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Daily quest - World Monarch with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 3 by ogbudda full book limited free

Chapter 3: Daily quest

Amatsu Jin was an orphan, he had no family, relatives. Since childhood, he grew up in a shelter, but when he was in his teens, the guy decided to live alone and take on his future.

The world was similar to his former one, but in terms of technology it was slightly behind, for 5 years. Finding a map in the guy's memory, Jin began to study it. The geography of the world was the same, he did not notice anything new.

In a flash, a bunch of insidious plans about how to get rich appeared in Jin's head. He could create something that has not yet been invented in this world at all. Given the technology of this world, which was five years behind, with his memory where he lived another life as a businessman. It will not be difficult for him to do this.

"To begin with, you will need money, because if you do not invest anything in the business, it will not move anywhere, that is, you will have to find an initial income"

Jin realized that he was dreaming, while removing this idea in the ideas section. Looking further in the memories. There are computers, phones, even the Internet is available, although it is so bad that it is of little use. Technology lagged behind. Still, 2010, but still lagged behind.

Deciding to take a little break from the incoming flow of information, Jin lay down on the bed.


'My God, I just watched a 6-hour film about the last stage of depression and self-flagellation. The last 2 hours I've been looking at pure willpower. Of course, I feel sorry for the guy, but his eternal despondency begins to infuriate. I want to grab him by the muzzle and shout right in his ear — SMILE AT LEAST ONCE, MATTRESS. No, that's it for today. I can't stand such a hard depression anymore. Absolute moral ****'

Jin went through the guy's memories, and increasingly learned that the owner of the body was depressed and always withdrew into himself.

In the evening, as he had asked, the doctor brought the books.

He pounced on the first book he came across in search of knowledge. The book that fell into his hands was mathematics, the great enemy of all schoolchildren. Fortunately, he was always on the same page with her.

Opening the textbook, Jin began to study the contents. Honestly, to say that he was in shock, to say nothing. In the material for the ninth grade, they learn fractions, which they studied in his world in the third and fourth grade. For about an hour, he leafed through this textbook and was more and more surprised.

One thing is clear for sure, he will have no problems with mathematics.

Opening the second book, Jin began to skim through each of its pages, simply scrolling through the contents. Another life in a dream gave him a lot of skills and talents, for example, he had an absolute memory, otherwise he would not have become the most successful businessman in the dream world. Also, his ability to study was also phenomenal, in other words, he absorbed like a sponge, so he produced everything that came to mind.

If they saw him now, they would boldly take him to play the Joker in any blockbuster. His smile was crazy and at the same time it breathed notes of triumph.

After all, knowledge is power!


Five days have passed since Jin woke up, right now he was lying at home after being discharged from the hospital.

Based on their memories, they were busy with other things in another country, or rather their studies were abroad. But still, they did not treat Jin as a stranger, and sent him a letter since he was in the hospital.

But, the main problem is not in this.

6: 30 in the morning.

Out of habit from a previous life, he got up early. There was also another reason, and this is the notification sound from the system.


[Welcome to the system, player!]

[You have received a new daily task]

[A daily task. Become stronger, stronger and stronger again!]

Push-ups: 0 / 150 times

Squats: 0 / 150 times

Abs: 0 / 150 times

Running: 0 / 15 km

Note: If the task is not completed within the specified time period, the corresponding penalty will be imposed.

Remembering what had happened in the desert for the first time after waking up again, Jin shuddered. Even though he was a shadow monarch, his powers were sealed, and having lost all his previous powers, Jin would still not be able to survive in the desert again.

After having breakfast pancakes with honey, Jin put on a sports uniform, and then went outside.

After carefully kneading every bone of his body, he decided to go for a run first.

'I can't start right away with power loads. First I need to disperse the blood and work with the heart' - Jin thought.

At the time when he was a shadow monarch, his every morning began with warm-ups, jogging, push-ups, squats, various exercises.

But Jin was not sure of one thing, whether this guy's body could withstand such a load. It was obvious that the guy did not play sports and was thin.

To begin with, he wanted to run 7 kilometers. But after the fifth, his eyes began to darken. This weak body infuriated him more and more. After running the sixth, he almost fell.

