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Chapter 21: Writing Industry

"Come on Yugi! You'll be late if you don't hurry up and move your behind." Téa shouted towards Yugi, as she was downstairs in his living room. She was flipping through a magazine as she looked at models in disgust. She didn't understand why women would want to go on diets, when she believes people should love who they are. She then heard a faint voice tone that seemed similar to Yugi's, but in a way it was stronger and deeper. "He'll be down soon." The voice proclaimed. Her eyes darted towards the steps, and then she walked all the way over, and widened her dazzling eyes.

"Oh, Yami, I thought— you were at work." She said hesitantly and rubbing her arm. In a way, she didn't wish to speak to Yami only due to Yugi being around. It made her grow worried with this temporary uneasy feeling. She then heard Yami respond to her, but in a calm collected tone. "No I wasn't actually, I don't leave for another hour. It's prefect because I get to see Yugi off." He told her and walked down the steps. She step back before he manage to get all the way down the steps, as they looked at one another. This awkward tension, that filled the room was more than she could bear.

"Oh okay." Téa motioned, and then she went back looking into her magazine. Feeling a small presence she felt Yami get closer to her and her face turned red slightly. "Tèa, you do not have to be so enclosed, when around me. You and I are friends, nothing more. We both have people we love, there is no need for an arouse." He told her. Téa blinked for a few moments and saw that Yami was calm and collected about the entire ordeal. She must've assumed that he and Yugi didn't speak about those awkward encounters.

None the less, she then smiled in a way, and tried to be more calm like himself. "Your right, sorry." She told Yami nicely, and then soon heard footsteps upstairs that made her turn in that direction. Yugi quickly came down the steps with a bag that was small just for himself. He had paper and pencils inside of his bag, as he smiled happily about what was to come. He then realized that yami and Téa was downstairs by themselves and it made him somewhat uneasy about it. He assumed they just was speaking but for what purpose he wasn't sure.

He didn't want to be jealous, and he didn't wish to make this feel more weird than it already was. So he just decided not to speak on it and move on from it. "Alright Yami I'm leaving." He told his partner. Yami smiled happily, and then he kissed Yugi's cheek as Téa watched from the sidelines. "I shall not be here when you come back most likely depending on how long you shall be. I have—- plans I'm trying to do myself." Yami said vaguely. Yugi was curious to know these plans, but unfortunately didn't have the time to really ask Yami what he meant by that anyways.

He shrug it off and then waved to Yami as Téa did the same and the two walked out of the game shop together. Téa then walked over to her pink car that she had, and Yugi got in on the passenger side of the door as the two got into the car. She started it up and buckled up as Yugi did the same pulling out of the driveway, and heading down the road. Yugi was extremely nervous and also uneasy with the whole situation, he didn't wish to mess up his moments for when he was went into the industry. He was overwhelmed in a way, and also feeling mixed emotions as he sat there in her vehicle. Téa then looked over at Yugi and wanted to make sure he was okay because he was feeling some type of way.

"You okay Yugi?" She said stopping at a red light having her left blinker on trying to turn.

"Hm? Oh, yes I'm fine thank you."

"You seem like you have a lot on your mind, is all. So what's up?" She asked him trying to get him to speak to her more.

"Well, I guess I'm nervous about this whole thing, I don't want to ruin my chances and I don't want to feel I don't know, useless when I could be doing something. My entire life, I've been thinking about what I wish to do when in college. At first it was card games and becoming my own game shop, now I'm not so sure on that." He told her.

She felt his unease and wanted to reassure him in a way, she could understand where he was coming from and knew he'd be okay eventually. She then made the left turn pulling into the fast lane, as she smiled sweetly and continued to be calm. "I understand what you mean, it took me a long time to decide before I became a dancer, I guess I was more nervous about things, but I soon realized I could do it. I have faith in you, and whatever you decide to do know your friends and family support you through it all." She told him.

She then looked out the window as he glanced over at the shops and buildings that surrounded him. 'Is my life at a stand still? Of course it can't be, I have faith in myself I know I can do this.' He told himself. He then closed his eyes, and felt himself breathing more easily than being overwhelmed with emotions. He was still somewhat nervous but not as nervous as he was before. He then felt the car start to slow down as Téa had looked at the side of her window and pointed before she approached it. "Is this the place?" She asked Yugi curiously, he then looked over to his right and nodded as she shrug as well.

