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95.65% You Are My Sunflower / Chapter 22: I Wanna Know You

I Wanna Know You - You Are My Sunflower - Chapter 22 by amazingashh full book limited free

Chapter 22: I Wanna Know You

"She told you...everything huh?" his face turned pink, beads of sweat started to form on his forehead with his voice shaking and cracking as he asked her.

"Yeah! She told me how this was just a joke and you didn't mean it in a hurtful way but I wasn't convinced so I decided to confront you on my own. Honestly, she really tried her best defending you."

He nodded and took a sigh of relief as he realised she didn't know how he had rambled on and on about how nice he thought she was. "I'm sorry if I hurt you."

She nodded and smiled sweetly as a gesture of accepting his apology. "So you think I'm nice, huh?" she added in a teasing tone.

He chuckled nervously as he scratched the back of his head, "Ha-ha! Yeah I told you that is why I messaged Zoey!" he said sheepishly blushing under his cap.

"No no no, you didn't message her to say I'm just nice. You messaged to say it would be unfair to me if you don't accept that I am VERY nice." she laughed in a teasing way

"Ha-ha!" He laughed out loud with his cheeks flushed with embarrassment. "Well, it is true! See you knew the truth all along!" He laughed knowing she was just pulling his leg. "You're really enjoying this aren't ya?" he added as he tried to stop himself from blushing profusely. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Enjoying what?" she asked smiling mischievously

"Having me totally awkward and nervous to the point I'm speechless."

"A little!" she replied in a witty way with a naughty smile across her lips, her dark brown eyes twinkling under the library lights.

"It was always amusing to be around her." he thought to himself. There was something about her in the way she spoke or in the way she smiled that always pulled him towards her. He knew he hadn't spoken to Zoey in months over text but this girl made him want to talk to her despite all the issues they had in between.

His eyes made their way from looking into her eyes to her neck and stayed there for a minute. "What the hell is he doing?" she thought to herself. "Is there something on me?" she thought to herself confused when after a minute she finally asked, "Is everything okay? Do I have something on me?"

"Oh no no! I'm so sorry!" he blurted out when he realized he had been staring at his mystery girl for too long. "It is just that your locket! It's...It's beautiful!" he said softly.

"Ohhh" she wasn't expecting such a bold compliment or any compliment for that matter. "Wow look who's finally throwing compliments now." she thought to herself smiling at the improvement. "Thanks!" she said almost in a whisper as she bit her lower lip struggling on what to say when a guy when your crush compliments you.

"Yeah you look really nice, you always do! I thought I should tell you this." his voice sweet as honey, melting away her heart.

She nodded and quickly looked away still not knowing how to respond to him showering her with compliments, turning red as she did so. "Was this his reply to when I complimented his shirt?" she thought to herself as she looked back at him straight into his dazzling light brown eyes. "He is so so sweet, just so adorable."

After a long stared look, he finally declared, "I think we should start everything all over again, what do you think? A one on one kind of thing. Where you and I don't know each other as Zoey's friends but where we introduce each other for who we really are. You will get to know me by your own experience and I will get to know through mine." He paused for a moment and then added, "I wanna know you and I would really like if you'd want to get to know me too...Would you like that?" he asked gently.

"I think so," she whispered as she smiled at him.

His lips curved up to form a smile as he nodded, "I'm really glad you feel this way. Shall we begin?" he asked.

"Sure but don't you have to study?"

"I can take a break! It's not every day when a girl like you comes to talk to me."

"Wow smooth talker!" she thought to herself before answering cheerfully "Okay then! I will start!" as he laughed at her excitement.

"Hi! I'm Ashley! I'm a dental student here, I have seen you around here a lot! What college are you from?" she smiled.

"Nice to meet you, Ashley, I'm Sam I'm a medical student from the other campus who likes your campus way more than he likes his own!" he answered back still smiling.

"So tell me something about yourself Sam, and please nothing related to your course or your textbooks! Tell me something about you? Like did you always wanted to be a doctor?" she asked interestedly.

"No no no no not at all!! I sucked at biology in high school! I'm only here doing medicine for my parents, they wanted me to do. Me personally? I wanted to be a football player! That was the dream!" his eyes crinkled at the corner as he smiled.

"Are you good at it?"

"Ha-ha! How can I answer that? You're gonna have to watch me play sometime and then tell me that yourself?" he said teasing her.

"Well I have seen you play a little before you hit me on the leg with your ball, don't you remember?" she said smiling as she folded her arms across her chest, raising her eyebrow.

"Ha-ha! I'm in big trouble today aren't I?" he smiled and then added laughing "I'm sorry again though, I don't think I have ever apologised to someone this much in ten minutes." his laugh floating through the air like a melody.

"It's okay...again!" she smiled

"THUMP THUMP THUMP!" someone banged the library desk from the other corner to get their attention as they turned their heads towards him he yelled out, "Hey you two! If you want to talk go outside! This is a library! People are trying to study here!"

"We're sorry! We will be quiet now," replied Sam gently as he handled the situation while Ashley immediately covered her mouth with her hands trying to control her laugh.

"What's going on in here the library interrupted with his eyebrow raised looking at Ashley, Sam and the guy who had banged on the desk trying to get answers.

"Nothing, it was just a misunderstanding," said Sam as Ashley quickly pulled Sam's book towards her so it would look like the two were studying while sharing the same book as she buried her head in it trying to stop herself from laughing uncontrollably.

After the librarian walked away, Sam turned his eyes back on the girl beside him and as soon as their eyes met, the corners of Ashley's lips curled again, involuntarily -- and though she fought back hard her cheeks swelled momentarily with the pressure -- but it was no use and a laugh escaped her pursed lips.

"Shhh Ashley!" chuckled Sam as he tried to control her from laughing hard. "I swear that guy's gonna throw me out of the window now!" he laughed as he glanced over the guy in the corner who was trying his best to ignore their existence.

"Hey, do you wanna go outside and talk?"

"Outside? I just walked my way from the lecture hall to here, it is so hot outside."

"Oh okay, that's alright we can stay here but we're gonna have to be super careful okay? Or else this guy is literally going to put his fist through my head," he said jokingly as the two continued to chat.

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