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  • Sol Conflict


    Sol Conflict

    The diplomatic relations between People's Republic of Mars and Atlantic-Pacific Federation have soured. The cold war between two major factions is getting hotter as both parties race for rapid mobilization of their space navies. At the calm before the storm, Lieutenant Kagan is called back to service aboard his old warship Lodos, under command of his close friend; Rear Admiral Tachibana. The time runs out, and the declaration of war is imminent. Will they be able to end this terrifying war before it crushes everything they once held dear? Is there right and wrong at the time of war? How do they know they are on the right side? NOTE: This is a hard-science Sci-Fi book that follows the laws of physics to the letter, and is likely to include many scientific terms. But don't worry, I included sources for their definitions, so you will understand the novel.

    157 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Doomsday:I Have A System

    Doomsday:I Have A System

    Loving playing Internet game,cartoon,American TV shows and AC fun and Bilibili,the doorman Wu Gang was invited into a parallel universe and inserted an internet system. this is a world that full of surprises like amazing pets, unimaginably weapons, and magic potions. being hungry, he has the food creation skill. when fighting with a zombie, he is able to hide himself and go to kill the zombie from the back. his teammate is nearly dying, then the teammate has to complete die so that he can survive this person. what should a person need to do if he doesn't lack any food or clothes? Wu Gang sighs lonely and thought as a man who doesn't learn the best skill, the best equipment, and a holy beast, there is a long way to go.

    2.36 113 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Deep Space Epoch

    Deep Space Epoch

    (Going to be slow releases the week of 2/24 - 3/1. Slightly unwell and working all day Mon-Fri, so only expecting one chapter / 2 days) Ivan Storme was once a billionaire, a man who ruled with money. His company operated in all sectors across Earth and was publicly renowned. However, Ivan had built most of his power with shady and illegal means, often conducting inhumane actions for the sake of profit. When this information was discovered and released to the public, he was forced to flee or face a life sentence behind bars. With all of his past accomplishments and fortune crumbling before him and with no path of survival in front of him, Ivan took desperate measures to escape pursuit. He contacted an illegal human experimentation facility and paid all the money he had on hand to be cryogenically frozen in stasis for 200 years when the technology to revive someone from such a state existed. When he woke up from stasis and was expecting a new life in a highly developed world filled with flying cars and holographic projections, instead he woke up to an unfamiliar environment in a completely different galaxy.. Ivan was sure of only one thing. The time he slept for was definitely not 200 years. From the author: This has been on my mind for a long time so I have decided to put pen to paper, metaphorically. I'm currently doing an average 7ch/week + extras as I like, I will update this of any changes. P.S. I don't proofread or edit. Doing so annoys me far more than you would be reading it. It's pretty clean already so for any typos, treat them as me testing your adaptability. ^.^ Comment any major errors and thou shalt be fixed

    4.47 64 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Twilight(FanFic): Cain in Twilight[Dropped]


    Twilight(FanFic): Cain in Twilight[Dropped]

    Haven't seen a lot of good Twilight fanatics lately so I decided to make this. Twilight belongs to its original owner - I own Nothing except my OC:Cain Hope you enjoy, and be free to poke as much holes in the story as possible. Critics help improve authors works, I read all comments so I don't think I'll ignore anything that can help me improve. English is my first language but I'm a Garinagu so I usually shorten my words, just a bad habit I'm trying to get rid of. Before anyone says is Garifuna is the language. !Enjoy!

