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27.02% Woe's World: Strangers' Thriller Land / Chapter 10: Chapter 10

Chapter 10 - Woe's World: Strangers' Thriller Land - Chapter 10 by paintasy18 full book limited free

Chapter 10: Chapter 10



"Please... Stop!... Stop! No!!!"

"Don't near me!..."

Terrible noises from the surroundings spread fully to the whole City of Cantanna.

Eyes suddenly opened when she awaken by these noises and realized its frightful conditions. No one can see her for she was surrounded by lofty and verdurous plants. Her fear immediately arise. Slowly crawling near at these plants and peep.

Her eyes cannot bear in what she sees currently.

Armies are attacking people. Forcibly taking off their coiled fabric at their necks and starting biting any parts of their flesh. And when others are more powerful than the abusive ones then they automatically spared their lives. She could see different kinds of tattoos on different levels. Victims are helpless but others are fighting back. She observes that these soldiers' tattoos are all hyenas.

Why does the King have favored one of the characters among the ten tattoos? But it doesn't concern her for she wants to help them but her fear was prevailing.

Armies and even other people whose level was greater than the other didn't intend to murder them but they can't stop their unwanted desires.

Blood continuously scattered everywhere.

"Help!!! Ahhhhh!!! Help me!!!"

A woman was shouting for help while crawling and trying to cover her neck from this army who was after her.

Her attention turns to her. It was like they have the same age and she keeps staring at her. Her mind was exploding inside. She doesn't know what to do, she felt cowardly right now and felt afraid for her. As she keeps staring at this young lady she could see herself into her, she could imagine that it was her who was in the hefty situation.

Of a sudden, her mind stops to think cowardly as she jumped high to pass through these plants and run as fast as she could towards this army who was attacking this young lady. She quickly grabbed his sword from his right hand without his awareness and waggles this in front of him. He was shocked when she sees her holding his sword. After a second army just smirked. He made Fontana irritated.

In a blink of an eye, blood flows down in his armor from the neck while the sword's edge was still soaked in him. And she immediately pulls this edge off his neck and this army keeps looking at her with a dying eye slowly holds his neck and trying to stop the bleeding but still, he couldn't.

She was shocked by what she just did. Fontana stares at this army as it was falling to the ground. His fall made a sound but no one pays attention for everyone was very busy murdering and to be murdered.

She looks at her right hand while holding tightly this sword. Not intentionally, she dropped the sword and turns her attention to this woman. She helped her stood up then holds her shoulder.

"Are you okay?"

As she asks this woman.

The woman looks at her while almost fallen to weeping.

"N-no... No. I'm scared."

While shaking her head off side to side.

"Shhhhh... Okay, run... Come on. Run as fast as you can. Now."

"They still-"

Fontana stopped her from talking.

"What is your name?"

"A-Alexa. Alexa..."

Fontana holds her both shoulders tightly and looks at her eyes seriously.

"Listen to me Alexa, you can escape in here, okay? So go now. Go."

Then she nods at Fontana hasty. She starts to run and someone gets Fontana's attention the reason why she didn't look straight for the woman she just saved lately.

Fontana kneeled to the ground when someone kicked her with all force of a sudden at her back. She feels so much pain in the back, which also affects her breathing and hopefully, there was no bone in damage but a small amount of blood came out from her mouth. She wiped her blood by the tip of her finger and look at it then immediately stands up and pick up the sword that she had used lately.

Blood splattered at her face when she successfully hit this army's neck too.

"I'm sorry."

She said while looking at this creature who was starting to fall to the ground.

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Her sight suddenly turns to the direction of where that voice comes from.


As she whispers.

She feels pity for her in her current situation.

A single army was stepping forward to Alexa while holding her black fabric. Her tattoo was now visible and it was a rabbit. She keeps covering her tattoo on the neck but it was too late. This army suddenly lunges her stomach and when Fontana arrived in that direction it was too late. Alexa's blood came out from her mouth and her severe wound starts bleeding unstoppable.

Fontana made him headless through the sword she used to kill the two armies. The armors covering their heads are not that reliable to them when she wags and uses the sword to kill someone.

Alexa ends up kneeling on the ground while feeling so much pain that she can't explain. Fontana near her and holds her both shoulders to prevent her from falling.

"Hey hey... Hey, Alexa. Alexa?..."

Alexa tried to look at her in the eyes. A single drop of a tear from her eye appeared. She moans when Fontana holds the handle of this sword and tries to pull off it but she stopped in a sudden when Alexa holds her hand preventing her from pulling it off.

Fontana looks at her, she was slowly shaking her head side to side.

She feels sorry for this woman.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

She whispered but enough for the woman to hear her.

"N-no... I'm okay. Thank you."

