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Chapter 10: Friendly Advice

The next morning came, as the sun rose again on yet another day for domino city. The birds were chirping and the sun rays were shining down like beacons. It was a lovely time, even though it was almost going on fall. However it felt warm outside which made it seem like it was summer time. As well as it made it better for Yugi and Yami to be together. Back inside the game shop, home, Yugi and Yami was fast asleep, as then a telephone had started to ring. It was coming from Yugi's room, as Yugi was silently sleeping. Yugi never made any noise when he slept, he slept so peacefully he could've past as playing dead.

He then tossed a little within his sleep, as he kept hearing a noise within his dreams. He was blushing a lot, as well as smiling within it too. He must've been thinking about Yami, since he had such an expression. However the phone continued to ring, as it then eventually stopped. Yugi, was fast asleep still, as he dreamt of him and Yami out together, on a nice romantic hotel. He giggled within his sleep, as the sound of the phone rang yet again. Yugi then softly started to open his sleepy, eyes, as it was hitting 7:20am. He then, gently started to reach over towards his table. He then grabbed the phone, and then softly spoke.

"H—hello?" He stated. His voice was a little deeper, because he was asleep, but also because he was half asleep still. His eyes started to close again, when he heard the noise of someone on the phone. "Hello, Yugi? This is doctor Hanson, the one from two days ago. I'm calling to notify you about your grandfathers condition?" He proclaimed. Yugi then slowly opened his eyes again and then sat up more. He then rubbed his eye with his left hand, as he then started to respond. "Oh? Oh yes. That's right. Please how is he." He said with a concerned voice.

"He's doing good. His heart beat is more stable now, so that's good. His blood pressure however is a bit still too high. We shall run some more tests, perhaps we will need a blood sample from you, if it'll be possible." He told him. Yugi listened to what the doctor was saying as he then nodded to himself. "Alright, that's fine. What's it for though?" Yugi asked. "It is because I believe you and your blood line have very rare blood types. As well as your grandfather lost a lot of blood durning this surgery and already on the way to the hospital. We might need blood from a family, to give the proper treatment." He told Yugi over he phone.

Yugi could hear the noise within the background of the hospital, as it sounded like a busy day over there. Yugi eyes soften more, but he didn't wish to cry over it. He told him that his grandfather was fine, and Yugi wanted to do everything in his power to help his grandfather as well. "Well, of course then. I can give blood if needed, Dr. Hanson. Please just tell me when." Yugi said with determination. The doctor then agreed with Yugi as he then gave a more upbeat tone. "Great to hear, I'll keep you posting on his condition. Don't worry, we are doing everything in our power to keep him alive. Until we speak again. Good day." Doctor Hanson stated.

The call then ended as Yugi hung up the phone, as he then looked over at his clock. It was now 7:45am, as Yugi then got out of bed. He realized Yami must've still been asleep or something because he didn't see him enter his room to check on him. He thought about allowing Yami to just sleep as he'd go out with Téa for awhile. He wanted to take his mind off this urges, and kinky sensations he's been feeling around him. It wasn't like Yugi at all, but he couldn't help it for some reason. He wanted help with this, but he also felt a little embarrassed by it too.

He got from the bed, and walked over to his closet again, as he grabbed his phone along the way. He then texted Téa notifying her that he was awake now and putting on clothes. She texted him back smiling and telling him she was on her way. He then said alright, within the message and put his phone back down. He then grabbed some clothes from his closet and started to take off the shirt he had on. He then grabbed his black tan top, and put that on, as well as his blue leather pants. He then slid those on as well, as well as grabbed his white socks.

He then sat down on the edge of the bed to put them on his feet, and then slid on his black buckle shoes. Yugi walked over then towards his table and grabbed his belt buckles and put those on through his leather pants inside the hoops. He then went over to the table yet again and grabbed his choker and made it go around his neck. He walked over towards the mirror and winked at himself, as he felt a little happy now knowing that his grandfather would be okay. He was glad that he had doctors that was trying so hard to keep his grandfather alive.

He didn't wish to think about what would happen if they didn't. He then went over to grab his cell phone and then slid it within his back pocket. As he did so, he finally walked over to his closet and grabbed his leather blue jacket that floated in the back and put that on. He didn't know if it'll remain warm outside, because the weather was acting strange for it to be in June. However, he wasn't going to take any risk, he decided to grab it anyways, and then leave his bedroom. He then took out his phone as he was walking down the hallway and down the steps. He stopped midway and saw Yami.

