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Chapter 11: Romance in the Air

Yugi had started walking home, as he then wonder to himself gently. He knew what was going to happen tonight, but he wanted it to be so special that Yami wouldn't forget it. He then pulled out his phone, as he then started to call in a taxi to come pick him up from his location. He then stated that he wished to go to the nearest clothing store as the man told him he'd be on his way there. A few moments later the taxi had arrived, as the man, then, raised down his window as he smiled at him.

"Yuugi Mutou?" He asked nicely. Yugi then saw that it was the man from the taxi as he approached his car. "Yes that's me." He said smiling, as he entered the back of the car door and got inside. He closed it behind him, as he checked the time again and it was going on 1:45pm now. Yugi thought he was making excellent time, as time wasn't going as fast as he wanted it too deep down. He wished it was already 8pm. He then slowly felt the car start to drive off as the man headed in the direction Yugi directed him to go.

A few minutes later, he arrived at domino fashion. Which was a clothing store that he always went too. He remembered his grandfather taking him here, when he was a small baby. He always liked the colored jewelry they had, as well as the earrings they give sometimes. However now, he needed something to wear for tonight. As usually Yugi wanted to look good, but it was something special this time. A special occasion that required Yami's undivided attention. Yugi would always get a little irritated when Yami didn't pay him attention.

He didn't like the feeling of Yami being with someone else, or thinking about someone else. The anticipation was overbearing as it was annoying, however he never told Yami this because he didn't want to be clingy. However he couldn't help it sometimes, he loved just being around him love cuddling love being kissed. He practically loved everything Yami does when they are opened minded with another. However since the incident, he can't even sleep with Yami, since Yami refuses to do so. He doesn't want to make things awkward this time. He really wants to try, as he walked inside the store.

He then heard the bell that rang when you entered as a man, smiled at him. Yugi smiled back as he waved a little and then walked around. He knew exactly what he wanted to wear. He wanted to find some jeans, being solid black long jeans. As well as a button shirt that had a collar, and it was dark purple. Yugi had a thing for the color purple, as it was starting to be his favorite color. He also knew Yami liked purple too, which made it more the reason to buy it. He then looked at the price and squealed a little.

"50¥?" Yugi said to himself gently. "Mm? Why are clothes so expensive to buy?" He asked himself aloud. He then grabbed it anyways, as he didn't see another shirt that would be nice to wear. He realized that being elegant came with a price, as he was happy he had money saved up. In the long run however he felt all of this would be worth it because Yami meant more to him than any price tag. He eventually walked over to the clerk as he asked if Yugi needed anything else. Yugi then shook his head, as the man rallied up his total.

Yugi then took out his wallet he had within his jacket, and got out his credit card. He then swiped it, as he then put in his pin and waiting for the approval. Once it went through the man, then bagged up, Yugi's clothes, as he then gave him the bag and told him to have a great evening. Yugi smiled and grabbed it, as he then started walking out of the store. He then, checked his watch again, as it was now 2:10pm. He didn't know what else to do, as time was moving in slow motion. Perhaps, he shouldn't said 3pm instead of 8pm.

Yugi groaned a little to himself, as he felt himself get sick. However it was more like home sickness, he wanted to go home. He wanted to lay down, perhaps even get a little rest in. He didn't get much sleep, as he thought about Yami all night which kept him tossing and turning. He didn't like sleeping by himself knowing Yami was downstairs on his own. Sleeping on the couch was something a friend does, when they don't want to be bother. It bother Yugi so much he felt like he wanted to scream with agony.

Yugi kept walking home, as time flew by with the long route he was taking. He passed by some neighbors as they smiled and waved towards him. Yugi was always friendly, and as well as the neighbors were too. They knew Yugi, and they then knew about his grandpa as well. Yugi however didn't wish to think about that, because he knew it'll just make him sad all over again. Thinking about something so depressing, would ruin the mood for him and make him cry. He wonder if Yami was even still home, perhaps watching cartoons again, and laughing at another episode.

