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  • Summers Stories


    Summers Stories

    Summers Stories is a collection of stories that have taken place either prior, during, or after the events of 246

    32 Chapters AddIn Library

  • How I became a Monster of the Apocalypse


    How I became a Monster of the Apocalypse

    The notion of monsters during the apocalypse always cause the imagery of gigantic creatures with destructive powers and fangs that could bite through anything but what if in actuality they were less monstrous in form and more human in stature but with terrifying abilities and desires Desires that draws them like magnets to humans and makes them steal the most precious thing a human can possess, their life force What if these monsters weren't created by accident but by the actions of people who thought it okay to play God and change everything it meant to be human. This isn't a story of what ifs but a story of how our MC became one of these monsters while trying to save the world In a world where humans find themselves heading to a potentially apocalyptic end after more than half the world's population just upped and vanished without a trace and the ones in charge of protecting the people, The Global Health Agency(GHA) keep lying about the cause and playing it to be the result of the most deadly virus ever known to man. The reason's because they were the ones responsible in an attempt at playing God Tired of the secrets and the oppression Akin Samuels has no choice but to battle against the system with nothing but his superior and almost godlike intellect just to find the truth then put an end to the powers in play and help his fellow man as they cling to their very own doom bringers for support. Unknown to him all his actions were already precalculated and necessary for the second phase of the grand plan to come to fruition and at the moment for the second stage to come into play he dies and is sent back Reborn as a being of terrifying power with no memories from his previous life and a lustful drive for the life force of other humans he finds himself thrown into a world with forces that defy reason which has been in existence without anyone taking notice of them. This is the journey of Akin Samuels and how in his attempt to save the world he ended up becoming a factor in it's destruction

    37 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Beyond Mortal Limits


    Beyond Mortal Limits

    Can you break your limits? Can you take your abilities and surpass your limits constantly? Shedding off these chains that have held you down since your birth. Were you born with that special something? Can you be Limitless? Well I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I was given the short straw when I was born. And hey if you’re like me that’s fine. I still not really anything special, hehe. But that won’t stop me. That won’t stop us. Let’s go past the limit. Together

    3 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Origins (By X-Writer)


    Origins (By X-Writer)

    Terrorists, aliens, and a gene that causes superpowers to manifest are all what 20 years old, Nikko Madison has to deal with. What crazy event would happen next? Nikko is captured by a terrorist group and tasked to activate the variant gene present in humans which grants it access to special abilities. After a daring escape, he teams up with a group of elite soldiers and an alien to put an end to the growing threat.

    12 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Red Eyed Whales: Reincarnation of the Cacophonous Lord

    Red Eyed Whales: Reincarnation of the Cacophonous Lord

    Countless eons ago the universe was sick corrupted by a darkness that had snuffed out all its stars. Countless heroes and mighty legends were given the call to save the last living within the galaxy before the last star saw its end. In the end he was the only one who was able to answer the call...a boy who'd been original been meant to be a deliverer of its destruction. After he doing his best to throw off his dark destiny, he managed to give his galaxy and the universe beyond, a future that'd come at the cost of all he loved and cared for. Fast-forward to the present, where he's somehow managed to find himself reborn with a second chance at life. First thing on the agenda: "NO MORE EPIC DESTINIES...NO MORE AMBITIOUS GOALS!" Read along and follow the low-key adventures of a former-eldritch lord!

    19 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Hellviana For The Elite and Extraordinaire


    Hellviana For The Elite and Extraordinaire

    Hellviana isn't all simple and ordinary, it has its secrets too. Hellviana for the elite and extraordinaire is a secret special school founded and built secretly by Hellviana Mendez, especially for gifted individuals. Hellviana: Home for the Elite and Extraordinaire is a sub-branch to the now world-famous school Hellviana Le'ovuire International. This school is a place for gifted and unique individuals who possess extraordinary capabilities. Note: This part of The Hellviana Universe (Time is irrelevant)

    4.58 31 Chapters AddIn Library




    Sky woke up in different world Ultima where soul beast , summoned beast and magic exist together and for him to get stronger only way is to become game developer. "System come out...Is't This world with magic then why would I be game maker" ding "Host is requested to complete task within one month.Otherwise entire system will shutdown "

    14 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Kyanite



    Find solace in the stars above a firework show greater than any other. Within a cyberpunk metropolis, Ryker and Azura battle a mental war for dominance in this modern action thriller.

