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96.66% Yugi The Author / Chapter 29: Pop a Question pt.2

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Chapter 29: Pop a Question pt.2

Yugi pasted around the room awaiting for what he should do. Should he do as Yami asked him, or should he follow him right now and see. All these thoughts and complex feelings overbearing him made him want to scream. He then blinked and slapped himself and felt his cheeks sting. 'Ow' he told himself as he never slap himself before. He then grab a towel and went through the dressers to find something nice. He hated when Yami did this, because Yugi always felt he never wore anything good. He didn't have anything good and that was making him even more worrisome. He then decided to himself this had to be really huge if he wanted that, so he'd have to go shopping on the cruise.

He had a good some of money left at least 100 so he'd be able to buy a nice fit. At least that's what he hoped, but by that judgement and it being under the protection and shipping or Kaiba Corp he highly doubted that'll be the case. He grab his wallet as well and put some flip flops on as he'd be getting in the shower anyways later on, he'd check the time on his watch as he realized he was having a good time rating. It was going on 6pm and soon the sun would be setting come at least 8pm so he had two hours. He immediately walked out the room closing the door behind him and locking it up as he walked down the hallway. He heard noises from others rooms as others seem to be watching movies, or having a small party or playing video games. Yugi could hear them having a wonderful time and it made him feel at ease just by that.

Yami had rush back to the store as he hope it hadn't closed. He then soon saw the close sign on the door as he was panting and his hands on his knees. He then got up and his eyes widened as he couldn't believe the man closed the shop down. He told him he'd be back but apparently since Yugi took up some of the time he hadn't checked the time to see when it was suppose to close. This was terrible everything destroyed within a matter of two and a half hours, he sighed as he wish to be upset and hurt all in one. He then heard a door sounding as it started to open as the man step out. "Hey you're back." He told Yami. Yami looked up not smiling as he had a more modest expression and serious tone. "Yes I am and I thought I said I'd be back in the first place." He told him.

"Whoa whoa whoa, take it easy pal, haha, I didn't forget about you're ring. I closed the shop up, so others couldn't come inside here." He then motioned Yami to come in as Yami face slowly stared to relax more. He then walked in as the door closed behind him as the man went behind the counter. He then grab the ring that Yami was looking at earlier and placed it in the container it should've been inside along with another baggy as well. He then ringed up the price as he narrowed it down for Yami like he told him he would. "That'll be 10,000" he told him. Yami then took out his credit card and gave it to the man, as the man smiled and swiped it handing it back to him. "You sure are going through a lot of trouble for this gal." He claimed to Yami.

Yami was confused at first and he said gal as he didn't really know what that meant. He then soon understood it had to have meant a woman, as he thought this entire time he was dating a girl. Yami scuffed somewhat at the accusation in which he boldly assumed such. He then smirked to himself as he took his receipt and the baggy as he nodded to the man. "Thank you and yes I am, I'm sure he will love my ring I am giving him." He told the store owner. Yami then turned his back to walk off, as the man widened his expression as he couldn't believe he said guy and not girl, Yami left closing the door behind him and walking back to the barricades where the vip section was.

Yugi on the other hand left the barricades and started walking around in clothing stores. He had already went to 3 shops and realized that none of them was good enough. He felt that this entire time he was wasting efforts for probably a terrible reason. He then soon another shop that said "Your Body You" and felt unease by that selection of titles. He thought maybe it was for fitting people and more so about how to help you love yourself? He didn't really fully know so he decided he'd take a chance and go inside. He was far away from the vip section and practically on the other side of the ship. He might as well just past some time and he perhaps, maybe had been passing to much time.

He then went inside and soothing soft music begun to play he saw that this place was filled with clothes and had some customers. He was thankful it wasn't packed like the other stores he was inside but he saw that it had suits and also dresses and causal sexy attires. He blushed seeing the lingerie that women would wear and it made him think about women wearing it. He then immediately walked away from that area and then went to see something else. He sighed as he was scanning through some things and it didn't seem to help him. He looked at the store clerks and saw she was reading a magazine popping gum and didn't mind Yugi. He then glanced over at another person who was helping a customer already. 'This is stupid' he told himself.

Although he felt bad for thinking that way, he couldn't very well give up on what Yami wanted to do. He'd never done that before and it could be really important for him. He then soon took some more exhales and inhaled and found himself being approached by someone. "Do you need help?" The man asked as he worked there. Yugi blinked cluelessly for a moment and almost forgotten why he was there. He then chuckled awkwardly and then started to fumble over his words but it was intentional by accident. "Um, I'm, um yeah! I just I'm trying to find something very nice to wear for I don't know— a date?" Yugi said questionably. The man felt he was confused in his own thoughts but he seemed to know what Yugi was beating around. He then walked him over to a small area and pointed him towards the causal suits and ties.