Yugi finally reached home as he sighed with relief to be back. He realized how quiet it was around, without all the other kids. Everyone was out of school, or either already starting college, and joining the military and what not. He wonder where Joey was doing, perhaps still working and making ends meet. He thought at Serenity, Joey's sister, as well as, Ishizu and the others. He never realized that, he had so many friends when he was going on his adventures. Yugi did encounter a lot of evil villains, and corrupted people, but he always made them turn good in the end.

Aigami was a prime example, he was corrupted by the millennium ring, and ended up being saved by Yami. He was afraid, and didn't have friends at first, which only fed that corruption inside him. In the end, it was broken, and Têa somehow manage to fall for Aigami after all of that. Everyone was surprised that she and Aigami hit it off together, it was wasn't like Téa to date anyone besides Yugi. However everything was meant to be, everyone thought in the end. Yugi then reached his door as he took out his keys, and unlocked his home. He then yelled "I'm here!" As if Yami might still be there.

However he turned and saw that the couch blanket was folded, and the television was off. "Yami?" Yugi yelled, as he thought he must've been upstairs. However no one answered, as he got a little sad and lonely. He didn't realize Yami would go somewhere, as where would Yami go anyways? Perhaps the game store again? With dueling? It's the only place Yugi could think of. He pondered to himself and tried shrugging it off and as long as Yami would be home when the time came. Nevertheless, this was a good thing for Yugi, because he could freshen up before Yami came back.

Yugi then quickly walked over towards the steps, as he headed upstairs. He then made a turn down the hallway, as he headed towards his own room. He opened the door and walked inside, as he then put his bag on the bed, he immediately then went to his closet, as he grabbed his towel. After doing so, Yugi, walked over towards his table, and grabbed his tooth brush too. He walked over towards the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He wanted to do this quickly, so Yami wouldn't come in and ask where or what he was doing. He still wanted it to be a surprise, so he kept it to himself.

He then turned to the shower, and turned the water on again, however he put it more so on hot than cold. He wanted a steamy shower, as steamy showers for him was the most relaxing. He then turned on the shower head, as he started to take off his jacket. He allowed it to go to the floor, as he then took off his tank top, and then unzipped his pants. As he did this, he reached for his briefs and took those off as well. He wanted to smell good, and not smell like outside, or a restaurant when he and Yami got together.

He then stepped his bare naked body into the shower and let the water hit his skin. As Yugi took his shower, Yami was heading back home within a taxi. He was texting Joey, most of the time, and asking him how things worked and such. The man that was taking Yami home was the same one who took Yugi home. He had a confused expression, as he was confused and thought that he already took him home. For most people, Yugi and Yami is was like twin brothers, they couldn't really separate them apart.

Too really know, you have to really focus on their features. Yami had bags of clothes, as some girls he met at the mall gave him some money. He didn't ask, but they apparently wanted too, since he was attractive. They also, hung out with him, had lunch with him, and giggled. However Yami didn't buy into any of what they were saying, he simply blushed through most of the conversation, and then said he already had a special someone. The girls got sad, but they still gave they're phone numbers to him. They were texting him on the way home, however Yami didn't bother responding.

He then, felt the car slow down, as the man stopped and smiled. "Here you What you say your name was again." He asked. "Yami..." he told him with a confident tone. "You sure your not Mutou?" The man said as he scratched his head. Yami then got out of the vehicle as he gently closed the door behind him. He then chuckled at the mans comment, as he then understood. Yugi must've taken a cab home and he must be the same man, from his ride. "Yes I'm sure." Yami stated, as he then walked off heading across the street. The man watched as he then shrugged and drove off, as Yami had took out his keys.

He wondered if Yugi was home by now, as he was excited about tonight. He tried all day to think of things Yugi had planned. However, he couldn't think of anything. Perhaps something exciting was happening in town and he wanted him and Yugi to go? Or maybe, a date night where they go out again and eat, watch a movie? Yami scratched the back of his head, as he then unlocked the front door with his keys. He then spoke aloud to make sure Yugi was aware he was home. "I'm back." He then closed the door behind him, as it was now 3:40pm.

