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Decision - World Beyond: Tales of the Brave Immortal - Chapter 8 by Ao_Omoshiroi full book limited free

Chapter 8: Decision

Outside of the damaged building; an area abandoned by many, fire has been lit coming from the stack of woods illuminated the surroundings and at the same time--to at the very least counter the freezing cold body of the three person who are currently residing of this area.

Bed made of creaking wood and overlaying straws.

With this little bonfire, the trio; Baldander, Scout and Yuu are already used to this chills for every night. Thanks to the irritated itchiness of bugs, their body unnoticeable created an anti-body until the time they could finally sleep even with cockroaches crawling in their bed.

Returning back. . .Alone in front of this dancing flame. Scout stared his eyes blankly for who knows when that even him doesn't know why he's even looking from there.

Chin on his knee, he sigh. . .

"Can't sleep?" Snapped back, he is genuinely surprise. And as usual, Yuu is always the person whom he can always talk this time around while Baldander is quietly snoring from the inside of their building.

"Its always you and me here after all, huh?" replied by Scout. Almost every night, he is the last one to fall asleep.

Thinking ahead and always afraid.

Fear that he's already at his deaths door tonight and his first step tomorrow might be his lasts. Completely stepping inside his own grave. . .

"Its not about your own death what troubles you this time, I recon?" Saying, Yuu seated from the sideline.

"Haha, you sneaky bastard. . .you always quiet and talked when needed but always the one who think too deep. Unlike the certain Baldander there" smiling, Scout slightly rock his body back and forth. "I'm thinking, when will the time where the three of us are fighting the dragon together? I can't wait to see it happen. . .I'm sure we already popular at that time"

Deadpanned, Yuu focused his gaze on the light but still replied, "Who knows, I'm looking forward to it just like you"

"Hehe, right? The Brave trio finally killed the last boss of this world, isn't that an amazing feat? An amazing tale where bards and writers spread our achievements, ha ha damn I can't wait for it to happen" closing eyes with clenching fists as if envisioning their future, Scout couldn't help but grin with head raised high.

"Beats me. . .but"

"Heh? You don't want it to happen? Its not that hard to fantasize things, right? Try it, close your eyes, go go, just try!" Scout happily encouraged his companion.

"Hmm, more like. . .a death flag to me"

As if striking the nail, Scout opened his eyes wide. . ."Wtf? Damn it! now that you mentioned, urgh! Wai wai wai wait, no no no no no not that, not that!" scratching his head, Scout successively clack his own teeth just thinking. "Hmmm, guess you know what's running on my mind this time again, huh" This time, he crosses his leg.

Nodding, Yuu blinked his eyes twice, "You're like an open book, thinking or reflecting all of what happened the whole day before going to bed, so yeah I suppose I really did"

"Haha, damn. I thought you're actually an esper but to think all of them is only written on my face?" Scout calmed himself down "That aside, why the hell this world doesn't have the so called ranking system anyways? Its frustrating. . .Ahh! If I have an appraisal skills" Scout smiled swiping an empty air but nothing happens.

Yuu stared blankly at him, "Hmm at the very least you are eager to know his rank so bad before making any decisions correct?"

"Yup, I'm pretty curious about his quality. Can we actually trusts his words? That guy, I mean. . .I only acquainted with him only to feed me an information. If we make an enemy out of him I can't squeeze any more information after then. . .Our receptionist adviser strictly told me before, not to piss the shit out of him. Aack! if you think through it. I think those who have some connections. No. . .no no no no! My woman is already in a relation!? Argh!" Scout pulled his hair strand just thinking so.

"The Scout I know is quite compose, has a deep knowledge and find an evidence before deciding anything. I wondering if you're actually a bipolar?" Yuu smiled faintly and didn't take his joke.

"Ha ha, I knew you knew what kind of guy I really am. *sigh* sucks to be me, huh. . .A liar. Thinking himself as omniscient. Why are you sticking with this sole loser anyways?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

This time, Scout lower his head with stomach is a little churned. He knew Yuu and Baldander cannot do the job so he try to become one but the guilt haunts as he knew he's not that responsible person to begin with.

Not battling an eye and doesn't care about his word, Yuu still staring blankly and say the word with a couple of ellipse ". . .Because you're our leader" and continue, "A leader is always thinking ahead. . .Who cares if you're not dependable nor intelligent, and even bipolar?. . .I believe in my leader, I guess Baldander is also the same---" Yuu follows, "A leader is always the one who keep his members safety as top priority before deciding himself, yup sucks to be you indeed. I can't even try. I can't measure even a half of you" Instead of criticizing, he stated.

"Damn you! I'm lowering myself here and you pull me up!" (Scout)

"So one thing is for sure. . .Being a leader, he knows what's best. I believe that my leader's decision is the best for the team" Yui doesn't care about Scout's word and still continues "Your decision. . .is our decision, I and Baldander believe so. . ."

Not knowing their snorlax member is half awake this time and heard voices---With covered eyes using his back elbow, Baldander smiled.

"Stupid leader, stupid Lugh" Like Yuu, he himself don't want the burden called leader, the moment they decided to divide their workload before registering as adventurers. But a group---big or small---will crumbled if all of them decided on their own, so the heavy sigh of Scout taking the role made the duo sigh in return of relief, elated that a responsibility has been passed to others and congratulating their current leader. It is a burden to be a leader indeed and because this is their decision, the duo promise to follow their leader even if its close to impossible mission.

Because one, they don't have any choice but to stick together as they realize none will accept them. Second, they have the similarities; bless-less, batch mates and things that even them is unaware of. And third, to increase their survival rate as death is always lurking behind from the shadow of every adventurers.

With this said and done, another night of the trio has ended. . .

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