"Yeah I believe so. Let's go inside." He told her. She then agreed and pulled into the parking lot stopping the car and getting out of the vehicle same as Yugi. They then both walk to the building look up at the signs as they said "Shuppan raitā gyōkai" he then narrowed his eyes somewhat and was determined this time to actual do something more than just what he believed he could do. They walked inside as they gasp once they entered the glass building that had opened windows around and a beautiful sight that was heigh up with others. The banners of writers and the announcements on the intercom indicating deadlines and new books.

Yugi found it fascinating and was amazed by everything he was witnessing. Téa then saw the front desk and she nudge at Yugi as they walked over to the counter as they saw a Korean worker. "Good Morning." He told them both. They then spoke as well and he then asked what they needed. "Yes, where looking for the writer Ryou in building number 18." She told the man. He nodded pressing into his computer as he then smiled at them. "Yes he's here, says he's in a meeting at the moment, but he shall be out soon. You can take these badges as they indicate your experience to our admissions, and then you may also have a name tag writing your name down into it please." He told them both.

Yugi was more excited by hearing that Ryou would soon see that he was here. Téa then shrug as she was happily in a way. "Well I have to go soon and pick up Aigami from work. But, I suppose I can stay just a few." She told Yugi. Yugi then smiled and nodded gently as he then grab the pen along with Téa doing the same as they filled out the paperwork. A few moments later the man took it and thanked them both for they're admissions and soon pointed them in the direction of the lobby area. He also said they are able to walk around and monitor things in the time being, or simply read books on the shelves.

Yugi was an extreme reader, and enjoyed everything he could get his hands on. He was more into adventure, mystery and mostly romance. He loved the knights and armor book by Utada Graves. He enjoyed her work and the things she describes which intrigued him all the more to read them. He walked over in the lobby seeing a bunch of people either reading or on their phones, two flat screen TVs which was hang up in the lobby in case people wanted to watch tv. This place was prefect and almost surreal to Yugi. He didn't know it would be so wonderful in the end. Téa got on her to text Aigami and tell him that she might be a little late coming to get him.

It was about 20 minutes later after they were sitting there for awhile when they heard people coming down the steps. An announcement yet again was made saying that the issue board meeting was over. A group of people came down the elevators and escalators as they saw Ryou wearing a nice button up shirt and his slacks. He smiled waving at Yugi and Téa when he saw them inside the lobby. They hug him gently as he was nervous in a way but had books and some paperwork in his hands.

"Hey Ryou!" Tèa said happily.

"Hey Téa, Hey Yugi! Glad you could come. I was starting to think you wouldn't for a second the way we ended our convo, but alas you came and that's what matters." Ryou said towards Yugi.

Yugi got up from the chair and walked over to them too as he was being spoke to and nervously chuckled hearing his words.

"Yeah, well here I am! I'm glad I did come though, this place is amazing. How did you even manage to get a job here?" He asked him curiously.

Ryou laughed as he shrug and then touched his chin with his fingers pondering for that thought.

"I guess it was back a few months ago, when I stated writing on this website called "Novels & Readers" it was an amazing website that you could write, read, publish, and even get noticed for your books on the front page when they reached a certain amount of viewers." He explained to Yugi.

"When I continued to write more and more I had reached a milestone of 8.7K reads, and when I came to check I saw my book got reviewed by the top writing company in the world! This place. So therefore, they had emailed me and I suppose that's what got the ball rolling." He finished stating.

Yugi was astonished by that, and in a way he envies through it. He wanted to be successful as any normal person would, but he also wanted to be remembered for something big other than just saving the world that no one really cared about. He then made a grin in a way that made it seem like he was happy for that, but in reality he was really nonchalant about the whole thing. He was more so impressed by Ryou's life and his experiences which made him want to do the same thing, even if it wasn't specifically writing stories.

"That's amazing Ryou! Congrats." Téa told him.

"Thanks Téa" Ryou replied.

"Yeah that's amazing, Ryou, I wish I could do that, you seem like you put a lot of time and effort into your works. That's something." Yugi told him.