Yugi then looked at the different colors there was and he mostly like the white and black. It was a nice pants suit with a button down white collar shirt, along with a tie small tie and the black vest. He then saw that he liked it as he decided to grab it for Yugi to wear. He then asked if he wish to try it on instead, Yugi didn't know you could as he felt silly for not knowing, the man laughed a little and pointed to the dressing room. Yugi then thanked him as he walked in that direction, the man grab a ticket for the door and put it on the handle, as he wanted to make sure Yugi had privacy. He then walked into the room and started to change as the music turned to a different song. He started to listen to "I would die 4 U" by Prince. Yugi love prince and all his songs, as it made him think about a lot.

He then seen prince in Yami in a way, Yami sometimes dressed flamboyant like prince did when he was alive at the time. Especially now considering Yami is in a band himself, he very well knows that Yami has always had a taste for fashion to begin with. Yugi then finished putting the clothes on and came out as he looked in the mirror the man saw and nodded as he think it looked good on Yugi. He then went over to the shoes section and grab a pair of light brown shoes as they were dress shoes that would go great with this fit. "If you buy that outfit you get a purchase free of shoes, if the amount of what your buying is over at least 60 and I'll tell you right now that outfit is." He explained to Yugi. The song changed again as they started playing "somebody I use too know" by Gotye.

Yugi smirked as he was feeling more confident and hadn't realized how much he's matured in the last few months. His face structure became more modest and more older, as his eyes had got narrow than they were when he was little. He hasn't really looked at himself until now, and for when he spoke well he still had that happy nice tone that still showed kindness in it. "Yes please I want this outfit. But I won't be taking it off, I'll just pay for it." He told the clerk as he checked his watch. He saw that it was going on 7:50pm as he knew he had to walk to the other side of the ship. He wanted to do that before 8pm, so he quickly walked to the counter and took out some money. The man grab the shoes as well and ring them up and took the tag off from Yugi's clothes and put it in.

"78.56 please." He told Yugi.

"Here you go."

"Thanks." The man said putting his money in and giving him the shoes.

Yugi then took his receipt as he thanked the man once again and smiled as he grab the shoes. He then had no choice but to take his shoes off back at the barricades anyways. He walked out the store and then when he was out of vision he decided to make a run for it, as he was quickly running down there and had no time to waste. Yami had gotten out of the steaming shower, as he liked the feeling of soap and smelling like nice stuff. He grab what he wanted to wear staring at the diamond ring he had bought Yugi. He wanted this to be very special for him, as he thought long and hard about everything they've accomplished together. It was nerves that was feeding him and it made him somewhat nauseous. However, he sucked it up and continued to put lotion on and then afterwards started to put on the clothes.

After he had put his clothes on, he heard sounds of someone running this direction. Yami looked at the door and hope that it was someone else. Once he continued to finish his face and looking nice his vision stared at the door handle as he saw it starting to move. 'Omg, what is Yugi doing here' he asked himself in a panic. He didn't want Yugi to see him or the ring, as he quickly launched himself on the bed, and grab the ring. The door started to open up as he went straight into the bathroom and into the closet. Yugi had walked inside and he smelled the air as if someone recently took a shower. "Yami?" Yugi said softly. "Yami you in here?" He asked again. No answer as he shrugged it off and took off the flip flops and went to the dresser. He managed to grab some black socks and slid those into his feet.

Once he did that he took the brand new shoes out from the box and put those on and hadn't realized how comfortable they were. He checked his watch again and saw it was 8:20pm and his eyes widened. He took the shoe box on the ground and grab his keys again and quickly left the room. Slamming the door almost and locking it up as he went down the hallway. Yami had came from the bathroom and didn't manage to see Yugi in what he was wearing, but saw the brand new shoe box that was on the ground. He then sighed with relief thanking the God's above that Yugi didn't come into the bathroom. 'This is it Yami, you have to do this now, just wait a few minutes and then start walking to the front deck.' He told himself. He then waited it out for a few and started to leave the room.

Yugi was already waiting around, as he turned in the direction he was suppose too. His entire body felt trembles and he was having anxiety. He felt hot and overwhelmed with pressure because Yami was coming. He didn't even know what the surprise was, and he didn't even know it he had something to worry about. His face feeling the small winds coming against his skin. He looked at the horizon seeing how beautiful it was. He loved how it looked, and how gently the waves went against the big blue ocean. He smiled softly, as he leaned against the railing and his hair softly blew in the wind. He wanted to relax, as he didn't want to overthink this ordeal, it was probably nothing serious. Just when Yugi was relaxing his eyes he heard heels walking in his direction.

"..Yugi..." Yami said gently, with a small nervousness in his tone.

