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School - World Monarch with Dimensional Chat Group - Chapter 4 by ogbudda full book limited free

Chapter 4: School

With these thoughts, Jin turned his gaze and attention to something else:

"It's time to distribute the points"

Those 10 points of free distribution were still untouched.


Strength: 10, Defense: 10, Endurance: 10, Agility: 10, Intelligence: 10, Wisdom: 250, Perception: 10, Charm: 10

(Points for distribution: 10)

"Hmm, there's something new here"

As for Strength, Endurance and Agility, Defense, Perception, Intelligence, he, more or less, had no questions, he understood what they relate to. He was already familiar with such characteristics.

Next, Wisdom and Charm, Jin realized that Charm would make him more beautiful. While Wisdom increases-more mental abilities and recognize emotions, understand the intentions, motivation and desires of other people and your own, as well as the ability to manage your emotions and the emotions of other people to solve tactical and practical tasks.

"If you choose so far for the first time, then physical strength and endurance"

This option seemed the most reasonable at that time.

"5 points to Strength and the remaining 5 to Endurance"



Strength: 15, Defense: 10, Endurance: 15, Agility: 10, Intelligence: 10, Wisdom: 250, Perception: 10, Charm: 10

(Points for distribution: 0)

Then, Jin drew attention to a small box that was on the bed. Picking up an unknown object, a notification sound sounded.


[Random box, 1x]

Type: Regular

Description: A random thing.

[Do you want to open a random box?] – (Yes/No)

"Yes," - Jin replied.

Soon, a light appeared in front of him, then it disappeared along with the box.

[Congratulations, you have received the "Heavenly Martial Arts Talent". As this, you are attached "Kyokushin Karate"]

Seeing the award, Jin was stunned. He knew what martial arts were, as he knew one person who practiced fencing, and that was the huntress Cha Hae-in. She wasn't strong because she had the strength of an S-rank hunter, she also had experience with fencing.

He was sure that even if he had the power of a shadow monarch, he should learn different martial arts. After he accepted the award, all the information about "Kyokushin Karate" instantly entered his head.

In my head there were different combat techniques, a stand, how to use force correctly, and training methods.

Looking through his new knowledge, he wanted to immediately check it out, but given his condition, the guy's physique would not be able to withstand the force. So he decided to start by training his body.


The next day.

When Jin got out of bed, he didn't feel any pain, not even a drop. Before he could be happy, he was VERY hungry. He was so hungry that his stomach was not just rumbling, he was yelling right into his ears demanding a sea of food.

Like a wild, unbridled, hungry animal, he rushed into the kitchen to such a native white, cold friend. Everything was consumed: fruits, vegetables, meat, missing sausages, milk. He didn't care about the taste at all, his body demanded food. Having emptied the refrigerator by a third, with a full belly, he lay on the floor in the kitchen and hiccuped contentedly.

After lying around for a while, he went back to training.

In the gym, he tried everything: from squats with a barbell, to a bench press. At first, I started with an average weight, and then I added more and more. The maximum that he could squeeze out of a 45-kilogram body is 95 kilograms in the bench press from the chest, and sit down with a 120 kg barbell. For such a body, these are mind-blowing results. Apparently, this is due to yesterday's growth of the Strength parameter.

After finishing with the training, Jin received a notification about the completion of the daily task.

At first, he left the first award of Full Recovery for other cases, since today he felt more relaxed.

Next, Jin distributed the points of characteristics: +5 points to Dexterity, also +5 to Perception.



Strength: 15, Defense: 10, Endurance: 15, Agility: 15, Intelligence: 10, Wisdom: 250, Perception: 15

And, from a random box, he fell out of bread.


"It would be a good idea to go to the store, and at the same time, at least partially, look at the city"

After Jin received a list of necessary products for buying, he went shopping. The store turned out to be a 15-minute walk from the house and all this time back and forth, he looked at the streets and houses.

Nothing particularly interesting was observed. The streets were well-groomed and clean, which undoubtedly attracted, with his obsession with cleanliness.


It's been 5 days since Jin started training and slowly accumulating strength.

After finishing the next training session, the voice of the system sounded in the guy's head that the daily quest was completed.

After making a few manipulations with the distribution points, Jin sighed.

Now its characteristics looked like this.


Strength: 20, Defense: 20, Endurance: 20, Agility: 20, Intelligence: 20, Wisdom: 250, Perception: 20

After the guy looked at his achievements, he muttered.