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Pillars


    The Pillars

    The world has changed in the last 500 hundred years, and humans along with it. An event that happened in the 22nd century caused humans to start being born with powers. At first it was chaos, and a new form of living and war was created. The first abilities war started in 2471 and after the war ended a new world was born. More and more abilities would be discovered, new generations of people with potential to change the world. There is a New World Order, and your value is determined by the magnitude of your powers. The year this story is set in is 2502, and it centers around a young man no older than 16 years old. The young man's name is Scott Azure, a wielder of a Magnitude 10.0 ability. The highest possible grade, and is designated a strategic weapon incase of war. He is about to attend a school that other ability users go to. However, everyone's grade is classified by the government. Telling others your strength is not illegal, but it does compromise your security. There are 4 types of students. The first is the weaker students, nicknamed leeches. Usually ranging between 0.5 and 2.5. Then you have your second type, the pawns. These are the foot soldiers of the higher graded students, they range between 3.0 and 4.0. Then you have the pillars of your school, there can only be 5 pillars no more and no less. These people range between 5.5 and 6.5. It is incredibly rare for someone to have a magnitude higher than 6. If you have a magnitude of 5 your life is pretty much set. Our protagonist fills the 4th type, the secret keepers. These people don't reveal their abilities or their grade to anyone, be them weak or strong. It is a gamble messing with people in the type, sometimes you find someone stronger than you and get your ass kicked and others you can trample on with your power. There are territory wars for schools along with businesses and companies. Everyone competes for better land, respect, or just bragging rights. You learn to do all this in ability schools. How to control your powers and what type of future you have with your ability. Now the story starts on the first day of the 4 long years with on campus stay for Scott Azure, and this is where the story starts.

    3 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Son Of Erebus


    Son Of Erebus

    What if the Greek God of shadows had a son? What if that boy was the most powerful Demi god the world had ever seen? That Demi god could save the world or accidentally destroy it. Read and find out!

    12 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Mechanical Immortal In A Cultivation World


    The Mechanical Immortal In A Cultivation World

    Qiao Yang was an army mechanic on earth. But Fate had different plans for him. Transmigrated in a cultivation world with a mechanic system, watch how he becomes the most powerful mechanic in the multiverse and takes revenge for humanity. He ventures into space, collect materials, builds armed forces, fights monsters and of course, levels up. This is how a mechanic becomes an immortal and will be known as The Immortal Mechanic. -------------------------------------------------------------- This is my first book so hope you like it. ^_^ Also, this picture is not mine but from -

    16 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Evolutionary Prison

    Evolutionary Prison

    Dustin needed to evolve to survive on this hostile alien planet. If he can survive a year, he'll be released, free and clear. Unfortunately, no one's ever done that before. And it's not looking like he will either... Check out the sequel: Evolutionary Convict It follows Dustin as he tries to find a home with Olivia, but everything still seems to be out to kill him... A tag is displayed only when minimum 5 readers add it... I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad And it is available on in print as a paperback book!

    4.74 67 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Genius System

    Genius System

    A 18- year old dies and is reborn aiming to the top. Modern World First novel I will try Discord-

    17 Chapters AddIn Library

  • No second Chances: The beginning of the end

    No second Chances: The beginning of the end

    Greed is a powerful feeling that has changed the world over thousands of years. Science, religion, and magic have built a new era and there are some who want to end it all, for the sake of a dying world. It is only up to certain beings to awaken the world and cleanse the lurking evil within the desires of the current rulers, or to wipe out those who can't contribute any good to a new rising world.

    16 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Quantum Order


    Quantum Order

    After Earth's destruction, its only survivor, a now eighteen years old boy, named Akin Damijo, finds himself in the middle of a galactic war. With a huge conspiracy surrounding the Galactic Foundation, it is time for someone to prevent the greatest of evils. He will show the galaxy that he can be more than "The Last Human." Once a victim of cowardliness, he will rise to be a hero. Follow Akin on his journey, seeing step by step how he became a legend in the galaxy. Akin was exactly five years old, when he saw from a distance his family and planet being destroyed in front of him. At eighteen, he joined the Galactic Foundation of Catoq, a central organization in the Milky Way that acts as an observer government. The Catoq wars were taking place at the time, similar to the first and second world wars at Earth, but on a universal scale. At twenty-one, he finds himself in the midst of a war far more complicated than imagined. Betrayals, friendships, corruption, he will deal with all this if he wants to save his friends, family and the galaxy. NOTE-. I do not own the rights to the image, if the creator wants me to remove it, I will remove it.