Yugi has finished his extended shower, as he finished lotioning himself up as well. He then went over to his drawer and pulled out some white briefs, as he put them on. He then, reached inside his shopping bag and got out the new clothes. He ripped the tags off of them, and then put on the pants first. He liked how they fitted, they were baggy for the bottom but then fitted and tight around the waistline. He then turned sideways and realized he had a little ass going on. It was almost like looking at a girls ass, because it was firm, and bubbly.

He then leaned over and put on the colon, and deodorant once again. Once he did so, he then unbutton the purple shirt. He then extended his arms, and put the shirt on without an undershirt. He was so nervous, as he didn't know what was going to happen once that clock hit 8pm. All he could think about was him and Yami, and what Yami would say once he told him. He knew Yami would probably be rejecting a little, but he knew that's not what Yami wanted at all. He had to make sure that Yami knew he was okay with it. Just then, Yugi glances back at his door, as he then stops moving after he buttoned up the second to last button.

He heard noises coming from downstairs as it scared him a little. He hoped that it was just Yami home, but even if it was, it'll just make his cheeks red and puffy again. He didn't want to see Yami until that time, because he felt so nervous, and shy about it all. He didn't want to have doubts like he did last time, and then chicken out, which would ruin everything. He thought to himself that if he did so, what would be the point of getting advice from Téa and Aigami. Everything he's done, he worked for, and it was because he wanted something different.

Yugi, knew this, and thus he wanted to go through with it, because he wanted to show he loved Yami. Yami heard noises upstairs, like steps, walking around as he glanced over at the stairs. He then, had all his bags on the couch, as he then grabbed some of them and started walking up the steps. Yugi gulped alittle hearing the footsteps get closer as he heard the sound of steps going up the stairs. He knew Yami was heading this way, to either say hi, or tell him what he did today. Yugi then turned around and look at the mirror and made sure his breath smelled good.

He didn't know why he was so glittery like this, because he knew Yami would love him no matter what. He supposed, that he was only doing it because he knew what was going happen tonight that made him feel like he was dying. Yami had then reached Yugi's room, as he knocked softly at first, because he didn't want to rush in, in case he was naked. "Yugi? You in there" a sexual tone voice Yami asked. Yugi blushed hearing Yami's voice all the time, as he then nodded and spoke. "Yeah, sure come in." He stated. As he saw the door handle turn.

He then walked inside and saw that a small size Yugi was standing there in front of him. His cheeks was warm, as Yami smiled and looked at his fit. "Wow." Yami said, staring at his significant other. "W-wow?" Yugi said, stuttering and nervous. Yami felt a little flustered seeing Yugi like this, he never seen Yugi get more beautiful than he already was. Yugi rubbed his arm gently, as he saw Yami was staring at him for such a long time. It made him scared, as well as his heart felt it was pounding 10x faster. "What, what is it." Yugi asked him.

"Yami the gently put his bags down, as he then approached the sensitive Yugi. He then gazed at his purple orbs, as Yugi did the same. He watched how close he gotten to him, as Yami then leaned in for a kiss, pressing his lips towards Yugi's. He then pulled on his bottom lip some, as he was biting on it gently. It was almost like a french kiss, that was a teasing pleasure, Yugi then with his soft hands, slowly touched Yami's cheeks. His heart went from beating fast, too almost exploding. He melted alittle feeling Yami do this, as he closed his eyes enjoying every second.

He then returned the favor, by pulling on Yami's lips back, with his teeth. As he then felt Yami's tongue within his mouth. Yugi's eyes jolted open, as he always hated when Yami did this. It made him weak, and want more, his tongue was so thin, and long, it felt so moving. It was the most romantic thing he's ever done with his mouth, he flicks his tongue, and twirls it repeatedly like a circle. Yugi then moved his hands towards Yami's hair, and slowly started to play with it. Yami then pulled Yugi closer, as he then made their bodies pressed against another.

Yugi felt his nipples start to get hard, as well as his member. He was getting turned on already and it wasn't even the right time. However he didn't care now, he wanted this to happen because it was something he was longing for. He then just when he was enjoying those moments, he felt Yami slowly stop. Yami eyes opened again, as he gently, pulled off of Yugi and Yugi shook his head. "Wait, wait no please don't." Yugi told Yami. Yami eyes widened a little, as he didn't expect this reaction, but then again he knew he couldn't.

