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  • The Lost Cosmos

    The Lost Cosmos

    In the 22nd Century, a company named Rising Phoenix revealed that they were going to release a Full-Dive Virtual Reality game called The “Lost Cosmos”. In a different world, a powerful expert by the name of Yan Luyu was betrayed and killed. By the graciousness of the heavens, his soul was reincarnated into the body of a young man by the name of Xian Luyu. Xian Luyu just so happens to be one of the first few to get a copy of “The Lost Cosmos.”

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Modernized Warfare

    Modernized Warfare

    A new Earth, a new world, a new life. Humans have surpassed their limits and develops their own potential. Mechanics create machines more complex than humans themselves. A boy embarks on a path to become a military officer, yet is shunned by his peers as a second-rate talent. But with the imminent threat of war, his desire to become a successful captain only continues to increase.

    3 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Hive Attack!


    Hive Attack!

    Haitus The year 1990 was in a perilous situation. The Great War began in 1986, part of the Russian KGB was secretly controlled by the UN. They produced an incredible disease that will transform the face of earth forever. The experiments was found out and immediately all of Russia started to mutate into havoc. Then the bombs started dropping... there was no turning back anymore. All the countries with bombs unleashed without hesitation, the people cried, the governments hid away in the bunkers.

    4 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Gift of Cybernetics


    The Gift of Cybernetics

    "John" is woken up by a hobo by the name of Stennik who plans to use John for his own means, but a mysteries figure by the name of Allie tips "John" off that he was in danger with the man. He decides to take a risk and listen to the stranger, but then he discovers she knows more about him than he does and intends to enlist his help.

    14 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Rift Breakers


    Rift Breakers

    Rifts have appeared all over the world. Creatures of fantasy pour out of them, so what would you do?

    23 Chapters AddIn Library

  • G-ONE  {Hero with a HART}


    G-ONE {Hero with a HART}

    A game can bring changes in life,such as one changed a boy Jeevan to G-one and gave him supernatural abilities in exchange of his most precious part of life.The loss of that part torments him and force him to get his revenge.While followed by this mindset, life decides to give him a new reason for living and to make him realise that this powers are a boon to his life.Will he be able to take his revenge and protect those who he loves at the same time?

    28 Chapters AddIn Library

  • A step at the End of the World


    A step at the End of the World "English version"

    On going: 09-11-2020 Diseases, death, chaos happen after what would have to be just a shower of stars, accompany and survive together with Jin through the end of the world.

    11 Chapters AddIn Library

  • PROJECT: Artemis


    PROJECT: Artemis

    In the year 2040, an independent state will rule over the moon. Or at least it will if Frank Scuderi, founder and CEO of Artemis Energy, has his way. To achieve this goal, however, Frank will have to overcome many challenges, from both allies and enemies, and even himself.

    59 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Ill Fortune

    Ill Fortune

    Elite mercenary Connor Rattakul can't escape his past. After choosing the wrong side in a war against the Directorate, he becomes a fugitive, hiding in the ranks of the thousands of mercenaries always desperate for the next job. But a series of mishaps force his team deep into the Talon Sector, where the Directorate holds power. Only his former girlfriend's intervention can save him. With Directorate assassins on his trail, Connor is forced to take on a job that his team might not survive from a client his boss says can't be trusted. But that boss seems ready to crack, and the client is hiding deadly secrets from the mercenaries. Will Connor be able to lead his teammates through the dark world he's led them to, or will they all die in the alien gloom?

    150 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Draft for The Legacies - Way of the Druid