    4.76 25 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Galactic Odyssey


    Galactic Odyssey

    Sam is a young man who just graduated from high school on planet Moryl and decided to join the army together with his friend Edward, during the military examination he gets caught by surprise by an alien beast and end up falling in an underwater cave. While everyone believe that he died, Sam meets a small robot who gives him an incredible gift.

    33 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Cultivation Dimension

    Cultivation Dimension

    Jacob Davis is reincarnated into the future where humanity has spread to the stars. With a cheat that lets him cultivate at a speed faster than anyone else, His future will be amazing. Watch as Jacob creates a path of legend among the stars.

    19 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Uploading as In Marvel With A Symbiote in Fanfic section


    Uploading as In Marvel With A Symbiote in Fanfic section

    I died and was reborn in a world I really do not know much about. Luckily I got two things, a minor gamer ability and a Symbiote that can't control me. Here's hoping i don't mess it all up! MC will be an SI. Rated M for language and implied illicit actions. I will try to keep the snu snu out of story, but hopefully romance will be involved. [Story will be updated when I feel like it. I'm a night shift worker and a pop pop of 4]

    13 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Magical Cosmic


    Magical Cosmic

    Victor Petard Asterisk was just an explorer, like many others. Roaming unknown parts of the galaxy, seeking the answers to Humanity’s greatest mysteries among the stars. One day, he chanced upon an unnatural wormhole that brings him to another Universe. A Universe filled with magic and wonder! “Hah! With my advanced technology, who would dare challenge me?” “You there, savages! Still using bows and swords? Better go back to farming in the countryside!” "And you! What's with that backward magic staff? Use mine instead and witness its power." Filled with determination and experience, from years of exploring, Victor will seek out the unknown and unravel the deep mysteries held within this strange Universe. Follow Victor’s journey, as he lays down a legend that will echo throughout the Multiverse and last for eternity. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New chapter is released every two days. I usually update faster here: If you were kind enough to support me, I will leave a link below: Paypal: For anyone that want to joint me in discord: By joining you are privileged to read 1 early chapter :V

    4.57 70 Chapters AddIn Library

  • System: Cross to Marvel? Are you willing?

    System: Cross to Marvel? Are you willing?

    A guy became a brother of Iron man and got the ability to extract genes from anyone. Lets see how he changed the Marvel World!!! Daily Update!!! Follow Me?

    11 Chapters AddIn Library

  • (Rise of the Antichrist) the peace I truly desire


    (Rise of the Antichrist) the peace I truly desire

    It is the 41st millennium and it has been years since the corrupt dystopian society of the imperium of man has come . But one parent less and unloved boy decides to fight against it . On the day he sweared he would get revenge for his parents against the one who murdered them. But in order to achieve his goal of revenge he must fight against the gods themselves. But this boy does not know this of course does not know . The gods might have decided his fate the he was born but he decides to fight for what is truly his . This boy this future legend will achieve glory and riches like never before he shall achieve his revenge . He shall achieve love he shall achieve and obtain all of these . For he is the one only and true perfect being he is the sinful messiah of Satan the Antichrist Jake Abaddon.

    37 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Travel Back in Time With Super intelligence System


    Travel Back in Time With Super intelligence System

    Its a story about the kaito who get a chance to travel back in time with super intelligent system and try to right the mistakes he done. but is it really going to be like this...?

    31 Chapters AddIn Library

  • System of a New World


    System of a New World

    While PFC Finn Hayes platoon is on a field training exercise in the middle of the desert the world undergoes a change on the cosmic scale. With the earth being full of new energy that creates monsters, dungeons, and opportunity for power growth and no communication with the outside world Finn and his team must make their way back to base and figure out this new world and how to survive it.

    10 Chapters AddIn Library