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Chapter 8: A Night Out

The morning after came, as the sun rose over the horizon. It was a brand new day, just a day after the tragic accident with Yugi's grandfather. Yami had awaken, from his slumber as he was sleeping downstairs on the couch. He had yet, another nightmare, from his dreams, so he didn't sleep very long. However, he decided to do so, so Yugi could have some time alone. His eyes grew soft as he felt completely bad for what happened with Yugi's grandfather. He felt so bad, that he didn't know what to do with it. He didn't know whether to comfort Yugi or to leave him be.

He glanced up the steps, as he slowly got from the couch and stretched. It felt weird to sleep he thought to himself. It wasn't like anything before, normally Yugi would sleep and he'd watch over him. However this was different, he could actually have his own dreams, his own mind. It almost felt overwhelming, and it was nerve wracking. Yami blinked a few times as the gameshop was quiet. He didn't know what to do because he wasn't use to it.

He then, turned around and saw the kitchen, as he walked over towards that area. He looked around and felt everything, the counters, the chairs and the fridge. The texture of everything felt weird to him. He never felt things like this before, everything felt so brand new for him. He slowly rotated towards the fridge and opened the door slowly. His eyes peeled at every item inside and he glanced at the drinks. He then slowly grabbed something that looked like juice, as he closed it behind him.

He evenutally, went over towards a drawer and opened them, trying to find a cup. He then leaned towards the top covered and grabbed a glass as he closed it back. He then, opened up the juice as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. He watched as it hit the glass and poured inside, as it splashed a little in his cup. He then slowly closed the juice back, and put it back into the fridge. He then walked over and grabbed his glass and then stared at it. He was afraid to drink it at first, as he didn't know what it would taste like. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yami was nervous, and usually he has Yugi telling him it'll be alright. However after yesterday, he didn't want to make Yugi worry more. He slowly put it to his lips, and took a small sip. He then swallowed as he opened his eyes and looked at it. 'Taste pretty good' he said towards himself in his mind. As he smirked and realized that it wasn't bad at all. He then put the glass down on the counter, and then ponder towards himself. He wanted to do something for Yugi again. He felt bad, and wanted him to get his mind of his grandfather.

However, he had a hard time coming up with something. Perhaps, Yugi didn't wish to go anywhere, but he always didn't want Yugi to just stay in his room and cry either. He sighed with frustration as he was upset he couldn't think of anything. As Yami walked back out of the kitchen, he then, walked back over towards the couch. He grabbed the blanket he was using to cover himself, and folded it up, as placed it down on the couch. He looked up at the steps, as he wanted to go check on Yugi.

The sun was shining softly into Yugi's room, as Yugi eyes started to open gently. He started to raise from his dream that he had. It was almost like a nightmare, it was about his grandpa, losing him as the doctor told him he past away or something. Yugi slowly sat up as he rubbed his right eye gently, from the crushed between them. He looked around his room as he had noticed that, Yami wasn't inside his room. He gripped his covers firmly as he felt alone. He knew that Yami was doing it for his own good, but he also felt like Yami shouldn't.

They were together after all, and he didn't want Yami thinking he couldn't sleep with him because of his urges. Yugi thought to himself, that Yami only did that because he was still feeling bad about when they were about to have sex together. He felt that it was mostly his fault, however Yugi was the one taking the blame for it. They both blamed themselves, and now it made it awkward when it became nightfall. Yugi wanted Yami to stop focusing on that, and just be with him.

He then heard a small noise out in the hallway, as his head turned towards the sound. He was a little puzzled about the walking around, however he had to assume it had to be Yami. He didn't know if he was coming towards his room, but he kept hearing noises outside of his door. "Yami?" He asked gently, wondering if he'd answer him. He then saw that his door knob gently started to turn, as Yami had gently cracked Yugi's door open. Yugi watched, as he slowly smiled gently towards him. "Good morning." Yami said, with a mild tone voice.

