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Chapter 5: Fight for Love

Yami had started walking around as he had left the game-shop. He needed time to think to himself as he didn't know what to do or say at this time. He got frustrated about his actions, and felt that he was guilty of having this desire for Yugi sometimes. He wanted self control, and he didn't want to pressure Yugi into something he didn't wish to do. As he thought about it more and more, he realized that he was walking in locations he had no idea about.

He pondered to himself gently, as for once he was lost and didn't know what to look for. All the signs and directions was the same to him. He kept his hands in his pockets, as some people that had walked past him, looked at him with curiosity. He glanced his eyes at these people, and started to walk again, taking yet another stroll. However, he couldn't get Yugi off his mind, he wanted to do the right thing, as his eyes got softer, as it was narrow. He needed to find a way, to make it up to Yugi without it being completely dumb. It was hard being in a relationship with Yugi, because he always felt bad and uncontrollable around him. The more he was away from Yugi, the more he desired him, was that so wrong?

As he was thinking more and more on it, he heard an announcer through a store. "Come on in! Don't be shy! Step on inside and get a prize for a special someone!" Yami rotated his eyes in that direction with his body, as he stopped in his walking, and looked at the announcer speaking. "Have a lover? That's great! Win a game and give them a prize!" Yami narrowed his eyes at the signs, as it was a animal prize. Yami didn't understand it at first, however he looked around at others and saw men and women, inside. They had boyfriends, holding hands, and winning games for their girlfriends. Yami, closed his eyes for a moment and started walking over to the building.

He had walked inside, as he looked around at all the games that was around. He thought to himself, and he remembered back when he had went on that nice time out with Téa. They had went to an arcade of some kind, and she was dancing. Yami with his hands inside his pocket, looked around at each game. He then glanced over at a game that looked familiar to him. It was a man, with dice in his hands, as he had two people next to him, almost like bodyguards. People were surrounding him, and praising him after his last match with someone."wow your undefeated!" One person exclaimed with excitement. The tall strong, cocky man, chuckled as he smirked with a confident smile. He shrugged his shoulders at the comment towards him like it was nothing.

"Hmph, yeah I know. Your not telling me something I didn't already know pal. No one can beat me! That's why I'm the champ!" He said with a cocky attitude and tone. Yami looked upon him as he narrowed his eyes, and then realized he shouldn't. He didn't want to intervene with a game, anymore because those actions were past him. He didn't feel like getting twisted and tied within another pointless game, that he would win anyways. He slowly started to walk off and find a different game to win as someone shouted. "Even that punk spiked haired freak couldn't even beat me!" As he laughed and everyone laughed with him.

Yami stopped in his tracks, as he turned his body at an angle, as he felt that the person was directing that towards him. As Yami did this, the man had approached him with his two goons, as he crossed his arms looking down at Yami with an evil grin. "Yeah that's right, I'm talking about you porcupine head! What your gonna cry now?" The man said with a laugh of comedy. He was completely hysterical towards Yami as Yami simply narrowed his eyes more with a little frustration. He didn't have time for this, and yet again, he didn't like being made fun of and bully's for that matter.

Yami had his deep voice, as he smirked and closed his eyes, with a cocky attitude right back. "You should watch what you say, or those words may be your undoing." Yami said with a smirk of his own. The guys widened their eyes, as the leader looked at Yami with a confusion angry expression. "What you say punk!? You think you can take me on! How dare you act like your better than me and wipe that stupid smirk off your face pal you didn't win anything yet!" He said with his fist balled up and having a frustration expression on his face. Yami simply looked up with his eyes pierced as he took his hands out his pockets as he stood with a poster that presented confidence.

"I'm not afraid of you, and since you believe you can beat me, then how about we play a little game. The prize is....." Yami looked around with his eyes, at the crowd as they all circled around them, and watched them argue for a moment. Yami then looked at the prize sections, and saw a gigantic teddy bear that was white and had a heart shaped that the teddy bear was holding.

