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Chapter 15: Remembrance

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バーガーワールド means; "burger world"

SHコーヒー means: Shanghai Café


"Alright! Someone exclaimed happily with an extension in his word.

"You're the greatest duelist ever! You really have some great cards!"

"Thanks pal! I've been training hard, ya know? I have some great practice, eh- besides, I'm not the king of games, although I've versus him before." A familiar voice atoned towards the other person. "Wow! Well you beat me, and I'm a tough player if I say so myself. I'm glad we dueled! Maybe we can have a rematch sometime." The excited boy with his fist balled had a bright smile upon his face. Joey smirked and crossed his arms with a cocky attitude. "Sure! I look forward to it. I'm sure it'll be great." He told the kid, the others all applauded watching Joey as he spoke about it. They then circled around him, as they tried speaking towards him all at once.

However Joey simply allowed them to do so, for once he felt like he was doing something great. After his memorable duel with Yugi, and Yami with the lessons he received from those duels, he felt more better. Confident in his own deck and had more pride then he did ever before. He even felt he was strong enough to beat Kaiba now, whom always looked down on him as a true duelist. He narrowed his eyes down, with them being blue orbs, thinking towards himself. The others worried about him and asked if he was alright, he simply turned his head towards them and laughed. "Huh? Oh—um- yeah! Haha- I'm fine, thanks pals. I'm just got a lot on my mind." He told them.

He then looked down at his watch as he jumped up with panic. His eyes twitching and completely melted down, as he couldn't believe it. "Ahh! I'm late! I'm so damn late!" He shouted he then moved past everyone and waved goodbye as he told them. "Sorry guys! But I'm late for work! I gotta go now!" He told them, jumping into his bike and peddling away fast. His other friends and groups, waved goodbye to him, as he had left the gaming duel center. It was a new building in domino city now, that was built by Kaiba Corp, for enhancing skills. Any and all people could sign up for it, and pay for it every month for the memberships.

Joey signed up for it a few months back, to become better at dueling, as well as he started to do wrestling as well. He went to college part time, and worked part time as well. It was a common burger place called "バーガーワールド" which was high and delicious for customers. Of course, Joey was mostly late due to focusing on dueling more but that was his passion and hobby for doing so. He realized however while he was riding his bike, towards downtown, that his friends didn't really hangout anymore. Tristan was in the military so they barely saw him anymore, Téa was with her dancing college classes, as well as she worked across town.

He also thought about Yugi as he almost ran into a stop sign. He then stopped his bike pressing down on the breaks, and breathing heavily as he almost hit it. Others honking their horns at Joey for him to move. A man looking at him with angry eyes and feelings, his glasses getting foggy as he was inside his car. Joey turned and rubbed the back of his head, as he slowly moved his bike and started to get closer to his job site. 'Yug....' he thought to himself softly. His eyes grew downfall, and more with concern and worry about his friends now. He didn't realize that after high school everyone would become so distant and so focused on they're lives no one would hangout really.

He then arrived at his work place, as his big roundish boss had came outside. He then narrowed his eyes at Joey, with a rage motion, and looked down at him. "Hey Manager man! Sorry I'm late I—" he told his boss. "Save it! Wheeler! This is your 20th time being late to your job! Why do I put up with you! Do you even care, we got burgers needing to be served and customers wanting refills!" He told Joey harshly. Joey simply smiled, as he knew that his boss Mr. Hanz always got this angry with him. He however didn't mind it, he wasn't the type to always be on time when it came to anything really. Which wasn't new for him, although Mr. Hanz simply sighed and then rolled his eyes.

"Let me guess, that dueling thing huh?" He asked Joey, as Joey made a questionable tone from his lips. He then smiled and closed his eyes, as he spoke deeply about his dreams. "Yeah it is, I love it. I'm sorry I'm not the best employee, but I really try, Mr. Hanz. You see, I have a lot of my mind and college and everything. I miss my friends I guess, and our adventures and everything. It's tough without them every now and then, but I know no matter where we all are, we are all close together." He told him. Mr. Hanz watched as the breeze flew over them and hit they're skins and hairs, as he couldn't really be mad anymore. He knew Joey was going through some things and what's more, he could understand his passions and dreams.

He chuckled within his throat and then wrapped his arm around Joey's shoulder and neck, as he winked one eye. "I understand mate! I had dreams too ya know. It was to run my own business and look at me now? The head advisor of バーガーワールド So don't think I don't understand because I do. Hmph, how about you take a day off tomorrow, but right now let's focus on here." He told him. He then released him, as he walked back inside the place, and left Joey outside. The sun was setting down once again, and the orange, and yellow was spreading afar. Joey looked at the horizon and admire how beautiful it really looked, he didn't have a chance to really enjoy life since he was so busy.

