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100% World God Empress / Chapter 106: Bitter Fight

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Chapter 106: Bitter Fight

Erza's words did not only shock the two Peak Level Beast Kings, but it also shocked Caesar, Leo, Leon, and the rest of the people.

Everyone could not help but wonder what the girl was trying to achieve at the end. It was known that the beasts treated humans as livestocks while the humans drooled over the beast core. Therefore, it was hard to imagine what kind of scenario that could bring a win-win situation for both sides.

"Let's move to another place to talk. I don't like the foul smell here." Erza suddenly said without waiting for the two beasts to reply. After putting the lion king's beast core into her storage ring, Erza quickly flew toward the Desolate Beast Mountain Range.

Before that, Erza had secretly sent a voice transmission to both Leo and Leon, asking them to let her handle the negotiation personally. She asked them to stay in Mirage City, while waiting for her return.

Leo and Leon were taken back by her request, but they gladly accepted it. Staying in Mirage City was definitely a safer option, and they had an unexplainable confidence that the girl would be able to safely flee in case of the negotiation went south.

Looking at the departed girl's back, both beast kings exchanged glances with each other for a moment before following suit.


Erza went deeper and deeper into the Desolate Beast Mountain Range until she noticed an open field in the middle of the forest and decided it was a good place for discussion.

Not long after that, both the King Kong and the Crocodile King also arrived at the open field. Looking down at the tiny human in front of them, both beast kings snorted before transforming themselves into human form.

The King Kong chose a heroic looking middle-aged man figure with robust body as its human form, while the Crocodile King turned into a lady who looked to be in her early forties.

"You better give us a good offer, otherwise…. Hmph!" The man walked toward Erza with a domineering aura.

The lady did not say anything and just simply followed the man from behind. However, from her eyes, Erza knew that she was not someone to be messing with. Erza had a feeling that this woman was harder to deal with than the man. Still, there was nothing else she could do other than executing her plan.

She had actually decided to fight both Peak Level Beast Kings alone! However, to hide her identity, she needed to first deceive them and took the risk of coming to their 'home'. Only by doing that then she could lure them away from Mirage City.

At the next moment, Erza suddenly dashed toward the woman while holding her green sword. Sensing the incoming danger, the woman immediately transformed back to her beast form and swung its seven bladed spine at Erza. A large ear piercing sound could be heard as the spine whistled toward Erza.


A single blade on the spine struck against the green sword as a jolting shock was transmitted up into Erza's arm which almost caused Erza to lost her grip on the sword. On the other hand, even though it was only a brief moment of contact between the blade and the sword, the sword surprisingly managed to leave a small crack on one of the blades.


A few of the blades flew past Erza's sword; one of them had even managed to burrow its way into Erza's chest before protruding out of her back.

In an instant, Erza's face had became deathly pale as blood spurted out from her mouth. The blade had carried about a tremendous amount of power and so when it had stabbed into her, the force was almost as if a wild horse had rammed against her, causing significant damage to her body.


Thanks to her demonic bloodline, Erza's inner organs were stronger than usual and she had an extraordinary regenerative ability. Coupled with her Time ability, Erza managed to ignore the blossoming pain in her chest. She gritted her teeth and slashed down her sword onto the Bladed Crocodile King.


The sword managed to bury itself deep into the back of the Bladed Crocodile King which caused the beast to cry out in pain.

Everything happened too quick and the Green Scaled King Kong was still confused what was exactly going on. Did the girl deceive them? But why did she decide to fight here alone? Was she going for a suicide mission?

Turning to look at the bloody Bladed Crocodile King, the man then transformed back to his beast form and let out a roar of fury. Roaring angrily, the King Kong quickly appeared at Erza side and lashed out with its foot to kick her away. Because of her sword was stuck deep inside the Crocodile King body, Erza's reaction speed was slower than usual and as a result she failed to dodge the kick in time.

"Ugh!" Erza spat out another mouthful of blood as she was sent flying back due to the kick. Her face paled in colour as she got up from the ground twenty meters away from her initial position.

The right side of her chest had sunken in a terrifying way thanks to the inconceivably strong amount of force behind the kick. Her right ribs had clearly been crushed and her inner organs had suffered significant damage as well.

The Green Scaled King Kong stared at Erza with a death glare before charging straight for her. With each step, the ground trembled with shock to signify just how strong this beast was.


Seeing the incoming attack, Erza resisted the great feeling of pain from her chest and soared toward the beast. With her green sword flashing dangerously, she aimed it at the throat of the Green Scaled King Kong.

Despite seeing the sword coming at him, the King Kong did not move to dodge the attack and instead lifted up his giant hand to slap Erza. The beast had absolute confidence in its defences.


For a brief moment, the green sword was stopped by the defensive scales on the beast's neck. Then, the green light suddenly intensified and the sword managed to find its way deep into the beast's throat.


Almost at the same time, the Green Scaled King Kong's palm slammed against Erza's body with an unbelievable amount of force, causing most of her inner organs to rupture. This time, Erza did not have the chance to cast a 'Rewind' on herself as she slowly starting to lose her consciousness.

"HHHOOOOOOOUUUU!" After receiving a fatal blow to its throat, the Green Scaled King Kong cried out angrily toward the heavens; causing the birds in the surrounding forest to fly away in fear.

Green liquid slowly dripped down from the throat of the Green Scaled King Kong in an endless stream. Despite it slowly losing its life, its eyes carried a malicious and dangerous glare as it strode toward Erza. The girl was currently unconscious as a result of her injuries and the after effect of the 'Star of Hope'. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

At that moment, the Crocodile King also moved toward Erza while enduring the pain from its back. Its backbone was seriously damaged but it was not a life-threatening wound. At most, its power would be severely reduced.

Floating up in the sky was a squad of five people. They had surprisingly been there since the beginning of the fight! However, none of the beast kings and even Erza realized their presences at all.

"Captain…" One of the girls called out to seemingly their leader who was standing at the front most of the group. If one looked closely at their uniforms, they would be able to see Black Snow Empire's royal sign on their upper left chest.

"I know what you are trying to say… Let's move. The two beast kings were already severely wounded. We are more than enough to handle them." The lady who was standing at the front calmly said.

"Yes, captain!" The other four girls answered in unison.

----------------End of Season 1----------------

Hi Guys,

Since someone was spreading the hate for WGE, I would like to call the end of this novel. It might be temporarily, or it might be permanent.

First of all, let me stress it out, I did not receive a single financial benefit from writing this novel. I admit that there were some parts which I took the references from other novels like WDQK, ATG, and CSG. However, I amended them to fit into my story which in turn made mine to have its original taste and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, that person acted like he paid me to do this writing, while in fact I was doing all of these for free. If you could not appreciate it, then so be it. Let it end. Stopping here won't negatively affect me in anyway, in fact I will be able to focus more back to my own business.

Thanks for the loves and supports you guys/girls had given me in these last few months. I hope that you enjoyed this novel while it lasted.



ExaltedEmperor ExaltedEmperor

There is no need for me to continue something which people don't appreciate it that they got it for free.

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