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73.95% Zivon-The Hero Of Another World / Chapter 351: Chapter 351 Zivon Vs Black Dragon

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Chapter 351: Chapter 351 Zivon Vs Black Dragon

Black Dragon heads towards Zivon with great speed and tearing through the air charging a punch

Zivon blocks his punch and charges a punch towards Black Dragon

Black Dragon blocks the punch

They both push each other away and then head towards each other again

Zivon charges his right fist while Black Dragon Charges his left fist

Both their fists meet and create huge blasts

They start hitting each other multiple times with all their fist matching to each other and creating huge air blasts

Zivon spins around for a kick

Black Dragon blocks the kick and starts charging a Dark Beam

Zivon suddenly disappears from there and appears behind Black Dragon and makes a cross from his hand charging a beam as well

Black Dragon turns around and shoots out the Dark Beam

Zivon shoots out the Shine Beam and a Beam Clash happens

Both of them put their all to keep the other beam away from themselves

suddenly the beams explode and both away were blown away from each other

"This is becoming more and more interesting as we go one"

Black Dragon tells Zivon

"Yeah but now it's time to put an end to your fun"

Zivon tells Black Dragon

"Oh that's not happening"

Black Dragon tells Zivon

They both again head towards each other tearing through the air with high speed and punch each other in multiple times

After hitting multiple times both get blown away from each other

"So Human are you enjoying your tiredness?"

Black Dragon asks Zivon

Zivon was breathing heavily

"Shit, Using Blood Light(Red Eye) has caused my body to its limit, I need to recharge but to do that I need a way to block his attacks for the time being"

Zivon thinks to his mind and comes back to his normal form and takes out his sword Cleivier

"Oh, So you decided to fight me with your idiotic sword skills, but did you forget that you can't match up to my speed without that form?"

Black Dragon asks Zivon

"I didn't forget that for sure"

Zivon tells Black Dragon as the Electric Currents from his sword start reaching his body

Black Dragon heads towards Zivon with maximum speed and attacks him from the side

Zivon turns around and blocks his attack barely

"oof, As I guessed Cleivier's Lightning speed can still block his attacks but it's not powerful enough to hit him with this, Well then there is only that left to do

Cleivier, Full power

Final Blow

Galvanizing Swift

Zivon heads towards Black Dragon with great speed to send out that attack

he passes Black Dragon giving him a small cut on his neck

"Good work for giving me a cut but was that it?"

Black Dragon asks Zivon

"Yeah, that's it, Cleivier did its job perfectly now to go back to that form

Blood Light(Red Eye)

"What?!, How is his energy back so fast?"

Back Dragon was surprised to see that

"Now, let's continue our fistfight, shall we?"

Zivon heads towards Black Dragon tearing through the air charging a punch

"Yeah sure"

Black Dragon charges a punch towards him as well

Their Punches had equal power and they both were blown away again

"This is bad, If this goes on like this, I will start to lose power again, and I certainly don't want that to happen"

Zivon thinks to himself as he looks towards Zivon

"Maybe I will try that now"

Zivon tells himself as he heads towards Black Dragon and uses his right fist to attack Black Dragon

Black Dragon blocks the fist and charges his right fist towards Zivon as well

Zivon blocks it as well

"Just what I wanted to happen"

Zivon tells Black Dragon


Black Dragon asks Zivon

Golden Hands!!!!

Golden Hands come out of Zivon's back and hit Black Dragon Multiple times

and blasts him away to crash him in the wall

"What just happened?!"

Back Dragon asks Zivon

"During my training, I learned to use my forms together at once

Like Blood Light and Golden Hands

and Giant Light and Wings of Salvation"

Zivon tells Black Dragon

Black Dragon comes out of the wall

"I have enough of this, I am going to end this once and for all"

Black Dragon tells himself as he heads towards Zivon creating a Ball of Fire filled with darkness

"Take This, Dark Bomb!!!!"

Zivon starts to create a ball of shine

"No, You Take, Shine Bomb!!!!"

Black Dragon heads towards

Zivon starts to countdown




Both the Bombs meet each other and a huge explosion happens that blows up the whole roof sending out a light

Zion and Lily sitting far away could see this light

And in the light

Zivon and Black Dragon were hitting each other multiple times

both of them move away from each other

Zivon was breathing heavily

"I need to calm my breathing and need to do the final punch to finish him off once and for all"

Zivon calms his breathing and closes his eyes

He puts his right fist towards his lower right back and puts his left palm in front of it

Zivon's right fist start to shine and the left-palm start to pass one the Red Aura of Red Eye on the punch

Black Dragon heads towards Zivon


Black Dragon charges a punch full of Black Flames towards Zivon

Zivon slides off the Left palm in front of Black Dragon and with all his power charges

The Final Punch

Red Punch!!!!!

Zivon fist Meets Black Dragon fist and everything went silent

suddenly Black Dragon's body starts to crack up


And breaks away turning into dust and disappearing into the air

and the sky starts to turn back normal

Zivon starts to breathe heavily as the battle ends and Zivon comes back down on the ground

Zion came carrying Lily on the back

and sees Zivon lying on the floor looking towards the blue sky

"you should come as well, it's very relaxing"

Zivon tells Zion

Zion comes towards him and lays down Lily and lies on the ground as well looking towards the sky

"Has it ended, Dad?"

Zion asks Zivon

"Yup, The Rule of the Black Dragon has ended" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The Members of the Black Flames all around the world start to disappear and people who were fighting them all around the world were happy as hell

In the Kingdom of Light

Zena hears the news of the Members of the Black Flames Members disappearing from all around the world and looks towards the sky from her balcony

"You did it, Zivon Zion"

The Wind blows through the skies

As the Time with the Black Dragon ends

End of Chapter


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