He then got off his bike and parked it on a pole with the rest of some bikes. He then grabbed his book bag with his changing clothes inside it. He then smirked and walked into the store ready to start working now. He was excited about doing work now more than ever, because for the first time in a long time his boss understood. It wasn't easy being a college teen and almost a full adult and having dreams. It was difficult and harder when you normally went to high school and then your entire lifestyle changed over the months. You have to adjust to it, as he didn't think he would've so easily. He knew though his friends was always with him through everything, he just wanted them to keep believing he was with them as well.

Now being 10pm, after the storm had past, Yami and Yugi didn't bother going home. They decided to have stopped by the "SHコーヒー" which was a local place for people. It was a restaurant but mostly famous for its coffee's and drinks. Yami and Yugi were sitting at a table that was next to the window, that had the sign and design inside of it. They both had order a small meal, and a coffee and some water. Yugi chuckled and giggled, seeing Yami devour the foods he had before him. He had never tasted something so delicious and his expressions for the food said it all. "My my, I see you like the dish and it's flavors." Yugi said with a laugh from it. Yami then slowly swallowed his food, feeling a red streak of embarrassment place upon him.

"I—I" he was hesitant to speak, more so nervous and embarrassed from it. Yugi felt this, and then laughed nervously, but more so with a comfort. "Hey don't be worried about it, I know it's not like your use to these food groups. Perhaps I can tell you what your eating." He told him. Yami then looked down at his plate, as he then looked back up at Yugi, and nodded. "I'd like that. So what is it anyhow?" He asked him softly. "Your eating sushi, it's a common sea food around here. Along with macaroni and cheese, dipping sauce for your bread. That's a side by the way." He told Yami. Yami smirked and smiled with his eyes closed, joyful that he learned something new.

"Wow, so this is sushi? My— it's delicious, I never knew that foods could have textures and flavors like this." He told Yugi with a cheerful tone. Yugi was happy Yami was learning interesting things about they're lifestyle. He wanted Yami to learn more, and be happy he took that second chance at life. Yugi then gripped the table cloth, as Yami saw this gesture and got worried. "Is something on your mind partner?" He asked Yugi, holding the fork in hand. He didn't bother anymore he was more focused on Yugi and how he was acting all of a sudden. Yugi didn't notice it until Yami had commented on it, and his eyes twinkled with tears.

"It's—it's nothing really." He told Yami, knowing it was a lie. He had multiple things on his mind, his grandpa for one, and the fact that he felt guilty in the end. Yami was suppose to return to the afterlife, but instead, he didn't, had been saved yet again, after the Aigami duel. He never felt like he could let Yami be at peace. The more he thought about it, it was selfish, and undeserving in the end. Yami softly touched his hand, and made him look at him, with hope. He then grabbed it with a gently grip that was firm to the tough almost. Yugi felt the pressure that was serious and firm forming inside his palm and Yami's touch as well. Even now he felt the fears and tears overwhelm him on the inside and didn't know whether to release it or conceal it.

"Yugi you can tell me anything, remember? You and I are the same, we are one. Whatever is troubling you, I'm sure we can figure it out together." Yami told Yugi with pride. His composer and his tone, wanted it to be mellow and calming. Something he felt Yugi needed right, Yugi gripped back firmly with his hands, and then softly closed his eyes. He then started to part his lips, as he was about to speak what was within his heart. "I just— worry about you. I feel like I've been selfish, I've wanted you to stay here and I know you've told me it was your decision in the end—but, but—" he felt the tears crawl into his eyes anyways.

Yami then slowly got up from his chair, and then turned and looked around. He didn't wish for them to speak about this here. It was unsettling for him, he also didn't like Yugi crying in public or at all. It made him feel down about why he allowed it, he simply grabbed Yugi's hand gently and Yugi widened his eyes with surprise. "Where? Where are we going?" He asked him with a curious tone. "Home." Yami said sternly as he then paid for they're food and drinks and left the place. However on the way as they walked, he made sure he was walking next to Yugi. His hands within his pants pockets glancing over at Yugi from time to time.

Yugi's eyes was heavy with a subconscious feeling, he had so much to think about and feel. He crossed his arms, holding his upper arms, tightly, as if he was cold. Yami slowly walked over more towards him and was looking forward as they went on they're stroll. "Yugi, please try and understand something." He told him beginning to continue. Yugi didn't know what he was speaking of, but his eyes looked over at him as he had a confused feeling. "You remember the day you and I last saw one another on a dueling field. It was right after you were about to be defeated by the spirit of the millennium ring." He told Yugi.

