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Chapter 7: Unfortunate Outcome

Sirens could be heard across town, as the ambulance sounded like an echoe in Yugi's ears. It hurted his eyes the more he thought about it. He couldn't bare having this heavy feeling. Screaming, painful aches, horrible disaster that he saw his grandpa on the floor.

"Yugi." A voice called out to him.

"Yugi!" It said again, as Yugi's eyes opened gently. He must've fallen asleep a little. As he woke up realizing he was in the hospital already. He was sitting in a chair, with Yami as Yami had his arms around him. Yugi looked around and saw that it was still raining outside. He felt a little cold, but mostly he was afraid for his grandfather. He knew something was wrong with him, when his grandfather locked his door earlier that night.

Nurses and doctors were walking back and forth through the lobby area. Tons of other patients was inside as well. Yami was sitting in a chair next to Yugi holding him gently. He then looked down as he saw that Yugi was completely out of it. He looked tired, scared, uncomfortable, nervous, and wanting to scream. He didn't know what to say or do at this point in time. He felt useless, however he tried to support Yugi as much as possible. "Yugi, your grandfather shall be fine. You must have faith in him. Believe that he will recover from whatever this is." Yami stated.

Yugi knew that Yami was just trying to be comforting, however it wasn't working. Yugi, eyes wouldn't blink for awhile as his tears kept falling down. He wanted to cry and scream so badly. He felt completely useless with his grandfather. He blamed himself through his thoughts, as he wasn't even paying attention to Yami's comfort to begin with.

'I should've been there for him.' ' I was so focused on myself, I was so focused on my own feelings. I didn't even bother to see if my grandpa was alright.' 'He was fine a week ago, but now all of a sudden he's having these pains. I don't know what's happening. I'm so scared.' Yugi gripped his shirt more, and more, and then felt a softness of a jacket around him. Yami had taken off his jacket and put it around Yugi's for warmth. Yugi looked up at Yami as he then looked back down, gripping his jacket tightly.

Just then, commotion could be heard coming down towards the hallway. "There he is. Hey Yug!" A familiar exclaimed. Yugi slowly looked up as he saw it was someone he knew. His eyes widened suddenly as it was Joey Wheeler his long time friend. Joey had a beard now, as well as a mustache. He had a deeper voice, but the same upbeat attitude and spirit. He stop running through, as he had saw that Yami was next to him. His eyes widened as he was shocked to see Yami in the flesh. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He glanced at Yugi then at Yami, and back at Yugi again. "You guys, whoa! Is this forreals or am I just dreaming again.?" Joey asked scratching his head. "It's real Joey." Yami said as he stood up. He was shorter than Joey of course, however Joey smiled and gripped Yami's hand with a tight friendship shake. "Wow! Man. It's been so long. I didn't think I'd ever see you! Again. It's great pal." Joey said smiling. "The feeling is the same, Joey." Yami said with a upbeat attitude. Joey then looked down and saw that Yugi was crying.

"Yeah— well, I came just for you Yug." Joey said as he bent down towards Yugi. Yugi sniffed but also looked a little confused. He didn't understand how Joey knew about his grandfather. "I called him, and your other friends, Yugi." Yami said as he was answering it off. Yugi was happy to know that his friend Joey was here. He needed the support and was happy that his partner was here too. He tried to put on a smile, but looked down before it was completed.

Just then, a doctor had approached Yugi and his friends. He was walking with a white coat on and his name tag called Dr. Hanson. He had glasses as he pushed them up a little and walked towards them more. "Hello, are you Yugi?" He asked Yami as Yami looked back at the doctor. "No, I'm—I'm Yami. That's Yugi." He said gently looking at Yugi. Yugi was zoned out as he was still pondering about his grandfathers condition.

"Oh. Sorry, you just look similar to the grandson. Haha. Brother perhaps?" The doctor asked with a gentle smile.

"No—I'm—I'm just a close friend." He stated not knowing what to say towards him. "Oh. Alrighty then." He replied as he turned to Yugi. "Are you the grandson, of Solomon Mutou?" He asked Yugi this time. "I—I am..." Yugi said shakingly. "How—how is he?" He asked, scared to know the answering. The doctor than sadden his face alittle as he didn't wish to bring this news towards him. However he didn't have a choice, he looked at his papers and then back at Yugi.

