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100% Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: The Duel Master / Chapter 27: The FortuneCup 1

The FortuneCup 1 - Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's: The Duel Master - Chapter 27 by Chick_Thief full book limited free

Chapter 27: The FortuneCup 1

We spent the next two days preparing for the FortuneCup by doing simulations and finally the day arrived.

Yusei, Leo, me, Akiza and Bisha were below the Duel arena.

Leo was arguing with Luna and I, Yanagi and Tanner were laughing but Luna's eyes were full of anger.

Leo and Luna were arguing, making everyone laugh.

Finally, MC announced the start of the festivities, and an announcement called for the duelists to come and prepare.

"Attention all participating duelists, please go to your seats!"

"It's finally starting, see you later."

I greet Tanner, Yanagi, Dexter and Luna, and I set Bisha ablaze, who wished me good luck.

Yusei and Leo did the same, but before that, Luna pulled Leo's ear and said, "If you dare to ruin my reputation today, you'll suffer, including Leo!"

"Yes ma'am, my ear hurts, please coward."

"Hmph, don't think we're your toys."


[POV Narrator]

Above, in the duel stadium, MC introduced Rex Goodwin as a promoter, and Kaiba Corp as a sponsor. Jack then made a spectacular entrance with his dragon, and finally the MC called all 8 participants to take the stage.

At his call, the 8 participants left the field using platforms, and he began to present them all.

"The Great Greiger! The strange Shira! The Little Luna! Sir Gill! Akiza Izinski! Professor Frank! The ex-champion, Genesis! And finally Yusei Fudo!"

The spectators were screaming but when they saw Yusei, someone from the satellite, they started to boo.

Greiger stepped forward and delivered a speech that silenced the audience, and Goodwin took the opportunity to show off his holy personality.

"Hypocritical!" thought Genesis and many others who know the truth about Goodwin.

MC then showed the screen to see how the duels would play out, and Genesis looked at the screen.

Finally, the order of the duels is:

-Greiger VS Luna

-Shira VS Yusei

-Sir Gill VS Akiza

-Professor Frank VS Genesis

Genesis smirked and turned away from the screen. He then noticed some devices that were on top of the Kaiba Dome, and he thought, "These are the Zigzix devices."


[POV Genesis]

After being present to the crowd, we went behind the stadium, and now I was with Leo, Yusei and Akiza.

"Thanks, Yusei for fixing my dueling disc."

"Glad you like it."

"I can't wait to fight Greiger, you won't get the last minute advice."

"Yes, and never forget to adapt to your opponent."

"It's going to be easy."

Leo passed Sir Gill and shouted, "Cool your disguise."

I watched Leo leave with a confident smile and shake his head, "He's still a child." I thought.

"Yusei, do you think he's going to win?"

"... There is little chance."


Akiza, she was looking at the screen that showed the start of the Duel between Leo and Greiger.

We watched together on screen, Leo going up into the dueling arena against Greiger.

I watched Greiger play with Leo. Greiger had a Deck that limited the opponent. Greiger could have defeated Leo faster, but Goodwin had given orders. Yusei and I watched Leo lose after 1 hour and come back with sad eyes.

Yusei comforted him, but I only told him, "If you don't want to be sad anymore, then win, and don't lose anymore." patting his shoulder.

After that, we watched Akiza's duel where everyone found out she was the legendary Black Rose. The one that did incredible Duels all over New Domino City.

At one point, Greiger joined us and he, and Yusei started discussing Akiza's chances of winning.

But I ignored them and closed my eyes while waiting for my duel. I knew Akiza would win because she had more Dueling experience.

When Akiza won her duel as planned, Yusei faced off against Shira, who was replaced by Hunter Place.

When Yusei left, Greiger looked at me and said my eyes were firm, "Why are you participating in the FortuneCup? After all you were the ex-champion, and you had given up your title? What is the interest in coming back? "

"Mmhm…" I opened my eyes, and looked at him. Looking at his eyes, I smiled and replied, "I got an invite and found this tournament quite interesting, so I accepted, why the problem?"

Greiger frowned and thought, "He's replaced Commander Koda, but why did Goodwin invite him?"


After only 45 minutes, Yusei came back with a smile.

"Congratulations on your victory Yusei." Greiger congratulated him.

I looked at Yusei and said, "I think it's my turn now."

I headed for the arena to meet my opponent. When I arrived, the technicians who were under the arena made me climb onto a platform which took me to the arena.

After a few seconds, I saw Professor Frank.

"I don't like this guy." I thought.


[POV Narrator]

The MC introduced the two duelists to the crowd watching Genesis and the Professor.

"We have two duelists in the arena, the first is known as Professor Frank, he is famous for his mystical techniques in his duels, and then we have Genesis, the ex-champion who has mysteriously disappeared! The possessor of the legendary [Blue-Eyes White Dragon]! And other legendary monsters! " Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-the-duel-master_15338814006053205/the-fortunecup-1_51189955153685397">;s-the-duel-master_15338814006053205/the-fortunecup-1_51189955153685397</a> for visiting.

The crowd looked at Genesis with wide eyes before screaming.


MC smiled then shouted: "It's time for the duel to begin, isn't it ?!"



[POV Genesis]

On the arena, I looked at the professor who was looking at me with a thin smile.

"I'm proud to meet the duelist who owns the legendary [Blue-Eyes White Dragon], may I see the card?"

"You will see her during the duel."

The professor kept his smile, but I could sense his unwillingness for a short time.

"If he dares to do anything during the Duel, then he will have a nasty surprise." I was thinking.

Frank wanted to dominate the spirit world, and destroy it to rebuild it in his image. For Genesis, who has friends there, and one of the places where he can rest, it was a royal offense.

MC: "Dear competitors, activate your Duel Disk!"

"Let's go !" We said so.

[Genesis: 4000: 5 cards] [Frank: 4000: 5 cards] "I have the honor to begin." said the professor. "I draw." said the professor. "I start by activating [Wave of Ill Intent], every time a monster I control is destroyed in battle you will take 300 damage." I keep a neutral face, these passwords pass in front of an unstoppable force are child's play. "I then summon [Symmetry Rorschach] to attack position." [Rorschach Symmetry: Light / Psychic: Level 3: ATK 1200 / DEF 1200] "And I end my turn by putting two cards face down." he ended with a smile. [Frank: 4000: 3 cards] "It's my turn, I draw." I had good cards, but I wanted to get rid of this vermin quickly.

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