'No, I will definitely run these fucking 15 kilometers, no matter what it costs me' - he thought.

After finishing the run at the 15th kilometer, he, pleased with himself, went to a rest bench, but then his legs began to hurt wildly, and he fell. The throbbing pain was so strong that it knocked out plaintive moans from him.

But let's remember that everything he went through in the past world, Jin decided to press with push-ups.

- One time.

Surely they won't drag him back to some suspicious place so that he torments himself to death?

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The day before, he was lucky to survive, but no one guaranteed him that he would survive next time.

- Three.

Every time he completed a push-up, it was reflected by the numerical growth of his achievements.

And after 4 hours:

Push-ups: 150 / 150 times

Status: completed.

Squats: 150 / 150 times

Status: completed.

Press: 150 / 150 times

Status: completed.

Running: 15 / 15 km

Status: completed.

With a heavy sigh, Jin barely made his way to his house.


The morning of the next day met him with not the best intentions.

Pretending to be seriously ill on the bed, he thought about solving this problem until he remembered about the reward.

[Daily task. Become stronger, stronger and stronger again! Status: completed]

[You have received a Reward for completing the task.]

[Do you accept the Reward?] - (Yes/No)

This time, Jin did not worry, or suffer for a long time in thought. He knew what rewards he could get.

"I accept."


[We have prepared the following rewards for you]

Reward 1: Recovery.

Reward 2: +10 Stats points

Reward 3: Random chest, 1 pc.

[Do you want to accept everything? Confirm.]

'Oh, how I missed this!'

That's what came to his mind after reading the description of the content of the Reward.

Firstly, at this moment he wanted to benefit from the first reward - Full Recovery, since he did not even have enough strength to get up from the place where he fell, from fatigue, and this was the best solution for him at the moment.

"I confirm"

Then a vague shadow, a golden light, enveloped his entire body.

Slowly, little by little, the shadow began to recede, and then disappeared back home. For some reason, he felt gloomy in his soul, and a deep feeling of nostalgia came over him.

Jin tried to get up, and then jumped on the spot and performed a couple of stretching exercises.

"Great!" - the heart, bursting with the speed of beating, calmed down, and the breathing stabilized. Fatigue and a trace disappeared. He felt refreshed, as if he had just woken up from a nutritious sleep.

The effect fully met the expectations, and turned out to be great.

"Well, now it remains to check my status. I wonder what it looks like?"

After that, Jin said the word "Status", and a screen appeared in front of him.

Name: Amatsu Jin

Level: 1

Class: (Blocked)

Titles: (Blocked)

HP: 100

MP: 10

Fatigue: 0


Strength: 10, Stamina: 10, Dexterity: 10, Intelligence: 10, Wisdom: 250, Perception: 10, Charm: 10

(Points for distribution: 10)


(Note: Previous skills are blocked! To open them, you need to reach a certain level!)


(unknown) (Max. lvl.)

(???) (LVL ???)

Power of will - level 1.

The greatest of the insignificant – level 1


Dash - level 1.

Then he turned his attention to his "skills": Power of will and the Greatest of the Insignificant as a passive and Dash as an active skill.

[Dash-Level 1]

Category: active

Mana consumption: 5 units.

Running has made your legs stronger. When using this skill, your speed increases by 30%. One minute of using this skill consumes one unit of mana.

[Power of will — level 1]

Category: passive

Does not consume mana. You have mastered relentless spiritual endurance. When your stamina falls below the 30% threshold, the Willpower skill compensates for energy by 50%.

[The Greatest of the Insignificant — level 1]

Category: passive

Does not consume mana. You have accomplished a great feat, surviving after death and being reborn. When your health gets closer to 10%, the skill the Greatest of the Insignificant increases the entire characteristic by 70%.

"Dash and Power of will are familiar to me. But now, the Greatest of the Insignificant is something new"

There was no doubt, there were some changes. He noticed that there was a new passive skill with question marks. Jin remembered the first one, but the second one was incomprehensible.

'What do these two skills mean?' - thought Jin.

He had no problems with the system, as it was like a kindred soul for him. He also remembered that Ash had said that he had given him an improved system as a gift. But, he did not know the exact answer, what changes he had acquired.

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