"Good morning." Yugi said back nicely, as he was happy to see him. Yami then walked into his room closing the door behind him gently. He didn't wish to make a lot of noise, because he didn't know how Yugi was feeling. He then soften his eyes, as Yami got closer and Yami sat down on the edge of his bed. The two sat quietly together before Yami started to speak towards Yugi. "How are you feeling?" He asked with a hesitant tone. "I—I'm alright, I guess." Yugi said. He didn't know how to answer that truth be told.

He didn't know how he was feeling, as Yami stared at his partner and grew worried. "Aibou." He said firmly and narrowed his eyes towards Yugi. "Please— try and understand that you sitting in your room, won't help. We should get your mind of that, and focus on something else." He stated. Yugi listened to what Yami said, but he didn't know what to say towards his comment. "Let's wash up, and go out to eat today." Yami said, gently. Yugi then widened his eyes a little, as he heard what Yami said.

"Go—out?" He said, questionably. He didn't know if he was ready to go out. His grandpa was in the hospital and to be honest, he wanted to be there all day everyday. He never had this happen before, however he did wish to not be depressed. It wouldn't solve anything, and he knew Yami would do anything in his power to make Yugi smile. He glanced over at his gigantic bear in the room and remembered that Yami won that for him. It was the most romantic thing, Yami ever done. It was uncommon, for him to do something, because Yami was always serious.

Yugi then gently smiled, as he wanted Yami to not worry about him. He wanted to at least try and go out without sitting in bed all day. "Okay, sure, I'd love to go out with you." He stated happily. Yami eyes gently widened as he didn't think his idea would work. He had made a confused expression like he didn't know what do or say next. "O—oh? O—okay then, well, get dressed and ready to go. We'll leave in about an hour." He said towards him. Yugi nodded and smiled again, as Yami got up from the edge of the bed.

He then walked over towards Yugi's closet, and then turned back around. "Perhaps I could wear something from your closet again?" He asked, not knowing if it was okay. "Of course." Yugi said as he gently got up from his bed. He was in his pjs at the time, as his feet was bare. He walked over towards Yami, and then went over towards his drawer. "Actually hold that thought as well." He proclaimed, and walked over towards, his drawer and opened it. He then, pulled out some money he was saving for a raining day.

"Here take this." Yugi said as he grabbed Yami's hand, and gave him ¥100. "Oh—what's this for?" Yami asked with a confused face. "It's for you buying some clothes" Yugi stated. "I know you don't wanna keep wearing my clothes, so perhaps you can go shopping, and find some of your own." Yugi spoke. Yami nodded and grinned gently. He was glad that Yugi was being so nice and giving him some money. "Thank you very much, Aibou." He said gently and kissed Yugi on his forehead.

Yugi blushed, as he felt Yami's gently lips on his forehead. He was happy to do that for him, as he didn't want to make Yami wear his clothes all the time. Yugi then walked towards his bathroom, as he wanted to brush his teeth and wash his face. He went inside, as he closed the door behind him. He sighed, gently, as he had a lot on his mind at once, he felt a little overwhelmed. He had his grandpa, on his mind, as well as the emotions he was feeling with Yami.

He opened up his cabinet and got his tooth bruh along with his toothpaste as well. He then turned the water on to warm a little, and started to brush his teeth. He then, did that for a few minutes, and then started to wash his face with cleanser. In his subconscious, he wonder what Yami had planned with him, he thought Yami had lots of stuff on his mind. He didn't think that Yami would want to hangout after what happened. However, Yami always cared about Yugi before himself.

He then went over towards the shower, and turned on the water. As the water ran, he started to take off his pjs. He then exposed his arousal, and his bare pink nipples, and got into the shower. He allowed the water to run down his body, and into his back. As it felt nice and soft, he closed his eyes as the water hit his gently eyes and skin. He then took his towel and wet it and grabbed the soap as well. He then got it wet, with the soap, as he started to wash up.