He felt Yugi was only saying that because he was just a little horny, but it wasn't something that he really wanted. "Yugi, we cant—" Yami starting saying. "Yes we can! Please—I want it." Yugi told Yami as he was holding into him. He didn't wish to let him go, as Yami couldn't believe what he just heard. He didn't believe that this was something Yugi wanted, he then softened his eyes, and then shook his head. "No, you don't. You don't know what you want." Yami told him. Yugi felt his eyes start to tear up, but he didn't want to give up just yet.

"Yes I do!" Yugi went on saying. "I know what I want, it's you, I want you. I always wanted you." Yami then pulled off of him more, as it was almost like a snatch away. Yugi then curved his hands into his chest, as he couldn't believe Yami did that. The two stared at one another for a second, as Yami then closed his eyes and got a more stern tone. "I read it...." Yami said gently. Yugi was focused as he didn't know what Yami was referring too. "Read it? Read what?" Yugi asked him with confusion. "Your journal. I read your journal, about us Yugi." Yami said looking up at Yugi.

Yugi eyes shattered as he couldn't believe Yami would read something so private, he didn't know rather to be upset or hurt, or both. However both reactions came out, as Yugi went into a sad to a more serious tone. "What!? Why would you read that! Why are you reading my journal, Yami." He told him. "I didn't know what it was! You was doing something that day, remember, with your grandfather. As I was inside your room. It was in your drawer, and I was looking around seeing new stuff. I didn't know it was private, but it was a paged marked inside." Yami told him.

"It was about us. I see that you only think we have a physical relationship. I don't want to force you to do anything you don't want too." Yami finished saying. Yugi then teared up, as he then softly cried to himself. He couldn't comprehend anything anymore the guilty feeling of writing was what caused this outburst. Although, he sniffed silently, and at that point decided he'd still do what he wanted in the end. "Yami, I said that at the beginning, I was afraid of my own feelings and I was overwhelmed with confusion. My journal is just thoughts I conjure up, it's never to harm you. Please try and understand me, and what I feel." He said softly. Yami eyes widened as he was listening and felt bad that Yugi was crying like this. He didn't want Yugi crying as it always made his heart feel heavy with guilt.

"What—what do you mean?" Yami asked softly. "I'm saying that, it wasn't—that was weeks ago, it was when I just was so overwhelmed with my own pervert kinks." Yugi told him. Yugi's cheeks turned reddish brightly but it wasn't from blush it was embarrassment. Yami made a surprised expression as he watched Yugi step back a little and tremble with a little fear. "I love when you kiss on me, I love when your tongue is in my mouth. It makes me so horny, I be longing for your touch. I just—I want it, I want you inside of me, but I don't want you to think I just love you for that." Yugi told him looking down the whole time.

He never felt this embarrassed, not even when, he use to get bullied by Joey and Tristan. He then felt soft hands, touch his cheeks lifting up his face. Yami smiled gently, as he locked lips with Yugi's again. He then pulled Yugi closer, as he then wrapped his arms around his waistline. Yugi stopped crying, as he felt the kiss again, and was shocked by the suddent passionate kiss. He then slowly closed his eyes, as he felt Yami's embrace, and then wrapped his arms around Yami's head again. Yami then softly pulled back as he put his nose on Yugi's. "I didn't wish to do it without your permission. I was afraid of that, but all I ever wanted to do, was pleasure you in both mentally and physically." Yami told him sexually.

Yugi blushed and he then nodded instead of resisting this time. "you have my permission...." Yugi told him, softly, as his eyes were more calmer and eyeing Yami with a gentle aura. He didn't want to back out, he wanted this from Yami, he wanted this physical contact, he hadn't had before. He wanted to lose his virginity to his significant other. Yami had tongued Yugi again, as Yugi felt his tongue once more and he grew weaker within his legs, he then moaned a little, as he felt this melted kiss. Yami felt Yugi's body tremble with pleasing tone, as he then moved his lips down to Yugi's neck. Yugi closed his eyes tossing his head back a little and allowing his neck to be more exposed.