He remember that duel between Aigami and him, and how he was still believing in the heart of the cards to save him. He didn't think Atem would come and save him, but he did. "Yes, of course I remember. you saved me— again.." Yugi told him calmly. He was more so, upset at the fact that Yami always saved him, in the end. "Yes, I felt you calling out to me in my own world. I felt you needed me and so I came. I told you before, no matter how far apart we are. We are always connected. As long as you still held the puzzle in your heart. When I was wearing it, I had compressed my spirit back inside the puzzle." Yami told him.

They then stopped on the streets, as Yami's legs was parted somewhat. Yugi stopped and turned in his direction. Yami had a serious face now, and his hands was still within his pockets. The sun was gone now and the moon was out, as they're stroll was hulaed. "I knew that I didn't wish to leave you completely, and so before your graduation day, you came home and the puzzle was still at your house. You thought it was lost somewhere, but it never left you. It was because I still remained inside your heart. You never wanted me to leave, and so I didn't." He told Yugi finally. Yugi eyes shinned with some hope and reassurance. He never knew this all and now it was all connecting eventually.

Yami then stopped midway through his walking, and soon calmed himself down. His eyes closed softly, with his hands inside his pockets yet again. The wind around them was gentle, and at ease, he then soon looked up at the sky softly and spoke yet again. "I told myself the same thing, I didn't wish to leave you. In that moment, my body and mind, felt you. It felt the desire to have you and to be with you always. Therefore the connection we both had, was now something special and angelic. Hmph, and when I did come back, I huge you tightly, but my love for you came out a different way. I kissed you, of course I was embarrassed and I was also upset with myself that I didn't get permission I just went on instinct." Yami continued.

Yugi however listened, and as he did he saw something in Yami he hadn't seen before. It was almost like sadness, more sadness than the time he lost Yugi. It was guilt mixed with a feeling of surprised. He didn't bother speaking, but rather than allow Yami too vent to him like he should be doing. "A foolish act on my part, I suppose you spent days not speaking to me. I almost was loosing my damn mind inside of the puzzle. I couldn't believe I did such a thing, however when Valentine's Day came around—" he then stopped as he closed his eyes again. He almost felt a tear come down his face, like a poison towards him. It was depressing, and hurtful.

Just when he was about to cry, he felt the embrace of Yugi wrap around his body. They stood still and calm while they were on the sidewalk. Yami's eyes widened softly, as Yugi had a calm sincere expression upon him. The kindness and love he always had when he cared for someone deeply. "I understand completely, Yami. Really there is no need to beat yourself up about it any longer. I'm glad you and I fell for one another. I didn't speak to you for a few days because I was scared." He told Yami calmly. "Scared, scared that I was going to do something to ruin everything. I felt made you was just having an inner moment. A weakness and it'll pass, I guess I was so overwhelmed with desire to be with you myself, I was doubting it for us in general." Yugi continued on.

Yami, didn't do anything but listen, his eyes shimmering the same glow of compression. He was feeling a love and gently aurora from Yugi the whole time. Yugi, managed to have a small smile come upon his lips, as it parted the soft sweet tenderness it did. He then, closed his eyes gently and grabbing Yami's hands softly squeezing them with a small tug of them. Yami eyes continued to be relaxed and then widened, upon the squeeze he felt as he then looked at Yugi. Yugi shrugged with a nonchalant figure, and simply told Yami once more after he had finished smiling. "Don't worry about it, I promise. The important thing now is that I know exactly how you feel." He told Yami sweetly. "What's more, I now have a clear understanding, since it was on my mind so much. The truth is, I want you to stay forever with me. Never wish for you to leave my side not even for a second." proclaiming Yugi. Yami at that moment understood Yugi's intentions, and couldn't help but smile with a his eyes closed.

The two had finished they're converting, and made they're way down towards the street. Once more, it was a peaceful ending that ended with them both having a smile upon they're faces. For once, Yugi felt at ease for the night going on so late, however he couldn't help but think about his grandfather. Yami and Yugi decided they'd most definitely visit him tomorrow, considering what the doctor told Yugi yesterday. Yami was walking beside Yugi with his hands gently in his pants pockets, his shirt somewhat drenched from the rain earlier. Yugi, had the same somewhat experience along his clothes wasn't as nearly as wet. The two had started to get closer and closer to they're home, as Yugi reached for Yami's hand.

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