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Chapter 3: Late Night Brawl - Zodiac King - Chapter 3 by Swatdude64 full book limited free

Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Late Night Brawl

For the sake of a basic tactical advantage in a dark building, Alex wore a black jacket and black jeans to the fight. The jeans were well fitted so that they had minimal movement restriction, and he obviously kept a belt on so nobody pulled his pants down.

The jacket had no hood so nobody could grab it that easily. Not usually that much of a problem against one person, but with two people that could get messy fast.

He also brought a flashlight just in case, though he wasn't planning on using it in any conventional sense. As they entered, the door opening triggered a bell that rang loudly throughout the empty store, echoing ominously.

One of the boys cursed, "Fuck they set up early."

It was easy to tell this because the bell looked too out of place to have been put in when the store was made. Of course, this didn't phase Alex one bit.

"We came here for a fight anyways, so them detecting us isn't too big of an issue. Standing in one spot for them to circle us is. Spread out through the building, grouped together by two and three."

The back door was placed so that it lead to the back storage area, but the main store was right in front of it. The layout was easy to tell, because a sign denoting the building's structure was right next to the exit, which was a fire safety precaution.

So the three football boys moved to the right, to go deeper into the storage area to have an open field to use their numerical advantage.

Alex and the two brawlers headed forwards into the main store, and then split right and left respectively, with Alex ending up alone in the frozen goods isle.

Obviously it wasn't stocked, nor was it powered anymore, but he still had some plans for it.

From the front of the aisle he could hear sneakers running along tile, as they dragged their feet a little too much. 'Two pairs, I can handle this.' He stood in place in the middle aisle and waited for the two to run across and spot him.

Both wore red jackets, with red and black bandannas covering their face, red and black being their school colors.

However, judging by the visible difference in body shape, they weren't the twins he was looking for. They weren't even that buff, much to his dismay.

Without flaunting, or taunting, he just walked slowly towards them, and they sprinted at him with confidence and gusto.

"You're gonna wish you had just sat back and ate your L, you losers."

As one of the boys neared him, Alex casually grabbed the freezer door next to him and flung it open outwards, smacking him in the face and sending him sprawling on his ass. A slight crunch let them all know his nose probably just broke.

His buddy slammed his feet down to stop himself, screeching to a halt right before the door which was already being closed. This also left him wide open for Alex's fist to clock him in the teeth and send him falling on top of his friend.

Alex knelt down next to them and said calmly. "Lie down and eat yours, losers."

Both of them tried to scramble up at the same time, only to get tangled up in each other. The one on bottom did however manage to get his chest off the ground.

Sadly, that gap was then used by Alex, who swung his foot all the way back, and launched it forward, right up through that gap into the bottom's sternum which punted him and his compatriot upward and several feet back, where they collapsed onto the ground again for good this time.

Whether they had actually passed out, or thrown in the flag because they knew it was worthless even trying, Alex didn't know or care.

What he did know, is that door and them flopping around was rather loud, which brought to his attention two more goons approaching from the right of the aisle, behind him where he was before.

Instead of waiting for them this time, he timed it just right with their apparent distance and speed, and sprinted forward in a full charge, just in time to catch one of the goons just as they came into view.

Lowering himself, Alex slammed into the goons stomach with his shoulder, lifted that shoulder upward to carry him off the ground, and kept running to smash him into the back wall of the store.

The irony that his friend was taken out by someone acting like an offensive lineman was lost on the goon, who took a swing to the back of Alex's head with a metal bat.

Deciding to respond to one weapon with another, Alex hooked his right arm around the legs of the now ragdolled goon he bashed, and swung him around to his right, doing a full 180.

Letting go right as one motherfucker smacked another motherfucker, they both got sent tumbling back onto the floor. Much like the others, they probably less got knocked out and more had no desire to get their shit rocked much longer.

This freed Alex up to listen for any signs of fighting around the store. The fact that he heard none, was a problem.

Sprinting back to where the two brawlers went he looked up the aisle to find them wiped out on the ground.

If he thought he was being brutal, clearly he had a lot to learn. Both of their legs had been stomped in at the kneecap and were clearly broken, their faces bloody and bruised.

Rather than being silent, the fights had problem taken place precisely when his were so his own noise masked them.

Whether or not they were timed that perfectly aside, the fact that they ended that fast was a concern in and of itself. And if he didn't pass the enemies on the way there, and they weren't still here then the only other place to go, was in the back to the footballers.

With stealth out the window, Alex sprinted as fast as he could through the back storage. Empty boxes had been thrown on the ground and broken, clear signs of a fight.

He clambered over them with ease, not losing any momentum, as he arrived just in time to see one of the footballers thrown from around the corner, into the wall next to him.

Not stopping to assess the damage, he turned the corner himself to find the two remaining boys laid out on the floor, luckily the finishing touches hadn't been dealt yet to their legs.

But if the enemy wasn't doing that, then where were they. Alex immediately glanced upwards, to the shelves above him, as two blurs raced just out of the peripherals of his vision to behind him.

This was a bad spot to be, they had him surrounded on both sides from way up high.

Rather than running back down the hall between the two of them, he ran forwards. From the fire safety map earlier, he knew there was a second exit from the back storage into the store.

He sprinted as fast as his legs could carry him, no time to worry about stamina management because one wrong move and he'd get jumped from above.

Regardless to popular belief, you get jumped by surprise by two dudes at once and you will get your shit rocked.

Think less Goku and Vegeta vs Jiren, and more literally any two v one in Jujutsu. And Alex was not arrogant enough to think he'd be any different. These two felt weird, he couldn't underestimate them.

If he could see from a bird's eye view, Alex would see two shadows trailing just barely enough behind him to not be in leaping distance. He could see the door up ahead but it was to his left and closed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He'd have to slow down to open it. Luckily, it was a push to open door with a bar on it. So instead he did the next best thing.

He ran a little to his right to open up distance, turned on a dime to the left and sprinted full speed at the door, slamming through it just as two feet slammed into the concrete behind him and cracked it.

Needing to stop their momentum if only for an instant, Alex spun around and roundhouse kicked the door shut right into his attackers faces, a clear thud indicating it hit them just as they charged at him.

Rather than press his attack, he actually jumped to the side away from the door, as two feet kicked it not open, but right off it's hinges and flying across the store.

Two black haired boys, with the hair hanging in front of one eye each, one left and one right, exited the door, and they looked pissed as they rubbed their heads where the door slammed into them. Alex reached into his pocket right as they jumped out at him in an attempt to catch him off guard.

Swatdude64 Swatdude64

Why yes I recently played a Yakuza game, how could you tell?

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