Yami had finished with his shower, as he was in the hallway bathroom. He was just finishing up brushing his teeth as he assumed it was a hygiene thing for people. He then, wiped his mouth, as the towel was around his waistline. He was shirtless still as he turned around and saw the clothes that Yugi gave him. He had to put these on first and then make his way towards the clothing store. He wanted to do it quickly before, Yugi got done with his shower. Yami then allowed his towel to drop down, as he then put on his briefs.

As well as a white t shirt that was plain, and then, some blue jeans that was long. He put his choker back around his neck, and then put some white socks on as well. He walked out the bathroom and then knocked gently on Yugi's door. Since he didn't answer he walked inside slowly, in case Yugi was naked. He then looked around slowly, as he heard the water running still, and realized he was still taking his shower. He then walked over towards the closet and he grabbed his shoes he had worn. He quickly put them on and then started to walk out the room down the hallway again. He went downstairs and then slowly turned back around. His eyes went gently, as he thought about something and he then closed the door behind him once he had left.

An hour and a half had passed as Yugi had came from his shower 20 minutes ago. When he opened the door, the bathroom was steaming and smelled like colon and perfume. Yugi's hair was wet as it was damp, along with his towel was around his waistline. He then glanced over at the time from his clock and saw that it was 12:20pm. He thought to himself that Yami should've been back around 12 however he wasn't here. He was getting a little worried but he felt he probably lost track of time.

Yugi then walked over to his drawer with his clothes inside. He then looked around at his outfits and thought that they were all ugly. If he was going out with Yami today, he always wanted to look nice. Sometimes he felt to himself he always needed to impress him or something. He never wanted to look ugly, as well as didn't want Yami to think he was dirty or something. He got inside his drawer and founded a nice button down collar shirt, that was dark blue. As well as some nice, long light tan jeans. He thought this would be a decent enough outfit.

He then grabbed his deodorant along with some more colon and freshen himself more. Spraying himself with the spray, along with putting his shirt on. He didn't wish to wear an undershirt under it because he didn't want to be hot outside. He then, slowly started to put on his jeans, as he button them up and dusted himself off a little. He then walked over to his table and put his collar choker around his neck. He then finished by putting on a nice watch, his grandfather gave him. He then walked over to the mirror and looked at himself.

He looked at the mirror as he tilted his head at his outfit and then looked at his neck. He was thinking deeply about the millennium puzzle. It was somewhat weird, to not have it on his neck. He was so use to having Yami inside the puzzle all the time, that he sometimes forgotten that he wasn't even wearing it at all. He then walked over towards his dresser more and then grabbed some black socks. He put those on and went to his closet to put on his purple buckle shoes. He finished his outfit, and getting ready, as now he was waiting for Yami.

Some more time had past, as Yugi got more and more worried. 'What if something happened to him? What's going on? Is he busy? Did he get lost again? Why didn't he wait for me.' He was pasting around the room, as he wanted to know the answers to these questions. He felt trapped in his own mind, like he didn't know what to do but to be so confused. He then sat down on his bed as he got tired of doing the walking and put his hands on his face with frustration. He wanted to remain calm, as he didn't think Yami would ever stood him up. Perhaps he did get confused and got lost and didn't know how to get back.

Yugi, softened eyes, as he thought about how selfish he was being. He didn't realize and kept forgetting mostly that Yami was still new. New to his surroundings and new to this entire world. He was still getting use to everything around him and seeing things. It was a completely different experience and, as well as it was difficult for Yami to even adjust too. Just then, Yugi heard a soft noise coming from downstairs, as it then heard the sound of the front door starting to open. Yugi quickly got up from the bed and opened his door, and rushed down the hallway. He then went down the steps, and as he did so, he then saw that Yami came in.