"That." Yami said pointing towards the gigantic teddy bear. Everyone "Oooo" and gossiped at what was going on as the tall man started to laugh. "Haha! You want to play for a teddy bear!? Hmph, alright I don't have a girl or anything but I'll win it JUST so you can't have it !!!" He said with a attitude tone. Yami looked at his opponent as he showed no signs of backing down, and no signs of giving up this game. The man then smirked as he motioned Yami to follow him towards the gaming table. Yami slowly started to follow as the crowd went with them. The man then looked over towards his men and nodded at them, as they got in their standing positions.

"Alright tough guy, the rules are simple for this game. I have two dice here, each dice represents points. The player needs to roll numbers that are higher than the other persons dice.You then add up your two dice with whatever numbers they roll on. You get two dice, and I get my "lucky" dice. Then, whomever has the highest number on the dice they then take a card from the pile." As he continued to explain it.

"All the cards in this pile are random, ace cards are high, Queen cards are second highest, and finally, King cards are winner card. Whomever can get the King card first within this 28 deck of cards AND can reach 30 points on the dice's wins! However, if you manage to get a king card before! You reach 30 points that doesn't mean you win JUST yet, however you do! Get to roll twice in a roll! Which means that if you get the card beforehand, then you can roll your dice again. Got it." He said explaining all the rules as he stood there tossing the dice up and down.

Yami nodded his head, as he spoke with a firm term. "Very well! I agree to these terms and rules. Let us begin then." He said as he stood there as well, waiting for the man to make his move. The man then sat down on his chair, as Yami did as well. His helper then approached Yami with two white dice's as Yami took them. He then looked back at the man, and then the man had grabbed his "lucky" dice's from his two pals that were red dices. They both spoke at the same time "let's roll!" As the man had went first. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hmph! I'll go" he said, "dice roll!!" He exclaimed as he threw the dice, as the spun around and around, and landed with a 4 and a 6. The crowd watched with excitement as some started speaking amongst themselves. "Haha! This new guy is about to go down! No one tops Jimmy dice! " someone said as the crowd around the arcade cheered more and more. "Top that!" The man said to Yami, as he was now at 10 points. He then had grabbed a card from the deck as it was a 10. He then looked at Yami and showed Yami the card as Yami picked up his dice. He slowly closed his eyes as he spoke to himself. 'Alright, I can do this, I know he's throwing his dice some type of way, he's throwing them at an angle, perhaps if I can do the same technique I could get high numbers."

Yami then spoke aloud "here I go!" As he threw his dice at an angle with some force behind it. "Go! Dice roll!" As he exclaimed and the dice spun around for a period of time. The first dice stopped and landed on a 5 as the other dice had landed on a 5. Yami looked up at the man as he crossed his arms and legs as he spoke with a little cocky tone. "You aren't the only one who knows a thing or two about dice, Jimmy." Yami exclaimed as jimmy grunted with annoyance. Yami now at 10 as well, then glances at the cards and picks up a card, as he had got an Ace of spades. Which puts Yami on top of Jimmy now.

The crowd watched in amazement as they saw Yami actually beating jimmy for a second. Jimmy grunted as he was getting pissed that Yami was beating him already. He then smirked to himself as he thought to himself in his head. 'Oh, you think your winning do you, that's right think that you fool! Because after this turn, I promise you, your gonna lose!' He said to himself. Jimmy had nodded at one of his pals, as his pals nodded back as Jimmy spoke aloud to Yami. "Hmph! Don't get to cocky there porcupine, I promise you won't be making another roll like that one again."

Yami glared at Jimmy with his threatening comment, as the two played on. Jimmy then picked up his dice, as his friend had nodded at him as Jimmy spoke. "Alright. Dice roll!!!" He exclaimed as he jerked his arm, as another "rig" dice had fallen out of his sleeve and he kept one of his other dice within his palm but away from others eyes. As the dice had been tossed. Yami didn't see the switch as it happened too fast, as he looked as the dice had fallen on the table. It had landed on a 6 as the other had landed on a 6 as well. Jimmy raised up from his chair with excitement as the crowd went wild. He had rolled a 12, which put him at 22 points.