Yami was indeed already awake, but he was up watching cartoons. He was laughing, at the characters and what was happening as he was really into the show. It must've been very amusing to him, as Yugi then walked over towards Yami cheerfully. "Well good morning." He told him. Yami then looked over as he had a bowl of cereal in his arms and chuckled at the cartoon. He then noticed Yugi had came towards him, as he then, smiled and was eating his food. "Oh good morning Aibou. Did you know this cereal is amazing! What is this kind?" He asked him. "It's Frosted Flakes. I love that kind as well." Yugi replied. "Amazing. It's such a wonderful texture and taste. Perhaps I'll have a second bowl." He told Yugi.

Yugi chuckled and smiled as Yami said that, as he made himself seem like it was the best. He was happy he was enjoying himself as he then walked over heading towards the door. "Hey, umm, I'm heading out for awhile, I'm going to be with Téa. I'll be back around 7 or so. Remember be in my room before 8pm." He told Yami trying to remind him. Yami then quickly turned his head towards Yugi and spoke quickly getting back to the cartoon. "Yeah yeah, sure." Yami told him. As he started laughing at the cartoon again. Yugi didn't know how to react to such a way, as he felt that Yami wasn't paying any mind at all.

He sighed, and tried to simply ignore it, as he didn't want to disturb Yami any further. He then took out his phone, as he wanted to text Téa and tell her he left the house and to meet him at the park instead. He knew she'd be on her way, as he didn't want her to come far across town just to get to his house. He could just meet her at the park instead which was pretty big and popular around domino city. He then started to walk in the park direction, as he started to think about what he was going to give Yami tonight. The thought kind of made his stomach turn, but it wasn't sickness, it was just more so nervousness. He never been so scared to do something before.

Yugi had finally reached the park, as he felt the calm, cool air hit his face and skin. It was starting to get a little chilly as time past on, as he then checked his phone. He realized he was going on 8:15am now, as he then looked around as he heard noises coming from different areas. Kids were playing on the swings, as well as the playground, as he noticed an old couple that was walking together. He smiled at the sensory, as he loved how simple things were now. However, he did feel a little down about it all.

He must admit, Yugi liked saving the world, and even so, he liked doing it with his friends. All his friends now however seemed to be moving on with their lives while Yugi stated still. He did however manage to be able to think about his future as well, he was about to leave for college soon, so it gave more enough time to think about it all. He didn't know if he wanted to even leave for college, that would most likely mean leaving Yami behind. The thought of that made his eyes soften, as he stood there within his jacket allowing the wind to howl in his ears.

Just then he heard something faintly "yug!" Almost like someone calling his name. His eyes widened a little, as his motion turned and realized whom it was. "Hey! Yugi! Haha, over here." A friendly wave could be heard as well as a female voice. He smiled and then waved back as he saw whom it was running up towards him. "Téa! You made it." He said joyfully. She panted a little as she was somewhat out of breathe, and needed to catch it. She then smiled as she stood up tall and looked at him. "Yeah! Haha."

"That's great, I'm glad you could come. I know your busy and all but—" Yugi spoke, as he twittled his fingers a little. She then smiled and giggled as she then cut him off with a cheerful tone. "Hey! Don't mention it, you know I'd come for any of my closest friends. We've been knowing each other for a long time, Yugi. Don't ever think I won't do things for ya." She said with a wink. Yugi always love Téa for multiple reasons, she was so friendly and opened minded you could say anything to her and she would always have the same upbeat tone. Yugi admires such a tenacity from her, because she was confident in that.

Yugi however question what he was confident about. Was he even confident to tell her what he wanted her for. Téa then looks at Yugi and then slowly takes his hand. He heats up a little from her warm hands and then looks at her. "Hey lets go to the shack! We have time." She stated. She then, pulls him along, as she starts walking in that direction. He gets yanked lightly, as he chuckles from it, and then starts walking beside her. She then holding her purse on her shoulder looks over at Yugi and then smiled as she starts speaking. "Alright so what's up?" She asked.

Yugi looked over at her, as he didn't know she was going to dive into it right now. He didn't even know if he was ready, this was all nerve wracking for him to be honest. It was almost so overwhelming he wanted to back out and run away. However he couldn't, backing out and running away would mean, no surprise for Yami. It would make their relationship boring and dull than it already is. He never wanted to tell Yami that, because he didn't wish to hurt his feelings or make him work more harder. It was just the physical contact which was never there.

He pondering on his own thoughts, when suddenly he walks right into Téa. She had stopped walking after they reached the shack, as she felt a bump into her. "Hey? You okay?" She asked Yugi, as he looked sad. "N— no, I'm not actually." Yugi said with a gentle tone. "Oh. Well let's talk about it then. As well as grab something to eat you must be hungry, I know I am." She said happily. Yugi nodded as the two then walked into the shack, as people were already in their seats. Téa and Yugi then found an empty spot where they sat down, and she put her purse on the table. "I love this place, we've had so many amazing memories here." She told him.