Yami had a bunch of bags with him, as he then had black shades on as well. He then looked up at Yugi as Yugi smiled, at him with a please expression. "Oh Yami! Your home. I was so worried about you." Yugi said with concern. He then, turned towards, the bags, as he smiled at how he was happy that he went shopping. Yami then smirked back, as he replied to Yugi's comment. "Yeah, I decided to go shopping, however I got side tracked, with all of the clothes. I then got lost, and went into the deck store, where they had fascinating cards. Some with new structure decks and everything. So I decided to buy me some packs, as well as a lady ended up helping me find the clothing store." Yami added on.

Yugi, came closer towards Yami, and then looked at him as he saw that he had on the new clothes. "Where? Where are my clothes?" Yugi asked. "Oh. I put them in the bag. I wanted to wear the new clothes I had bought." He said. Yami was wearing a dark blue jean jacket that flared in the back, as well as a black tan top underneath it, and black jeans that was long at the bottom with white Jordan shoes on. He then walked all the way inside the house and started walking towards the steps. Yugi then followed behind him, slowly, as he then spoke.

"Okay, well I'm glad that you had fun! It sounded like it was exciting. I was really worried earlier. I thought you must've gotten lost or something." Yugi proclaimed. "Oh? No, actually I'm fine. I was lost for a moment, but then I regained that thanks to some help. However I'm better now." Yami said, as they had reached Yugi's room. "Indeed." Yugi said towards him. He then started to think about, other things coursing through his brain and then spoke towards Yami once more. "Well, are you ready to go now? Are you still taking me out or—" Yugi asked.

"Hm? Oh. Yes I am. We can get going now, actually. I feel much better with this outfit than the other one." He said with a chuckle. The two had a little laugh, as Yami then started walking towards Yugi's door. Yugi followed him, and the two started walking down the hallway towards the steps. They reached the steps, as Yami then went into the downstairs closet to get Yugi's jacket. Yugi then shook his head as he denied wanting to wear it. "I'm good, it's actually quite warm this evening. So I think I'll be fine" Yugi told him. Yami then nodded and put it back as they headed out of the game shop.

Yugi made sure he locked it up and made sure it was tight shut before the two started walking down the street. Yugi then inhaled deeply, as the fresh air filled his lungs. He was relieved to have some air since he didn't want to be inside all day long. However he couldn't help think about his grandfather, as a small frown went upon his face. Yami was walking with his hands in his pockets as he noticed Yugi's face changed. "Do not be sad, Aibou." Yami went on saying. Yugi glanced up at Yami as he spoke, and noticed his face.

"Your grandfather is a tough person, I know that whatever he's going through he shall overcome it. It is that as a Mutou after all." Yami said with a chuckle. "You have shown me more courage than I could ever have. You have that about you, and for that, I promise your grandfather shall fight the same way you do for your friends." He went on adding. Yugi's eyes gleamed as he heard Yami speak this. He was so happy to have had a lover to support him like this. It made him feel warm inside, as well as happy.

He nodded at Yami and then slowly, grabbed his hand as he entwined his fingers with Yami's. Yami looked down surprised, as he then did the same with Yugi's. The two walked down the street together, as Yami then snatched Yugi more. "Come. Let's have some fun partner." He told him with a smile. As the two ran off into a game shop. They went inside and looked at different cards, as well as duel disk. They both laughed with one another as the other tried one on and it didn't fit. They then, left after buying some items and headed off into a sunglasses store.

Yami tried on some shades that made him look like he was dizzy. As Yugi tried on some white shades that was see through. They both kept trying on the glasses, as Yugi took out his phone and took a photo of them together laughing again. They then went into another store, that was a gaming arcade store. Yugi heard the music and slowly started to dance, as he pulled Yami over. Yami didn't start moving however because he felt embarrassed, but he saw how cute Yugi looked doing it. He chuckled and blushed a little as Yugi stopped and did the same thing.

