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72.2% You, CEO's Secret Wife / Chapter 517: C517 Family Matters and Quarrels

C517 Family Matters and Quarrels - You, CEO's Secret Wife - Chapter 517 by priya_debnath full book limited free

Chapter 517: C517 Family Matters and Quarrels

The first thing Jian Yun heard was Mrs. Luo's voice, "No, Luo Cheng, you can't continue messing around like this!"

"Mom, what do you know?" Luo Cheng's voice sounded, but his voice was very irritable. "I can't do this job," he said. Not only do I have a low salary, but I also have to go out every day and work overtime every weekend. I don't have a car. I have to squeeze on the bus every day and waste a day on traffic. When I get home, it's already midnight. I really can't take it anymore. "

"Luo Cheng, that's not what you said before. You said that as long as you can enter the Ming's, no matter what kind of work you do, you will do it well. You want others to see you. Even though It has only been a few days and you want to resign. How do you want me to explain this to Jian Yun? " Luo Yanyan's voice was dull and carried a hint of anger.

Sister, don't mention that classmate of yours, okay? I thought she could get Luo Cheng a good job by relying on her relationship, but Luo Cheng only got the position of a small sales representative. Luo Cheng could even get such a job himself."

Jian Yun, who was in the bedroom at the side, could not help but feel awkward when she heard this. She looked up at Huo Liancheng and stroked her hair. A bitter smile appeared on her face.

Huo Liancheng did not have any reaction. He walked from the window to the bed and signaled Jian Yun to clean up quickly. He was not interested in other people's family matters.

Jian Yun also sped up, but then she heard the door open. Someone walked into the living room and the quarrel became louder.

Luo Yanyan did not know what to say, but the woman's voice suddenly became sharp, "Sister, what do you mean by this? Could it be that what I said is wrong? That classmate of yours has become successful. She found a good man, but I don't think she takes care of you very much. She might even be laughing behind your back. What about you? Your life is so miserable. It's because you don't have money. Since she's so rich now, she can give you a few hundred thousand. "See if Qin Dong's mother still dares to criticize you. Their family will definitely support you like they worship Bodhisattva."

The voice was very young. It should be Luo Cheng's fiancée. It was a woman who always smiled. When she was talking to Jian Yun in the hospital that day, she was very polite. Jian Yun did not expect that she would actually accuse her behind her back. Jian Yun was so angry that she grabbed the bed sheet.

"You, what nonsense are you talking about?" Luo Yanyan must be so angry that her voice also became louder. She said, "Jian Yun is not that kind of person. Furthermore, even if she has money, why did she give it to me? Why should I take her money? If you want money, you need to make it yourself. Those people who only think of asking others for money are the most shameful!"

"Sister, are you scolding me? Luo Cheng, am I wrong? "I'm doing this for our family too, aren't I? I just said a few words, "Luo Cheng's fiancée said angrily. She suddenly started to cry," Why should your sister scold me? "

"Sister, why are you scolding Jing like that?" Luo Cheng was not happy. His voice became louder. He should have followed Zhang Xiaojing into the living room.

"I didn't scold her. I just said that those people who reached out to ask for money are shameful!" Luo Yanyan said angrily.

"You are scolding us. We just borrowed some money from you. It's not like we don't want to return it to you!" Luo Cheng was also angry. While he coaxed Zhang Xiaojing, he quarreled with Luo Yanyan, "It is not us who caused you to fall to this state. It is your own fault. Why are you venting your anger on us?"

A hundred thousand is just a little money in your eyes. "

Luo Yanyan was very angry. She was about to retort but was interrupted by Mrs. Luo, "Alright, Yanyan, you should stop talking. Your brother is younger than you. As the elder sister, you should let him go."

"Mom, since young, you have always said this. How long do I have to bear with him?" Luo Yanyan was so angry that she cried, "I have fall to this stage because you guys have interfered too much. All of you come to interfere with my matters!"

"Luo Yanyan, how did you talk to Mom?" Luo Yanyan's father, who had been silent all this time, spoke up at this time, "The matter is already over. Why are you still bringing it up?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-secret-wife_19837085806548005/c517-family-matters-and-quarrels_55526302328865810">;s-secret-wife_19837085806548005/c517-family-matters-and-quarrels_55526302328865810</a> for visiting.

"Dad, is it really over? But it hasn't been completely resolved yet!" Luo Yanyan said angrily.

"Yanyan, don't say anymore. Mom knows Mom did something wrong. I'm sorry. But Mom is also doing it for your own good!" Mrs. Luo cried.

You are doing this for my own good?! Let's see what I'm like now!" Luo Yanyan sneered.

"You guys can't stay here any longer. I will go back to the hotel to pack my things and go back to my hometown." Luo Cheng said impatiently. He gave Zhang Xiaojing a look and the two of them turned to leave.

"No, you're not allowed to resign!" At this time, Father Luo slammed the table and said angrily, "You don't even have the ability to study in a university. Now that you have finally entered a big company like the Ming's, what do you want to do if you don't cherish it?"

"I don't care if you agree or not. I'm just telling you today that I can't do this job!" Luo Cheng raised his neck like a fighting chicken. His face was red. "Even if I go back to pick up trash, I don't want to stay in the Ming's. I only have that little salary, but I do more work than a cow. What the hell is this!"

"Just continue being stubborn. In the future, you will regret it!" Father Luo was also angry. He turned around and started to scold Mrs. Luo, "Look, Luo Cheng is spoiled by you. He doesn't have willpower. Sooner or later, he won't have food to eat. He can only eat shit!"

"Old Man Luo, who do you think eats sh * t?!" When Luo Cheng heard this, he immediately felt that his pride and face had been hurt. He rushed over to argue with Father Luo.

"Am I wrong? Who are you angry with? Do you still want to hit me?!" Father Luo's voice was also loud.

"Luo Cheng, how can you talk to your father like that?" Mrs. Luo saw that the situation was not right and quickly went up to stop the fight. In the end, she was pushed by father Luo and directly hit the door. At that time, she groaned and collapsed on the ground.

"Mom!" Luo Yanyan screamed and hurriedly wanted to get up from the bed.

"It's okay, it's okay. Yanyan, lie down and don't move!" Mrs. Luo's forehead was full of sweat and she could only wave her hand.

Father Luo and Luo Cheng saw the situation and did not quarrel anymore. They went over to ask about Mrs. Luo's situation. Mrs. Luo shook her head and pointed to the side of her stomach. "It hurts here. It was a little painful last night. I think it was gallstones."

"Why aren't you sending Mom to the hospital?" Luo Yanyan was sitting on the bed, but because her body was too weak, she could not get up at all. As long as she moved or spoke loudly, she would feel dizzy.

"Yes, Luo Cheng, quickly send auntie to the hospital!" Zhang Xiaojing interrupted at this time.

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