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71.42% Wrong Move Zie / Chapter 5: 4: The Bully

4: The Bully - Wrong Move Zie by SimpleJez25 - Webnovel

Chapter 5: 4: The Bully

Aldrein's POV

I woke up first so I decided to make our breakfast. Candy has a little kitchen in this dorm. I want to make my favorite bloody sauce (spaghetti sauce) with white intestines (pasta) but it's to heavy for a breakfast. I just decided on hotsilog (hotdog, sinangag, itlog), hamsilog (ham, sinangag, itlog), and tapsilog (tapa, sinangag, itlog). His brother brought groceries yesterday.

Sinangag - filipino term for fried rice

Itlog - filipino term for egg

Tapa - tastes like marinated barbeque. It's not on sticks though. It can be pork, or beef.

"Hmm...the smell tastes good!" I looked behind and saw Candy on her pajamas. Cute.

"Take a bath first and dress up. We have school." I said and went back to cooking.

"My first class starts at 9am. You should be in a hurry, your class will start at 8." She said as she stood beside me.

"Let me be the one to cook."-Candy

"Can you cook?"


"If you can't, how did you live alone these past few years?"

"Sometimes delivery and the landlady always ask me to come eat with her often."

"I'll teach you the basics sometime."

"You really should go after eating." Candy said while getting plates from a cabinet.

"Okay. Make sure that your brother will accompany you on the way to school." I finished cooking after a few minutes. Candy woke up her brother and we all ate our breakfast.

"Thank you for the food. I'll take my leave now." I said as I finished eating. I stood up and kissed Candy on her cheeks before leaving. Yulo was totally against it but I already did it so what's the fuss?

I went home and prepared myself. I did my usual morning rituals before I opened the secret room. I scanned my weapons and a small and deadly pistol. It's black and it looked like a toy. I reached for it and put it in a small case. I put it in my bag, locked the door, and went out.

I went to my first class, 15 minutes before time, and scanned the room. I observed every human in this room. It's actually a hobby.

"Observing humans as usual." I looked up and saw the annoying smirk of our Auditor.

"Should I say welcome back or goodbye?" I said without any expression.

"Tss. Hey I heard that you have a girlfriend. Who's the unlucky girl?" he said as he sat beside me.

"What's your name again?" I asked.

"Dude! I'm always reminding you my name! It's Erickson!!! Pay attention!"

"Yeah, Erick." I said as I focused my attention on two students being intimate with each other.

"So, who's the girl?"

"PDA. Hmm...class isn't starting yet anyway." I said without even bothering to answer Erick's question.

"Fine dude! I'll ask the secretary about it!" Pfft. What an idiot. Wait, what if this guy bothers her?

"Don't. Just do your work."

"Wait a sec...the secretary is your girlfriend? I knew it!"

"Never dare to bother her." I said in a serious and threatening tone. He backed off.

"I-i won't...sorry. But seriously, how did you manage to make her agree?"

"I just asked her and she agreed."-me

"Really? And did she know that you are a..." he whispered.

"She's a witness. After that, she caught my interest and I decided to marry her." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Ahh....WHAT?!" he carefully hissed so that the others won't hear.

"Technically, she's not my girlfriend, she's my fiancée."


I avoided Erick these past few hours. He just can't acceot the fact that there's a woman who loves psychopaths.

Oh, the guy who's intimate with a girl earlier. He didn't stop even though the teacher's already there and in his records, he's been harassing a few girls recently. No one dared to sue him because he's the son of a rich and powerful guy.

I approached him...wait, he's familiar.

"We met again." I said with a smirk. He looked at me with arrogance and pride.

"Do you think you can threaten me again? You're just a nerd."

"If you're not afraid, why don't you come with me? Let's have a match."

"Why go somewhere if we can fight here? (are) You afraid to lose?"

"I'm afraid someone else will stop the fight. Just say that you're afraid that I'll kick your ass." I smirked again to annoy him and it's effective. He gritted his teeth.

"Lead the way to hell."-him



We went to the place where I murdered the guy before. I faced him.

"Sexual harassment, bullying, and use of illegal drugs. How should I kill you?" I said without any expression written on my face.

"Ha! Kill me? You can't even hurt an ant!" I threw a dagger on his leg. He looked at it and his eyes widened.

"Fuck! You asshole!" He shouted and pulled out the dagger on his leg. He ran towards me, aiming to kill me. I slapped him.

"Bullshit!" he was about to stab me but I injected something on his neck. He fell down but he's still awake.

"Your body is paralyzed but you can still feel pain. I've thought of a way to kill you. I'll start with your dick that you're so proud of. The your hands, tounge, and eyes. Then even if you're dead, I'll stab you a hundred times with this cute dagger." I said as a matter of fact.

"Y-you w-ouldn't da-re." he said, trying to speak.

"How's the taste of your own medicine? Is it still yummy?" I started to do what I said earlier. I won't tell every detail because some of you might vomit.

"Awww, why are you crying? Oh, I forgot that you can't utter a word. I'm sorry that I can't bring back your tounge. I don't have a glue gun." I remembered my gun but it's a waste to use it to him.

"Now, your eyes." I carved his eyes out. Furst is the left one then the other one.

"That's what you call bleeding while crying your eyes out." he started to shout and scream. Oh the effect of the drug is already fading. I injected a small amount so maybe that's why.

"You could've lived a hood life with the power and authority you have. What you did is not right. It's certainly a wrong move, zie." I said as I stabbed him for a hundred times, slowly killing him. As I finished playing, I stood up, and looked at the bloody corpse.

"I dirtied my clothes again." I sighed and called Erick.

[Something tells me someone died in uour hands again.]

"Now you know, clean this mess. I got a bit energetic. Send his body to the police with the evidences I gave you."

[I just came back and you're already giving me a headache. You're bloody aren't you? Clean yourself now.]

"Is my washroom here?"

[It never left. I already asked someone to clean that. Spare clothes are already there.] I ended the call and opened the shed. I came in and looked around. I saw the door and opened it. I took a shower and dressed up. I went back to the building through a secret door.'s just 3pm. I went to the SCO.

"Hey Prez, you've got something red on your hair." Amber said. I looked at her without expression.

"Just kidding! Who took the punishment this time?"

"...the bully." I boringly said as I started to work..

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