Alexa tried to talk even if she's in the mid of agony. And before closing her eyes she made a visible smile on her face once for Fontana.

She stopped her tears from falling, she feels that she must not let herself embrace weakness right now. She stood up very well with courage and dedication for all innocents that they had killed. She cannot stop herself from doing this anymore, it is like she was under a militant spell.

Eyes turn their sight to the surrounding. Screams, moans, and intimidations are all around.

"How could be the King commanded you to do this?!"

All armies stopped and look at her.

She lifted the sword high with her right hand.

"A true good armies never to murder innocents like us! A true good army protects us! And why are you doing this?! What is the problem of all of you who had promised to defend us?! Instead, you're the one who's starting contention! And anger just exploded. You made me who I am right now and...forgive me for this..."

And she pointed the sword to them with sharp eyes and keen ears.

She wags the sword to them very quickly. Too much blood was stored on her clothes and face. Her moves were unbelievable and tremendous, she was very quick and bold. In a one re-hit at the neck, she stopped and slowly lifted her head from bending her neck downward.

The bodies of sixteen armies are one by one falls to the ground then their blood is scattered throughout the ground. Victims all look at her unbelievably.

The other armies at the other street stopped when they saw what happens to their companions. They are too many than the armies she had slain. There are about twenty of them. She turns her sight to them seriously while they all keep staring at her while wondering.

Innocent people started running away from the armies, grabbing their opportunity to get away from these creatures who had under wicked commands.

She realized that they are too many for her to handle. She feels that she cannot defend herself against them and suddenly realized that she's putting them into suspicion. There's no need to fight them right now instead she prefers to run away from them. She immediately runs quickly with the sword in her right hand.

"After her!"

One of the armies shouted while pointing at her. And when they heard him they immediately run as fast as they can to chase her. But their armors are too heavy for them to run fast so when she entered the forest of this City, the short way to reach the city of Replecko, she had successfully lost the armies that are after her.

Then she stopped running when she got assured that no one was chasing her. She was truly gasping hard. She sits on the ground for awhile then continues walking while making the sword as a cane.

She hears a stream of a liquid forward from her. She felt glad after hearing it for she was thirsty and wants to get off blood from her face or even clothes if possible. She makes her steps faster, eager to arrive there.

One pushed aside a branch in the way then her eyes sparkled when saw a beautiful small stream. The water was crystal clear so different colors of rocks at the bottom of the water are visible in the eyes. Big rocks at the sides of the water are beautifully green because of mosses and there was just a small amount of light in this place because of lofty and verdurous trees that surround this stream.

She walks near the edge and sees her reflection in the water. She slowly kneels and puts down the sword then stares at herself in the water. Her whole face was almost covered by the blood. Slow touched in her face by her right hand and a little portion of water was slowly poured at the left part of her face by her left hand.

She starts to clean her face and as well as her clothes by pouring a small amount of water into it and scrubs it carefully but the blood seems not that easy to get off from her clothes. But it is not that visible in her clothes for she's wearing a color of black so when she got tired of taking it off and having a feeling of hopelessness she stopped scrubbing her clothes and she turns her sight around. She was dazzled by the beauty of this small area.

The sound of flowing water was like music that was very pleasant to her ears. Fontana slowly lays on the grass and takes a deep breath. She closed her eyes then starts treasuring the time.

A memory of her father appeared in her mind of a sudden.

'Dad, look! I love the way it flows. It makes small bubbles.'

As a little girl was pointing at the flowing water not far away from them but enough for them to see it.

'Yes, my sweetie. Look at that rock. Magical right?'

As he points to one of the big rocks at the edge of the water.

'You're right dad. It's magical. Can I bring that rock home? I would like to bring it home daddy. It's all green... Wow... Daddy! Daddy! Green is your favorite color right?'

Her father chuckles.

'Yes, my darling.'

"So can we bring it, dad? Please..."

Then looks at her father with a very cute face.

"Oh, honey... But it's too heavy, but you know darling I prefer just one green leave."

Then he smiles at her daughter sweetly.

This kid immediately gets a one leave and hands over this to her father. He felt overwhelmed because of this sweet behavior from her only beloved daughter.

'Come my child. Let me sing you a song, a very special song in which I only offer this for you.'

Then her daughter immediately sits on his lap ready to hear his song.

'Be with me my child, withstand with me my darling... Hear my voice in your heart. Let me in, let me knock in your heart. As the waters are flowing, my love will keep growing for you, my sweetheart...'

His voice was as sweet as delicacies and its softness was comforting. His father always sings out his feelings inside his chest but this song had never erased from her mind.

Fontana opens her mouth and starts singing her father's special own-made song for her. Her magnificent voice echoes in this hidden place. How powerful memories are when you fully cherished them? Well, it is powerful more than we think for it penetrates every heart even the toughest one.

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