Yugi nodded, as he then smiled, at the things she was speaking of. "Yeah, Joey ordered that gigantic burger and I can't believe he ate the whole thing." He said with a laugh. She laughed as well, as they reminisced about the past events. "Joey always tries to bite more than he could ever chew." She told him. "Yeah but that's what makes Joey, Joey." Yugi added on. "He's always biting more than he can chew, always taking risk, even if it's dangerous." Yugi was speaking as he looked at the spoon and started playing with it. Téa just listened, as she then looked upon Yugi.

"Well, You've always done the same." She told Yugi, as she chuckled. She then crossed her arms, confidently, as Yugi looked with confusion and surprise. "What? Me?" He asked. "Well of course silly,you've risked a lot for us, you were always there to help us through tough situations, you and Yami. Why, all those adventures we had, those only brought us closer together." Téa spoke. "You've fought danger just as much as the rest of us, you've taken risk even though you knew the outcome sometimes. Why, I believe you and Yami are the same in that category. Always looking out for someone before yourselves." She went on saying.

Yugi blinked, as his face gave a surprised expression. He never thought of it as such, he always felt he didn't do anything because Yami always did the duels. However he remembered, back before Yami was even here. Yugi dueled a lot, and then he remembered the duel he and Yami had. He knew Yami's ever move before he even made it. Finishing him off, was the hardest thing he ever had to do, he was devastated  because of it. He thought he'd never see Yami again, and he hadn't for years actually. However then, out of the blue, a lock between souls happened. Where Yami decided to remain within the puzzle if he was close to Yugi.

That wish was granted, and Yami took that risk in staying, but he could also feel free to join the real world. He took yet another risk, in coming out of his comfort zone and doing it for Yugi. Doing it for himself as well, it made him change and evolve to what he is today. Yugi eyes widened as everything was coming together, it was all about risk, taking chances for your love ones. Now Yugi really felt like shit, he never thought, he would see it this way, and be selfish with his own feelings when he knew he was leading it on. Téa then slowly touched Yugi's hand, as he came from his zone out moment.

"Hey, haha. You in there?" She asked. "Hm? Oh. Yes sorry. I was just—thinking." He told her. "On what?" She asked again. "Just— about what you said, Téa. It all makes sense, to me now, I've been nothing but selfish towards Yami this entire time. I feel like such a fool and idiot." He told her. Her eyes widened at how he was reacting, as she listened to him go on. "I've been having urges with yami, and instead of doing it. I get scared and run away? I tease him like it's okay? I'm nothing more than a fool to even have someone like him." He then clutched his hands into a fist. He was so upset and disgusted with himself he couldn't even eat anything.

"Yugi..." Téa said gently, as Yugi then glanced up at her relaxing. "Don't worry about it. I'm sure Yami understands. The important thing is your confronting this now, and that's what matters. I'll be honest, I was scared at first to date Aigami and even give him my virginity. But after we did it, it only made us get closer and learn more about another." She smiles gently as she was holding his hand. Yugi eyes widened and then couldn't believe what she had told him. "Y—you and Aigami did it!?" He asked. "Mhm." She told him. "I don't regret it one bit. I love Aigami and if you love someone you'll make and risk sacrifices for them, no matter what." She finished saying. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Yugi then looked at Téa and realized she made completely sense in everything. He then smiled and nodded as a sign of understanding. The two then, shared a soft moment with a touching hand as they then picked up their menus and began to order they're food.

A few hours later went around, as it was now, 12pm. Yugi and Téa was back in the park, after having their breakfast talk together. They laughed at their jokes and talked about their dreams and goals. Yugi then looked at the time, as she did as well. "Man time is flying." She said with a chuckle. "Yeah it is. I guess you'll be going soon." He said looking upon her. "Yeah I have to get going now, I was suppose to been and left but— I missed you and wanted to hangout a little longer." Téa replied. Yugi then hugged her sideways as she returned the hug.

"Thank you, Téa for everything." He said towards her. "Of course, Yugi. Don't forget to tell me about you and Yami." She said and winks. Yugi then blushed and flustered with embarrassment as he stuttered a little. "W-what do you mean!?" He asked trying to be confused. "You know after you two— hehe." She said laughing as she covered her mouth. Yugi turned like a tomato as he couldn't believe she would say that, but it was so embarrassing he had no choice but to laugh it off. "I—I don't know what you mean..." he told her. She then winked again, as she then slowly turned and then looked back. "I'll see you another time Yugi." She said towards him.

She then waved, as Yugi did as well, as the temperature dropped down some more. It got a little chilly, faster than earlier, as Yugi then felt the breeze. He felt himself cold, as he then was more confident about what was going on. Through his mind, he knew that if he loved Yami nothing they did would tear them apart, he knew that theirs sacrifices within a relationship that others must take. He then smiled, as he started to head back home, and couldn't wait for the night to come again.

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