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Chapter 14: Kaiba VS Yami

It was the mid afternoon, and Yugi had finished watching his latest episode he loved. He was watching game of thrones, it was interesting to him and fascinating to say the least. He never realized how much violence could be inside one crazy tv series. At first he wasn't going to watch it because of that, however he saw Yami watching it one day and figured he'd give it a go himself. He was glad that he did, as he finished writing inside his journal yet again. He remember back when, Yami had read it, and the more he pondered about it he felt more and more guilty. Yami said it was okay in the end and, the two had eventually made love and made up. Although that didn't make Yugi feel any less guilty about it.

He was suppose to go tomorrow and visit his grandfather as he was debating to do for awhile now. It's been three days since that incident that had him panicking and frighten. Gazing up out his window, he sighed with frustration. 'It's getting late, I wonder why Yami is.' told himself. Checking at the time, it was going on 2pm and normally Yami would've at least came home. He couldn't help but grip his journal, with a little aggression, and suddenly arise from his bed. Placing his gentle bare feet against the carpet, he walked over towards his closet. Grabbing his jacket, socks, and some shoes, he throw those items on and then walked over towards his door.

He decided he'd go looking for Yami, as he couldn't wait around any longer. It was horrible to think something had happened to him, but with everything going on throughout his mind, it wasn't like it couldn't be possible. The feeling he had was painful, as well as stressful, as he closed and locked up the game-shop. Yugi glancing over at the streets and signs, seeing how he felt lost in a way, he then immediately walked down the streets with his heels clicking numerously. 'Perhaps he went towards the card shop again?' A frighten Yugi was feeling this way. Putting his finger to his chin in a thinking state. Not knowing whether to call the cops, or to simply look for him on his own.

At the top of the Kaiba Corp, place the battle had begun already. Kaiba had his arms crossed in a devilish smile upon him. He was highly confident having battle ox and one of his blue eyes already on the field. Yami grinned his teeth a little, balling his fist up somewhat, as he tried to keep calm. He was down towards 5000 LP against Kaiba and his 7000LP. Time was thin, and the wind was fierce-some with its howls. "What's the matter pharaoh? Had enough already." Kaiba proclaimed, as he looked upon him. 'I'm not giving up yet, I have to win this duel. It's the only thing that matters, at this moment. Kaiba must've went.' a determined narrow Yami spoke. He was having rushing moments within his brain, as he was within reach of another card.

"I draw!" Yami told him, looking down at the card he then slid. He then started to speak, as he was directing his response. "I sacrifice, Celtic guardian to summon dark magician girl!" She then rose from the card into play, as the cards became real. Thanks to kaiba's technology the cards became more lifelike, as well as they impacted real damage to the player if defeated in battle. " I then activate my face down spell card "spell binding circle" and by sacrificing 1000 of my life points! Since then, I have the spell in play, I can then summon dark magician to the field!" Yami rose his hand in the air, pointing a finger high in the sky.

The thunder and lightening of the clouds starting to settle in, as dark magician rose from the card. Kaiba narrowed his eyes, as he smirked and then made a statement only he could hear. 'Finally....' Yami then put his hand down, and then waved it in front with some anger as he yelled "go! Dark magician! Dark magic attack!" He pointed towards Kaiba's battle ox as he got destroyed and he took damage. He grunted softly, as Yami watched him and now Kaiba went down in LP hitting 6000LP. "It is your move Kaiba!" He told him seriously. Kaiba then chuckled as he then grave a timid tone from his voice. "You think that shall stop me? I know your Every move Pharaoh. Every move you shall make, im already one step ahead of you." He delegate.

"I draw!" He then ripped his card from the deck, glanced over at it, and then smirked as he look back at Yami again. " this duel is about to come towards a close! Once I put you and your little magicians in your place!" He slammed his card on the duel disk and begun his turn. "First I activate my trap card "chain bound!" This card makes both of your monsters get tied in place. So say goodbye your dark magician and dark magician girl." Kaiba told him. "What! No." Yami exclaimed, as he watched them get chained in the process. He then twitched his eyes and eyebrows, at Kaiba as Kaiba continued. "Next, I summon, yet another blue eyes white dragon to the field! With the help of my spell card I already had in play. Then I'll use polymerization to fuse my three dragons together! In order to summon! Blue eyes ultimate dragon!" He then pointed to the sky as his monsters came to the field.