    4.78 39 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Prometheus


    Nicole MacDonald is a thirty something year old Kiwi who loves to read and moonlights as a novelist. An avid reader from a young age, writing only occurred to her a few years ago after reading a book that didn’t quite hit the spot. Daily scribbles eventuated into the BirthRight Trilogy, an Epic Fantasy Romance with women who know how to wield a sword, AND swing a punch. A literary journey that included six months of long sword training, as well as ju-jitsu lessons, and self-defence lessons for Nicole. When not writing Nicole loves to watch all manner of documentaries, escape to her family's cabin in the woods, and spend time with her other half and their fur critters. Created by science. Hunted by Humans. Created by science, Prometheans could be the ultimate apex species. But only if they break the genetic shackles forced upon them by their creators, humans. With their entire population under threat, two Prometheans take the collective fate of all into their own hands. To save their species from extinction, from the merciless human raiders who hunt them, they will have to break the last taboo. Before the humans reach them…

    43 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Eternal War


    Eternal War

    There is a time limit for everything. The stars will collapse, worlds turn into frozen wastelands; their blazing hearts frozen solid. And the universe will likewise fade into an empty wasteland leaving nothing to survive. Mankind having been giving a sliver of hope, in desperation and desire to live, shall wage one last war. A war to decide the fate of those who still live. Whether it be a damnation to die with a dying universe or a chance to live on. Let the last war begin. The Eternal War for our future.

    3 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Earth's Evolution


    Earth's Evolution

    In just one day ,the world changed. People's worry quickly change from finding a job to how to kill. The creatures that people once believed was not true became true. On every street, alleys and corners you can find them. From their sharp teeth to their moans it was a nightmare. Blood was something you won't be afraid anymore. Money was just a piece of trash. One would kill their own family just to have a piece of cookie. Golds and diamonds which were once priceless were now useless. They thought of this world as hell,a living nightmare. Otakus,gamers and nerds that were once said to have no bright future suddenly became everyone's hope. Otakus became stars. Gamers became idols. Nerds took the spotlights. This is the world where the strong preys on the weak. This is the apocalypse everyone. Welcome to the "Earth's Evolution".

    7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Great Exotic Food Critique

    The Great Exotic Food Critique

    This is not a story about exotic foods. Nor does it try to tell an epic tale. This is a story about a ill-fated reporter whose luck shifted for worse, when he was transferred from lifestyle department to foreign affairs department. CoverPage credits goes to ArkaneStudios(Prey)... I don't own the rights to this cover and will remove it instantly if the artist wishes so.

    7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Project Hyrax : Beyond Time

    Project Hyrax : Beyond Time

    In 2073, scientists at Hyrax laboratory have managed to create a time machine as part of a secret project. The objective is to study the earth's past accurately, and possibly, even manipulate the history. Alex is a brilliant scientist who has dedicated his whole life for the project, and is a visionary scientist despite his old age. As Alex and his team of 3 people were testing the time machine prototype, they were accidentally tossed into another era of the past, possibly 50 000 BC. Now, Robin is determined to travel back in time to find his father. He expected to venture deep into a prehistoric jungle filled with wild beasts and primitive people, but it was much worse. The ancient world wasn't what it seems to be… Note: Project Hyrax is available now on Android and iOS. A thrilling interactive fiction on your mobile devices. Download now! Visit us at

    10 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Spaceships And Magic, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


    Spaceships And Magic, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    It's a story as old as time. Boy crosses road. Boy is hit by van. Boy crosses the breach between universes, and is reincarnated in a new one! Magic, spaceships, THE MAW. Can I survive it all and make my life in this magical sci-fi world?

