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Chapter 6: Nightfall Disaster

Yami and Yugi had finally approached home, as Yugi kept hugging his teddy bear over and over again. He was so happy, that Yami would give him such a gift. It was unlike Yami to give something that was so "romantic like" or something that didn't involve dueling.

He realized that Yami always showed a side of himself that only Yugi would ever see. A side that was kind, gentle, open, shy, cute, and down to earth. Yugi then pondered to himself as Yami had came in behind him. Yugi then looked back at Yami, as Yami had gently closed the door, as he then walked towards Yugi.

Yugi then had sat the teddy bear down, within the game shop, as it was too big and almost took up an isle. However, Yugi went back to the door to lock it. He then walked over to Yami and smiled at him happily, as Yami chuckled with a small grin.

"Yami..." Yugi said gently, as he walked back over to his teddy bear.

"How about we go do something tomorrow, like, go eat ice cream, watch movies, go to the park, learn about animals, and such. Hm?" Yugi said as he grab into his bear.

Yami's eyes widened a little with embrace, as he couldn't believe Yugi would take him all those places.

"You—you sure? I mean—I—I don't know Yugi, I'm not really an "outgoing" person. He exclaimed.

As he walked over to help Yugi with the bear. They slowly started to lift it up the steps, as Yugi spoke to Yami as they lift it.

"Oh come on! It'll be fun, plus, Téa is in town again, and I'm sure Joey could hangout with us for a day. This is your chance to hang out with my friends, whom is also your friends. They never really got the chance to really get to know you besides your ancient history. However, I'm sure, they'd like to know more." Yugi said excitedly.

"More?" Yami said questionably as he didn't know what else he could tell about himself that they didn't already know.

They had made it to the top of the stairs, as Yugi stopped for a second because he was tired. The bear was heavy and it was making his arms hurt, as Yami started lifting it on his own. Yugi watched for a moment, and smiled, as he then heard a noise coming from down the hallway. He gasped to himself, as he whispered frantically at Yami

"oh-no! I think it's my grandfather." Yugi said nervously.

Yami raised an eyebrow at first, and then remembered that Yugi did have a grandfather, whom he sometimes accidentally called grandfather himself. Yugi, then motioned Yami to hurry with the teddy bear, down the hallway.

However Yami himself was having a hard time, as he grunted pulling the bear into Yugi's room.

"Grraah, why—do—-they—-make, teddy bears, so big.... If graaah, they're hard to pusshhh".

As Yami was using all his force to push the bear into Yugi's room. Yugi, chuckled at Yami's comment as he then heard footsteps walking towards them. Yugi, knew it was his grandfather, as he turned to Yami quickly and stated

" I'll be right back!"

He ran down the hallway before his grandfather could turn the corner and see. His grandfather had a running nose, as he had tissue in his hand, as he sniffed a little at his grandson. Yugi, eyes got sad as he saw how his grandfather was, he didn't like his grandpa, being sick like this. The more he saw how he was the more he began to be overwhelmed with concern. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Grandpa.." Yugi said gently, looking upon his grandfather with worry.

"O—oh hey, Yugi. Achew! Oh. Excuse me, sorry about that. Guess my sickness is more than just a little cold." He said with a small chuckle trying to put Yugi at ease. Yugi raised his eyebrows with worry as he didn't believe his grandpa one bit. However, he knew his grandpa was just trying to not worry him more than anything. Yugi went to his grandpa and held him gently, as he was helping him to the bathroom. Yugi, then slowly walked with him towards the hallway bathroom where, his grandpa went inside.

He then grabbed his medicine as he smiled at Yugi gently. He then, looked back at his grandpa as he tried to smile rather than wanting to cry. This wasn't normal for his grandpa to be sick for so long. As well as his grandpa had been coming down with something for a little few days now. His coughing got worse, as well as his grandpa was showing more and more symptoms. Yugi didn't understand what was going on because his grandpa didn't really tell him a lot.

His grandpa, looked at Yugi and slowly got out of the bathroom as Yugi stepped back so he could leave. As he did so, he slowly touched Yugi's hair gently and rubbed it as he walked off. Yugi eyes grew gently as he watched his grandpa and what he was doing. He then slowly watched as he kept coughing over and over again, as Yugi slowly walked in his direction to his room. He then, watched as his grandpa went back to his room and closed his door, but locking it. As Yugi, grew skeptical, his grandfather never locks his door.

Yugi then walked back to his own room, and then saw that Yami was sitting on the bed with his shoes off. He was watching tv as he was staring at it completely clueless. Yugi has closed the door gently behind him, as he sighed and didn't bother speaking. Yami then spoke to himself but kind of towards Yugi with a confused tone. "What is this? Who are these people, what are we watching," Yami said, as he didn't understand these fighting anime characters.