The illumination made the dragons, appear as they're wings expanded, and almost made Yami fall over. He grunted angrily closing his eyes, as the wind against him was strong. He then stood up, as his magicians were tied up and helpless even. He then watched as Kaiba had made his move and then saw what his type of position was. 'This isn't good, he now has his ultimate on the field. His going to try and attack me.' He told himself. "Go! My blue eyes! Attack him dark magician with blue eyes ultimate power!" He then yelled as his blue eyes started to form the ball within his mouth. He then took aim at dark magician, as the ball shattered between it, and Yami hit his hand and activate a trap. "I activate my trap card! Mirror force!"

The impacted of the fire then, tried to blast, as it clashed with Yami's trap card instead. Kaiba grunted as the two of them closed they're eyes blinded by the brightness of the light. Several people decided to stop walking and watch, as they were amazed to see what was happening and didn't know what was going on. Although they somewhat got blinded by the beam of embers that was happening. From the distance, Yugi was walking, although he had turned his head, as his eyes widened. Something was happening near Kaiba Corp, he didn't know what it was but he decided to run in that direction.

Yugi had reached the end of the street, as he noticed a group of people. They seemed to be staring at the sky, as he squinted his eyes and try to look up as well. Yugi didn't comprehend it at first, but after he manage to get around some people his eyes opened more. They gleamed with amazement, but also panic not knowing what to do, as he saw a dragon on the roof of a building. "Is—is that the blue—eyes white dragon?!"  His hands trembling, and almost somewhat frighten to believe it. It must've been Kaiba on that roof top, as he didn't know whether to believe it or not, he then moved past more people and heading closer to that direction. He couldn't shake this feeling that he was battling someone he knew. He just prayed it wasn't who he thought it was, or he and Yami would have a conversation.

"Haha!" A laugh familiar heard again, as Yami grunted and sneered by his confidence. Are you losing your touch, pharaoh? Or are you just playing games. I expected more of a challenge, so why don't you deliver. Your down to 3000LP and I'm still at 6000LP there is no way you shall beat me. Your dark magician is no more!" He told him as he pointed with a mean desire. Yami then glanced down at his hand and at his cards, the feeling of being alone started to settle inside. ' I cannot lose myself in this duel. Everything— everything I've worked for cannot be gone. Téa, Tristan, Joey, and Yugi.' He closed his eyes, and a sudden power took ahold.

The millennium eye, came on his forehead, as he felt himself in a shadow realm place. He was alone and in the domino city clothes again. He then saw Yugi in the distance although his back was turned against him. He tried touching Yugi, only for Yugi to snatch away and fill with tears. "Why Atem? Why are you doing this? You promised me you was done dueling for yourself! You learned nothing! You don't even care about me." A deformed voice of Yugi's yelling at Yami. Yami eyes widened as he felt the sadness and the compression take a toll on him. "That's not true Yugi! I—I do care for you, please I always have, I love you." He said as he watched the shades of Yugi start to shimmer. He slowly disappeared as Yami ran after him and tried to grab him once again, only for it to be a nightmare in his mind.

"So? No last words huh? You have nothing to say before I destroy you?" Kaiba taunted Yami somewhat. He didn't bother to look up at Kaiba, as he was deep in his mind for a moment, the shadow parts of his hair, and the gray lighting that was around them. The ran drop slowly hit his skin, as it did against his cheeks as well. He knew it was about to ran, as he then slowly pulled his hand up to his deck once more. Kaiba crosses his arms confidently as he felt he would win this duel and finally prove he was the true king of games from everyone who doubt his skills. He then heard a faint noise that seemed like it was coming closer, he didn't know who it was at first, but he rotating around saw. "What! How did you get up here!" Kaiba shouted watching Yugi rushed to Yami's aid.