He smirked at Yami, as he grabbed a card from the deck, as it was a queen. He showed it to Yami as Yami started to flare more as he grunted. 'Impossible. How did he manage to get a queen within a 28 deck of cards.... That's completely enological. As well as roll two prefect 6's. ' Yami said within his mind. "Hehe, what's the matter there, porcupine? Having second thoughts about going against me?" Jimmy exclaimed as he crossed his arms and laughed. Yami grunted at Jimmy's comment as he spoke back. "This game isn't over yet? Jimmy!"

"Oh? But it's about to be! I have 22 points now to your little 10! Haha, you might as well give me the teddy bear now. Spare you the embarrassment." Jimmy said with a chuckle of laughter as he spoke down on Yami.

Yami, started to sweat a little, as he didn't understand why, he had rolled a perfect dice like that. ' The probability of rolling a dice like that, was 1 out of 6 chances. Too even roll such a dice would mean you'd have to have more than 2 of the same sides of the dice the same, or have all of the sides the same number. ' as he thought to himself. His eyes then widened as everyone around started laughing as they weren't paying attention to Yami. Yami had looked down, at the table and looked at Jimmy's dice. He narrowed his eyes more to get a better visual, and then realized that Jimmy's dice was rigged!

'Of course! All the sides of his dice are rigged for 6! That's how! He's beating me. H—h of course! That little nod they keep doing to each other. While I wasn't paying attention and the crowd is to busy chanting and being excited, the guy slid him the dice within his sleeve as he was about to throw it, the rig dice slides out and the real dice stays within his hand. ' Yami glanced up at Jimmy as they continued to laugh, as Yami started to get annoyed more and more with his laughter.

'I caught you Jimmy, now that I know your going to cheat to win, now I know exactly! How to beat you.....' Yami said within his mind, as the battle for the prize continued.


Yugi, had gotten from the game shop, as he told his grandfather goodbye. His grandfather was sick apparently, as Yugi had went to the store to go get him some medicine real quick. He then, had finished doing that and went back outside. He looked up at the sky and saw that it was extremely cloudless. He never seen the sky so beautiful without it being surrounded with clouds. He also looked at the time and realized that it was almost getting dark. He was sad that Yami didn't come home yet. He had no idea what was taking him so long.

Yugi, thought to himself that Yami must really be upset with him. This was just as bad as the valentines incident. He didn't want this happening all over again, as he started running down the street to go find Yami. His hair was flowing in the wind, as he ran past people, almost bumping into others. He tried to think of where Yami would go at a time like this, he started with the game card shop first. Yami was still into deck building, and into seeing more brand newer monsters. He had ran a few blocks and stopped because he got tired as he panted somewhat. He then looked up as he saw he was in front of a game card shop store, as he walked inside.

He looked around and saw some teens, picking out cards, along with a group of girls as well. He then checked around, more and more, and didn't see Yami anywhere. As he started looking around more and more, he noticed that Téa was in here. She was laughing with a group of her friends, as Yugi face turned red as he quickly left the store. His eyes was widened as he didn't expect to run into Téa here of all places, he thought she was back at her school that was out of town. However, he didn't know what to say to her, since they dated before. Things didn't go well, after they broke up and he started to date Yami.

She said that she was happy for him, but Yugi still couldn't bring himself to speak to her. He felt bad, as well as it was awkward the last time, Yami was around Téa and him. Sometimes he thinks to himself that Téa still has feelings for Yami in which case Yugi then gets jealous. He even snatched Yami one time away from the conversation and took them home. Of course this was awhile back, as well as it was inside the puzzle when they went to go visit Yami. Téa never went back inside the puzzle after that day, and didn't talk to Yugi at all either because he was avoiding her.

Just then, Yugi started to walk away from the game shop, as he heard a noise. "Hey! Yugi! Wait up." As the girly voice sounded off. Yugi turned around and saw Téa running towards him as her brown short hair flew in the wind. She was wearing shorts and a nice pink shirt that was short sleeve. She smiled as she caught up to Yugi and laughed. "Wow, you walk fast, your not growing up on me, are ya?" She said with a laugh as Yugi laughed nervously back. He rubbed his arm, as he slowly spoke back. "H—hey Téa, um, what—- what are ya doing here?" He asked. "Oh, I'm back in town for awhile, our teacher allowed us to have a quicker break, and I wanted to see all my close friends and everything." She said happily, as she looked at Yugi.