    Draft for The Legacies - Way of the Druid

    1000 years after the Fallout, the Earth slowly regain its ecosytems as the Druids terraforms the Nuclear Wastelands into habitable dominions. Fallout Shelters gained advantage from the legacies of the old world they inherited and used to terraform the nuclear wasteland. But Legacies are everywhere and any Legacy Hunter may find their fortune, hidden beneath the ruins of the old world. This story begins when a young elf, dreaming to be a druid and terraform a piece of Wasteland into his own land tried to sell the artifact he found to gain the money and the connections he needed so he can study in the cherished University of SimCity. Only those who have gained a doctoral title may enter the Druid Academy and learned the knowledges the Circles of Druid needed to terraform the Wasteland, and the Universities only allows those with proficient knowledge to further their study there... Don't forget to check these druidic theories: Theory of Everything: Atomos theory: from energy -> quantum -> particles -> atoms -> molecules -> ... -> universe. In this theory quantum jump is a condition where a particle goes from notable matter or wave into the unnotable dark matter before going back into matter/wave. It's similar to where notable ice/water turned into unnotable gas before turning back into ice/water. The reason for the relativity of time is because there are quantities of time and space in the expanding space and flowing time and when matter going through different amount of space or time, the difference of the amount of time they going through shows. Quantum entanglement shows that when two matter going through the same thing they achieved the same result. So it was a matter of looking for what laws govern them, not awed by the fact that there are matters that achieved the same result. It is the Law. And it is certain, so probing the certainty of the "quantum entanglement" will get you the law that govern such matters. Self Awareness: The naming of things as humanity's version of Pavlov's dog resulted in database of names. Collected database of the names of things accumulates that human collected every names they needed to know to simulate the world in their mind: the worldview. As human acted with the objects in the real world and the simulated worldview they're naming their actions - verbs, predicate, etc. As human simulate many actions, they were able to simulate themselves carrying out actions in the simulated worldview. Awareness is simulating the world in worldview, and Self Awareness is simulating self in action in the simulated worldview. The creation of Ego (simulated Self, Self Awareness) and what actions it should take in the simulated worldview make way for Id and Super Id. Ecosystem of Harmony and the Interaction of Everything: To simulate the Earth and all its creatures and all its activities in one whole ecosystem that accounts for everything so that every creature's needs are fulfilled and every consequences of every actions are accounted into a single closed ecosystem, all part of harmony. Humanity administrate the Earth so that every creature needs are fulfilled and every actions and interactions integrated in a way that all creatures lives in harmony. All waste return to ecosystem without disturbing the way the earth works, but contributing to the needs of other creatures. All the needs and all the waste of all the creatures accounted in a whole circle of harmony.

    24 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Science ideas


    Science ideas

    Personal ideas for science which may or not be correct Many will be questions that i seek answers to...... Help will be appreciated,so tell me what you think in comments,we are only imagining from our perspective,and understanding the world from a logical point of view

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Hand That Guides


    The Hand That Guides

    The rust colored lands of Osnein are rich with artifacts and old-world technologies highly valued by the various empires and kingdoms inhabiting this distant world. Though many individuals make a living off what they can scavenge from ruins above ground, the true wealth lies beneath them in a iron labrynth known to all as 'The Network'. Whether it is in the pursuit of knowledge, artifacts of power or immeasurable wealth they all risk their lives in an effort to create a better future for themselves. However, entrances to The Network are far and few and rarely explored as metallic entities known as the Jötnar, guard its very depths. In order to defend themselves against such threats, humanity employs the use of Seidr, also known as sorcery. It is the foundation in which gives power to the incantations invoked from the realms beyond the veil... and through the blessing of 'Ljoss' bestowed upon humanity by the Goddess Oracle, the time may yet come for humanity to claim The Network for themselves... Yet wandering this vast region, with no place to call home, exists a curious individual by the name of Grit. Incapable of Seidr, he possesses a lineage mostly forgotten that he seeks to better understand. The fate that awaits him is likely one he never imagined for himself as he journeys to unravel the secrets of this world. ______________________________________________________________ Disclaimer: This story may contain gore and use of profanity. This world also uses a hard magic system. Covert art placeholder by StTheo. ______________________________________________________________ If you enjoy my work, please consider leaving a rating, its free. If you wish to support me further, please consider supporting me through patreon as well. Your support will help me dedicate more time to writing and encourage me to continue. Thank you for your consideration.

    25 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Adventures Of A Skeleton

    Adventures Of A Skeleton

    Life and death are two sides of the same coin. Hence life and death are said to exist hand in hand, when you find one of them, the other won't be too far away. Everything in the world is governed by a set of natural laws, which adhere to the bindings of heaven and earth. As such these bindings are applicable to creation as well. Man, no matter how accomplished would have to bend his knee against the great tide of time. Nothing is permanent, only the nothingness itself is permanent. But even as perfect as the system of natural laws might seem, no matter how omnipresent, it doesn't mean that it can't err. Here is where our story begins.

    12 Chapters AddIn Library




    When humanity lost its roots it will lose its hope ,let me ask you a question what would be mankind if Its so called society collapse . Shall we resort to barbarism or be strong ones more??

