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  • Exotic Space Cooking


    Exotic Space Cooking

    Turgen is considered to be many things. A bounty hunter, a chef, a Pilot. He's all those things! (better at some then others to be honest...) Have you ever wanted an omelette from a Baldarak Queen's egg? An exotic dish to be sure, but a dangerous one to acquire nonetheless. Well look no further, you've just found the man who's crazy enough not only to prepare your dream meal, but also the one who is willing to hunt it down! Get ready for the tastiest space faring adventure you've ever witnessed!

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Doppelganger


    There was a girl named Seraphina who lives in a peaceful life. Even though she doesn't have her parents anymore,she still have her grandmother and her friends. They are Aliciah, Leo and Yessha. But one day, her life changes. She woke up in an unfamilliar place where the people that she intuited to be with her was her own enemy. Author's Note: This is my original story. The cover is also my original drawing. The story contained a matured content that has a genre of romance, fantasy and sci-fi. //If you have more concerns or questions you can add me in my fb acc named Gabby Abong and follow me in my twitter acc Gabby_day. Thanks//

    13 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Broken Shards (DreamNap)


    Broken Shards (DreamNap)

    This fic takes place in New Era (Future). This sci-fi romantic story and it is separated into different pov’s of the characters.

    7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Dark Waltz


    The Dark Waltz

    Rick has been having haunting dreams about a girl begging for his help... he's going to get to the bottom of it once and for all...

    8 Chapters AddIn Library

  • G-ONE II


    G-ONE II

    Moon,the God on earth,lost her all elements when she entered this magicless realm known as earth. All her magic scattered all around the world causing dramatic changes in the surroundings. This fact was unfolded to them when another God visits them,all wounded, on the verge of death. On his request,G-one with his friends sets out on a world tour to collect those elements. The magic vs science battle reaches next level when G-one finds all his friends to have godly powers because of the elements they were seeking. The elements were in Moon,making her the most powerful being in the universe,who can kill anyone even the gods. The gods find it to be unbearable and tries to intercept G-one and his friends in their path. Let's find out about how G-one collects and saves his friend at the same time.

    35 Chapters AddIn Library



    Year 2050, considered as the year of the ascension. Our world has undergone an amazing technological revolution: the Motoboras. These atom-sized robots contributed to the well-being of the inhabitants despite the extremely high crime rate. However, its creator, BR[AI]N, had much more ambitious plans. I, at the age of 11, was embarked on a story that transcended the laws of reality. Through a genetic experience, I found myself being the most important creature for the future of our planet. Will I be as a savior or a destroyer?

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Universe Health Care

    Universe Health Care

    " Doctor my tummy hurt" " ok let me take a look, shit you got and Alien, Nurse get the Laser ready " "Doctor , I think I was touch by god and i going to have a kid" " ok let me take a look at that, mmm' well I got a bad and good news for you, the good news you are pregnant the bad news it was not by god, but by a rapist angel but don't worry I have already contacted the Men with Black 'suits' they should located him and make him pay you" " Doctor, doctor I have been curse, look at my face it is all deform" " nope you are just ugly, but I can fix it " (I repeat this is fictional, I am not a doctor so ******do not follow any of this medical advice***** , my alien treatment won't work on you sorry,)

    4 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Lost Ordinance


    Lost Ordinance

    Jake, 25, is at a lover's retreat with his girlfriend when people begin to act strange. An anonymous source has claimed for months that they have harnessed the power of a virus that turns people into mindless cannibals. Nobody believed it. Until now.

    26 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Space Race

    Space Race

    My very first book, I really hope this gets at least some attention. I worked hard on this project, and I want advice on what to do.

    7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Ethan's Shield


    Ethan's Shield

    The artifact hunters, Ethan and Vincent, worked together to find valuable artifacts across the galaxy. But due to greed from Vincent, Ethan was betrayed by him and ran off with artifacts that would have made them both rich. Ethan wanted his revenge, and once he heard that Vincent found an untouched star system, containing a long-gone civilization, he wanted to try his best to follow him there to try and gain the most valuable artifacts there. And he did manage it, but only to accidentally activate a strange artifact that made him and Vincent be transported to a different place. Now lost, they needed to find the way back from this strange and mysterious place. ------------------------ Length: I try to keep the chapters around 2000 words, but sometimes I would do more. The first chapter is the only one for now that has over 4000 words. schedule: ***On Pause*** ------------------------ I would gladly appreciate getting reviews. Just to know if you guys like this story

    52 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The story of a CAGED PSYCHOPATH


    The story of a CAGED PSYCHOPATH

    It's a simple story ...... of a psychopath.... But don't expect.... something normal.... after all it's all about madness.. so this story maybe baseless for you but a psycopath knows everyway to get into your brain.

