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Chapter 17: A Causal Tuesday

"Good morning! This is BD Johnson! Giving you your daily forecast for the day! Today we're going to have a beautiful day, with a slight chance of some clouds coming in. So don't think your too safe, that time of the year were fall is in the air, so stop on by the museum and get you some lovely artwork. Also, we won't have any rain, but it might be a little chilly, so make sure you bundle up for that wonderful evening!"

The television downstairs where Yugi was watching it within some small shorts and a t-shirt. His hair was somewhat messy, but he had woken up that morning to check the weather for today. Yami wasn't home today, due to him working, and he was gone for almost 40 minutes now. Yugi didn't watch a lot of television, and he realized he barely watched television at all. He was so use to going out and about, without even thinking about anything at all. Those missed adventures he had, it was so confusing for him now because he didn't know what to do while awaiting Yami.

From that point on, he felt that he needed to most likely find a job, or perhaps go out and do things. He couldn't rely on sitting around and waiting for things to come towards his lap. He had finished his bowl of oatmeal, and then slowly got up from the couch. Whenever, Yami wasn't around he thought about Yami so much it made him have a headache. He could still remember the night they had that was a few days ago, it was almost the best night he's ever had. He needed some attention, so many bad things were happening in his life he wanted something positivity something sexy.

Yugi then blushed intensity to himself, and thought aloud about what he was thinking. 'Omg! Am I thinking this stuff aloud to myself, what's wrong with me.' He told himself. He felt terrible about how he was being with Yami, and almost felt like Yami wouldn't agree to any of what he was protesting. He then slowly got up from his couch, and grabbed the bowl he was eating out of and walked into the kitchen. Placing the dish down into the sink, running the water underneath, so he could clean it thoroughly. He made sure, he used the dishwasher opening it up and putting the dirty bowl inside of it. He sighed softly, out of boredom and thought about what he could do.

Passing the time, usually revolves around card games, but since he grew out of that, he wanted something more. He wanted affection, and care, love and compassion. Something was lacking for him, but it wasn't clear until he really wonder about it. He then looked down for a moment and walked out of the kitchen his toes touching the cold kitchen floor, and he felt a little hot from just being inside the house. He then sat down onto the couch plopping down, as he bounced slightly back, and then grabbed his phone. He wonder who he could call, because his friends were so busy all the time now.

He much as well couldn't call Yami, as he was at work, and he didn't think he knew how to work a cell phone anyways. He was still learning things which made him even more so adorable because of it. Yugi chuckled underneath his breath, and a small puff of blush with a reddish streak hit. He couldn't stop thinking about Yami, mostly all hours of the day, it was like an itch that was so irritable it couldn't be gone. He liked the feeling a lot and it made him even more warmer each and every day he thought on it. He then heard the television once more, as he turned his attention to the lady.

Nothing on the news, interested him really, but he didn't mind listening in to see something. He then grabbed the remote that was sitting on the table and turned the television station to something else. It was an anime show, as he couldn't quite determine what was being played at the time. It was already bookmarked, in case someone needed to come back to the channel. He had assumed it had to be Yami considering Yami did a lot of watching tv and he just needed to get some time alone. Yugi, sighed once more, and looked around the shop. It was quiet, so quiet, and deliberately the most boring of days.

Usually the shop would be open on the weekdays, but since grandpa wasn't here, he couldn't open it. He didn't know how, and he wanted to because they needed the business. He thought about his grandpa passing away, and it made his eyes shut for a moment. What would happen to the store if the shop had closed down, would Yugi have to take it over. Most definitely, that would be the case Yugi's grandpa had so many rare and interesting cards that it wouldn't be able to be sold to anyone. They were special in there on way, and they even had copies of other cards that were long forgotten by that time. Even though Yugi didn't wish to run the store, because he had other goals he wanted to reach.

He thought about running his grandpa's shop himself, but he didn't wish to do that either really. He was a retired duelist, and wanted to peruse a more advanced career in life. He sadden when he thought about it like that, he felt selfish and didn't want the game-shop to close down. Hard work that his grandpa put into the shop would just straight down the drain once, he left it. He felt as if it was inevitable to say the least anyhow. Due to the fact, that he'd be leaving for college soon it was almost August, and usually that's when school started again. He glanced over at the calendar that was behind the table, hanging up.

He realized it was already the end of June, it was weird temperatures and weather now a days. It felt like fall when it should've been sunny and beautiful. Although, he wasn't a weatherman so he could question it and give a explanation. He got up from the couch once more and this time he decided to stay from it. Turning off the television he then walked up the steps heading into his room, closing the door behind him. He went towards his desk and sat down on it, and grab his notebook, and opened it up. He then glanced over and saw his journal, that he had way back when Yami came to the living world.

