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Chapter 12: Don’t Mess With Me

Saturday morning came, as the sun rose yet again over domino city. Yami and Yugi had a magically night together, as they were both sound asleep. After they're magically evening, Yami was smiling deep within his sleep. For once he didn't have a nightmare, thus he had a wonderful dream. Yugi as well, as the two cuddle together cutely in Yugi's bed. The warmth of their bare bodies against each other, after such. Yami then tossed over as he felt Yugi's head rested on his chest. His eyes slowly started to open, as he felt the tenderness of Yugi's nipples. He then slowly, fluttered his eyes towards him, as he watched Yugi softly sleeping.

Yami then gently moved Yugi's head off of him, as he wanted to get up. He realized in that moment that he was still naked and somewhat sticky. He felt that Yugi was the same, so he decided he'd run himself and Yugi a bath. He gently moved the covers from his body, as his bare tender body was revealed. He stretched and yawned alittle slowly wiping his eyes. He then made his way, towards the bathroom, and slowly closed the door behind him. He needed to pee first as he then let out the urine and finished up. He then washed his hands, and made his way to the tub. He wanted to take a nice warmth shower and some nice soap.

He realized that the soap they had here was fascinating. In his own time, Yami had baths, but not soap as they just relied on the water supply from the rivers. Everything in this world was incredible and it wasn't something he was use to almost. Although it was easier with Yugi's help. As Yami was in the bathroom, Yugi had tossed over in his bed. He then slowly started to open his eyes as well, the gleam from the sunlight tried coming in. He then, felt the softness of the pillows, and then slowly sat up. Rubbing the crust from his eyes, he heard the shower running.

He assumed it was Yami, as he wanted to take a shower earlier this morning. He then heard the door slowly open as Yami had came out, still naked. Yugi blushed seeing Yami and realized what they had done together last night. He rubbed his arm gently, and felt the compression of his heart beating heavily. Yami then slowly walked over as he sat down on the edge of the bed and touched Yugi's thigh softly. "Are you okay?" Yami asked him nicely. Yugi watched him as he then looked up and scratched the back of his head. He then made a nervous chuckle as he wanted to stop blushing so much. He didn't know what to say really except to laugh at how much was going on. "I'm fine! I'm just— you had came inside me." He said. Yami eyes widened as he felt bad about what he did.

"I'm so sorry, as I said before I can run you a bath straight away!" Yami said concerningly. "No. Don't worry it's fine. Really. It's just feels— weird is all. But—- I did enjoy everything we did." Yugi said with a pink deep blush he made. Yami then softly smirked as he was happy that Yugi felt this way even the day after. He then softly touched Yugi's cheek, as Yugi looked up at him softly. They're eyes gazing upon another, Yugi always loved looking at Yami. He always envision them together. He then looked continued to gaze at him, as Yami then spoke to him. "Come my Aibou, let us take a shower together." He said lightly. He then slowly gotten up from the bed, and then moved towards the bathroom.

Yugi then softly followed Yami, as the two went into the bathroom together. Yugi was nervous, and at first he didn't know if he wanted to do it. However, he's made it this far with Yami, that he wanted to do everything with him. He loved Yami deeply and thus he enjoyed parts of his body, and his heart pounded just staring at him. Yami turned around softly, as he then watched yugi closed the door behind them. He then walked over to Yugi wrapping his arms around him. Yugi gasped gently at this feeling, and then touched his hands on top of Yami's. "I care for you so much...." Yami told him. The feeling of them being together was the most exciting and the most thrill they've had. Out of all they're adventures together, this was the best one.

Yami then removed his hands from him, and smirked as he then grabbed Yugi's hand. Pulling him towards the shower, Yugi giggled and felt it between his toes. He felt the compelled water, as it was splashing through his body. Yami pulled Yugi closer towards him, and kissed on Yugi's neck, as Yugi closed his eyes. He then felt on Yami's body, instinctively, and felt his abs. Something that he enjoyed touching it the most, along with Yami's member. He then didn't realized that Yami was getting turned on again. As Yugi blushed and felt the arise feeling inside his stomach. 'Oh no, he's— ah. Kissing my neck. It feels so good, the water splashing down on us, I'm getting horny all over again.' Yugi said to himself.

The water increased its speed, Yami stayed behind Yugi the entire time. He then slowly inserted inside him again, as Yugi gasped feeling it. "A—mnah, Yami." Yugi said softly, as he turned his head to gaze at him. Yami, then softly glanced his eyes at Yugi's, and then kissed his soft lips. The taste of Yugi, was delicious like tasting strawberries, and some ice cream. He loved kissing him, and Yami had Yugi's hand up wrapped around his neck. They're bodies pressed against one another, and the feeling of the passionate moment too it's toll. Yami however continued to thrust softly, as his voice spoke with lust as he broke the kiss to speak. "I'm—sorry, but— I just long for you, Aibou...." Yami told him.

This side of Yami, Yugi never seen, it was a side, that was happening once they've done it for the first time. A sign of lust for one another, and it made Yugi wonder if he was able to bare it all. He allowed Yami to fuck him once more inside the shower, his anus throbbing, as Yugi moaned in the shower. The water dripping down their bodies, making a louder smacking sound because of the water between them. Yami, grunting sexually, as he pounded inside Yugi at an angle. The best angle they could get because of the fact that they were standing up.