"Oh—that's nice I guess, I mean— it's just a shocker ya know...." Yugi said, as he didn't know what to say. He didn't want this turning awkward more than it already was. He scratched the back of his head as he didn't know what else to say. "Okay well...bye!" He said quickly, as he started to take off. However, Téa grabbed his arm gently. "Yugi! Wait." She said, as her eyes grew sad. "'s been almost a year since we all graduated and you and I dated..... I thought we got past the whole, awkward, Yami thing....." she said, as she was holding into Yugi's arm gently. Yugi didn't turn around as he heard her. He felt bad for acting this way, but he couldn't help himself.

He then slowly snatched away from her, as he turned around and looked at her. "Téa...." He said softly, as he looked down at the ground. "I'm—I'm sorry, okay. I—I'm trying to get past it, I've been trying, but it's—it's complicated. Your my good friend, and you always have been. But ever since you and I dated, and then I broke up with you for Yami, it's just— I don't know, I guess it's—" as he tried to explain himself. "What? Guilt?" Téa said confused yet finishing his sentence. "Yeah....." Yugi said sadly. "Yugi, how many times do I have to tell you,  I'm, completely fine with you and Yami dating. I told you I am happy for you. In fact, I'm glad you two finally tied the knot." She said nicely.

"Wait—really? You are." Yugi said blankly.

"Of course, hmph, In a way, I kind of knew that you liked Yami, but I never thought you two would ever become in different bodies. I wanted you two to be close and yes, at a point I wanted to date you, but I felt like yeah your mind was there, but your heart wasn't. I never had it, it belong to Yami the whole time....." She said, looking up at the sky gently and watching as the trees whistled within the wind. Yugi, looked upon her, as he didn't realize she felt this way. He felt like he was being a complete fool, here he was avoiding her, when she was really comfortable about it the whole time. "Téa, I'm—I'm sorry for acting like a jerk. I shouldn't have. It's— it's something I didn't want between us. I never knew you felt this way....." Yugi said gently.

"Don't worry about it. Your my friend, Yugi. I love you whether you and I date or not. Besides, I'm dating, Aigami remember. " she said as she chuckled and winked. Yugi laughed as he nodded at her, and he looked down the street. "Yeah.... I keep forgetting, I hope you two are okay by the way." He said showing his concern. She nodded "we are! Thanks. How about you and Yami, I know Yami didn't want to come out the puzzle, that must be a rough ordeal." She said, with a worried-some face. "Actually....." Yugi said with a nervous chuckle, as he told her the story of how he manage to get Yami out of the puzzle.

"Oh wow! Really, that's great yug! I'm happy for you guys. Well, I'm sorry Yami isn't speaking to you right now, but I'm happy he's getting out. I hope you two are okay, and you guys talk it out." She said with a friendly gesture. Yugi appreciated her concerned as well as her friendship. The two hugged as they shared a small laugh together and she looked at Yugi as he looked at her back. "Well, I better get going with my girl pals. It was nice seeing you again Yugi." Téa said as she started to turn and walk away. "Oh, definitely!" Yugi said cheerful now. "You and Yami should have a double date with Aigami and I some time. " she said chuckling as she waved to Yugi goodbye. " I'd like that. Goodbye, Téa! " he said waving to her as she left with her friends.

Yugi was happy that, he and her finally could speak again. He dislike the fact that, he had this feeling towards her and he didn't even realize it was ruining their friendship. Téa was more understanding than anyone, as he completely forgotten that. He realized his huge crush on Yami must've blinded him from seeing the friendship that they truly shared. He then sighed as he couldn't think of where Yami would go. However he got an idea, he realized that Yami liked going places that had entertainment. Perhaps he was at the arcade, as Yugi started to run off again, this time in the arcade direction down the street.


Jimmy tossed his dice repeatedly in his hand as he smirked at Yami whom kept a glare on his face. " what's the matter porcupine? You seem a little tense. Don't worry, soon this game will be over and you can cry so that intensity will just become a pile of tears." He said laughing yet again.

