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57.14% World Gods Abandoned:The Born of A New God / Chapter 4: 3 Days Later...

3 Days Later... - World Gods Abandoned:The Born of A New God - Chapter 4 by Azel06 full book limited free

Chapter 4: 3 Days Later...

-3 Days Later-

I opened my eyes and see a black ceiling.

After that,I raise my body and started to rub at the back of my neck while saying.

"Ouch,it hurts..."

I then take a look at my surroundings and saw 2 other people in that room,still sleeping.

In the middle of the room, there's a tower with screen all over it.

I got up and went to look at the screen.

"Says System to activate all system command,The System will guides you through the commands you can use"

"When you're awake,you can go to your designated home through the black car waiting at the front of the airport building entrance" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Don't forget the Rules, they've been implanted in your head and if you try to break it, there's no way you lie"

After reading everything on the screen,someone wakes up from their sleep.

It was a man with brown hair and yellow eyes,he has this short hair and friendly aura, although the author didn't really care.

The man took a look at his surroundings and stopped his eyes at the other person.

It's a girl with brown long hair identical to the guy who just woke up. They might be a siblings but still,the author didn't cared.

The man tried to wake up his sister while Chase didn't want to get out of his way to greets that guy.

Chase then walked straight away from there in a hurry as soon as he remembered about his brother.

Chase then take a look at his phone and see the time and date.

"2:09 PM"

"3 NOVEMBER 3004"

"Woah, it's really been three days?! I gotta hurry!" Chase muttered on his way to the black car right in front of the building entrance.

When he was about to enter the car he hears someone inside the car that seem to be the driver and he is still on a call.

Chase didn't want to bother them but he wanted to hear the conversation because he's bored and he didn't have the time to wait any longer,but he wait and the guy should pay him with little conversation he had on his call.

The driver didn't seem to notice Chase yet so Chase just stand behind car with pose that's totally not suspicious.

He listened to the conversation.

"---So like next era right?"


"I knew you had what it takes,what is the next era again?"


"Ah,I see hope they're prepared for that big sht am I right?"




"Alright see you soon"


After the call ended,Chase appeared that the drivers vision with moves that didn't make him suspicious at all.

After that,Chase entered the car and went on a ride to his new home, although he didn't need to tell the driver as he seems to know everything already.

During the ride,Chase thought to himself for a moment.

Aren't the Era shuffling totally random? If what they talked about really is true...

The driver cut out Chase thought as he started speaking.

He started a small talk with Chase and Chase answered it most with just simple answer.

After that,everything succumbed to the dead silent as the driver ran out of topic.

A few moments has passed and the driver stopped at Chase's new house,it looked pretty normal and now he looked better at his new living place.

While walking to the house's front door,he was amazed by the small garden on the left side of the house.

It simply has a small fountain with flowers that looked similar to an orchid decorating the part of the fountain and around it.

Then he reached his front door,and remembered wait,do I have a key?

Then he tried opening the door and it suddenly opened,it was quite suspicious and a relief to Chase as he didn't have the key.

What he was suspicious about was the door unlocked.

But he decided to leave it there for now.

Right after he entered the house,he saw a drawer right in front of him and he found two envelope.

The first envelope he recognised is from the one where he put his cube at,and to his suprise, the cube was still there with the letter.

The other seems new to him so he opened the envelope and found a letter.

He read it and it says

"You won't need to worry about keys anymore since everything in your possession you touched are only functioning to your presence only"

That's the end of the letter.

"Alright,guess I'll take a look around."

Chase walks around the house and found almost every room is already filled with furniture except for one room,it was where all of his stuff were at.

Then something's passed his mind.

"Oh yeah right,about the system"

"I need to check this out, can't wait to see what it has to offer..."

He quickly take laid on his new bed as he speak


Then suddenly a small sharp pain appears on his brain.

Then the pain slowly getting stronger and feels like it getting faster and faster as the pain grows.

Chase tried his best not to scream in pain dug himself into his pillow and bit it as hard as he can.

The surge of pain keeps coming and the pain keep travelling between his nervous system.

Chase feels a few years coming out from his eyes as he tried to resist the pain.

But sooner or later,Chase will have to let it all go.

He got up from bed while still biting the pillow,readies his first to punch the wall as hard as he could so the pain will be transferred to his fist's pain.

He feels a surge of power coming from his pain as he readies his punch.

He then lets the punch and while it was going in a milliseconds,Chase felt it all.

He felt all of the strength of his first and how fast his fist was coming to punch the wall.

Realising this,Chase quickly takes back a massive amount of strength and hold it back before it reaches the wall.

And when it reaches the wall,he felt a massive impact on the wall,not only the wall, but also his fist.

It cracked the wall while Chase feels like he wants to do more of those punch.

He resist the urge and realize one thing.

It was that his headache is now gone.

Relief by the fact that the headache is now gone,Chase is still in question how he managed to crack the wall.

After sometime of declining every facts that he is still the same is what makes his mind leads him to one thing.

It was the power,right now.

As he was,thinking,he actually has power.

The power to make him change.

But that's not the only thing he wants,he also wants to have more power as he feels the urge of getting stronger faster than anyone.

He feels as if he was in a race to become a stronger beings.

Which also lead his mind to remembered about his brother.

Chase were in sudden shock as he wants to go to the hospital right now.

When suddenly he was being cut off by a female robotic voice.

[The System has now been unlocked]

[Do you wish to learn more about the system?]

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