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Chapter 3: Escaping

Silent echoes past through the timeless hallways, as it felt colder by the minute. Nothing could be heard within the distance, however it was one door that remained to be seen. Yugi, has that determination and he knew that he had to do this.

'Come on, Yugi. You can do this.'

He said to himself confidently.

'I know it seems like, this might be a horrible decision, but you need to talk to Yami. There's no going back against it now..'

Yugi had slowly turned the knob on the door as it opened with a shining light beaming on it. As it dimmed down, Yugi's eyes widened as he looked inside a room that was an egyptian room. A small elegant room with ancient egyptian texture and texts all around the wall he glanced at how they were texturized as he gazed in amazement.

Yugi then turned his head as he saw a small stand that had a lamp on it. As he then saw next to it was a nice size bed that had drapes coming down from it. As he glanced over at he saw Yami sitting on it. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, as his head was downward. It must've seemed like he was thinking about something because he wasn't moving an inch. He didn't even bother to look up at Yugi once. Yugi slowly walked forward as he was worried about Yami at this point and thought something must've been wrong. "Y—Yami...." Yugi said hesitantly, with a worried tone. Yami simply continued to sit there as his hands was folded neatly entwining his fingers together. His eyes narrowed more than usually as if he was deep thinking.

Yugi got closer inch by inch and the more he did, the more he could see Yami wasn't even blinking. It was as if he was completely soulless. Yugi had rushed to Yami's side, as he bent down on his knees and started to tug on Yami. He was panicking now at this point as his face showed worry and sorrow. "Yami! Yami, please answer me, what's wrong....."

Yugi then slowly touched Yami's hand, and as he did he felt a cold touch. Almost like something wet and gooey. It felt moist and also, disgusting, Yugi glanced down at his hand and his eyes widened tremendously. He then stared long and hard at his hand as it hand blood on it. He didn't understand where this came from, but he then saw that Yami had a knife in his right hand. His wrist was dripping with blood in his left hand. Yugi couldn't help but react with sorrow and pain. "Yami!! Give me that!" He quickly snatched the knife out of Yami's hand, as he turned his head towards him for Yami to look at him.

Yami's eyes was throbbing, as if he saw a ghost or something, he was completely out of it. He didn't even respond to Yugi taking the knife, but he couldn't blink either. He was dripping as Yugi got up quickly, he decided to rush over to the little table next to the bed. He had found an old rag that was a little damaged. However, for Yugi it'll have to do. He quickly went back to Yami and wrapped his wrist gently, and pulled tightly to stop the bleeding. A tear came from Yugi, as he didn't understand what was going on with Yami. Yugi then started to yell Yami's name instead and scream with anger and sadness.

"Yami! Goddamnit! Answer me please! What's going on, with you!? Why aren't you answering me? Look at me, love."

Yugi's eyes stained with tear drops, as he was to concerned for his partner at this moment. Yami has suddenly started to move his hand an inch. He then blinked once as his eyes pierced over to Yugi surprised. "Y—yugi? Is that you?" Yami said questionably and shockingly. It was as if he had no idea that Yugi was here this entire time. He didn't understand it at all. He felt that he was in a dream, a nightmare, where he couldn't wake up from. However hearing Yugi's crying and his cries for his partner manage to snap him out of it.

Yami then slowly looked down at his wrist, as he saw that a rag bandage had been wrapped around it. He winched a little realizing that something had happened to his wrist. Yugi saw Yami's reaction and busted with tears as he hugged Yami gently. "Oh thank goodness! I thought I'd lost you. Yes, it's me, Yami. What on earth is going on? What's happening. Why are you doing this to yourself."

As Yugi asked this, he had bent his head down, upset with Yami and disappointed in him. Yami eyes shimmered as he watched his partners reaction. However, Yami couldn't answer that, he didn't know what happened for a moment he was sitting. Yami simply fumbled over his words as he didn't know what to tell Yugi whom seemed to be crushed by what Yami had done. "Y—Yugi.....I...."

"Are you trying to kill your self!? Is that it!" Yugi said angrily.

"W—-what no! I—I mean, I don't believe I am. " Yami said with a shocked expression, towards Yugi's aggression.

"Then why are you cutting yourself then!? Huh!? Why would you do this to yourself.... To me....." Yugi shunted himself down. He was too upset and hurt to feel anything other than pain. He didn't understand why Yami would even attempt this, was it his fault? Was it because of what happened after a few nights with Yami? Was it that discussion they had about Yami trying to come out? Yugi had so many questions and he felt like his head was spinning. He didn't understand it at all, he eventually kept crying as he felt the warmth of Yami's arms. Yugi's eyes opened as he saw Yami's gently eyes upon him. He sniffed lightly as he glanced at Yami's lips, and then back into his eyes.

"Yugi....." Yami said gently, as well as concerned. "Please try and understand. I remember why I did what I did..." Yugi's eyes wondered as he had heard what Yami had said. He was surprised that Yami remembered all of a sudden. However, he wished to hear Yami's reason for trying to attempt such an act. "Yugi...I did it to punish myself."

"...p—punish... punish yourself? What do you mean..... why?" Yugi said with a hesitant voice and questionable behavior. "Because of you. I needed to. I just.... I felt completely guilty." Yami's eyes sharped like steel, as he pierced his eyes down at the ground. It was as if he was focused, and felt completely dumb for what he did. Yugi watched his gestures and reactions as he felt the more sane Yami come out. "Every since you and I became partners..... I guess I've been getting a lust.... A lust of wanting you. We've shared a body for so long, we've been through every enemy together, ever bonding moment. Through those times, I have never been more closer to anyone than I am with you, Yugi."

