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Chapter 25: A Cruise Night

"Hours later Yami had came back with a bunch of bags, as he was in a rush somewhat. Throwing the bags down and finding his apartment keys to unlock the door. He hope that Yugi was somewhere other than the living room so he didn't ask a bunch of questions. It was now 4PM, as he didn't think he'd be gone that long but he was still getting use to domino city's surroundings. He then managed to unlock his front door and walk inside as he grab the bags as well. He dragged them inside and looked up seeing Yugi fell back asleep this time on the couch. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"He was cuddled up inside the blankets warmed as the fireplace was on as well. He must've been sick because, it felt warmer for Yami already but then maybe Yugi was just having some chills. Whatever the case, Yami was a little more worried and conflicted by that as he placed them down. He then approached Yugi and sat down on the edge of the couch not to close but close enough for him to see him. He then touched Yugi's thigh softly as he was laying sideways and had the blanket over his face and entire body. He continued to sit beside him and then he wanted to say something but he felt Yugi would tell him a lie. "Yugi...please wake up." He said softly."Yugi was still asleep, or at least trying to go back to sleep. Yami looked down soften with his eyes, as he was upset that Yugi was being like this and in a way he knew why anyhow. He then soon grab the blankets and yanked them off of him, as Yugi had his eyes closed. He then glanced over at Yami as his eyes opened and he was upset about him doing that. He sighed as he saw Yami and then tried to grab the blankets again, as Yami held unto the blankets. "No, Yugi." He told him firmly, as Yugi whine softly and tried to turn around. "Leave me alone, please." Yugi said trying to be nice about his mood. Yami however wasn't having it, as he told Yugi to get up and try and get into the shower. "I don't want to do any of that. I just want to lay here and be sad." He told him nonchalantly. "No I'm not having that, besides I'm on a time schedule here and I need you to cooperate for me. Anyhow I have a surprise for you and it requires you to get up and get dress." He told Yugi calmly. "Yugi moves his head a little to Yami's direction, and got a little surprised by what he told him. He then sat up slowly and scratched his head and rose an eyebrow at Yami's statements. "A surprise for me? Oh what is it." He asked Yami curiously."I won't tell you unless you get in the shower first and do it quickly." He told Yugi walking to the doorway and grabbing the bags.

Yugi then got up from the bed, and watched Yami with these bags that made him skeptical. He didn't know why Yami had these bags, but it somewhat made him nervous and afraid. Was Yami leaving him? Was this the horrible surprise? He was so upset about it, in his mind and hurt as well. He didn't know what to say, but ask as it slip his lips partly. "Are you leaving me..." he asked Yami with such a cracked tone. Yami the stop midway into what he was doing and quickly looked over at Yugi whom sounded like he was devastated even more now, and Yami was confused by that. "He didn't know what that meant, leaving as in leaving goodbye, breaking up? It meant a lot of things, but the way Yugi was reacting he felt that the answer was and should be no just by how his tone and appearance looked. "No, Yugi I'm not, why do you ask?" He asked him. "It's because you have bags.." Yugi said softly playing with his fingers a little. Yami looked over at the bags he had and chuckled at Yugi's assumptions he found to be adorable just based off that alone. Yugi followed him into the bedroom as Yami went in and place the bags into the bed. "Ha-ha Yugi I'm not leaving you, this is apart of the surprise. Please just get ready." He asked Yugi once more. "Yugi rub his arm gently and then soon inhaled deeply as he was trying to calm down. He then nodded at Yami as he kept ordering him to do so, and then got into his closet to grab a towel. He then walked to the bathroom alone, and closed the door behind him, and as soon as it got close Yami rush out the room. He then went straight back into the living room and quickly grab the laptop as his wallet was already in his pocket. He glanced back to make sure Yugi was actually in the bathroom as he then heard the water start to run. He then opened up the tab bar, where he could try and get to the website flame told him about. Yami then signed into the website, and looked for the stuff flame told him."About 40 minutes had past, and Yami finished doing what he needed to do. He sighed in relief when he got a text from flame indicating that he was good to go on the cruise. He smirked as he was proud of what he accomplished and then heard Yugi in the bedroom getting dress. He then had already been trying to think of things he needed to pack, as Yugi was in the room getting his clothes on. Yami then walked to the door and knocked on it softly, as he tried to see if Yugi was about done with what he was doing.