    6 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Experiment 37B


    Experiment 37B

    On a Monday just like any other, the world changes for Ivan and every other inhabitant of the planet. After a voice announces the start of Experiment 37B, a new age starts. One that is focused on the dungeons and the futuristic tools that come with it. Ivan is just another university student when the whole world changes. With the coming of the dungeons and the system, the world changes and the people change with it. Just like many others, Ivan starts his new life. A life, that is full of dungeons, monsters, and growth. Follow him embarking on his journey.

    13 Chapters AddIn Library

  • A History of War


    A History of War

    Life is difficult enough for a Lirian soldier. Training for ten years, hunting evil deimos, solving crimes, facing powerful weilders, keeping the peace in a tension-filled world, each Lirian soldier has a lot on their plate. It doesn't become any easier if you have to deal with a dark past that looms at every corner. How will Lais Felix and Helen Song, two best friends with tragic pasts, handle life as soldiers while running from their past? Will they manage to escape their tragic beginnings? Or will the past finally catch up to them?

    83 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Valiard


    The Valiard

    Gabriel Myers is an angel. Rather 'Gabriel' is an angel, Myers is a name Gabriel picked up so he could fit in among humans. It's the year 2011, Gabriel is a consultant for the NYPD assisting them while assisting the war against Lucifer. However, times are changing and soon the angelic consultant will face off against 2 different plans that could change everything. What will Gabriel choose to do, and how will he adapt when another force begins meddling in his affairs. -------------------------------------------------- Each chapter in this novel is between 2000-3000 words. Chapters are uploaded daily. If this changed I will update you guys in auxiliary chapters.

    10 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Vastonoria: Endless & Dangerous World

    Vastonoria: Endless & Dangerous World

    I don't own the Cover, I just found it and I think it really goes well to the Story/Novel. ————————————— It’s Being Rewritten this Novel, why? God Damn Memory Loss, and I don’t make notes on what I write, or if there are any Drafts, everything comes my head. Well, everything would be the same, same Protagonist with some twist, and It’s Still Sci-Fi. Differences, Universe or Plot is different, and some few things, as I don’t know how to explain it, or really know what the really changes are there. No More, Reincarnation, no System, though there are AIs and HUD, and this might interest me and won’t overload my imagination, as before I had to stop and try remember everything I know about this novel. ——————————————————————— Story/World Synopsis: A World that is not entirely flat, it expands and reaches almost endless, but this world is equal to or more bigger than a Galaxy. Land such as Continents and Islands float in the sky, there are no Oceans, only things like Lakes are there to provide water. But most of these Waters are created by unknown magical existences that keep these Lake with water infinitely. As to what’s below the lands that float along with the Clouds, it’s HELL, Evil Primal Creatures roam the lava filled place, as to how deep it is, that’s unknown and impossible to find out, as the deeper down into the Lava, hotter it is, even the pressure. Space, no one can go into space, as the Gravitational of this world is too strong, and anything that goes beyond the world’s atmosphere, crushed and sent back down. Native Lifeforms of this world? There are many, but only few of the races are intelligent enough to be reasonable people to could talked with. There is nothing that this world pretty much doesn’t have, Magic, Magical Creatures, with almost fantasy like races, it almost has everything you could almost imagine, but this world is not totally magical, as there is science, technology. But Anyways, our protagonist, Neutral Gender Race, whose Based Gender is Female. She’s able to have the genital of a male, but her Based or Exterior is of Female. Her Name is Valriya, and may we read how her story in this world effects this almost everything. How her Legend might be created and almost everything that happens to her life. —————— My Discord if you want to talk about the Novel:

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Timeline System


    Timeline System

    As normal times have passed, transparent doors had suddenly appeared across the globe with unknown figures spreading out causing chaos... Soon there will be an Entity which rises up. From where? When? And who? All will know through the passage of time. As this is how the timeline states. The timeline is ethereal. The Timeline System! ———— Good Day Everyone, I hope everyone could give this a thoughtful read as I try to transgress through timelines with all of you! The cover for the novel, is a picture i have found, but if anyone owns it I'll take it down, nonetheless until I'm able to afford someone professionally to make me one. It will stay up.

    18 Chapters AddIn Library