"Yami!" Yugi said crying with tears in his eyes, as Yami slowly looked up and widened with surprised. "Yugi! What are you—" Yami being so confused got grabbed by the hand gently by Yugi with hopefully tears. "I found you! I had a deep feeling it was you and Kaiba up here, but I wasn't sure. Are you okay? Why are you two battling." He asked with concern. "That's none of your business, Yugi. Stay out of my way or I'll crash you as well. This duel is between him and I. And I don't intend to let him go anywhere not until I've crushed him in his glory state!" Seto pointed towards Yami, aiming with vivid passion. He wanted to finish this, as he awaited for this moment for quite some time. "Now draw your last pathetic attempt to stop me! Because it won't save you this time pharaoh!" Kaiba finished stating.

"I—he's right I have nothing to save me..." Yami said softly. His eyes grew with pain, and remorse as he didn't have it in him anymore. He then blinked as he felt Yugi's fingers touch his and then touch his duel disk. "Y—Yugi?" He said softly glancing over at him. "Beat him, Yami. I believe in you, I always have, you have never given up and you shall not now. I don't really know everything and what this is all about, but I know that you are strong. You are more than just my partner you are a pharaoh, you've battle tougher opponents and Kaiba is going to understand that. Believe in the heart of the cards and let's win this together." He told Yami confidently. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It slowly started to ran on them, as the ran picked up along with the wind. Both of them wet on the roof tops. As Yami had one monster on the field, and Kaiba had two. His ultimate blue eyes white dragon, which had over 5000 attack points, and his other monster which had 25000 attack points. Yami was on edge, at first, he didn't know what to do, as he then slowly felt more confidence and nodded to yugi in understanding. There was something about Yugi being beside him which gave him more of the ability to be stronger in the end. He looked up at Kaiba with a mean glare and felt his composer return. "Your monsters don't scare me kaiba! I shall defeat you with just one turn!" He told him. Kaiba sneered softly, as he watched him and Yugi silently.

"I draw!" Yami told them, as Yugi walked back a little holding into a railing that was on the roof top. He wasn't as close to the action, but he was still somewhat, as he watched the duel conclude itself. "First I'll play my monster mystical elf. With her ability she raises not only my monsters attack power, but also the defensive of her. Next my face down card activities which is monster reborn!" He shouted, as Kaiba scuffed and then repeated "monster reborn!" He proclaimed. "Yes and you and I both know what that means Kaiba! It means my dark magician is yet again here!"

Dark magician once again had risen, as Yami then smirked and crossed his arms. "Although that is not all, since you destroy my trap card "illusions" you allowed me to draw two more cards to my hand. Therefore, why waste time in missing out! I won't allow you to win this duel, you have forgotten the most important thing when I win, I have my friends! Where I go! So let's end this I summon Slifer the sky dragon!" Kaiba and the people's eyes widened as the sky ripped apart in the air. The fumes of the air went around, as the wind spiraled out of control.

Kaiba and everyone's hair flew wildly as Slifer had taken the field with no attack or defensive points, his winds leading against the roof top, as his mouths looked down upon the blue eyes ultimate dragon. Kaiba eyes shimmered with panic somewhat and anger. "I thought the Egyptian gods were at rest!" He exclaimed aloud as Yami was responding towards him. "Slifer never is! At rest, and rest by my side. The Egyptian God's always listen to their master and that is me! So let me show you what a God can do! Slifer! Attack with lightning blast strike!" Slifer then opened his mouth, as he took aim at Kaiba, monster and blasted with his shockwave, as Kaiba grunted and took damage.

He was now down towards 3000LP same as Yami. The two glare at one another, as Seto Kaiba grunted and then was about to attack as he then got cut off. "Don't think you should do that Kaiba! No matter what you do the results shall be the same." Yami said glaring up at him. "What the hell do you think your talking about!" Kaiba asked with hatred. "You may draw a card, but since I have the one card you don't you lose this duel! Activate my face down card revival jam!" Kaiba and Yugi looked as Yami said that, and Kaiba eyes twitched with an unbelievable fear. "W—What? I—impossible..." he told himself.