Yugi's eyes shined brightly hearing Yami say what he was saying. He watched as Yami had clutched his fist into the ground. As his wound around the bandage started to turn red. Yugi, then gently touched on Yami's hand softly, as Yami had slowly relaxed his right hand that he was touching. He looked at Yugi's gently fingers entwining with his own, as he then slowly glanced up at Yugi. Yugi, stared at Yami and gave him a gently look of resolution to let him know it was okay. ".... Oh, Yami. You Did feel guilty this whole time...... well, I feel guilty about something too." Yugi had remembered what he had wrote in his journal and he felt that Yami needed to know.

Yami watched as Yugi's eyes turned from relaxed to worry all over again. Yami looked upon Yugi and slowly used his left hand to turn Yugi's face towards him. Yugi watched as he felt Yami's warm gently hand touch his soft cheek. Yami grinned a little as he saw Yugi's big bold beautiful eyes, filled with kindness and softness. "Yugi... whatever it is, you can tell me anything. I promise, it's—ah" Yami winched as he had fallen down a little on his arm. Yugi jolted a little watching Yami fall and slowly cuddled him gently. Yugi responded quickly as he didn't wish to make this any more time consuming. "It''s nothing. Forget it. We need to get you some rest and get you the proper treatment for your wound. However... Yami I can't give you the treatment from inside here...."

"Yugi.....we've talked about this already...." Yami's eyes narrowed once again with a little irritation this time. However Yugi was nervous and scared to go on. Nevertheless, he remembered the day he had with Aigami. He needed to tell Yami this, because it was bothering him them not being able to be with each other everyday. "No! Yami. We need to discuss this. Look I know you don't wanna go outside of this place, but I promise you, you'll be way more happier there."

"Yugi..." Yami said with a blank expression.

"And I know that if you gave it a chance you'll see that earth is a place that is beautiful."

"Yugi........" Yami said repeatedly, looking down at the ground with thought. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I mean, sure some bad things happen, but you have friends there, and you also have me. Please why don't you just—-"

"I said NO!" Yami's eyes pierced at Yugi as he got up quickly and grunted in pain. He rushed up as Yugi slowly got up and watched him in shock. Yugi slowly looked down again and turned away for a moment. Yami watched as Yugi did so as he sighed from annoyance. He then turned towards Yugi and spoke with a more gentle tone. "I—-I'm sorry, I just—I just can't, Yugi... stepping outside this puzzle is a huge—huge deal for me.... I—-I'm scared, I'm scared that something might happen. I'll stand out.... I don't belong, it'll practically be like if I never existed."

Yugi heard what Yami said as he was closer than what Yami had previously expected Yugi to be standing. He then felt a small hand slap him across his cheek. Yami's face went red as he turned to Yugi with his eyes widened. Yugi was angry, as well as he showed signs of being completely fed up with Yami's behavior thusfar. "Enough! Just stop! Stop thinking that! I wanna be with you!!!" Yami's eyes widened as he watched Yugi's reaction "y—Yugi....."

"I'm sick of you always thinking about yourself! What about what I want huh!? What about what makes ME happy! You've always use to do that when you dueled too! Always thinking about winning and not thinking about what's more important! Don't you remember, that was your downfall..... " as Yugi ramble about that, Yami had a sudden flashback moment. He did remember, every time he dueled he always cared about winning. However, that's why he had lost Yugi that first time, how it made him go crazy, he almost tried killing his opponent over Yugi. He was lost, destroyed, and completely broken. Being separated from Yugi at that moment felt like a thousand knives had stabbed him at once.

Yami's eyes softened as he then nodded at Yugi asking him that question. "Yes, partner..... I remember. " Yugi watched as Yami exclaimed he did, as the two still stand in the bedroom of the puzzle. "I remember that, I had to learn kindness, and being able to protect what I cared about most, rather than just sacrificing it all, without knowing the consequences... I never wish to make that mistake again." Yugi gently walked towards Yami and hold his hands. Yami watched Yugi as he had a gleam within his eyes that could easily be seen. Yugi was happy that Yami remembered something so meaningful.

"Yami, that is what makes you human..." Yugi said with a mild tone of remorse.

"Oh?" Yami said, confusingly.

"You have feelings, emotions, you care and have anger just like any other normal human being. You aren't any different than the rest of the world."

".... Not even the fact that I'm an ancient egyptian pharaoh, whom practically was living inside a teenaged boys body for almost four years?" Yami exclaimed, raising an eyebrow at Yugi with his arms crossed.

"Hehe, well, when you put it like that." The two laughed at Yami's remark as they started to both settled down. Yami then apologized to Yugi and how he was reacting, he felt he should've told Yugi sooner than later. Yugi hugged Yami tightly, as the two shared a momentous moment for one another. Yami then slowly gently pulled Yugi back as he used his left hand to lift up Yugi's chin gently. "Yes." Yugi was puzzled at that remark as he didn't know what Yami was referring too. "Yes what?" Yami grinned as he spoke, "I want to come home with you, in the real world..." Yugi's eyes widened with joy, and overwhelming love.

He couldn't believe that Yami was going to finally step into a life of normal. Yami saw how happy Yugi was and felt glad that he was making this decision. Yugi Hug Yami more and more, as Yami chuckled at Yugi's squeezes towards him. Yugi then gently kissed Yami on his lips, as Yami felt the soft lips of Yugi's once again. He blushed gently, as he took his partners hand.

They slowly walked out the room together, as the door closed behind them. As they walked off into the distance, the door slowly disappeared as the light from the millennium puzzled shinned brightly. Yugi, couldn't wait for Yami to be in the world of the living, however, he still had this uneasy feeling of guilt that would probably come back to bite him. Perhaps, he should've told Yami what he wrote in that journal? Yugi didn't know, however all he knew, was that Yami would be right at home.

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