    6 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Die, Choose, Repeat


    Die, Choose, Repeat

    Most people think choices are a matter of life or death. My choices come AFTER my death. On my first day of school, I die. Sad, right? Luckily I manifest my ExtrA (Extra Ability) right at that moment and respawn. I now have the ability to make choices after I die. Plus, I get a system with shops and everything else a system needs. It sounds cool, but the prerequisite is kinda bad... After that hectic first day, random dangerous things that somehow are connected keep happening. Conspiracies, alien invasions, minor catastrophes. And they all happen while I’m in school. Coincidence? I hope so! But it’s not. The system also turned the world into a TV show! I guess having a game-like system is too overpowered. But now I also have to deal with plot holes and cliches. At least I’m not the main character. And I know this because I can see labels above everyone’s heads. Oh, a spy in our school! How nice.

    3 Chapters AddIn Library

  • ESPU:Zero



    Nero Satou is a young man without any power to his name. Fetter Young is the heir to a crime syndicate partnered with the government. Maria Rodriguez is trying to escape a life of poverty and crime. Their stories all center on the mysteries of the city founded around a university.

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Half Life 2, Episode 3


    Half Life 2, Episode 3

    A continuation of Half Life 2, a video game. Written by my brother, published by me.

    9 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Operation: Planetfall

    Operation: Planetfall

    Ana Kinsky Walker was walking home on New Years Eve, when suddenly, she's abducted! Will she ever get back home? And can she stop her extraterrestrial abductors from destroying her home? WARNING : CONTAINS REFERENCES

    4 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Changing The Inevitable


    Changing The Inevitable

    Nate and his family would have never believed their ship would be attacked, they were just harmless travelers, traveling to Mundon the planet they were about to move to, or so Nate thought. He wasn't actually sure what his dad did, just that he had a lot of business trips to other planets, and that they were fairly wealthy. But what happens when they're ship is attacked, ravaged, his parents killed, his sister separated from him, he was kidnapped, and he had to learn how to survive, and fast.

    9 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Red Twilight: Long Distence Runners

    Red Twilight: Long Distence Runners

    El Driver and Richard Blake come face to face with a man stronger then death himself. Marks Karingson, the father of Tail Vixon, returns himself to life after being killed by his lab assistant. But Cravixs reveals he has plans for Marks and Tail alike.

    12 Chapters AddIn Library

  • In this World

    In this World

    Dart lived through a post-apocalyptic world where mutated beings reigned supreme. Through thick and thin, he came out the leader of one of the human shelter. He has by far mutated himself to become trump card of his shelter. This is at the cost of his happiness. Now, however, if he could, he would've not walked this path. If he could, he will watch them all die.

    7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Day I Questioned Life...

    The Day I Questioned Life...

    (The first installment of the TDIQL PROJECT) The story revolves around Joseph Brown as he drifted silently in the endless spaces of the "Hidden World", also known as the afterlife. While struggling to investigate why he ended up in this world, a memory of the past resurfaces about two ill-fated childhood friends, who suddenly took separate paths in their lives on a whirlwind of questions. They would shared a special bond linked by the memories they spent together and led each ones path to a much larger chain of events... But Little did he know that the journey he'll take was more than just that... ~~~ ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In preparing this short novel, we have drawn on the works of our childhood works and intrests. We have also made use of the motivation given by our families in discovering our writing which led to its only publication on the 52nd Christmas Family Reunions held in Sta. Maria, Bulacan and Solano, Nueva Viscaya respectively. I am indebted to Ernesto Aquino (1951-2017) and Sonia Buendia Aquino for being my main supporting staff, editors, and proof readers. I also wanted to thank Leonor Aquino and Ericson Aquino for printin and publishing; and Mary Anne Hermosa for editing and proof reading. This is dedicated to the people who loves and support our work. All the characters, places, and contents are entirely fiction. Some depictions of dream conspiracies and theories are views expressed on our own, as whatever factual errors exist in the text. Planned, Written, and Created by Elijah Joseph Aquino (Ejay&Anne™)

    9 Chapters AddIn Library