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Chapter 11: Chapter 11 – Valdis

Mikel, Gustave, head butler Arlo and some of the estate's servants stood at their manor's entrance, patiently awaiting the luxurious carriage carrying the church's insignia to halt in front of them. Although the newcomer is but a mere priest apprentice and shouldn't warrant such a respectful welcome from a first-rate nobleman, Mikel is in the know that this person is not to be trifled with no matter how much the church tries to downgrade their position and importance.

In fact, he was very surprised when he was made known of the high priest's decision to dispatch his treasured apprentice to come to take care of his son. This person was so mysterious and low key, that not many are even aware of their existence. The only reason Mikel knows about them is because of his position as the chief of the Nearyn kingdom's council, and the high priest was lawfully obligated to inform him about taking in an apprentice. But even so, he never met them before which is why, driven by curiosity and out of caution, he chose to personally welcome them.

The white door of the carriage was opened by one of the chevaliers escorting the young priest, and the man offered his perfectly gloved hand in assistance, presumably to help their charge down.

From beyond the pure white curtains, extended a delicate chocolaty hand to hold that of the chevalier's, and out came a dark-skinned, red-haired lady clad in a white priest's clock creating a beautiful contrast adding to her sense of mystery.

Everyone's eyes opened in wonder, not only because their gest turned out to be a priestess but also because of her exotic appearance.

With her feet steady, she let go of the offered hand and lifted her downcast eyelids as if to look at her host. Surprisingly her eyes were a cloudy gray, that of the unseeing. At first glance, her glazed over eyes would somehow convey an innocent sort of look, unconsciously giving off a pure, pitiful feeling made particularly magnified with her wandering, unknowing gaze

But if one were to pay a closer attention, they would perceive the sharp-wittedness and depth seeping through, rendering her glassy irises penetrative enough to unnerve the receiver of her stare which happened to seemingly unconsciously linger on Gustave, and although the teenager didn't shy away from her and looked right back at her with interest, he was slightly unsettled deep down.

She knows, he thought.

"Thank you for receiving me, Lord Mikel", opened the girl with a modulated husky voice, while slightly inclining her head. No curtsy.

Even though her greeting was very improper, Mikel acted oblivious to her disregard for proper decorum and bowed gentlemanly, as one would, meeting anyone of high status.

"No, I thank you for coming to attend to my son, Priestess", he replied.

"I am called Valdis, and only an apprentice still, so no need to stand on ceremony with me", she added nonchalantly. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Mikel was a bit irked as made obvious by the slight furrow of his brows but brushed off her insolence nonetheless as mere ignorance on her behalf of common etiquette.

"As you wish Lady Valdis, shall I take to see Oliver then?", he asked coolly.

At her nod, the older man turned to lead the way while the rest of the servants unloaded the carriage and took her belongings to her already prepared room.

Even though the girl was obviously blind, she declined butler Arlo's offer to assist her and walked on her own, following Mikel with no hitch in her steps, as if she could perfectly discern her surroundings.

Butler Walter has just finished redressing Oliver when Mikel brought the Priestess over.

"I suppose the high priest has briefed you on his state" Mikel noted, seeing that she didn't ask anything and headed straight to his son's side to check up on him.

She didn't answer. The young priestess just stood in place, fixating on Oliver's frame in silence. Her wavy locks appeared as if flaming under the rays of the sun bathing the room in their warming light, giving her holy countenance a devilish charm. Contradicting beautifully.

Laying motionlessly on the bed, Oliver was like a fragile glass doll. When looking, one can't help but hold their breath in fear of him shattering. That defenselessness could only garner sympathy and strong protective desires. During this one month, he filled up nicely, his complexion wasn't that pale and waxy anymore, but appeared lustrous with a healthy rosiness dyeing his cheeks a beautiful pink. His usually colorless chapped lips are now blood red and succulent. Even though he's been living off nutrient solutions and fruit juices, his body wasn't as emaciated as before, no hollowed-out cheeks or sunken eye sockets. His petite figure seemed lean and in good form. Looking at him no one would guess that he's been unconscious for a month. He looked more to be sleeping, as if the slightest of movements would wake him up.

Valdis furrowed her brows, then reached her hands to touch his. Nothing.

Her teacher did mention that this kid was special and that she would know what he meant when she met him, but this… how could she not see anything?

She was a very powerful seer, and from young, she knew that her destiny was far greater than anybody else's. She was to be the savior of all. She could even 'see' that other boy's golden Aura. Although she was surprised to see that someone actually triggered the almighty magic, albeit a little fearful knowing he could crush her if he so wished to, at least she confirmed yet again how powerful her gift was. She even felt he was variable that wasn't supposed to exist. That boy, whoever he is, is tempting fate, and she didn't like it.

The main aspect of a seer's magic was their vision. The visions were a form of vague prophecy that seers were able to experience. However, they were not able to control these visions. They were occasionally triggered by the seer reading someone's aura. A seer did not always see a vision when they read an aura, but when they did the vision almost indefinitely involved the person who triggered it.

The thing is, when a seer saw a person they were able to naturally view their aura. The more powerful their seer magic was, the clearer said aura appeared.

The aura of a person was, in fact, the physical form of that person's emotions and beliefs. Valdis is easily able to discern what a person was experiencing emotionally from reading their aura, as well as what was causing those emotions and how strong they were. There is also a possibility that auras might reveal a person's intentions, magical attributes, strengths, and weaknesses.

Even though she couldn't always trigger a vision, she could always read their aura. No exceptions. Until now. This Oliver has no aura.

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