He then turned Yugi around, and picked him up, fast. As he did this, Yugi's eyes widened by the sudden transition of the position they were in. He didn't know what was going on, but once he did, he knew Yami would do it. Yami pushed Yugi against the shower wall, and made him wrap his legs around his waistline. He then inserted his member yet again inside Yugi, and fucked him on the wall, holding him up. Yugi, curled his toes, tightly, and drilled his nails into Yami's skin due to the pleasure he was getting yet again. Yugi then started to whine, as his sexual feelings he had before started to come back. The amounts of pressure between them, only made them kiss passionately as they did this.

After a several minutes, Yami yet again was reaching his limit, as Yugi told him he was about to cum again. Yami told him he was as well, as the two yelled sexually towards another and squirted inside each other. As Yugi came all over Yami again, as his member was hard and soft at the same time. Yugi felt so weak at that point, he couldn't even stand up on his own. Yami exhaled and inhaled deeply trying to catch his breathe, as he then spoke, as his eyes soften. "Sorry—partner, I just-" Yami told him. Yami was feeling some type of guilt in a way, this lust was only going to get stronger, now that he got a taste of what Yugi felt like. However Yugi softly parted his lips, and his eyes was heavy with tears of passionate affection. "It is okay, I love you..." Yugi told him gently.

Yami and Yugi had sat there for a moment, as they then eventually washed up together. Once they finished, Yugi couldn't step out the shower on his own, so Yami assisted him to the bed again. He then placed him gently down, as he then walked over to the drawer to fetch them both some clothes. "Here, Aibou, put these on." He told him. Yugi was laying down, as he felt sleepy again. He always felt that way after he and Yami had sex. He still couldn't believe that they did every time he did it with him. It felt so right, but Yugi just didn't understand why. Yami had finished putting his clothes on as he was wearing a long sleeve black shirt. Along with dark blue jeans, that was long fitted. He went over to Yugi to check on him, and he didn't like what he saw.

He felt Yugi was sick or something, perhaps coming down with a case of a fever. "Yugi." Yami said sweetly. "Do you need something, are you sick? Was I too rough again..." he asked so many concerting questions. The look of it was placed upon his face, as Yugi looked up gently. "No, Yami. Don't worry about me, you are okay. I guess I am feeling alittle sick. However I'll be okay after some rest." He told Yami. Yami never sent his side of Yugi before, and he only worried more and more about the whole ordeal. He then softly sad down on the edge of the bed, and then spoke firmly. "Then I shall not leave your side. Partner" he told Yugi.

"No, Yami." Yugi said towards him. "I promise I'm fine, don't sit and waste the day. You and I, was suppose to have a double date with Téa and Aigami. I don't know today, I can't remember but I want us to be able to do it." He went on saying. Yami silently listened to him, as he didn't have any idea about this plan he was speaking of. "I was also suppose to go see grandpa, in the hospital. It was for something highly important. I should go—" Yugi said as he slowly started to sit up. However he got pushed down gently again by Yami. "No Yugi. You can visit him tomorrow, I promise. However you need to rest right now, your in no good condition." He told him. Yugi however didn't want too, but he knew Yami wouldn't let him. So he then eventually stopped trying and cuffed the pillow underneath his face. "O—okay...." Yugi said softly.

Yami had then gotten up from the bed, and started to walk towards Yugi's door. "I shall be back later partner. I will see if I can get you something to eat." He told Yugi. However Yugi was already asleep, as Yami watched him softly and then closed the door gently behind him. He then walked down the hallway, down the steps, grabbing his jacket and then leaving the house. He locked it up behind him, and started to walk down the street. He needed something to make Yugi feel better. He didn't like seeing Yugi feeling sick, and ill, it gave Yami a painful feeling of remorse. However, that didn't stop him from feeling lust for him, even now he missed Yugi's touch. Him pondering to himself about this, he then stopped, and was at the edge of the street walk.

He then heard noises in the distance, a group of guys, walking across the street. They seemed to be looking quiet mean, and looking for trouble. As the crosswalk allowed Yami to walk over, the guys crossed the street and now in the same pathway as Yami. Yami narrowed his eyes, as he didn't think they were following him, but he had to be sure. He turned down a street, as the group of guys didn't at first. So he kept walking slowly and then heard footsteps. He turned around again, as the group of guys had actually turned that corner. They then started to walk faster, all wearing hoodies of some sorts. They looked like thugs, as Yami walked alittle faster. As he did, they did, and eventually they started to run. As they did this, Yami took off running as well and hit a sharp turn.

He was breathing heavily, as the guys, chased him. They then started to pick up speed, as Yami did. He never felt this, he didn't know what was about to happen, but he didn't have the time to get attacked. He then ran down an alley way, and had reached a dead in. As the guys came closing in on him. He turned around and saw them start walking towards him. Yami was in a horrible position. He never thought he'd be gang attacked before. He didn't see they're faces, and they looked like teenagers from the distance. However now they looked like grow men. Yami angrily with his fist balled started to yell as he spoke towards them.

"Leave me alone! What do you want? I don't want any trouble." He said towards them. However they didn't listen, as they came in and started to rush him. Yami defensively wasn't about to go down without a fight. He punched one of the guys in the jaw, as he kicked the other straight in his stomach. Yami, was a fighter after all, he wasn't just a pharaoh who sat on his throne everyday. He had a purpose for himself, and though it took awhile to recover his memories, he understood why he was here. It was to protect Yugi and his friends, as it always been. Yami was kicking the shit out of them, and punching as if he was a martial artist. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

However he then got attacked from behind with a clean knock out blow. He was hit in the head with a pipe and then knocked out cold. The darkness inside him felt heavier, as it then started to rain that day as well. The men then picked up Yami and started to walk off in a direction. A vehicle then pulled up, as they put the unconscious Yami inside it, and drove off with him.

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