" I wouldn't be so sure, Jim." Yami said with his arms crossed and a smirk now. Jimmy looked at Yami as he stopped laughing dead within his tracks, as he narrowed his eyes. "What do you mean!" He yelled as he pounded the table as the dice flipped a little. "I have 22 points! To your 10! Or did you forget to do the math genius! You can't win! And your not going too!" He said fiercely as he made his eye twitch a little. "That's were your wrong again...." Yami said with his eyes pierced at jimmy now. Jimmy jolted a little as his eye twitched with frighten, as Yami glared at him with a fierce tension.

"If you think cheating! Will make you a winner, than you and I are on two different wavelengths." Yami said with a confident tone. The crowd gasp, as they heard that Yami called Jimmy a cheater, as he denied it immediately. "Haha! Me a cheater! You—-you can't prove that." He said, a little nervously but tried to keep his calm in front of everyone. "Can't I?" Yami said as he raised an eyebrow with a smirk. He then grabbed his dice, as he yelled "dice roll!!!" Throwing his dice at a sharp angle, as he hit jimmy's dice within the process, hitting the rigged one as it got tossed off the table and hit someone in the arm.

The person then picked it up and looked at it, as the persons eyes widened. "Hey!!! This dice has 6 all around the sides! What the heck!" Jimmy's eyes widened as he tried to make an excuse "w—what that's—that's not—that's not mines! I can explain ! I—" he stuttered over his words, as Yami leaned up on the table and yelled at with a stern tone. "Your cheating stops here! Jimmy!!!" Jimmy looked with a worried face expression, as he started to sweat along with his friends. Yami then looked down at his dice as he exclaimed. "You see, that still counts as roll, so since he does, I just rolled at 6 and a 5. That puts me at 21 points now!" He then reaches over and grabs a card as it was the king. He flashes it to jimmy as jimmy is stunned as he tries to speak. "I'm—-impossible.... How—how did you—-"

" I knew you rigged this cards as well Jimmy, but I'll take this to my advantage. Your next turn would've allowed you to hit 30 points, easily and then the king card would've been right on top of the deck! However, since your dice is no more and you already rigged the cards, now I can roll again!!" He said fiercely as he picked up his dice again. Jimmy eyes tremble with fear, as his friends, as he couldn't close his mouth to even swallow his own spit. Yami narrowed his eyes as he gripped his dice and put them between his fingers as he yelled yet again. "Dice roll!!!!!" And threw through hard as they rolled and gave him a 6 as the other dice kept spinning around and around.

Everyone was on the edge of their feet, as the watched the last dice keep rolling and started to slow down. Yami watched it as he glared at his dice, and felt the pressure, as the crowd did as well. Jimmy watched as his friends did as the dice stopped and finally landed on a 4. As the crowd jumped up and down as Yami had gotten 31 points! Making him the winner. As the people jumped up the down as well as girls clapping for Yami. People approached Yami as Yami stood up and crossed his arms looking at Jimmy.

Jimmy fell down to the ground, as he gripped his hair tightly, as he couldn't believe he lost. His eyes throbbing as his friends went down to his side as he gripped they're shirts. "Ahhh'!! You idiots! You should've been more careful with the rigged dice!!!! Now I have to go to a whole new town just to rig people again! Where is it!!!!?" He said yelling at his friends and then getting up quickly to search for it.

"You won't be rigging anyone, anymore ever again, Jimmy Dice! Consider yourself officially, crumbled. " Yami said sternly as he had Jimmy's rigged dice in his hand and crushed his cement, dirt painted dice in his hand as it crumbled. Jimmy screamed as his eyes widened and yelled "ahh!!! What the fuck man!!! That dice was worth something you monster! I'll get you for this porcupine head you just wait!!!" He screamed as he ran off and out the arcade as his friends followed. The crowd kept cheering for Yami, as the security came over to give Yami his teddy bear. Yami's eyes widened as he didn't realize it was bigger than himself as he stood it next to him and laughed nervously.