Yami noticed this gesture and went in without hesitation. Yugi then started to lose his balance, as he then slowly fell down onto the bed, as Yami went on the side of him. He then slowly moved his left hand over Yugi's body, and started to unbutton his shirt. Yugi's nipples were already hard, as they were sensitive too, they were pink, and exposed, once Yami unbutton his shirt all the way. Yami then gently stopped as he looked at Yugi to make sure he was okay. "Please tell me to stop if it's to much to bare." Yami explained. Yugi eyes felt watery, as he was melted within this passionate moment, he didn't realize it'd feel this good.

Yugi then raised his arms, as he wanted Yami to hold him. "I don't want you to stop—it feels too good." Yugi said sexually and almost like he was about to collapse. Yami eyes widened softly, as he didn't know Yugi would react this way, he was a little nervous because he didn't want to go all the way and Yugi regret it or something. He then moved back to Yugi's neck, as he then slowly moved his hand down towards Yugi's pants. He then allowed his hand to slide inside his pants and underneath his briefs as Yugi eyes widened.

He felt the motion, as he softly spoke "w—wait, Yami, n—not there..." he told him softly, but Yami already started to stroke his cock. Yugi moaned sexually in Yami's ear, as it was a turn on hearing Yugi's gently sexually moans. He then moved his lips to Yugi's nipples and starting sucking on them, biting down and kissing them. He then watched Yugi's expressions, as he then begin to ask. "By your face expressions I take it, it's good yes?" He asked. He wanted to make sure he wasn't hurting Yugi in the process. He knew Yugi's body was tender, as well as sensitive so he needed to be carefully. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He then slowly got up as he then, watched Yugi as Yami eyes pierced with a surprised shock. Yugi was breathing heavily, but it was almost a wanting lust, he was hot, and his shirt was opened exposing his nipples, as well as his member was bolting out of his pants a little which hurted. "It does feel good....P—please,give me more, dont—let me feel this pleasure alone." Yugi told Yami as his eyes was soft and his purple orbs was shining with kindness. Yami then spoke as he didn't know if Yugi was just turned on by this little makeout or if he was really serious. "Yugi, are you sure?" Yami asked. "Yes—please yami." Yugi screamed out gently, but softly.

Yami eyes relaxed as he then reached for his shirt and then started to take it off. Yami thought to himself, he didn't think Yugi would be desperate for his touch like this. It was so sexy for him, to do this, that it was going to drive Yami insane just thinking on it. He loved Yugi this way, it was almost rare to see this side of him, he then reached for Yugi's pants as he watched to see if Yugi would stop him. However Yugi had his eyes closed and his body was trembling more, as he awaited Yami. He then got his pants off, and then reached for Yugi's briefs as he slid them off as well. He then stared at Yugi's member, as he blushed seeing such a sight.

Yami then bent down and kissed Yugi's member gently, as Yugi moaned again, feeling Yami's lips against it. Yami then sat up more and then unzipped his own pants, as he took them off along with his boxers. He then was bare naked, as Yugi was too. He didn't think he'd make it this far with Yugi being so willingly to do this, however there was no going back now, he wanted Yugi, more, after he allowed it to get this far. He then slowly opened up Yugi's legs, as Yugi watched Yami softly, Yami then stuck two fingers in his mouth and got them wet, as he then went down between Yugi's legs.

He then, pushed his two fingers into Yugi's anus, as Yugi moaned out loudly, not knowing it happened. "A—ah! Y-Yami...w—what..." Yugi said trying to figure out this feeling he was having. Yami was focused as he didn't respond, he couldn't help but get so deep into the motion that he didn't realize Yugi was speaking to him. His anus was firm and tight, as Yami wanted to loosen it up before he stuck is cock into him. Yami's cock was throbbing, as he was hard, and solid. It was long and thick, as he didn't wish to hurt Yugi once it passed through either. He started moving his fingers faster inside, Yugi, as Yugi toes curled, and he arched his back a little, gripping the sheets "mm-mnah!" Yugi moaned out.