"You can enter Yami." Yugi told him calmly and a little more upbeat. Yami entered the room as he turned the doorknob and looked at Yugi whom looked more beautiful each day."He made a small smile for him, as Yugi had finished brushing his hair, as he then glanced over at Yami. He then slowly chuckled seeing Yami stare as he then asked what was it. Yami simply replied that he looked beautiful as he normally did when he wasn't all sad, as Yugi smiled softly. His cheeks got warm and he had a feel flustered with his cheeks and stop brushing his hair once he finished. "Thank you Yami, and I'm sorry for being so out of it and mean today..." he said looking down disappointed with himself. Yami walked over to Yugi and held his hands softly and wanted to make sure he wasn't beating himself up. He then held Yugi in his arms, and Yugi held him back as he felt a small kiss on his forehead.""It's okay Yugi I forgive you. I understand why you were being that way." He told him, happily. "Really? I'm glad." Yugi said cheerfully."Besides I'm glad you are up and in a better mood because now I can tell you the surprise." He said unable to keep the secret any longer."Yugi eyes shimmered as he wanted to know as well, his cheeks still warm and he smiled softly at Yami. A giggle escaped his lips as he wish it was something fun and not dull like eating this time. "These bags are for you and I. We are going somewhere fun and exciting. At least for a week, it may help you get inspired to write books that are more, ya know happy." He told Yugi while he grab a bag from the ground. "He opened it up and started to walk to his drawer and closet placing items into the bag. Yugi then felt more happy and he was really lively now as he wish to know what it was. "Oh! Where!?" He said happily. He then grab two bags from the ground and felt he should pack as well while he asked these questions. Yugi then went to his drawer and tried to think of outfits he should wear something nice and yet sexy for Yami.

When he thought about these things it made him blush just thinking about how long it's been. It's been a long time since, him and Yami did anything romantic together, and he didn't realize that since he was so out of it. Yami had been so patient with him, and he's been so selfish and down in the dumps for the most of it. "The least he could do was do something for Yami, and this surprise seem to be something they both wanted. He grab some shirts and pants, as well as shorts as he put them into the big bag. "It's a cruise!" Yami said chuckling with a joyfully expression. Yugi stop packing for a second as he blinked confused feeling like this must've been a dream. Yami then smiled seeing his reaction stunned like he hoped he would be. Yami then smirked as he walked over to Yugi and touched his hands. "That's right baby a cruise. Are you happy? I hope it will give us some alone time." He told Yugi waiting for him to say how he felt. "I—" Yugi said trying to find his astonished words. "I—Yami, a cruise? Yami! You have no idea how overjoyed I am for this moment! Omg! We are going on a cruise how exciting!." He told Yami with thrills. Yami then soften his eyes as he was proud that Yugi was fine with this, he hoped so, because he spent so much money on it, and it would be a shame if he didn't like it. He then nodded and walked back to packing his bags, as him and Yugi continued to pack happily, awaiting the time they were suppose to leave for the cruise.

"— Time Skip —-

"It was cruise time and Yami and Yugi had gotten a ride from a taxi, as Yami told him thanks as well as Yugi. They soon opened the truck to get they're bags, as the man got out his vehicle to assist them. They soon looked over at the gigantic white cruise that said its name on the side of the ship. To Yugi, it looked like the titanic a favorite movie Yugi and Yami loved watching together. Yugi then smiled as he grab his bags, and started to walk over towards it, as he saw tons of people. This was for couples as Yugi had heard from Yami, which meant it was just romance for the cruise. It was something rare you'd find in domino city, but anything was possible here as well. An announcement then was heard on the intercoms as it was said that the ship shall be leaving in 20 minutes. "Yami then had got the rest of the bags, as the taxi man decided to help them until the boat left. He knew they had a lot of bags, so he wanted them to get all of them on the ship. Yami thanked him for his kindness as they walked over to Yugi who was too excited and couldn't stop smiling. He then turned to Yami as Yugi looked at him with over-thrilled eyes, and he soon turned back to the others. They soon walked with the crowd as the people continued to get on the ship as a man had a list of couples who had paid on his sheet. He then had some butlers take their bags and walk them to their rooms in which they'd be staying. VIPs would be in a different side of the ship as they have the exclusive things, Yugi wasn't aware of that. As Yami failed to mention that towards him, but Yami did so on purpose so he didn't ruin all the fun. "They then got to they're turn as the man asked for their IDs and names. "IDs?" Yami asked confused. Yugi giggled by Yami's confused expressions as he realized he was still learning.

"Yes IDs Yami, the thing I went to go get you a few months back. It' shows your birth, and your name and picture and stuff. It's an identification of who you are." Yugi said cheerfully. "Oh!" Yami said reaching in his pocket. He then gave it to the man as Yugi did the same as he looked at the list he had. He then handed it back to them as he moved aside and allowed them on the ship. "Enjoy your time." He told them. They looked at one another as the taxi man handed the butlers the rest of their bags as he waved to them goodbye. "Yami and Yugi looked back and waved to the man as well as he walked away. They looked around the ship seeing a lot of people on here. Yugi then realized that this was going to be a wonderful time, just Yami and himself alone, as time went faster than expected and the announcement came again. "Attention lovers! We are taking off." The captain spoke. He then grab Yami's hand softly as they walked to the room in which they were assigned. Yami looking down over at Yugi, as Yugi shrugged his shoulders with a nonchalant feeling. He was more happy to be alone with Yami and it wouldn't be in domino. Yami was happy as well, that he got Yugi out of this sad state. "For Yami had more surprises, coming for Yugi and he hope that by the end of this cruise, he and Yugi would be more than just a normal couple, but would actually be more committed to one another than they are now.

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