Yugi had finally made it to the arcade as he walked inside and looked around confused. He noticed that it was a gigantic crowd around an area as they were all clapping and getting excited. He started to approach it, as he realized that Yami was over there and smirking. He had his eyes closed as he was embracing everyone's praises. Yugi got excited as he saw Yami standing there with everyone as he quickly started to go over there. He then stopped in his tracks, as he remembered that Yami was upset with him. He put his hand close to his chest and then looked down with discouragement. He then heard giggling, like the sound of girls, as his eyes looked up quickly.

He noticed women surrounding, Yami as Yugi's eyes shrinked down. He watched as they got close to Yami and started flirting with him, as Yami didn't do anything. He saw a girl grab Yami's hand gently and start to rub it, as Yami with a confused red streak across his face. He simply nodded at her, as the rest of the girls giggled. Yugi face turned red as he was extremely upset as well as he felt hurt in a way. However, he felt compelled to say what he was gonna say, as it slipped out and was in the moment. "Hey!!! Get your girly hands off my man!" Yugi yelled as he glared at the girls who was on Yami. Yami and the girls turned as they girls eyes widened and mostly everyone in the arcade.

Yami blinked as he didn't know Yugi was here, as well didn't realize what Yugi just said. Yugi stormed over there as he grabbed Yami's hand and entwined their fingers, as Yugi walked off with Yami as Yami was holding the teddy bear almost like dragging it. He stormed out of the arcade with Yami as Yami watched Yugi, with a concerned yet, turned on look. He never saw Yugi act this way, and from what he remembered Yugi had snatched away the last time they was holding hands. As well as Yugi never wanted to hold hands with Yami in public before and said that they probably wouldn't do that, if Yami ever got into the real world. Yet here they were holding hands, as Yugi didn't speak as Yami felt he saw steam coming from Yugi with an angry expression.

He slowly pulled on Yugi's hand to stop him from walking back home, as Yugi turned around and his face went gently again. "Huh?—o—oh! Omg! I just realized what I said in the arcade!!! Ah!" Yugi face turned red as he couldn't believe that came out of his mouth. Yami simply chuckled at Yugi's face expression and his embarrassment, as he found it to be cute. Yugi watched as Yami chuckled and covered his mouth from laughing as he saw that gigantic bear. Yugi shyly, didn't know what to say, as his face was already red with embarrassment as it. It felt sad although because he still felt guilty about earlier. "Yami....I just wanna say, I'm sorry about earlier you know? In the house....."

"Hm?" Yami said with an raise eyebrow, as he completely had forgotten about the incident in the house. However he realized that it was affecting Yugi way more than it was affecting himself as he watched Yugi try and explain himself. "I—I don't know what came over me I just, I—I'm sorry for acting like a jerk, and I can understand if your upset with me! You have ever right to be, and I—" he got cut off by Yami kissing him on his lips, as the two shared a romantic kiss on the sidewalk. People walked past eyeing them strangely, while others "Awwed" as the two shared a kiss. Yugi felt Yami's lips once again pressed against his own, as they stopped and Yami kept one arm around Yugi's waistline.

"Yugi, it is okay. I promise, I've had time to think and I am the one who is guilty. I shouldn't have the lust for you. I felt upset because I didn't want to keep having that sexual time, when your not even ready for that. I need to learn to control those emotions and wait for you to tell me your ready. " he said gently, as he slowly gave Yugi the teddy bear. "I won this for you, to show I am sorry, I know it's big, but I want you to have it. It compliments my greatest love for you. I hope you like it." He said nervously as he never showed a sign of nervousness, however Yugi always managed to bring out the emotions Yami never thought he had.

"Oh my! Yami I—I love it! Hehe, thank you so much! It's big and beautiful." He said smiling as he hugged it as big as he could, as his hands couldn't even get barely around it's waistline. He then kissed Yami again on his lips, as Yami felt that pressure of his lips, and touched Yugi's cheek gently. Yugi, embraced his touch, as Yugi slowly pulled back and opened his eyes as he grabbed Yami's hand gently. Yami slowly grabbed Yugi's hand, as the two entwined fingers once again. Yugi was happy that, Yami accepted that he wasn't ready for such a romantic relationship moving so fast, however he still felt guilty about it all. However, he would allow those moments and thoughts to escape his mind, as he enjoyed walking home, with his partner and his amazing prize.

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