He tried to close his legs, as the pleasure was a little overwhelming, but Yami pulled his leg open again as he spoke firmly. "Don't close your legs Yugi." He told him, as he kept going, pleasuring Yugi more and faster. Yugi was moaning so much, that he his heart was racing, so much. He felt such overwhelming sensations, he's never felt before. Yami then had stopped fingering as he then withdrawed from him, and then spoke to himself. "Alright, that should be good enough." He said, as Yami then positioned himself where he leaned down forward alittle.

Yugi felt this notion and then his eyes opened, as he didn't know what was going on at first. He thought it was over, as he started to speak, and didn't realize it wasn't. "A—are we done? What's going—ahhh!!" Yugi yelled once he felt what was happening, Yami had thrusted his cock into Yugi, as Yami, grunted alittle, and started to move his hips. Yugi felt this and he was making a exotic face expression that indicated he liked how deep it felt. He then holded into Yami, going deep with his nails into Yami's skin, as Yami fucked Yugi, repeatedly. He then started to feel a sensation as Yami's body heated up, feeling Yugi's anus and his cock inside him.

"A—ah! Yami! Aahh." Yugi moaned Yami's name, as Yami heard it and spoke towards himself. 'This isn't good, I'm starting to feel my lust for him' Yami told himself. "Y—Yes, sing more, sing my name more." Yami moaned aloud, as he was moving in and out of Yugi's body, allowing his cock to be soaked with Yugi's cum, as Yugi kept moaning and whining with pleasure. "Mmm—Yes, Yami please go faster." Yami heard this request and started to speed up faster, smacking his thighs, against, Yugi's skin. As Yami moaned softly and deeply.

"Mm—ah. Yugi..." he exclaimed. Yugi arched his back so deeply, as he broke off Yami's back, from his hands. He gripped the sheets firmly, as he felt his anus throbbing from how big Yami was. He didn't realize he'd be this big, as Yugi was drooling, and moaning from all this pleasure he was receiving. Yami couldn't stop as he had his lust going for Yugi, he loves the feeling of his dick, around Yugi's walls. It was wet, and squirting a little, as Yugi was completely overtaken by it. Yugi then opened his eyes as they were crying from pleasure, as he spoke sexually.

"Please, hold me." Yugi asked, as he extended his arms out to Yami. "As you wish my love." Yami told him, as the two holded into each other, as Yami continued to please him. Yugi then broke the kiss when he felt Yami spread his legs more open as Yugi's toes curled more tighter. "Aahhh! Yami—I'm reaching my limit" Yugi moaned aloud. "As am I!" Yami exclaimed sexually, as the two couldn't bear anymore. The echoes of the moans, and the smacking of each of theirs thighs together, was aloud inside the house.

"Y—Yami! I'm—I'm about to cum!" Yugi, told him as he felt his body tremble with pleasure, and started to feel hotter. "Me too baby!" Yami proclaimed, as he felt himself breathing heavily and ready to cum as well. They both, moaned aloud together, as Yami felt himself cum inside Yugi. Yugi cummed as well, as it busted out into both their chest. They panted heavily, as Yami collapsed onto Yugi, as Yugi fingers where inside Yami's soft hair. He then slowly opened his eyes, as his face was smooshed unto the covers.

He then slowly started to get up, as he watched to make sure Yugi was okay. Yugi had his eyes closed, as he was breathing in and out trying to catch his breathe. Yami then slowly touched Yugi's cheek, and moved a piece of his hair out the way. "Aibou." He said softly and romantically. "Are you alright. I didn't hurt you did I." Yami asked. Yugi gently opened his eyes and smiled with a lust look, as he softly shook his head however couldn't keep his eyes opened. His body from all over was tingling, and it was the best feeling he's had.

Yami saw his reaction and smirked as he gently pecked Yugi's lips. "Good.." he stated, as he knew Yugi must've been extremely tired now. He then pulled out of Yugi's anus, and he wanted him and Yugi to take a bath, however, he decided to just lay next to him instead. He slowly wrapped his arms around his waistline, and pulled Yugi closer towards him. Yami was happy that this was Yugi's surprise, as he knew now, that this would be the most memorable.

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