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70.81% You, CEO's Secret Wife / Chapter 507: C507 My Husband Is the Most Handsome!

C507 My Husband Is the Most Handsome! - You, CEO's Secret Wife - Chapter 507 by priya_debnath full book limited free

Chapter 507: C507 My Husband Is the Most Handsome!

"What? Am I handsome?" Huo Liancheng saw Jian Yun staring at him. He hooked his finger at Jian Yun.

"Narcissist!" Jian Yun originally wanted to say that Huo Liancheng was not handsome at all, but in the end, she could not help but laugh. She rushed over and hugged Huo Liancheng. She smacked him on the face, "Yes, my husband is so handsome and so handsome. I love you so much!"

She kissed him again after saying that.

This was the first time Huo Liancheng heard Jian Yun call him husband in front of his face. At that time, his heart was full of joy. Hugging Jian Yun and there was a French deep kiss.

After kissing, Huo Liancheng was still not satisfied. Jian Yun was afraid that he would have bad intentions again, so she quickly pushed him away, "I'll go change my clothes."

"I brought the clothes for you." Huo Liancheng signaled Jian Yun to look at the bed.

Jian Yun then found a white T-shirt and a pair of jeans on the bed. This set of clothes was exactly the same as Huo Liancheng's.

Jian Yun could not help but smile. Her heart was as sweet as honey.

She had always thought that Huo Liancheng's character was the same as what he had shown. He was cold and rigid. She did not expect that after getting along with him for a long time, she would discover that he also knew how to joke in private. He still had such a romantic desire to wear a couple's outfit with her.

"Why aren't you moving? You want me to help you wear it?" Huo Liancheng saw Jian Yun lowering her head and smiling. He walked over and wanted to take off her shirt.

"No need, no need. I won't trouble you with such a small matter." Jian Yun quickly waved her hand. How could she not know Huo Liancheng's character? If she let him succeed, he would definitely dawdle for a long time.

After saying that, Jian Yun did not avoid Huo Liancheng's presence. She quickly took off her shirt and changed her clothes. Anyway, they had done all kinds of intimate things. It was just a change of clothes. What was there to be shy about?

"Wait for me!" After changing her clothes, Jian Yun rushed into the bathroom again. She estimated that she was going out, so she put on light makeup and tied a ponytail at the same time.

When Jian Yun came out again, she found Huo Liancheng on the phone.

"Let's go and have breakfast first!" Huo Liancheng saw Jian Yun and hung up the phone. He hugged her and the two went out to go downstairs.

"Who were you talking to?" Jian Yun asked curiously.

"Who else?" Huo Liancheng's handsome face darkened.

"Cheng Muze?" Jian Yun immediately guessed it. At that time, her expression also darkened. She snorted coldly, "To think that I have always trusted him so much. He don't have to trick me like this!"

"Remember, don't trust a man other than your husband next time!" Huo Liancheng pinched Jian Yun's face.

"Just say what you want to say. Can you not pinch my face?" Jian Yun slapped his hand away. She really could not stand Huo Liancheng's big hand. Why did this guy love to pinch her face so much recently?

"Then pinch here!" Huo Liancheng casually patted Jian Yun's butt.

"Can you not go down like that?" Jian Yun was going crazy. She grabbed Huo Liancheng's hand and tried to bite him.

"Ahem, ahem, ahem. Can you two stop showing off your dog food so early in the morning?"

Jian Yun and Huo Liancheng kept making small moves. When they went down the stairs, they heard someone saying.

"Why are you here?" Jian Yun saw that it was Yin Che who spoke and could not help but be surprised. At the same time, she slapped Huo Liancheng's claw that was reaching for her face again.

"Sister Fang told me that Young Master Huo was injured. She had something urgent to do in the morning and could not come. Let me take a look." Yin Che wore a simple white shirt and black pants. He had a short hair and a thin face, but he gave off a very clean and refreshing feeling.

Jian Yun heard him and quickly grabbed Huo Liancheng's hand and walked down the stairs. Before she reached Yin Che, she said anxiously, "Yes, his hand hurts. I applied iodine to it, but he touched water later. Do you want to take a look?"

