Why not try and face me instead, before I make your pain even worse!"

White scale's nose and ears were bleeding, Hammer fist needed those demons to finish his trial, so this psychic wasn't just going to sit and wait for this bastard to lessen the chances of the survival of his dear friend!

The group initiates that stayed behind with him finished their preparations before created a large fireball then fused some electricity with it.

Once that was done, the orb of flames that had sparks that struck anything within ten meters was thrown towards the struggling demon lord, thanks to the psychic soldier and the initiates multitasking right now.

White scale was mentally harming Gerun and using a little trick that Mikhail gave a thumbs up to!(A/N originally wanted to say mind f*cking but that would sound gay and insulting for this psychic)

Since a Psychic soldier isn't able to control the mind of the victim if they are stronger... what about disrupting their bodily control?

Mind control(Psychic soldier version) focuses on the mental faculties of the victim to Override their mind of the important details, like blocking a river(the victim's mind) with a dam(The psychic's hold).

Still, when someone is stronger, the mind becomes harder to invade and control as they have more 'rivers' that need to be blocked which leads to a losing battle, as those dams could burst since there are so many rivers adding more problems as the dam will give out from being over its capacity threshold the psychic has to focus on to maintain control thus weakening their hold and increasing the chance of the target of breaking free.

But what if we lessen that to not just the whole body but to only body parts?

Right now, White scale used a different method than the usual method practiced by his predecessors!

Rather than form a 'dam' to block their self-control, he made something similar to a tunnel to help direct their control to collide with themselves, which causes a momentary confusion akin to when someone spaces out!

He was doing this while using the old method, even if it was stacking more damage upon himself than his victim!

but the psychic had faith in his friend, even if the combined attack of the initiates combined with his distraction would probably tickle the hide of Gerun, he knew all that and understood the possible outcome, as the demon's resistance was growing stronger as time went by.

But he'd rather fight and hold him here, than run and lose more of his tribesmen that joined Hammer fist on this journey!


White Scale grunted before gritting his teeth with one eye closed as blood dripped down his cheek from it, upon hearing the threats of Scorched Gerun, that freak was slowly getting back control over his body since during his outburst the demon managed to overpower his ability momentarily causing a backlash on one of his holds as a vein burst in his eye from the strain!

Seeing that the attack did 'some' damage and the worrisome state of their subleader, the initiates quickly created another attack similar to before, however, upon sensing their plan White scale tried to warn them.

Their anger and anxiety made them forget who and what they were facing, causing them to make a careless action one of the legs of Gerun returned to his control as they were quickly reminded of what kind of threat was upon them.

All that the demon lord did was raise a foot and stomped down as hard as he could!

Hundreds of shrapnel emerged from the ground and reduced a good number of the initiates into torn slabs of meat!

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