Yugi ignored his question and closed his eyes, slowly sniffing. He was beginning to cry, to himself about his grandfather. He was so worried he felt overwhelmed with it. Yami then glanced over towards Yugi hearing the sniffs, and got up from the bed. He then approached Yugi, as he took his hand.

"What's wrong partner?" He asked, gently.

Yugi didn't respond, as he couldn't, as the tears started to come out. He cried, more hearing Yami ask what was wrong. It was like a trigger for trying to understand it himself. Yami then pulled Yugi into a hug, as he didn't understand why Yugi was crying, but he wanted to comfort him. He slowly walked over to the bed, as he sat him and Yugi down. Yugi cried more and more in Yami's arms, as he held him. Yami looked out the window, and realized it was dark outside. He thought to himself Yugi might just need some sleep.

He then spoke to Yugi, gently and tried to sound positive. "Perhaps, you'll feel better in the morning, Aibou." Yugi slowly looked up at Yami as he blinked cluelessly. "A—aibou?" He said to himself gently and towards Yami. "Yes." Yami said responding. "What—what does that mean?" Yugi said sniffing, but asking a question. "It means other half, or partner." Yami said, looking down, with a small smile.

Yugi noticed how, Yami was always trying to be positive, even when things seem gleam. Yugi, felt that he could never be as strong as Yami could. However, Yugi then remembered that, he and Yami always felt the same emotions when they shared a body. So he mostly got his confidence from Yami. However, now that they didn't, Yugi felt weak again, completely like he was freshman year. "I'm—-hmm." Yugi didn't know what to say, as his mind was everywhere right now.

Yami, looked over at Yugi and slowly pulled him into a gentle kiss on the forehead. "I promise, you'll be fine in the morning." Yami said. He then got up from Yugi's bed, as he slowly walked towards the door. Yugi immediately looked over at Yami and spoke quickly. "Hey! Where—-where you going?" Yugi said nervously. "Hm?" Yami said, and then answering. "I figured you didn't want me sleeping with you. I mean, I did give you a teddy bear yes, but you never said you forgave me. Besides, I figured you wanted your own bed." Yami said softly.

Yugi saw how gently, Yami's eyes went, just saying that one sentence. Almost like sadness, he didn't want Yami feeling that way. As well as he realized that he never actually told Yami he forgave him. However, Yugi blamed himself and thought it was his own fault. It was such miscommunication between them. Yugi thought of something to say, as he then looked up again and saw that Yami was gone. He sighed, as he hated when he did that. He always tried to say what was on his heart to Yami but choked every time.

The truth is he wanted Yami to sleep with him. He needed his touch, his comfort, his love and support. He never wanted Yami to go anywhere, that moment he thought he had lost Yami after their final duel. It was the worst feeling of his life. He felt that, he'd never be able to touch Yami or even see Yami's handsome face every again. Yugi slowly got out of bed, as he walked over to his drawer. He then picked out some clothes, that was his sleep wear. He then thought that Yami would possibly want something too.

He then grabbed a t shirt, and some shorts, as he walked over to his door and opened it. He then opened up his door and walked out his room down the hallway. He then went downstairs towards the living room area, where a couch was. He then glanced inside and saw Yami sitting there watching the fireplace. He must've been thinking, because any time he sits there and watches nothing it's mostly stuff on his mind.

Yugi walked inside and spoke gently. "Um, hey, I thought— I thought you could use some clothes to change into for sleep." Yugi said hesitantly. Yami then got up from the couch and saw it was Yugi and walked over. He gently took the clothes from him, and then looked at Yugi's red eyes. Yugi looked up at Yami, as the two stared at each other for a moment. "Thank you, Yugi." Yami said to him as he slowly walked off. He then went to the downstairs bathroom and went to change in there.

Yugi, closed his eyes as he hit himself in the forehead. 'Stupid! Stupid! Why didn't you say anything. Your so pathetic.' Yugi said to himself in his thoughts. Yami had came out of the bathroom in the t shirt and shorts Yugi gave him as Yami then spoke as he sat down on the couch. "Well, thanks again. Good night partner." He exclaimed. Yugi then looked up at Yami as Yami laid down on the couch. He then walked over towards Yami and slowly glanced at him. "Yami, please can you sleep with me...." Yugi said softly, as he rubbed his arm.

Yami sat up, as he watched Yugi and hesitantly spoke towards him. "Are—are you sure Yugi?" He asked.

"M—mhm." Yugi said as he had his eyes closed from embarrassment. Yugi, then opened them, as he felt his hand gently get touched. Yami smiled him and touched his cheek softly. As Yugi blushed and entwined their fingers together. They then turned around and walked back up the steps towards Yugi's room. Yugi was satisfied that Yami was going to be sleeping with him. He felt that it was stupid that he couldn't say that from the beginning.