"It's a small injury. I'm fine!" Huo Liancheng frowned. He seemed to reject Yin Che touching him.

Yin Che naturally understood President Huo's personality of not liking being touched. He did not mind. He only smiled and took out a disposable glove from his bag. He put it on and then lowered his head to check Huo Liancheng's hand. "Who did Young Master Huo fight with? The injury on his fist seems to be something hard."

Jian Yun frowned when she saw Yin Che remove the gauze. She became nervous. Is it serious? Do you want to go to the hospital for a checkup?"

Yin Che pressed on Huo Liancheng's wound and asked if it hurt. He then said, "It's not serious if you didn't hurt your bones. It's just a little inflamed. I don't think the wound is very serious. Take the anti-inflammatory medicine for three days and take care of it."

Jian Yun had just heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Huo Liancheng's stiff refusal, "I don't take medicine!"

If you don't take medicine, you're afraid of infection!" Yin Che said.

"Take it." Jian Yun looked at Huo Liancheng. She knew that Huo Liancheng hated the bitter taste of medicine. That time, he had a high fever. It was because she coaxed him to take the medicine.

"If you beg me, I will take it!" Huo Liancheng suddenly became arrogant.

"Bah!" Jian Yun rolled her eyes and ignored Yin Che who was laughing. She coughed dryly and said, "Give us a prescription!"

"You haven't begged me yet!" Huo Liancheng pulled Jian Yun's hand.

"No!" Jian Yun turned her head.

"Then I won't eat!" Huo Liancheng winked at Yin Che. "You can go now!"

"No, you can't go. Give us a prescription." Jian Yun quickly blocked Yin Che's way.

Yin Che looked at Huo Liancheng and then looked at Jian Yun. He felt that he was really in a difficult position. Should he prescribe the prescription or not?

"Hurry up!" Jian Yun urged.

" If don't beg me, I don't take medicine!" Huo Liancheng was very proud.

"Okay, okay, I beg you. Take your medicine!" Jian Yun was speechless. She did not know what Huo Liancheng was trying to do.

"Go on!" Huo Liancheng curled his lips and smiled.

Yin Che lowered his eyes and shook his head. He sighed in his heart. It was true that men and women in love had low emotional quotient. Even someone like Huo Liancheng had such a childish side to him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-secret-wife_19837085806548005/c507-my-husband-is-the-most-handsome!_55514562841080813">;s-secret-wife_19837085806548005/c507-my-husband-is-the-most-handsome!_55514562841080813</a> for visiting.

Huo Liancheng's injuries were not serious to begin with. If Jian Yun did not insist, Huo Liancheng would at most bandage his wounds. He would not have taken his medicine. Yin Che only prescribed three days worth of anti-inflammatory medicine. Coincidentally, he had brought the medicine in his bag and gave it to Jian Yun.

Yin Che completed his task and was about to pack his things and leave when he suddenly heard Huo Liancheng ask him, "Has Qingcheng contacted you these few days?"

Yin Che's subordinate's consciousness trembled, and he immediately adjusted his mood. He looked up with surprise and asked Huo Liancheng, "Why did Young Master Huo ask that?"

"You don't understand?" Huo Liancheng sat on the sofa and asked Jian Yun to bandage his wound. When he heard Yin Che's question, he suddenly lifted his eyelids and his sharp eyes flashed.

When Yin Che saw Huo Liancheng's cold eyes, he immediately felt a shiver in his heart. He felt so guilty that he almost flipped over his medical bag.

"What are you guys talking about?" Jian Yun finished dressing Huo Liancheng. At this time, she also looked up.

"Nothing." Huo Liancheng did not answer Jian Yun's question directly. Instead, he waved his hand. He said to Yin Che, who was sweating profusely and looking very embarrassed, "You can go."

When Yin Che heard this, he immediately packed up his things as if he was pardoned. He simply ran out of the room while pissing his pants.

Jian Yun withdrew her gaze from Yin Che and looked at Huo Liancheng. "Could it be..."

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