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Chapter 13: Chapter 13 - Waking up

Wang Shu looked at the Priestess in fury and annoyance. What is it with the people in this world, each one is nastier than the other, and he'd honestly had enough of their so undeserved malice. Couldn't you just let him recover in peace?

Toward this kind of person, who had no tact whatsoever, Wang Shu only held scorn and irritation. He knew that she was powerful in her own rights, and perceived her presence from the moment she stepped into the manor, but even with his weak cultivation base, the restrictions on her still couldn't escape his notice. Ones she doesn't seem to be aware of, from the looks of it.

This seer, who's naturally unaware that he wasn't the same as others, thought that as long as she forcefully navigated his psych, she could still pick up something of his undetected aura. What she didn't know was that cultivators are going against heavenly laws in their pursuit of enlightenment and martial strength, if even a divine seer back in the Azure Cloud Continent would have a hard time applying their Omni-perception on fellow cultivators, what could her restricted self 'see'?

Now, however, with her painful, must he add, attempt of applying forceful mental perception, she almost caused him to regress a level in the Qi condensation stage, as he hasn't stabilized his realm as of yet. How come everyone is rushing to find trouble with him? Out of spite, he viciously bit back to teach her a good lesson for interrupting his meditation. 

The priestess halted for a second upon noticing Oliver stir.

"What are you doing?" he coldly asked, deciding to wake up and personally deal with this mutt. It's like everyone assumes he's a pushover that doesn't have it in him to fight back. Well, when angered enough, even his mild self can turn ruthless.

Valdis who was about to retrieve her perceptive powers, suddenly felt a painful sting in her mind and instantly paled in agony but found no strength to voice her discomfort, as if she lost all control over her senses. She could only blankly stand in place, terror gripping her heart at the fierce eyes boring into her own, making her break in a cold sweat as the increasing pressure threatened to crack her skull open at any moment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Young master!" upon hearing the joy and relief in butler Walter's voice, Wang Shu's heart softened and he abandoned his anger in favor of appeasing the loyal servant.  He secreted lamented though on whether he's been infected with Oliver's quick temper. Or else how would he foolishly reveal his spiritual prowess in front of strangers? Although he could still play it by the ear, however, he might've managed to further ingrain the already sown seed of doubt in minds of the church people.

Previously when he had attacked the high priest's magical awareness, it was done unconsciously to protect himself from an unknown threat, but now he obviously had ample control over his spiritual powers but still chose to attack. This isn't something his previous self who preferred to remain low-key would've done.

Wang Shu put his musings on hold and finally lifted the pressure he applied on the priestess who immediately retrieted back a few steps. But since the Butler was already at his side looking him over, it just looked like she gave way to the concerned man and magnanimously allowed him her place. Though her retreat was seamless, Gustave narrowed his eyes at their interaction, then suddenly smiled in intrigue.

Looking at the fussing man who hurriedly came to help him up, Wang Shu smiled indulgently, making his gorgeous features look almost ethereal. His smile was so warm and sincere that everyone present was stunned seeing that uncharacteristic expression on Oliver's face. Coupled with his gentle twinkling eyes, it gave birth to a sudden yearning to be the receiver of such a look.

The butler, who didn't know he was the first to have Wang Shu smile at him so tenderly, barely contained his squeal at the sight and offered his just awakened charge a cup of water to ease the dryness he heard in his voice earlier.

"How do you feel young master? any discomfort at all? Please tell this servant, look the Priestess is still here, as long as you say it, she can help you!"

"I'm alright, stop fussing," Wang Shu answered helplessly. He really doesn't deserve such concern, not only was he not the real Oliver, but he's also not as weak as he looks. Nevertheless, his fake chiding did nothing to douse the attendant's enthusiasm.

"Thank the heavens, young master! They said you're not sick anymore, you can live for a long time and be happy now! I can take you out for strolls in the city and you can eat whatever you like! You won't even have to drink that goopy medicine anymore," he whispered the last part as if afraid to offend the priestess by insulting the taste of her teacher's creation, "Just… don't be sad anymore, we can do all you want" the anticipation and subtle pleading in Walter's eyes prickled Wang Shu's heart painfully.  How lucky was Oliver to have this man by his side.

"En!" at Oliver's reply, the butler smiled broadly, and were it not for head butler Arlo's meaningful cough, the man would've already started preparing for their outing without delay.

Walter lowered his head in embarrassment, just remembering that they weren't alone and that he might've offended Mikel by his rambling. Looking over, he was surprised to see the father's eyes glistening with unshed tears, watching his son with a pitiful pained gaze.

Wang Shu who also saw his father's expression ignored him completely. He has no mind to give the shameless man who assumed that bullied appearance, that's practically begging to be appeased. He turned his head without a second thought.

Mikel was hurting so much looking at that face, the spitting image of his late wife's, that he gripped his heart to prevent it from beating out of his chest. he knew his son's features resembled his wife's more than they did his, but now that he regained that healthy luster, it was even more obvious. Had it not been for the long midnight hair falling over Oliver's shoulders, the only characteristic the kid inherited from himself, Mikel would've thought he was looking at a young version of Mia. Fate was playing with his emotions all it wanted, it seems. Was this to mock him for his poor choices in life, or was it actually his much-deserved retribution for being a deplorable father?

His son wouldn't even look him in the face anymore. Was it even possible to atone for his sins, when forgiveness seems so far-fetched?

Butler Arlo who's already familiar with his master's psychological struggles when it comes to his son, decided to interfere and allow Mikel to compose himself," This really is our fortune to have you here Priestess Valdis, you bring your blessing with you with which you've graced our young master to have him recover instantly" Wang Shu sneered in his heart, that wretch would've made his condition worse, if he were any other. She's obviously here to investigate, rather than heal.  

"Yes indeed, we owe the church a few offerings it seems," Mikel followed with fake cordiality.

Valdis nodded silently. She couldn't be bothered with useless conversations now. This has to be relayed to her teacher at once. She knows she didn't do a thing for the kid, yet he miraculously woke up the moment she decided to probe. And that pain she suffered… it was definitely not her imagination.

This person needs to be brought back to the church to be properly examined. Beyond prying eyes, that is. If she could uncover his secret, maybe she could obtain what she seeks the most.

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