The night was coming towards an end, as Yami and Yugi were sitting on a bench near a ocean view. "So that's what a hot dog is." Yami exclaimed. "Yep! There delicious! Ha-ha." Yugi added on. They two watched the stars sparkle within the moonlight, as the water on the ocean gracefully hit the land. "It's so beautiful out tonight." Yugi said staring at the stars. Yami glanced over towards Yugi and really starred at him. Yugi didn't notice it for a moment, as his eyes sparkled within the moonlights reflection. He then slowly looked over at Yami and blushed as he chuckled. "W—What?" Yugi asked.

"Hmm. It's—it's nothing." Yami said. "You're just, very beautiful. You've really age liked a fine whine, Yugi." Yami told him. "O—oh" Yugi said as he didn't know how to responded. He blushed more red, however hearing Yami compliment him. Every time Yami did, he couldn't help but smile, he was so happy to have Yami with him, having him here was more romantic than anything. He always knew he would have Yami support through any and everything. He remembered a long time ago, when he was afraid of Yami, he didn't even know Yami existed within him for awhile.

However the two became partners, dueling evil together, saving the world together. They shared many moments, having heart breaks, pain, happiness, and mostly friendship. It was something that they always had, even if they never dated, they would've still be friends. Yami is always giving, always protecting, always trying to keep Yugi safe. Yugi thought about these things, and he somewhat got sad about it. Yami glanced over at him as he then touched Yugi's hand gently. "Are you okay?" Yami asked. "Y—Yes, I'm fine.." Yugi said trying to sound happy.

"Mmm- well it's getting pretty late, perhaps we should head home." Yami said, standing up slowly. As he then turned to Yugi. Yugi then looked at his watch and noticed it was 9:30pm now. He didn't realize time went so fast within a matter of some hours. "Oh. I suppose you're right. We should probably." Yugi said softly. He then got up slowly, as they both finished their hot dogs and threw away their napkins in the trash. Yami then slowly started walking towards the direction of the house when Yugi then stopped midway. He watched Yami from behind, and then pondered to himself.

'Yami is always granting my wishes, always giving me things. He is always—- giving....' he thought. He then stopped and spoke loudly towards him. "Y—Yami..." Yugi said gently. "Hm?" Yami' stopped and turned around to see Aibou not moving. He was a little worried, as the two was at a good distance from another staring at each other. Yugi eyes was gently, as he saw Yami look upon him, it almost made him want to cry, Yugi felt so bad, felt so selfish, he felt concealed because he didn't think things through. He then, spoke towards Yami in hopes he'd understand.

"Yami, you're always granting my wishes, always giving. I feel like all I've been doing is taking. I know what you're going to say. That I have given you things, courage, and kindness. However that's not enough. I meant within this relationship. I wish to give you something too, something I want us both to have together." Yugi told him. Yami eyes widened a little, as he didn't know what his partner was referring too. However he slowly walked to Yugi and gently took his hands. "Yugi, but you have given me more than you could possibly known." Yami told Yugi. "B—but. I feel as if you aren't really happy." Yugi added with remorse.

"Yugi, I am happy, I am happy being with you. I am happy that I have a lover and a friend in one. I'm grateful that our fates have lead us to this right now. Why, death wouldn't compare to this living feeling at all." Yami proclaimed. Yugi eyes gleamed listening to his partner, as he then soften them again. He didn't know what to say after that, however he still wished he could do something more for Yami. He knew what he wanted to do, however he was afraid to ask for it. Yami then turned and grabbed Yugi's hand gently as he started to pull him along.

The two started walking heading home once again, as Yugi pondered to himself 'I'm scared, I'm scared to ask, but I do want it, Yami. I want your love, I want you inside me. But, I don't know how to approach it.' A small blush came upon Yugi's face, however he kept his head down so Yami wouldn't see. Yugi wanted to find a way to tell Yami this, without feeling like he an idiot. He felt he needed some advice, some assistance, with understanding relationships, perhaps he could ask Téa for some advice. Yugi knew his plans for tomorrow, however he couldn't let Yami know, he couldn't let him know, at all.

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