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Tenko One Piece Journey


    Tenko One Piece Journey

    yo this is my One Piece story I am writing I suck so yeah, But anyway this Journey is Going to be with Luffy and Tenko a Fox Boy or Nine-Taile I would say the 1st chapter you don't have to read it mostly is from the anime but if you want to read it go ahead But of you do enjoy stick around and see how Tenko the fox becomes strong By the way should I add a harem or not your Choice leave down in the comments Bye

    2 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Dragon Plague

    The Dragon Plague

    Author: Anna Mantovani is an author, blogger and songwriter based in Turin, Italy. She has a degree in Media Engineering and works in the railway sector. With her sister Maria Carla, also a science-fiction writer, she manages the blog “The Mantovanis”, which focuses on independent speculative fiction and geek culture. With her husband Dario (and sometimes their two kids as guest stars) she plays in the electropop duo “Sedona”. Find out more at: The story is set in the fictional city of Europa, in Central Europe, the last city left after a nuclear war that made most of the Earth uninhabitable and woke up dragons - prehistorical creatures that caused an mass outbreak of a lethal disease that decimated the population and turned the survivors into scale-covered, violent mutants that rebel against the government. Sophie, a young doctor working for her boss Amanda Solarin in a medical facility, accidentally meets an elderly woman, Emma, who miraculously recovered from the dragon plague, and whose blood could be the key to a vaccine. Saving Emma from government persecution, Sophie goes on the run with her. Meanwhile, Erik Persson, a police officer, sets out to track Sophie and Emma, while suspecting that a mole might be hiding in the ranks of the police. Sophie and Emma hide in the slums and after almost getting caught by the police several times they finally fall in the hands of the rebels; in her captivity, Sophie discovers that the plague survivors are not as irrational and violent as the press portrays them and agrees to work with them to develop a vaccine. She also discovers that some of the survivors have the ability to communicate telepathically with a dragon. She meets the General, the leader of the rebels, whose name is Cain, and despite her fear for his terrifying looks and enigmatic personality, she is strangely attracted to him.

    59 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Junkyard Master


    Junkyard Master

    When Jamie found himself far-flung into the future, he never thought he would awaken of top of an old, moldy mattress. Or find his surroundings turned into a gigantic junk pile. Welcome to Junkyard Earth. Now, Henry must survive this changed Earth. The only available items and resources are from the junk piles. Mutated wildlife, bio-engineered monstrosities, and horrors from the deep reaches of existence. Food sources are highly coveted. And will try to eat you too, given a chance. And the remaining humans, you say? Most are either raiders are cannibals. Or both. They get hungry too. At least he got a System out of it.

    6 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Vertex : the outcast child of the universe


    Vertex : the outcast child of the universe

    There is a legend among the different civilization. A legend which was integrated into the mind of all existence . At the beginning, when the universe was still young, many species fought to get dominance against each other. Among them, there was one single race which managed to conquer them all. A race so old and ancient that people have lost any records of their presence and influence over the world. They are only referred as the Apex Predator. Little knowledge is left about their way of life. Some believes they had traveled across the entire universe, gifting their genes to near extinct races so that they could rapidly evolve for survival and others fought they were the abomination of reality itself. They defied the law of physics as their evolution, which normally takes millions of years, hapenned in just a few months Billions of years after the mysterious disappearance of the Apex Predator, A 17 years old human boy living alone with his mother on a monster-filled planet where he learned to survive and hunt for bigger creature around him. He never saw any other members of his race nor any other civilized species. He always wished to one leave this planet but his mother will never think about letting go explore around the galaxy. "My child, I did not forbid you to leave this planet because I'm afraid of your safety. In fact, it's the opposite, I fear you will bring the destruction of the cosmos if I left you unsupervised"

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Signing A New Species System


    Signing A New Species System

      Lu Xuanjia closed his eyes and prepared to continue jumping off the building.   At this moment, a voice rang.   "Ding! The All Living Beings system has been activated and the sign-in function is on. Do you want to sign in today?"   Did you let people jump off the building?   Lu Xuanzhi was stunned for two seconds. This is...   system? The system in the novel?   Did Grandpa really show up just now? What he gave to himself was the system?

    3 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Fight or Flight: Monster Society

    Fight or Flight: Monster Society

    What happens when the boarding students in graduation class of Royal Hearts College find themselves encompassed by monsters of an apocalypse they never imagined? What happens when some of these students realize that instead of being transformed by The Virus, they develop strange abilities that exist only in fairytales? And what happens when the youngsters are hunted by the same military special force, created to protect their lives and interest? The World at large has to a stop as monsters rummage cities, satifiable only by blood and flesh. world governments thrown into disarray and in the midst of this, a rough blend of vengeful, egoistic, hormonally disturbed but determined teens must put all differences aside to decide to fight for their lives or take flight by whatever means possible. It is a harsh world, lacking moral reasoning but filled with utmost certainity of death. Fight or flight, the choice is yours. You snooze, you lose. There are No second chances! ------------------ -Fight or Flight: Monster Society -Bk 1 Fight or Flight: New Generation -Bk 2 Fight or Flight: Alien Invasion -Bk 3 _______________ Cover Image is Google Sourced. Please support, share, rate and comment. Motivates me to write better! _______________

    8 Chapters AddIn Library