Yugi heard the familiar sound of a voice, as he knew it had to Yami. Usually when Yami did this tome it was serious, and it made him worry more. The nerves he was feeling had came back, and he didn't turn around however, as he knew Yami didn't tell him too yet. Yugi stop leaning over the railing and manage to stand up forward but keeping his hands on the railing as he just needed something to squeeze. He felt the breeze hit his skin softly, as it was cooling down his body as he smirked softly with a small pride of how far he's come.

"Yes Yami?" He said softly back.

Yami walked closer in an all white suit as it was a fancy attire. He had high heel boots on, that went to his knees. Thin pair of pants that was leather, along with the jacket that flew in the back of his body. He was wearing his ancient earrings, and his jewelry around his wrists. His heart was pounding fast as he didn't know what he wanted to say first, he then slowly grab the ring container from his pockets as he looked down at it. He still didn't fully know what Yugi's response would be, but he didn't wish to dwell on what could've been. He wanted to know this because, he never felt stronger about Yugi than he does right now. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Yugi, this journey you and I have been on. I've said it a thousand times and I shall say it now. Everything you and I have done, I've enjoyed every moment of it. Every encounter, every outcome, everyone around us is positivity and the energy you provide me as a lover and a friend. It's irreplaceable, the connect we have the bond, the things we feel as a whole person. You complete me, and this is why I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, in this life and the next. I love your laugh, I love when you come to me to cry, I love your passion for writing, and music I love everything about you. You are truly a goddess, in my eyes, and you have age like a beautiful elegant wine. I would be lost without you, and this is why, I present you with this." Yami told him.

He then got on one knee as he felt it was right to do so, and opened the container as he told Yugi to turn around. Yugi felt himself crying softly after hearing his speech and then slowly turned as he saw Yami down on one knee. He gasp putting his hands to his lips, and not knowing this is what the surprise was all along. He was speechless and his eyes continued to stare at Yami who was staring back with dazzling eyes, his eyes memorizing and warm. Yugi was breathing heavily as he felt he would collapse at any moment. He didn't know what to say and he felt Yami had to be playing a trick on him or this wasn't what he wanted either.

"Y—Yami, you're— you're proposing to me!?" He said with a small shout.

Yami was surprised and confused by what Yugi response was.

"Proposing? What's that." He asked slowly standing up.

"It means you are trying to marry me. It's when two lovers love each other a lot. They then take it to another to get married or engaged first which is what this ring is! It's an engagement ring, like you want to get married..." he explained still having the streak of reddish cheeks against his face.

"Oh" Yami said looking down at the ring. He then narrowed his eyes down and then looked back at Yugi.

"Well, if this means more committed than I do want to be engaged to you." Yami said towards Yugi.

Yugi eyes widened more as he felt he couldn't be serious. He then slowly walked closer to Yami as he blinked softly.

"Yami—- you cant be serious..."

"I am." Yami said quickly and went back down on one knee and slowly grab Yugi's left hand. He then took the ring out the container and showed it to Yugi. Yugi blinked as tears started to form more, as he was crying tears of joy and felt hysterical as well. He couldn't believe this was happening and, he had to been dreaming as he felt that's what this was.

"Yami— I'm still young though, I'm only 18. I haven't even got into college yet." He said thinking about his future. "Plus, I'm going to college in a different state, how are we going too—"

"I am coming with you, Yugi. I promise wherever you go I go. Hence, why I wanted to be in a band, I can travel wherever I want too. Plus, we don't have to get married for awhile, the man told me we can be engaged for along time until we are ready. Yet I won't pressure you into something you aren't fully prepare for." He said sadly.

Yami then slowly started to get up from his knee as Yugi watched him and then parted his lips. "Wait." He said suddenly. Yami watched as he stop and went back down on his knee, and then continued to listen to Yugi as he saw his tears. Yugi looked up smiling with tears as he felt the breeze become louder as the setting was perfect as it was an orange and reddish color that blended beautifully in the background.

"I do." Yugi said towards Yami looking down laughing softly. Yami was confused and for a moment he thought Yugi was not making sense. "What do you mean?" He asked.

"I do, yes yes I want to marry you. I want to be engaged, I just was afraid I would be away and you wouldn't want to still be together. I want us together all the time." He said smiling still. Yami got up quickly picking Yugi up and spinning him around in his arms. As Yugi laughed as he hugged Yami back happily and then he felt himself get put down. He then sighed with relief as Yugi sniffed his tears away and felt the ring slide into his finger as he looked down at the diamond ring on his finger. His eyes couldn't stop staring at it, as he couldn't believe he got engaged to Yami, and for these moments he didn't feel young at all. You only had one life to live, so why wait around, he then looked at Yami and kissed his lips.

He grab Yami by the neck and pulled him to the kiss, as Yami grab Yugi back. He put his arms around his waistline, as Yami was smiling into the kiss, happy that one day, out or the many wonders, that Yugi and himself would be married one day.

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