He leaned over and grabbed it and opened it up and saw the numerous entries he had made, writing things down. He didn't realize he wrote so much until he started scanning through countless of entries. He chuckled at some of them, as they were unmeasurable dreams and hopes, things he wanted in life that were far to impossible. Even though he was going to college and got accepted into a university he couldn't help but feel something was wrong. Something was missing for him or perhaps, something was making him more hurt than before. It wasn't his grandpa as he already wish to accept whatever would come next in that process. It was more for the love he was feeling, it felt weird to leave Yami behind as he felt like he had this feeling before.

When he assumed Yami would go into the afterlife, it turned out he never did go. He never left Yugi's side not even for the moment and now he didn't know if that'll keep happening. He couldn't predict it even though he truly wish to believe that. Opening his journal tapping his pen delicately on the table, he tried to figure out what he wanted to write or say. He was having a hard time figuring that out, mostly writers block as he was running out of ideas to do and feel for. He didn't want to sound boring, and he didn't want to sound like he didn't know what he was talking about. Just then, he felt like he was getting an idea, it was sudden, but after 20 minutes of staring into nothing he knew.

He'd become an author, and write nonfictional stories about his adventures and his life. How he met Yami, and things that evolve around ancient history and Egypt. He sighed with annoyance, as he felt that was the dumbest thing he's ever thought of. Perhaps he should become, an astronaut and travel the planets, trying to discover new life and things about the world. He then shook his head on the inside and said that was buffoonery. 'Ugh, why is this so hard! What do I want to do with my life what can I do? Where do I see myself in years to come, where? Where!?' He demanded inside his mind. Just then reality hit him like a brick, and he couldn't believe what he was thinking in that sense.

He knew that he wanted one thing and one thing only for his future, it was to be with Yami forever. It was to travel with Yami wherever Yami wish to go, for them to see the world together and discover things anew. It was the most magical thing and romantic thing he could think of. He thought he was being helplessly romantic but that couldn't really be determined, considering he felt it was just right for him. Although, he'd need the resources and the money, he'd soon discover that would be his career. Maybe he should be an artists, as he likes drawing, and like putting things together. Seeing landscapes and making shapes form into those things into artwork.

He then knew from that point, what he was going to write into his journal. He stop tapping his pen on the wooden table, hovering over the journal and then begun to write out his plans and things he wanted within his life. He considered these to be long term goals, something small he wished for to happen, but he wasn't going to reveal them to Yami until he accomplished them all. Afterwards, he was done writing and decided to read it aloud, to himself to make sure that it made sense towards him.

Journal Entry #36

Mutou, Yugi

2036, 20th June

"My heart aches with every decision I've ever made. It's been awhile hasn't it my fellow readers, I haven't been able to speak my mind for the past few weeks because of things I've been feeling. Emotional wise, I'm so confused with countless of possibilities that could happen in my life. I'm emotional drained and physically as well. I never can decide what I wish to become in life, for my grandpa it could be a master gamer and I could excel even higher in college. Even though that somewhat has potential it's not my long term achievement and goal I wish to pursue.

I have many other accomplishments I need to achieve with even greater heights and beliefs. I want to do this all with Yami, I want us to be together forever and I wish to go wherever he goes. He makes my body feel warm, my heart ache with love, and the compassion and sweet nether I feel when he's kissing me. The taste of honey, and smell of cologne that makes my nose tingle. He is the golden crown that I would allow to be above me, he's a true piece of art and the compelling feeling I've been longing for. He is everything I've wanted in someone and much more, through our endless connections.

I thought about something when I've been writing, I'm really good with instruments, and I've noticed I've had a passion for music. The piano is such a beautiful piece and it plays with keys that sound like melodies. I also love the guitar and the harp, the gentle strings that play when I'm around it so suddenly and the endlessly mixed messages that could be behind every note. My descriptions on how I wrangle every thing inside this journal, have shown I could also become an author. Creating greatness, and becoming an nonfictional writer, or even someone who dreams of fantastic fantasies. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In the end, I hope I don't sound silly when writing all of this. I hope that my dreams become reality, and I hope I can figure all of this out when I am gone rom this world and be happy about what I've done. I believe that's all I have for now, I have a list of the goals down so now I can reread this over again and again, until it becomes official.

Inner monologue, Yugi Mutou.