However it must've been butterflies, because he feels those every time Yami is around him. He makes him feel so safe, and so fluttery that it's almost unbearable. He never felt this way, when he was dating Téa. How he had acted in the arcade only hours ago, he never done that before. He exclaiming loudly to the girls to get off Yami was something Yugi would never do. Yugi thought to himself that Yami must be changing him into a more comfortable relationship.

Just then, Yugi, heard a noise from down the hall. Almost like choking, as Yugi heard it coming from his grandfathers room. Yami glanced at Yugi, whom looked back at Yami. As Yami stop holding his hands and rushed to his grandfathers room, whom was down the hall. Yami tried opening the door but realized it was locked. He then saw Yugi looked with worry, as Yami started to shoulder tackle the door. "Hold on! I'm coming in!" Yami said firmly and fiercely as he continued to do so. Yugi stood there frozen, as he couldn't even blink. His heart was racing, and he couldn't and didn't know what to do. Yami then busted through the door, and his eyes widened at the sight he saw.

Yugi then rushed down the hallway, and quickly shouted. "Grandpa! Grandpa! Hold on I'm coming!" Yugi said as he ran. He then got blocked by Yami as Yami angrily stated. "No! Wait don't look...." Yami said trying to block Yugi's sight. Yugi got upset that Yami was trying to block him off as he pushed Yami's arms. "What!? Move! I need to see! Please!" He exclaimed as he managed to push him aside.

Yami quickly grabbed Yugi by the waistline, as Yugi saw a glimpse of his grandfather. His eyes was open, and he wasn't blinking or breathing. From that moment, Yugi's eyes, heart, and mind shattered. He panicked and shouted as he started to cry. "Grandpa!!!! No!!!!!" He yelled. Yami was holding into Yugi, as he felt his pain, he then stopped Yugi from going inside still, as he didn't want Yugi to see anymore of it. Yugi, started to choke on his own tears, and cry more and more.

Unfortunately, Yami didn't know what to do for a moment. However he then remembered that they had telephones here. He then looked around his grandfathers room, and saw an item that looked like a phone. He then rushed over as Yugi fell down on the ground. He picked it up and saw a number that said "nurse" on it. He quickly dialed the number and, a lady answered.

"Hello! Mr. Mutou! I'm glad your calling, I was just going to tell you that your appointment for tomorrow has been switched to, morning. Are you calling to tell me you fell down in the shower again?" She said laughing, with an upbeat happy tone.

"Hello, this is—umm, Yugi. His grandson. My grandfather he's not breathing! Please send help!" Yami said, trying to talk like Yugi, but his voice was too deep.

"Oh no! Right away! An ambulance will be there shortly! Just do CPR!" She said firmly as she hung up. Yami did the same as he turned around and was about to tell Yugi, as Yugi had already started doing it. He was shouting at his grandpa to wake up, as tears kept coming down his face, hitting his grandfathers soft cheeks.

"Grandpa!!! Grandpa! Please! Don't—don't leave me!" Yugi said, crying more and more. Yami watched as he didn't know what to do, and felt like all he could do was be there for Yugi.

Moments later, a noise from outside the game shop could be heard. He then heard a knock at the door, as Yami rushed down the hallway. He then went down the steps, and unlocked the door. The men then rushed in and asked Yami where the old man was. Yami then pointed upstairs, as he and the men went up the steps with the bed to put his grandfather on. They had equipment along with an oxygen tank as well. Yami showed the men the bedroom as Yugi was continuously doing cpr on him.

"We're here! We're here! Hold on Mr.Mutou. We're gonna get you help!" The men exclaimed as they lifted him up and put him on the bedding. They then started to roll him out of the bedroom as Yugi followed them and Yami as well. They then slowly started going down the steps, as his grandpa was strapped down on the bed with the gas mask on. No heart rate was being showed as Yugi saw on the system, and he tried holding his grandfathers hand.

Yami then grabbed Yugi as Yugi tried snatching away. Yami then got a little tighter around Yugi's wrist as he exclaimed firmly. "Yugi! Listen to me, I know your upset right now, but you need to calm down. We will go with your grandfather to the hospital." Yami said narrowing his eyes at him. Yugi looked at Yami as he had a serious face, this was just like when they would duel together. One would panic while the other one had to be the big brother almost.

Yugi sniffed as he nodded to Yami in understanding, as the two quickly put on some shoes that was in the downstairs closet. They put on some jackets as Yugi grabbed the house keys and locked the door behind him. The truck that held his grandpa, they both climbed inside it, as the ambulance rushed them off to the hospital. It felt like a silent day had eventually, turned into a nightmare. Yugi, never felt so scared, as they watched the men try and wake his grandfather up.

Yugi, felt his heart racing, as they rode there. They then saw it started to rain, as Yugi couldn't stop crying. Yami held Yugi, as he was in his leather jacket, and Yugi in a thick sweater. Yugi, prayed that his grandfather would come too. He didn't want to think about losing him. However, all he wanted was for them to arrive to the hospital in time.

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