"Unfortunately it's not good news. Your grandfather has a failed lung. As well as he's in need of surgery. He also had a heart attack, and a traumatizing mental shock in his brain. Causing him to have a seizure." The doctor stated. Joey, Yugi and Yami both widened their eyes as they heard the news. Yugi however couldn't get a word in. He didn't know what to say, he felt like crying but didn't have any more tears left to give. "We will have to keep him inside the hospital for a few days, maybe even weeks" the doctor finished off.

"Hey, Yugi's grandpa isn't dying is he. Because that ain't happen." Joey said motivated. Joey trying to get some positive energy going, as everyone else was feeling depressed. "I know it may seem bad, but I don't believe this is gonna go down like this. Yugi I promise, he'll be alright." Joey said with a thumbs up. Yugi smiles gently at Joeys words, as Yami nodded in agreement. The doctor smiled as he wanted to believe so as well, however he couldn't tell if his grandfather would make it or not.

"I believe he'll be okay, as well. We shall need a phone number as well as an address. So we are able to keep in contact with you about your grandfathers condition." The doctor told Yugi. Yugi nodded as he spoke "oh—alright. That would be lovely." He said, as he slowly got up from the chair. He gently gave Yami his jacket back, as Yami took it and watched Yugi go to the doctor. As the night had went on, Joey and Yami sat there waiting for Yugi to come back.

As they did, Aigami and Téa had arrived. They was in some coats as it must've gotten cold outside. They waved to Joey and Yami as they spotted them down the hallway. "Hey guys." Aigami said happily as Joey got up and hugged him. "Hey pal! No long time no see." He said back towards him. The two shared a laugh as Téa glanced over at Yami and smiled. "Hey, wow, hey Yami." She said gently. "O.oh. Hey Téa." He said with his deep voice.

The two smiled with another and then Joey told Aigami and Téa the news about Yugi's grandfather. "Wow, so he's really gonna have to stay here....." Téa said gently. She had sadness in her heart and her eyes as she couldn't believe it. Aigami then comforted Tèa as she felt like this, and Joey crossed his arms with his eyes closed. "I know. It's awful. But we can't give up on Yugi just yet. He's our pal and my best friend. I know that we can do this. Unfortunately Tristan isn't here for some support either. He got shipped towards another military base." Joey said informing everyone.

Everyone looked down and waited as Yugi came back. He then rubbed his arm as Yami had approached him. "Please—-take me home." Yugi said not in the mood to even speak. He was in the worse state of mind, once when he felt everything was going good, turned into a nightmare. He couldn't believe his grandfather had all these conditions. He felt completely bad about never knowing. Yami then slowly made his eyes go gently, as he looked at everyone else. They all watched as Yugi felt like crying as they surrounded him and hugged him.

Yami and Yugi manage to take a taxi home, as it was driving in the middle of night. It must've been early morning, because they've been at the hospital for hours. Yugi looked down the entire time, a Yami was holding their waistline and close towards them. He didn't know what to do when they arrived back home. Yami was so new to this entire experience. When he was sharing Yugi's body, it was easier to know what he was thinking. However, now it's harder because he can't read their mind. He did know what Yugi liked due to them knowing each other's secrets and interest.

He thought to himself that he'd take Yugi out on a date perhaps, maybe tomorrow. He wanted to calm Yugi down and make him forget about his grandfather until the surgery was over. Yami had a bunch of ideas he wanted to do, he wanted to see this world for what it was and he wanted to enjoy it with Yugi. He narrowed his eyes as he was determined to make it happen for him. Come tomorrow, Yugi would have a smile on his face yet again.

Kaalakaua Kaalakaua

I should’ve said this awhile back, but your probably wondering, omg how are they publishing these so fast. I’ve said before I think, that I have my books on wattpad that’s the first app I’ve ever used. So these chapters have already been out for awhile, but redoing the book over here for people who do not have wattpad. Lol, so sorry if it seems that way. Please tell me if you all are enjoying the story though, I would love some feedback!

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