"Finally, I feel stronger from the last time"

Going into the bathroom, Jin looked at his reflection, where the same guy was looking at him, but no longer thinner with sharp elbows and knees, but rather a rather muscular, grown-up and pleasant-looking guy.

Speaking of feelings, more precisely about Perception. After experimenting with his vision, hearing and smell, Jin learned to perceive the world better. The smells became diverse and he even managed to distinguish some of them from the general mass. The sounds are much sharper, although it was problematic in the morning, then the singing of birds at 5 in the morning categorically did not suit him. Well, his vision just allowed him to see much further than an ordinary person.

It had been a productive few days, but something was bothering him.

"When is school due?" he thought.

Although he stayed in the hospital for a week and also rested for 6 days, he did not know when the study would begin, or it had already begun.

With the decision, he called his school to find out when he can go to classes.


Monday. Very likely, the most depressing day of the week. Most people, no doubt, sighed heavily, regretting the beginning of the week and the end of their delightful weekend. Jin was no exception.

He stood near the closed door to the school office and steadied his breathing. He wasn't nervous, it was just surreal to go back to school.

"A 24-year-old man is going to the 9th grade again, well, it's just fucking easy"

Opening the door, he entered the classroom. About 30 people together with the teacher looked at him with puzzled looks.

"Oh, Amatsu! You're back! " the teacher addressed him, and there were chuckles in the class.

"Is the punching bag back?"

"Haha, now we don't have to run for lunch."

"Now the fun will begin!"

"Everything is so quiet!" the teacher replied.

"You're taking a long time, Amatsu," Hiyama said.

Daisuke Hiyama is the most frostbitten bastard, not of the school of course, but of this class for sure. He constantly mocked Jin: he beat him, tore his hair, put out cigarettes on the guy's face. So when he saw that hideously crooked face, Jin wanted to tear it to shreds.

"Hush, hush, Jin, we'll get even with him again"

Ignoring the taunts, Jin moved to his place on the left edge, the last one, near the wall.

After taking his seat, he looked at the teacher, who was as tall as a school chair.

He wondered what other people he would meet in this world, because even such a loli works as a teacher, although knowing that she is an adult woman inside, it was still hard to believe.

Jin sighed wearily and decided to lie down on the school desk, since he still needs to deal with the offenders.

There was also another reason, he came to the school to observe the others because Jin had recently received notifications from the System.

(We will return on Sunday)

20: 30 pm.

Jin was lying at home as usual, thinking about tomorrow, when the school week starts.

But suddenly another notification rang in my head.

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[The first task from the System. Main]

Difficulty Level: Unknown

Description: Your classmates will be called to another world to help them, travel with him in order to defeat the main enemy.


1) Creating an inter-spatial group chat

2) Return to the native world

3) +40 points for distribution

Penalty for failure: Death

[Time will stop in your world]

After reading all the contents, Jin's eyes almost slipped out.

"Summoning to another world?"

In the past, Jin has read a lot of books, recordings, web novels, but for such a thing to exist, although, given his position, it is not surprising.

"Like, a call to another world, it was called-isekai, right?"

Jin sighed wearily.

"God, here come the big problems"

(Back to school)

"Hey, you bastard, wake up! It's time for you to become a punching bag again, " Hayama said loudly, attracting the attention of the students who were in the classroom and slowly walking towards Jin.

Hearing such a loud exclamation, the guy stretched back and yawned.

"What are you shouting out loud, you freak. Don't you see, I was asleep," Jin said with a calm voice, exacerbating the conflict.

"Oh, you, you..." - Hiyama could not find anything to say, and menacingly moved in the direction of Jin.

Actually, Jin was counting on it. Hiyama liked to approach the victim, lean his hands on the table and loom over the next patient, menacingly hypnotize him with a heavy look. In fact, the teenager simply did not know how to hit on the move and decided for a long time before a fight, that's why he was always the second number.

This time everything happened exactly like that. But Jin was not a victim, but a predator, which he knew how to teach the kids a hard, vital lesson, otherwise they might bite the slack.

When the bastard Hiyama put his palms on the desk, Jin abruptly stuck a steel pen-pen into Hiyama's hand, which he had been twirling between his fingers.

Life in the landfill has taught Jin

to use any means that give at least some advantage

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