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75% YOURS AND YOURS ALONE / Chapter 12: The Story of Isaac(2): CONCLUSION

The Story of Isaac(2): CONCLUSION - YOURS AND YOURS ALONE - Chapter 12 by elichan full book limited free

Chapter 12: The Story of Isaac(2): CONCLUSION

"Hello Mr. Isaac. I'm Franklin Loom, your lawyer for the hearing." Isaac sat in a chair separated by a glass partition from the man in a black coat wearing a dark framed glasses. "Hello, thank you so much for taking my case." Isaac sincerely thanked the lawyer.

"Enough with these pleasantries, let's get to the main point immediately." Franklin looked impatient and irritated for some reasons. 'Oh, seems like even my lawyer is not willing to fight for me.' Isaac was grim and even his last shred of hope was snugged out. He gave up. He directly told the lawyer, "What do they want from me? What should I do? Hmm?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Looks like you are not as stupid as you look", the lawyer finally showed a smirk. "So you plead guilty in the court tomorrow and that way everyone can have a happy ending." The lawyer leaned back on his chair as he said this.

Unlike how the lawyer had first entered all gloomy and irritated when he left the meeting room he was in a good mood. He was thinking about the reward he was getting tonight.

Back in the cell, Isaac looked lifeless. He had no family, no lover nothing at also he was not worried about them. He had some friends but they were not close enough so he had no one to ask help to. The next day he was found guilty in the court. Although he had already pleaded guilty, the opposing lawyer had fabricated many evidence against him. The chairman's son was brought in as the witness.

"When I arrived in my father's company, I was parking my car when I heard a scream. Since it is like my own company I became worried and went to check and what met my sight was….." the man made a sick and terrified expression.

'My, he deserves the Oscar for his acting.' Isaac thought as he looked at the shameless acting of the man but the other people unaware of the real culprit looked at Isaac with contempt and anger in their eyes. Isaac didn't care anymore. They made hi m the villain and he won't mind playing the villain but he felt a little sad.

When exiting the trial room, tomatoes and eggs were thrown at him as he heard people swearing at him. "People like you should be killed" , "This animal should be butchered" , "Even if you come out of jail, I'll kill you". Isaac moved on numbly as if those angry shouts were not bring thrown at him. On the gate he met a old couple who had pure sadness and despair in their eyes. Isaac didn't need any introductions; he knew they were the girl's parents. When he arrived them he bowed down as he apologized, "I am sorry."

Others thought he was apologizing because he was feeling ashamed and guilty but only he knew he was apologizing for not being able to save the girl. The tear they were holding back finally fell down as their feeble old hand punched him as they lamented their loss. Isaac couldn't watch it anymore. He would be the bad guy if that could give these old people solace in thinking the criminal had been punished rather than giving them the truth that the animal who ravaged their daughter was still roaming around freely.

After ten years of serving his term in the jail, he finally came out as a free man. Although he was threatened before he went to jail no one remembered a thing and no one gave damn about that case anymore. It was ancient history to them. He felt empty as he thought how cruel this world was where humanity was already on the verge of extinction.

He had a criminal record and no one in the society will give him a decent job. Back in the jail, he had met a man who belonged to the SER group. He was sentenced for smuggling drugs to students. From him he understood how all those big and rich companies were nothing more than business façade put forward by underworld leaders. This whole central city was nothing more than a big spider forest with webs spread out all over preying over weak like them.

When he came out he was a changed man both inside and out. The first thing he did was go to the SER group and before he knew it, he was standing before the Boss, Tom Blake.

"So this twig wants to join us, huh." The man spoke as he puffed out a white smoke on his face. Isaac coughed violently as he was not used to smoking. "You look like a wimp but if you pass the test I might consider."

"Test???" Isaac asked confused. He waved his hand and a man stepped forward with a suitcase in his hand. "This bag contains the goods and it needs to be delivered to this location. You don't need to know who but make sure to deliver this." Tom pointed to a dark alley in the remote part of the city. "The time is 8 pm sharp tonight." Another puff left his mouth.

Tom dressed as shabbily as he could and changed the suitcase to a big sack. He made himself look like a beggar as he strode towards the alley and made himself comfortable in a corner where some people threw money and some food to him. He even had the thought to live as a beggar but it soon left his mind when a girl came forward and left some food and water for him.

"Please have it. You look tiered." The silky voice of a woman reached his ear. He stared at the young woman in front of him who was looking at him with care and some pity in his eyes. It had been long time since someone had shown him that kind of emotion. He thought that he had become emotionless but then he felt his eyes wetting. He quickly bowed down his head and nodded. The girl was surprised to find such a docile and cute beggar.

"Good boy", her hand stretched unconsciously to pat his head as she smiled. When she finally realized what she was doing it was too late. Feeling a warm hand on top of his head Isaac raised his head to meet the clear blue eyes of girl who blushed till her ear became scarlet red.