Yugi had finished completing his aloud reading and soon he closed up his journal. He thought about hiding it back inside his drawer but realized he shouldn't. Instead he left it on his desk, because he realized he didn't need to hide his feelings any longer around Yami. He wanted Yami to read everything he was feeling and wanting. In the sense, he knew Yami would care and understood he's every desire and wish for him to think the same. For now only time would tell and that was something Yugi could wait for. A few hours had gone by, and Yami had eventually came home that afternoon. Checking the time, Yugi noticed that it was only 2:36pm and not a minute later.

Hearing the sounds of the door unlocking from the front and a man walking inside it. Yugi was in the kitchen and had a tablet on the counter. For some reason, Yugi wish to learn how to cook, as he was watching a cook channel, on the tablet. Yami had came inside as he felt exhausted and then looked to see Yugi was dressed in a pretty little apron. He moved towards the kitchen and wrapped his arms around Yugi slightly. Yugi blushed and then glanced around to see Yami behind him. "Hey! How was your job today?" He asked Yami cheerfully. "I'm exhausted, and I'm glad too be home. Mr. Zong gave me the hour early off." He said releasing his arm from Yugi. Walking over towards the sink he washed his hands quickly and then dried them and going into the fridge.

"Oh that's wonderful then. I'm sorry about you being exhausted but maybe you just need to relax." Yugi told him. He was paying attention for the most part but then decided to watch the video and follow the instructions. "What are you doing anyhow?" Yami asked confused. "Learning this lasagna recipe. I want to learn how to cook some foods. I found this cooking channel, so I'm determined to do it." Yugi then grabbed the season salt and started to pour some into his mixing bowl. Yami raising an eyebrow, and chuckled with a slight confusion still. He never seen Yugi be this productive with food before, normally Yugi was just in his room reading, or writing something. "That's interesting, a hobby then? You've grown into a cook my beautiful flower?" Yami said winking cutely.

Yugi turned around while mixing the bowl together and smiled nicely, as he laughed with him. The two shared a small laughter together before Yugi started speaking again. "Something like that, I've decided I want to do something while your at work at least. I'll soon look for a job myself, but I haven't found anything of interest lately. I suppose I'm just a picky person." He shrugged nonchalantly. "I guess so, but that's fine, as long as one of us is working, but I have to say it's sexy and attractive to see you in that apron." He told Yugi with a smooth tone. Yugi's heart rated sped up and his face streak with embarrassment at Yami's comment about him. He felt so weird whenever Yami gave such a sexual tone comment and it made his heart and legs feel like jelly.

"I—" Yugi couldn't finish his statement, but soon found the video to start putting the lasagna in the oven. He squealed as he spoke frantically "hey! I missed some of the video! Oh your distracting me! Go away." He said as he rewinded the video. Yami laughed aloud covering his mouth softly and grabbing his juice and walking out the kitchen. He then went upstairs, and went down into Yugi's room, and started taking off his shoes and jacket. He sighed with relief as he was glad to be home other than being out and about. Yugi didn't know this but Yami was just as happy being with Yugi as much as Yugi was with him.

Although, Yami wasn't very talkative of it, he wanted to show his affections other ways and more romantically. He realized when he was coming home, that a lot of couples went on dates and outings together. Perhaps, Yami could do that with Yugi without Yugi knowing of this matter, he wanted to do something special with him as he had gotten paid today as well. Yami was a hard worker, and he didn't know that people around here worked to make ends meet, but he had this nervousness inside him. He knew that eventually Yugi would go to college and he didn't know if he could handle that farewell. He got up from the bed and went over to the window looking out from it. He then slid it opened and then climb out of the window and got into the roof top.

The cold breeze around him felt good because he felt so hot for some reason. The wind trailing through his layers of hair, and his eyes narrowing down so the dust wouldn't get inside them. He saw the horizon and knew that it was the most gorgeous thing he's ever seen on this planet. So many thoughts romantically that went inside his mind, to make it special for Yugi was his true intention. He didn't need advice for it, but he knew he wanted it to be a secret so he'd have to plan for it tomorrow. Maybe an entire day, with Yugi just him and Yugi alone forever and always. Yes that would be perfect for him and Yugi to do that together. He softly smirked to himself and closed his eyes laying down on the rooftop.

For every moment there is beauty inside it, for every hour there is kindness in someone's heart, he felt that Yugi had all of those qualities and more. What if Yami wanted more in that life than in the one he had before. He never saw Yugi more romantic than he did when they made love together, would they ever be able to do it again. Yami opened his eyes and dreamt of that moment and what would come after that. Marriage? Something that most people do when they are truly in love with one another. It might be taking things farther than they needed to, but only time would tell when it came around. For now, Yami was happy with what things were becoming and that was good enough for him.

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