"You and I both know what that means Kaiba! Your dragons get reborn on your side of the field, and you have no choice but to attack revival jam over and over until your life points are no more!" Yami' said vividly. Blue eyes attacked again, as he hit revival jam, and it came back, as Slifer then attacked blue eyes once again, as Kaiba eyes widened more as he knew this attack would end him. He then took the hit again, as he flew back from its power and almost fell off the roof top. Kaiba life points had reached 0LP, as Yugi then widened his eyes, as he saw this and rushed over to get Seto before he fell. His eyes opened once he realized Yugi came to save him as he helped him up and Yugi spoke.

"Are you okay? It's over Kaiba..." he told him softly. Seto stared at the ground as the monsters faded away, as Yami walked over softly with his heels clicking the marble plated roof top. The water of the rain, hitting they're bodies and clothing, as Kaiba was panting from exhaustion. He then slowly got up, as he had a serious look on his face. He was banged up alittle, as Yami was as well. Yugi then got up and stood next to Yami, as Kaiba spoke with a mild tone. "Hmph. I lost, again.... I thought I had you. I see you and that friendship nonsense, seems to always be in your favor." He told him as he stared at Yami.

"You lost because of your pride Kaiba, you shall never become a true winner unless you overcome those emotions. However, in due time a shall always look forward to a rematch, but kidnapping isn't the way." He told Kaiba, as Kaiba then scuffled somewhat and put his hands within his pockets. He then turned and walked off as he headed in the direction Yugi was standing. "Whatever, the only important thing is that this isn't over, pharaoh. I shall become stronger, and I will defeat you. No matter the cost. You just wait, because i promise I'll become stronger." He slowly glanced at Yugi and then walked past him.

It was a soft silence, as he didn't know what to do then, as Yugi turned to Yami. The two was distant from one another, as Yugi soften his eyes. The rain continued to drop down on the marble platform around them. They're skins shimmering in the gleam of the lighting, and the area around them. Yugi then slowly walked towards, Yami and parted his lips about to speak. However Yami spoke before him cutting him off in a mere second. "Aibou" he then felt his arm with a rub of tension inside it. He was more down than usually, almost feeling a guilt expression upon him. "I—I apologize greatly for this, I didn't know Kaiba would kidnap me, and force me to duel him. I know you and I made a packed about not dueling anymore." He stated firmly. He then looked down at his hands, and at his duel disk, as it was inactive.

"I understand Yami. There is no need to explain." His eyes gently and filled with kindness, no matter how hard it was afraid and fearful. Yami was this, and he always knew Yugi was understanding in the end, his wrangles made it more easier for him to be calm. They were still on Kaiba's roof top, as Yugi smiled sweetly at Yami with a graceful look. "I'm just happy your safe and you've won the duel. I'm proud of you, and I know it was difficult but you've seem to toughen up in the end." He added on. Yami nodded in agreement as he then took Yugi's hand, as Yugi eyes with his purple orbs watched him. He then felt Yami's soft rough kissable lips press against his back hand. He blushed intensity, as he felt it and stared at Yami.

"Oh?" Yugi said questionably, with an overwhelming desire and feeling. "Just the fact that I love you, so much more than you can ever imagination. I never wish for us to be apart." Yami told him, with such seriousness and kindness inside his heart and eyes. He meant everything, he told Yugi, and he felt as if Yugi needed to clearly understand that more often. Yugi blushed intensified more and more, as Yami spoke those words upon him. He felt the embrace of a hug as his eyes widened from unexpectance. He then wrapped his arms around Yami's neck to hug him back as big as he was doing towards him.

Standing in the rain hugging one another, after Yami's successful duel against Kaiba once again. Although he felt, a coldness in Kaiba's words when he went speaking them. He just hoped that it wasn't any time soon, or not another kidnapping from him. Yugi and Yami then looked at each other, and linked hands together, as they smiled kindly with love intentions. As they soon started walking off the roof top, which they decided they would head home, and remember this moment forever.

Kaalakaua Kaalakaua


Some of the cards inside this story for the dueling section may or may not be made up. I am not a duelist, so therefore I don't know precisely the cards. I apologize for those who wish to complain about that.

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