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76% Xan-Man Goes Adventuring / Chapter 18: Irresistible

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Chapter 18: Irresistible

After several hours of questioning, Xander and his masters were able to get back home for the night.

"What were you thinking?" Miu shouted at Kenichi after making sure he was ok "can you imagine how worried I was about you going after a GRAND MASTER?" she continued to berate and fuss over him for a while, as the other girls just fussed over him

In the meantime, the rest of the residents of Ryozanpaku decided to leave them alone. Kenichi just took down a grand master level martial artist and earned the rest of his break.

After a few minutes Miu noticed Kenichi just smiling stupidly while looking at her "what is it Kenichi?"

"It's been a while since anyone worried for me" Xander spoke, smile still plastered on his face

In his previous life, Willow was the only one who worries about him. After she passed he spent decades without a person fussing over him. Even in his new life, his parents trusted him enough not to worry, so this really felt nice.

The girls shared a look of mutual 'misunderstanding' and dove at him in a combination of pile on and a group hug.

Not understanding what is going on, Xander opted to simply enjoy this. He missed his girls and nothing can replace them, but there is always space for more girls.

He decided to take a break for the day, opting to sleep. Instead of meditate in an ID.


The next morning Xander headed to the publishing company to finalise the deal. Everyone was there waiting for him.

"Good morning People, let's get to it!" Xander started with an upbeat greeting as he was still riding yesterday's high

"Hahaha, it's good to see you in such an upbeat mood. I hope you have something nice for us?" the old man asked jovially as he slid a contract to Xander with the shares transfer set up.

Xander read the contract and sent the old man a grin "is the projector set?"

The old man looked to a young man sitting near the wall, not on the table. The young man got up in a hurry and went toward the projector where Xander gave him his laptop to set up.

Five minutes later, it was all set.

"Ok. Let's talk what happened. The chapters for Naruto till the Sasuke vs Naruto fight were all leaked. This of course will cut our sales profits for those chapters but provides us a chance to increase the sales for following chapters" Xander then paused as he opened something on his laptop.

The projector showed a 3D model of two figurines of Naruto preforming Rasengan and Sasuke preforming Chidori.

"We will sell a special edition for the entire Naruto series chapters, with one of the figurines as an exclusive" he then showed a wild Naruto and a curse mark Sasuke figurines as well as other charecters "these can be sold separately on the company's website"

Xander didn't notice the looks the executives exchanged, but he felt the atmosphere following it "what's wrong?"

"Um…" a younger man started "we don't have a shop function on our website…"

Xander just stared at who he assumed to be the 'IT guy' and asked "and you don't know how to make one?"

Receiving a hesitant nod, Xander released a deep sigh "I'll need admin access" he said in a tired tone

The break is not going as well as he hoped


It took till night time but Xander was done with the bulk of the programing work required and the rest can be completed by the IT department.

Xander decided to actually sleep for the day, as he has plans for tomorrow. It's been a while since he actually slept, opting to meditate and work on his other skills.

So far his [Mana Manipulation] [Mana Pellets] are at master level and [Meditate] just entered the Grand master level. Xander took it as a sign to take an actual break for the night and like yesterday, actually sleep.


The next day, Xander informed the group of what happened with the publishing company and what he plans to do with Naruto.

"Hm, Smart move in terms of business" commented Akisame "it also satisfies the fans" he nodded

"And opens the opportunity for an entirely new market" Ryuto added "I just might invest with you" he joked

"New market?" Xander asked

"Yeah, there are only generic toys in the market, so this may open new aspects for the adult or at least the more mature audience" Ryuto explained, pausing after noticing the panicked look on his friend's face "what's wrong?"

Face palming Xander grumbled "I thought such a market already exists…" inciting silence from the Masters and disciples

"Where did you get the idea from Kenichi?" Kensei asked

"Huh, from the int…" Xander paused; he can't tell them he got it from the internet. If it's a new market, then he needs to find a plausible reason

"Akisame sensei" he blurted out

"Me?" Akisame asked in surprise

Xander nodded excitedly, he found his way "you did teach me how to carve a statue, though only of Budha" Xander explained "and I always try to find actual use for the skills I'm taught to use in my daily life"


The sound of the system announced as Xander opened the notification [Intermediate Lying_13(12%)] he couldn't help but sigh. It was a miracle he didn't get this skill till now 'it is what it is' he mentally shrugged

"I see. I'm happy to inspire my dear disciple" Akisame spoke with not so little pride

"Hey, hey" Apachai squatted beside Kenichi while poking him, then pointed at himself "what about me, do I inspire you?" he asked

"Of course Apachai sensei" Xander answered the gentle giant "in fact I was inspired to write about the summon animals in Naruto because of you" Xander explained, causing Apachai to jump in joy, and the rest of the masters to start asking Xander about their contribution.

Though tiring, Xander wouldn't have it any other way.


After school, Xander immediately opened the Zombie ID and summoned his Ghosts. He had several things to work on, and so it's time to start.

The first was to find what he got from fighting Ogata

[Special Skills]

[Intermediate Disciple Level Xander Style]

Xander also noticed all his incomplete skills gone "did my skills combine into this Xander style?" Xander asked Scarlet

[I believe so boss. Though I can't seem to find any way to improve the skill] she commented thoughtfully

"I think I know how. I just need to add more techniques to it" he explained "next is the scanning ability"


[Quest: I am curious]

Infuse Mana into 10 different objects completely and without overcharging them

Reward: Mana Scan


Xander pondered the quest for a minute before shrugging and going into a convenience store in the ID. He picked a plushy from the toy section and started pumping Mana into it using [Mana infusion].

Usually Xander stops past a certain point, but for the purpose of the quest, he needed to saturate the plushy without breaking it down… or causing it to explode.


It's going to be another long day.


After the third explosion Xander learned how to measure how much Mana he injected in before the explosion, so it took him one explosion for each subsequent object to figure its limit.

Finishing the quest, Xander proceeded to use his new skill on a metal baseball bat.

Information rushed his mind as knowledge on everything from the alloy toughness to its reaction to heat came to him "well that's annoying" Xander complained

[You asked for it Boss, besides why does it matter if the metal you draw doesn't function like a real one, or that a pen is empty on the inside if it works] Scarlet asked as she remembered Xander's disappointment when he burned a sword he drew and summoned

"The manufacturing process of course" Xander explained "if I know how it is made, I can use its manufacturing process to create other things, like how this metal bat gave me the knowledge about its alloy, now think fantasy metal, like Quicksilver and Adamantine"

[I see your point boss, but can't you just draw whatever weapon you want with whatever function, toughness and skills you need?] she asked

"Yeah" Xander shrugged "but where's the fun in that" he grinned

[…Boys] though he can't see it, Xander can feel Scarlet rolling her eyes


After scanning a few things, Xander was able to convince the System of adding another tab where scanned information is stored so that Xander doesn't have to pull them from memory, otherwise he would go crazy with the information overload each scan brings.

As Xander exited the store, he noticed something he originally didn't. In front of the store, a Bike was parked. It was Xander's first real bike and the bike he used to teach Dracula his riding skills.

A 1985 Yamaha VMAX

Horrible for a first bike but Xander pulled through. It was heavy, unruly shit at corners and most of all fun as hell.

Now normally Xander can't take a motorcycle from the ID with him, as he can't take anything that wasn't a drop.

But that didn't mean he can't make one himself.

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