"You are! I've been meaning to tell you that I've spoken to my boss Mr. Omni he has told me that he'd love to give you an interview today, or at least ask you some questions that pertains to your writing." Ryou said smiling with his eyes.

Yugi blushes feeling flustered and almost feeling overwhelmed by the entire thing. He couldn't believe what Ryou said and he was speechless for a moment which made both Téa and Ryou giggle.

"I—what! That's—Ryou that's so exciting! I'm— I don't know what to say. Thank you! Thank you so much! I don't believe I'm ready! I don't have my notes, or any of my stories with me." He told Ryou frantically.

"That's okay, I told him all of this anyways, so he shouldn't believe you do. Don't worry about it, you'll be great!" Ryou told Yugi excitedly Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Now come on, I'll take you to his office."

"Hey guys listen I gotta go, I'll pick you up later Yugi just text me when this is over. Good luck and have fun!" Téa said quickly walking off and heading out the building as both Ryou and Yugi told her goodbye. They then turned and walk in the direction of another hallway where the elevators where and Ryou pressed the 8th floor button as they awaited for it to come down. If Yugi was nervous beforehand he just got anxiety more about this unexpected surprise by Ryou. He didn't know he'd be getting interview so suddenly and things coming so fast. It was like Yami all over again, with his lust and affections in bed and how rough he would be.

Those memories made Yugi blush extremely as a smell yelp came from his mouth. Ryou raises an eyebrow and turned to Yugi hoping he was okay.

"You alright?" He asked.

"Yes! I'm fine." Yugi said nervously and wanting this to be over already. He just didn't wish to get a boner inside this place so he tried to think of things that kept him calm and easy, yet when he did all he could think of was Yami's naked butt. He covered his face once they step into the elevator and decided to go up on the 8th floor which was Writers technical novels. A place that was filled with inspirational writers and authors that could help you with details and becoming a publisher or an author yourself. Yugi thought on it for a moment and they had reached the 8th floor with ease when they step out he saw what he meant.

A bunch of people was walking around lounge chairs were made out for people to sit down and read. As well as computers for people to type up their stories a small kitchen for breaks and things in that nature. Yugi felt this was more like a college than it was a job, yet all the more merrier for him because he felt pressured with any "job" description. "Wow." Yugi said with a small breath as Ryou smiled as usually seeing Yugi's reactions. "Yep, this place is wonderful. Now go down to Mr. Omni office and he'll speak to you through the rest of the details." He told Yugi. Yugi nodded and walked through the people and places as he reached his door knocking softly.

Someone rushed out of there almost bumping into Yugi as they saw him. "Oh my!" Yugi said shockingly seeing that someone did. They apologize and walked off feeling tension as Yugi swatched then. In a way he was extremely nervous more because he thought now Mr. Omni would be in a bad mood which would make his chances go down much more. He then peaked his head out of the doorway and looked inside seeing Mr. Omni whom had glasses on and looked at him as he saw that it was another person. He sighed as he narrowed his eyes a little annoyed and had a somewhat unpleasant tone. "What do you want." He said harshly.

Yugi gulped a little and it a way he wanted to run, but he spoke with a shaking tone and soon looked at him with his soft eyes. "I um, I'm here because of Ryou, I'm um— I'm Yugi Mutou." He said shyly. As he heard his name, Mr. Omni expression and attitude changes abruptly as he got up from his sit. "Yugi Mutou! I'm so happy to meet you!" He said with a happy tone and chuckle. He then went quickly to shake his hand and soon looked down at his size. Yugi was surprised by this reaction as he was mad when he had came and now he was happy? "I apologize for my rudeness, I've had a stressful day, and I've been getting a lot of interns." He told him.

'Well that explains alot' Yugi told himself. "It's fine, I'm glad to be here." He told Mr. Omni.

"Please sit."

Yugi sat down as the interview was about to begin.

"So Mr. Mutou tell me something or some things about yourself? Ryou has told me a lot, but I want to hear it from you." He asked him. He then grab some pens and a paper as he crossed his arms interested in hearing what Yugi had to say.

Yugi feeling like a knot was within his stomach when he got asked that question, but he told himself that he wouldn't be able to do anything if he was panicking. He exhaled and inhaled deeply and decided to be honest with everything, whether than trying to lie to himself that he was fine.