"Then I'm going." She hurriedly left and Isaac felt butterflies inside his stomach. Under that shabby clothing his heart was beating loudly. It could jump out any moment now but he controlled his emotions as the agreed time came forward. He got up and disappeared in the alley without anyone noticing. He waited in a corner when a man sat down beside him to smoke.

"You brought the chocolate?"

"Yes and its very good." Isaac spoke as he shoved the sack at him. The man noticed his disguise, " are dressed like this..hahahaha..". Isaac was a little ashamed but he got up to leave to avoid further contact with the man. "Wait a minute bro; I'm from the SER group just like you. Boss will never leave such an important task to a newbie like you."

"I'm Drake." The man stretched out his hand as he introduced himself. "Also I'm younger than you but in terms of experience I'm older so call me big bro."

Isaac finally noticed the young man in front of him who had a charming face and when added with his smile looked devilishly handsome. "How old are you?"

"Huh me? I am 20." He smiled as he pointed to himself.

"You kid should call me Big bro, you sapling." Isaac flicked his rubbed his head messing his hair.

"Oyeeee..stop it." The boy stood up. For a twenty year old he was tall but still a shoulder length small in front of Isaac. "Let's go." Isaac picked up his sack as he started to move.

"Who was that girl?" Drake broke the silence making Isaac stop on his track. "You were peeking at me?" He shouted at the boy who as grinning. "Well yes, I was asked to follow you." The boy whistled as he said this. Isaac was turning red. "So do you like her?"

"What? I don't…." but he was unsure as he told this. After confirming his suspicion Drake smirked as he said, "That's sad. She only thinks of you as a beggar." That was right. He didn't even know who she was. "Want me to help you? I am a pro at wining girls." Drake bragged and it seemed correct looking at his face and build. "And you are selected to join us. This test was just one of his silly past time."

Exactly after one month, dressed in a normal but clean and casual clothes Isaac stood at the entrance of a café for his first date. Looking at the frozen fish Drake who was hiding behind a tree couldn't help but sigh.

"You worked hard for it so man up you idiot." Isaac scolded himself and after mustering courage he entered the café as he greeted the young lady, "Hi, I'm Isaac."

"Hello, I'm Rena. Nice to meet you." Isaac felt his heart skip another beat as he looked into her clear blue eyes. 'I have finally found happiness in my life and I'm not letting it go.' Isaac was determined as he vowed to keep her happy throughout her life when they got married exactly one year later after their first date.

Isaac felt his heart tear into pieces as Rena knelt along with him. He cursed his boss, he cursed the master of Tyrell group and he cursed himself more.

"Get up." A cold voice commanded them.

Chris who was massaging his temple finally spoke, "He has no intention of killing you but you will get punishment." "But it seems like you have to clear up something with your wife first." Chris pointed at both of them. "Take you time sorting things out." Chris picked up Ruby who seemed to be really comfortable with, "I will take care of her in the meantime." As the couple exited the room Nina jumped out from behind a sofa as she exclaimed, "Way too much tension."

"Now it's increased because of you." Chris said as he played with Ruby. "Where did this cutie come from huh.Let this sister hold you okay?" Nina happily extended her hand only to be rejected. "But why?" Nina made a pitiful face as she asked. "Cause you look ugly." Chris replied. "You…" Nina became angry. "Isn't that so Ruby?"Chris asked the little girl in his arm.

"Sister is beautiful but I like big brother more." Ruby replied normally. Chris pointed to him and his brother, "Me or him?"

This time Ruby was shy as she pointed to the man on the chair, "Him" and she blushed! The whole room filled with laughter at her answer. Just outside the room Rena looked sadly as she asked, "Do I have the right to know the truth now?"

"I'm sorry Rena. I'm just a coward." Isaac felt his heart breaking looking at her sad face. "I work for the SER group."

"I know."

"But I'm not a security guard. I am a part of his gang as well and that means I have to dirty my hands at time and this time I was made to attack the master of Tyrell group. So we are in this mess because of me." Isaac was ready to hear anything but when he looked at her all he saw was tear falling on her face. "You idiot, so what does that matters. I have accepted all of you so I will accept the fact that you belong to a mafia."

"But maybe it's time to leave it all. It's not safe and I can't see you in danger anymore." Rena broke down as she begged him. "If I leave this place alive I will." Isaac promised Rena as he hugged her tightly.

Kim who had followed them returned to his master's side and whispered, "Everything is okay."

"Great." The man replied, "Then it's time we pull some string."

elichan elichan

I hope everyone has a nice time reading this and may you all find the one for you. Shameless promotion, "Mission Impossible: love is possible" Do read and support me in this book as well.

Thank you lovely people.(*<3 *)

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