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100% Youjo Senki: The Russy Prince / Chapter 22: Honor

Honor - Youjo Senki: The Russy Prince - Chapter 22 by Soulcrystal full book limited free

Chapter 22: Honor

Waking up from his dark dream he could see a white ceiling. The sun was shining through a window and illuminated the sterile-looking room.

The only thing that was giving off a warm feeling was the bunch of sunflowers that stood near him on a table in a delicate vase.

Pushing himself forward he groaned lightly. His body ached all over. But it was much better than when he escape the palace.

By that fact he could guess that he managed to acclimate to mana overload and trained himself well enough to be able to withstand it better.

Still, it hurt like hell and he went back to lying on the bed.

Near him some other patient's had been observing him. Among them there was a person that Yuri recognized. It was a certain man with red short hair. This time around he wore a black suit and smoked while reading a up tod ate newspaper.

But instead of approaching Yuri, he only nodded at him lightly and continued to red his paper.

Yuri was also not mad about that or anything. he knew what this person was doing here so he stopped looking around and relaxed.

The otherwise full hospital seemed to be taking in a lot of injured soldiers now. He could already see that with the amoung of them being inside his room.

Well, minus one of them being one of his moles taking precaution about his safety. That's right. The soldier in one bed and this guy in a suit that was "visiting" him was also a Diamond Dog.

Grabbing the cubboard and looking inside he saw his iDroid watch.

Noticing that it was inside there he felt surprised and rather relieved that the design had been made like some normal wristwatch.

Its hidden features would only activate after doing a retina scan through a combination of certain button presses.

In some way he felt like some double zero spy. That thought alone brought a small smile on his face and he equipped the watch.

Some people in the aristocratic circle were also curious about his fashion choice. Instead of wearing a small pocket watch he carried it around his wrist.

Well, soon it will always be worn like that.

Anyway, not much time passed after a nurse saw him awake and explained his condition. Then a doctor took some quick breaths and gave him the more detailed explenation together with a report for him to read later.

So many gad damn pages. Apparently Yuri had various fractured bones which led to internal bleeding, a single bullets inside his body and a intoxicated blood analyzes where they found out that he was as high as a kite.

Drugs still being not yet firmly regulated in this time and mana in general being "undamaging" to the body gave him a clear for recovery for some time because of the other injuries. That is only after finding out he was a mage. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Doctors still disliked saving drug addicts it seems. Poor bastards that live in these times and got an addiction to medicine are screwed. You would go straight to the backside of the least for treatment.

Thought one would wonder what a mage could do now...Would they overdose themselves untl their brains explode into nothingness?

The thought alone made Yuri perplexed and he shook it off to keep that topic of his brain process.

Now after Yuri thought about something else he wondered how he got shot? He barely remembers his adrenalin rushed battle. So much for that.

With a sigh he vowed to take a safer approach next time.

Later , about a day and a half alter, he was visited by a certain man with glasses. Erich von Lergen was now standing in front of his hospital bed and analyzed him with his eyes.

"Oberleutnant(Lieutenant 1st class) Romany, you seem to enjoy your rest?" That question was asked while he looked through his documents that he was carrying with him.

Yuri was looking at this man and wondered what he was up to with that question. "Is there something the matter...Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel)?"

Yuri did look at his shoulder pads to discern this mans rank. What made him vary was the extra garnish that showed him being i.G.

So he was in the service of the general staff. A very high ranked officer that could become a general.

He can't remember ever meeting this person before so he was even more curious now as to why this man seemed to smile as if he knew him.

Lerugen glanced at him again when he heard his question.

"I will now list the following for you to take note. Award of the Wound Badge, ACM Skill Badge, Field Assault Badge, Aerial Assault Badge and lasty the Silver Wings Assault Badge with Oak Leaves for immesruable sercive. You sure made a name for yourself."

Lerugen then went ahead and put a case with those medals on his table and clapped a few times.

Yuri felt weird at that moment. " that not the badge only dead people get?" The was a short pause in his sentance. "Well, I don't think wound badge sounds that great of a honor though..."

"Well, that was the first badge that was awarded to you. Taking it back would be...Insincere on our part. But after reconfirming your duty by my investigation, your actions and very outstanding performance that is close to a heroic depiction...It was only fair enough to award you with these badges."

"Wait, I was only going to be awarded that wound badge? Is everything alright with the bureucracy? I also remember still not being listed as a mage for some reason." Yuri frowned now. It was one thing getting something but another if there were mistakes done.

"Yes, I have noticed that. It looks like some people had to be disciplined properly for being so lax on their work. To think that you would only gain such a meager award... especially after someone else already gaining that Silver Wings Assault Badge a little bit before you is favoritism."

"...That is suprising. Quite the weird times we live in, huh?"

"Well, I am only here to deliver these since I was already close by. There is also the letter from War College. You are to rest up and join the Staff Officer course. And don't worry about your standing. There is already a procedure running to redeploy you to the aerial amge unit. Mage training included. But by your performance I wonder if you need it."

"Thank you...Oberstleutenant?" Yuri now remembered that he didn't know his name.

"Right, I am L.Colonel Erich von Lerugen. It is nice to meet you, First Lieutenant Romany."


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