"I'm sorry, I'm really really nervous right now. This entire place is exciting and it's thrilling. Honestly I didn't know I was getting an interview until now." He said chuckling.

Mr. Omni smiled and chuckled as well as he understood what Yugi was saying and appreciated his honesty. "That's quite alright, Yugi. I should be the one apologizing I was the one who said I could do it today, so I didn't bother giving you enough time. I've been busy myself but I can assure you, if you just explain to me what you know from the top of your head, I won't hold anything else against you. Take your time." He told him kindly.

Yugi was relieved to hear him say that, in a way he was more than willing to be open now about this and what he could explain and remember.

"Okay sure, yeah well I have three stories I've been working on and one of them being non fictional. It's personal book that has my real life and friends inside it. It's about me meeting well— my lover. The other one is an action book, that's pertained for mature audiences, I'm more of an adult writer book." He told him.

Mr. Omni nodded to everything Yugi was explaining and wrote some of these informations done.

"Are you promoting your books on websites?" He asked Yugi.

"Yes I am."

"What websites?"

"Well I've just heard about Reading & Novels by Ryou so I'll be on that one. I also use writing, publishing futures, and discovering yourself" he told Mr. Omni.

"Mmm, those are all good publishing apps. What viewers and types of reviews do you receive.?" He asked Yugi.

"Well for my nonfictional I've gotten a lot of feedback from it That's positivity. They enjoy the story, and couldn't believe some of the stuff I've explained. I've gotten over 1K reads with that. For my fictional books I've gotten over 3.4K with those and at least 300 likes on it. At least 40 comments. I wish people would comment more so it'll help me know what they like." He told him in a disappointment state.

Mr. Omni saw this gesture and then soon sat up more serious as he put down the notebook and clicked his pen repeatedly.

"Well, Mr. Mutou you have a very unique look about yourself. You seem determined to get feedback and by what your telling me your books could have a chance at being sold. Perhaps, you just need a more helping altercation. This company is all about growth and helping with others writings. I want you to come back in next week and give me copies of those books, send them to me at my email so that I have proof of your work. This will help me determine your station and the direction your perusing." He told Yugi finally.

Yugi was confused in that moment but happily to come back afterwards. He was almost thinking this must've been a dream because Mr. Omni said to send him the work, he was feeling that emotion where you believe something and then it turns out to be the opposite of what was said. He then blinked as he couldn't feel his body, it was frozen because of this enormous opportunity he was getting and it felt like it wasn't happening to him, or he just didn't wish to believe it. "Wait so does that mean—"

"Yes, I want you to work with us." He told Yugi laugh in a way but was more so laughing at his reactions and responses mostly.

"I—" Yugi couldn't say anything and he wanted to scream in that moment. Was he really about to work at this company? This all seem like a fairy tale and it wasn't yet it was making it seem that way. He simply smiled happily feeling over joyed by this and everything that's been going on. He then spoke with a great feeling and got up from the chair shaking Mr. Omni's hand happily.

"Thank you Mr. Omni thank you! You won't regret this decision." He told him.

"I'm glad send me the books tomorrow, and I'll review them on my free time. He then took some paperwork along with documents about the company and gave him his business card that had his email on it. "Here take these items, these are to help you improve on your writing as well as they tell you about the company." He told Yugi as he got up from his chair.

"Good day Yugi, glad to have you." He finally told him as he walked to his door and opened it up leading Yugi out of the room as Ryou eyes widened seeing Yugi having his wide eyed expression upon his face. He felt that something went wrong as he didn't wish it to be so as he approached Yugi and before he could speak Yugi hug Ryou tightly as he felt himself starting to tear up. "Thank you, thank you so much for doing this for me, Ryou. How can I ever repay you I can't believe I got the job Just like that!" He told him chuckling. Ryou sighed in relief as he didn't wish for Yugi to be crying for that other than tears of joy. He then took Yugi by the shoulder and chuckled as he walked with him out the offices.

"I'm so happy for you. Yugi! I knew you could do it." He told him. He then sighed with a small smirk as he walked and winked pointing to the sky in a way as they eventually had reached the lobby area and started to head out. "And you can repay me by letting me read your books" he said playfully as the two laughed together.

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