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72.06% You, CEO's Secret Wife / Chapter 516: C516 Surprise Gift

C516 Surprise Gift - You, CEO's Secret Wife - Chapter 516 by priya_debnath full book limited free

Chapter 516: C516 Surprise Gift

"What else can we do?" Huo Liancheng smiled. The love in his eyes was so strong that he could not let her go. He reached out and held Jian Yun's shoulder. He used a little strength to make her look at him and said in a deep voice, "Do what you want. I will take care of the rest."

Jian Yun heard him and was stunned for a moment. Then she felt touched and sweet in her heart. She knew that Huo Liancheng was a reserved person. He would put everything in his heart. He rarely expressed it directly, but it was also because of this that he could say it now. It was even more precious.

It also proved that he really trusted her.

Jian Yun wrapped her arms around Huo Liancheng's waist and took the initiative to hug him. She snuggled up to him and listened to the strong heartbeat in his chest. It actually made her feel unusually at ease.

This was the sense of security, right?

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"What are you laughing at?" Huo Liancheng heard Jian Yun's laughter. He knocked her on the head and asked.

"I was thinking, the reason I could marry you must be because I saved the entire Milky Way in my previous life." Jian Yun looked up and said with a smile.

Huo Liancheng raised his eyebrows, "Shouldn't it be the entire universe?"

Jian Yun pouted and pretended to be disdainful, "The one who saved the entire universe is you, otherwise you wouldn't be able to marry me!"

Huo Liancheng nodded and said seriously, "That makes sense!"

Jian Yun burst into laughter, "Thank you!"

Huo Liancheng rubbed Jian Yun's head affectionately, "Do you have to be so polite to me?"

Jian Yun shrugged and suddenly stood on her tiptoes and kissed Huo Liancheng's lips, "Then I won't be polite!"

"Let's go." Huo Liancheng held Jian Yun's hand and turned around to walk out of the balcony.

Jian Yun finally turned her head to look. Under the balcony, the police had rushed over. Xunuo and Chengnuo had packed their things and left under Chen Xin's escort. The few gangsters lying on the ground were still wailing.

Jian Yun noticed that Chen Xin had picked up the phone and looked towards the balcony. She heard Huo Liancheng's cold voice, "They even dared to covet my woman. Teach these bastards a good lesson!"

As if there was a cold wind blowing, Jian Yun could not help but shiver.

"Where are we going now?" Jian Yun asked.

"Did you take the initiative to visit the mall not to buy me a gift?" Huo Liancheng narrowed his eyes.

Jian Yun held back her laughter and pretended to be at a loss as she shook her head. "No, I was just saying it casually."

Huo Liancheng's eyes narrowed even tighter. He took a step forward. "Is that so?"

Jian Yun nodded and nodded, "Of course -"

"Huh?" Huo Liancheng threatened.

"Of course not!" Jian Yun quickly bent her eyes and said playfully. She requested to come to the mall today because Huo Liancheng's birthday was almost here. She wanted to choose a present for him.

"Then what are you going to give me?" Huo Liancheng forced Jian Yun to admit it and was satisfied.

"I can't tell you now. Otherwise, there won't be any surprises." Jian Yun tilted her head and blinked. She saw that although Huo Liancheng's expression was still cold, the smile in his eyes could not be stopped. She could not help but feel better.

"Alright then. I will wait for you to give me a surprise!" Huo Liancheng pinched Jian Yun's waist.

Just as the two of them were about to get into the elevator, Jian Yun saw a middle-aged man rushing over. When he saw Huo Liancheng, he immediately looked relieved and said respectfully, "Young Master Huo."

"Where's Chen Xin?" Huo Liancheng asked.

"Manager Chen arranged for someone to send the two children back in five minutes." The man answered respectfully. When he saw Jian Yun staring at him, he smiled respectfully and said, "That's great. I am Lin Dacong, the manager of the Tian Yi mall."

"Hello." Jian Yun was puzzled. Huo Liancheng was shopping in the mall, why was the manager so nervous?

Could it be...

"Wait for me." Jian Yun took out her phone from her pocket and wanted to check it. As soon as she opened it, she saw more than a dozen missed calls. They were all from Huo Liancheng. The time was when she was with ChengNuo and Xunuo. There were probably too many people at that time, so she did not hear the bell ring.

"There's no need to check. This mall belongs to Huo's." As if knowing what Jian Yun wanted to do, Huo Liancheng suddenly whispered into her ear.

... "" Jian Yun put down her phone and pretended to be calm as she coughed dryly, "I didn't check. I just wanted to see who called me."

Huo Liancheng pinched Jian Yun's face and asked her with a frown. "Duo Duo, don't tell me you still don't know how much assets my family has?"

Jian Yun's eyes rolled. When she saw that Manager Lin was also looking at her, her face could not help but turn a little red. She originally wanted to argue, but when she saw Huo Liancheng's mischievous eyes, she decided to admit it honestly, "Alright, I really don't know. However, it doesn't matter to me whether you have money or not!"

This flattery was obviously right. Huo Liancheng felt refreshed.

"Alright, let's go. Let's see what you like." Huo Liancheng said with a smile.

Manager Lin had never seen Huo Liancheng smile before. He was stunned on the spot. It took him a long time to react before he saw Huo Liancheng and Jian Yun had walked far away.

An hour later, Jian Yun and Huo Liancheng left the shopping mall empty-handed. Jian Yun walked around and found that the things in the shopping mall were too ordinary. She did not even care about them, let alone Huo Liancheng.

Moreover, Huo Liancheng did not lack anything. This time, Jian Yun was at a loss. On the other hand, Huo Liancheng picked out a few clothes and shoes for Jian Yun. He asked her to wrap them up and send them home.

Chen Xin drove the car over. After the two of them got into the car, Chen Xin asked where they were going.

Huo Liancheng looked at Jian Yun. Jian Yun thought for a while and said, "Let's go to the West Garden District. Something has fallen there. I will go and get it."

"Liancheng, if you need anything, go back first. I can go alone." After saying that, Jian Yun remembered that Huo Liancheng's time was very precious. Every day's schedule was full. It was rare for him to spend the whole morning with her.

"No need. I am not working today. I will accompany you!" Huo Liancheng grabbed Jian Yun's hand and held her hand with his fingers as he said gently.

Jian Yun could not help but smile. She leaned her head on Huo Liancheng's shoulder and said softly, "This feeling is very blissful."

Huo Liancheng reached out and patted Jian Yun's face. His expression was also gentle only when he faced her.

When they arrived at the West Garden District and got out of the car, Jian Yun turned back and asked Huo Liancheng, "Do you want to go with me?"

"Of course!"

On the way to the elevator, they arrived at the apartment Jian Yun and Luo Yanyan rented. Jian Yun used the key to open the door. She saw a few pairs of shoes at the entrance and knew There was someone in the room, and she was going to take her things quietly and leave. After that, she would call Luo Yanyan and tell her.

However, Jian Yun was packing up in her bedroom when she heard a fierce argument from Luo Yanyan's room.

Jian Yun stopped what she was doing and looked at Huo Liancheng who was standing in front of the window. He was also looking at her. Although Jian Yun also knew that it was not good to listen to other people's conversation, the sound was too loud. Even if she closed the bedroom door, she could still clearly hear Luo Yanyan, her parents, and her younger brother's quarrel.

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